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Creativity, Art, and God

monet-painting-in-his-garden-at-argenteuil-1873I believe that when I see film or read books, on Michelangelo and his ceiling in Rome or figure of David, or see a Renoir portrait or Van Gogh’s landscape of the poppy field, in essence they are divine.  Divine is of God.  It lets us come into a realm that otherwise we might not see.  Whether by a painting, writing or whatever, the artist through his creative process, sees something that the rest of you do not.  It may be a revelation, if they are Christian, or just his own inner soul, but, that being and soul belongs to God.

I’ve seen since a young girl, loving music and art, that the artist is a true servant, for God gave him all his talents.  And did you know also, that Van Gogh, who cut off his ear in his mania, was also bi-polar disorder?  But, Christian or unchristian, God gave them their talent.  An artist has the capacity to delve deeper and see what others do not, even in visions.

There are many Christians who want to write stories or paint, or write music or even go into acting, and many churches or other Christians attempt to condemn and thwart that creative process.  There are many Christians without any talent, and many un-Christians with an abundance of talents.  God is no respecter of persons, and this is something  we seem reluctant to face.  God chooses His artists without any qualifications as He chooses His saints.  If we live by revelation as Christians, then we must be careful not to type-cast and be rigid to others or accept that condemnation, ourselves.  Yes, God raises up a lot of folks that have shown no talents before they come to the Lord, but, there are some churches that are so rigid they deter and condemn creative abilities ramming that person their way instead of God’s, thereby discouraging.

Writers want to be published (as I did) and the painter hopes that someone likes the finished canvass (as I sold and gave many away).  Yet, there are those that don’t want anything from a particular person.  Van Gogh was denied any of his work being bought in his lifetime.  What a terrible burden and disappointment for one’s whole life.  The composer needs his music to be heard.  They are all a part of communication, so we all underestimate the importance.  When we read a book we are not desensitized and like a sponge as we are watching tv.  We are reading along with the writer, and our minds absorb and the creative process lets our imagination grow.  It’s so important that a young child be taught to read and appreciate art, even if just looking at pictures.  A child shouldn’t be in technology all the time, but have a balance that includes enrichment, and to learn an appreciation of talents.

Even musicians communicate by their music.  Maybe it is a purer art form afterall.  But, when we get into Heaven its going to be filled with music and our joy and that will be our communication, not through language or words.  However, I love the English language, and I think our limited use of vocabulary here in the US has degraded so in the last several decades, that even lawyers, forget the profound use of the English word.  Instead we have replaced our language with slang, swearing, or gutturals that go hand in hand with the violence we live in, therefore vocabulary is lost.  Gone are the days, my schoolmates took elocution lessons, or we relish4ed in public debate clubs.  No wonder today, children can’t read, and just sit through a book…it’s all technology, videos, texting, emails.  And while technology and the vision of what it can do for our future is great, there is again, no balance, and kids have lost a valuable asset.  The written English word!  How can we expect them to excel in college, or understand the written word of the Bible, if they cannot read a simple book?  Now, kids want everything fast.

Look at Adam and Eve in Paradise.  How wonderful in Genesis, and beautiful the world in the garden must have looked to them.  The beautiful sunrise, the color of the sky, all the trees and animals and life all untouched by man.  All the stars, and listening to the grass growing even.  How beautiful and lovely before corruption.  That’s what the artist tries to do for the most part, is look beyond that corruption and create.  Its sad for children to be brought up entirely with instruction, Christian or otherwise; and not let a child explore their imagination.  It inhibits us and the fullness of life and imagination looses its’ meaning.  I saw nothing wrong reading Hans Christian Anderson’s tales to my children, and later C.S. Lewis.  But, Dickens and Jane Austin too, sparked our vividness for seeing how they lived in our mines.   We could picture the characters in our minds and envision as the book progressed.  Perhaps as an only child, my solitude kept me far more in touch with this world of imagination and my BJ as well, for he was an only child in every sense.  I was a voracious reader, young and still try hard to find the time.

Christians sometimes have missed the mark in this, and released a confused piety, and except for the Christian gospel, have contributed absolutely nothing to the arts.  I still enjoy watching a Shakespeare play or movie, or Dickens, or Jane Austin on PBS, or movie, or watching the Opera, and loved the three tenors.  I enjoy good jazz yet and watching a deep play, and until recently, in pain, went to the art galleries, and museums.  I enjoy beauty.  Beauty in nature as God created, and beauty through HIS artists.  Not everything is pornographic, objectionable and “not for us Christians”.  There again, discernment.  But, we have lost our way. If I feel joy and see beauty and love in something, then as far as I’m concerned, whether Christian or not, my God created it; through the artist, musician, writer, etc. (including the secular Jewish Barbra Streisand, who once I loved to listen to.

The artist at work (as I am now, and all of you other bloggers) is less bound by time and space than in ordinary life.  And we have to be less restricted in ordinary life than we are.  We cannot be limited or trapped. I’ve been writing today since about 8:30 am this morning, and it is now nearly 12am.  Sometimes I’ve written my books in 10 hour days. If I still have what is in my heart to put down, I can’t stop, and my friends sometimes don’t understand that I cannot just pick and choose my time and go right back where I left off.  Does anyone else feel that way?  It doesn’t work that way for me, perhaps now my age, too and losing my train of thoughts?  But it doesn’t work that way when I paint either.  There is a need to finish the project and see the end result.  God is constantly creating through us, with us, and to co-create with Gods direction is a calling that is very misunderstood by churches.  When I’m working, unless I have advanced meals prepared, I pick at peanut butter sandwiches, because I won’t take the time.  I can’t.  Creating is almost like a baby birthing inside of us.  That baby cries to come out and be heard.  Well, so does the painting and the book and music to the artist.  Billie Joel dreams music, I dream colors and get visions when God births a new painting in me.  Since a child, colors drew me in.  I love colors.  Even in stores I gravitated to the colors on a rack or a particular print.  I love my lavenders, purples, magenta, sages, and reds..brick red..pale yellows and gold…I love colors still.

Ecclesiastes 7:3 “Sorrow better than laughter, for by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better.  Upon an instrument of ten strings, and upon the psaltery; (Hebrew, an ancient 6 string guitar)  upon they harp with a solemn sound.  For thou Lord, hast made me glad through THY work; I will triumph in the works of my hands”.  Psalm 92:3-4  God gives us our talents, which he wants us to use.

Madeleine L’Engle wrote the following excerpts in “Walking on Water”, Reflections on Faith and Art”.   “We are to be children of the light, and we are meant to walk in the light, and we have been groping along in the darkness.  The creative act helps us to emerge into the light, that awful light which the disciples saw on the Mount of Transfiguration, and which the Hebrew children saw on the face of Moses when he had been talking with God on Mt. Sinai.  Even Jesus disciples wanted to trap Jesus, Elijah and Moses in the tabernacles, tame them, pigeonhole and label them, as all of us have continued to do ever since.  If my religion is true, it will stand up to all my questioning, there is no need to fear.  But, if it is not true, if it is man imposing strictures on God” (as in Galileo’s day and Pelosi’s left on abortion now) “then I want to be open to God not, to what man (or woman) says about God, playing at BEING God.  I want to be open to revelation, to new life, to new birth, to new light.”

“The role of the artist is exactly the same as the role of the lover.  If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things you don’t see.”  I agree with this implicitly.  “The artist is someone who is full of questions, who cries them in great angst, who discovers rainbow answers in the darkness, then rushes to canvas or paper.  An artist is someone who cannot rest, who can never rest as long as there is suffering and that is divine.  The creative act is an escape from the power of time and ascent to the divine.  Most artists are aware that during the deepest moments of that creation they are out on the other side of themselves…and so are free from time, with the same joyousness that comes in the greatest moments of prayer.”

When I was physically able, I enjoyed tremendously contributing my paintings in art shows here locally, and meeting with other artists.  I discovered that there is an abundance of talented people out there, who give from their heart and donate fine beauty to businesses,  galleries, and even churches.  Unfortunately, the first place schools cut back is the arts.  However, somehow, art and the rich talents of artists have survived and always will as long as God puts His light in our hearts.

So, through my desolation and the pain of my son’s death 10 years ago, and on my road to restoration, I have come out of the wilderness that God placed me and birthed my creativity.  “The wilderness and the solitary place be glad for them and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose.”  Isaiah 35:1  Madeleine said, “We do not judge great art, it judges us.”
*From my  book, “Restoration Road” copyright 2004 Morris Publishing




History’s Past

10259852_10153278794022619_785759798994679469_n First, I am German.  My Paternal Grandfather came here in 1903,  before Hitler.  The Holocaust happened.  I’m also 75.  I remember  as a child of WWII my mother getting terrifying letters from relatives in Germany. My grandmother’s maiden name was Schneider.  In high school I was so ashamed of being a German, in fact no one knew except other German kids.   It took me a long long time to come to terms with it. As Glenn Beck too, name shortened. And one of the first places he visited was the Museum and Auschwitz in Germany.  So many Muslims like Iran, deny ignorantly, the Holocaust existed.  I believe history does repeat itself, especially when we have allowed so many college professors politically left, socialists, to teach.  There is an agenda to change history.  My agenda from my Lord, says, NEVER FORGET THE GRUESOME HISTORY OF THE PAST.  We cannot move forward, without remembering the horrors of yesteryear, lest it be repeated. The list of “bystanders” — those who declined to challenge the Third Reich in any way — that emerges from any study of the Holocaust is long and depressing. Few organizations, in or outside Nazi Germany, did much to resist Nazism or aid its victims. 

For we should never forget…EVER. Photos below.  Plus there are so many documentaries on Netflix.. and I watched many…it sickened me.  But the German people were lied to.  Oh there were a few martyrs, such as Dietrich Bonhoeffer,  who tried unsuccessfully to kill Hitler; a pastor, who knew Germany’s freedoms were gone.  And no church spoke out even Martin Luther’s, Lutheran church.   Who knows, I could have Jewish Blood in my veins too.  But I worship, Jesus, as my Lord and He and the disciples were Jews.  From the God of Abraham, Isaac , and Jacob,  the lineage of David.  I have on here Biblical history.  I have Palestinian history.  But,  that land of milk and honey, God gave to the Jew!  Israel, where one day Heaven will reign over it.  To the Arab through Ismael and his mother Hagar, he gave oil! Excerpts from link above: “The list of “bystanders” — those who declined to challenge the Third Reich in any way — that emerges from any study of the Holocaust is long and depressing. Few organizations, in or outside Nazi Germany, did much to resist Nazism or aid its victims. 

[I]t has become abundantly clear that [the Churches’] failure to respond to the horrid events…was not due to ignorance; they knew what was happening. Ultimately, the Churches’ lapses during the Nazi era were lapses of vision and determination.

Assisting European Jews was not a high priority of the Allied governments as they sought to defeat Hitler militarily. The courageous acts of individual rescuers and resistance members proved to be the exception, not the norm.  To a great extent, this inertia defined the organized Christian community as well. Churches throughout Europe were mostly silent while Jews were persecuted, deported and murdered. In Nazi Germany in September 1935, there were a few Christians in the Protestant Confessing Church who demanded that their Church take a public stand in defense of the Jews. Their efforts, however, were overruled by Church leaders who wanted to avoid any conflict with the Nazi regime. Internationally, some Church leaders in Europe and North America did condemn the Nazis’ measures against the Jews, and there were many debates about how Christians outside Nazi Germany and Nazi-occupied territory should best respond to Hitler’s brutal policies. These discussions, however, tended to become focused more on secondary strategic considerations — like maintaining good relations with colleagues in the German Churches — than on the central humanitarian issues that were really at stake.”

I took Ancient Civ in college, and loved it.  The Arab goal now is a caliphate,   and has been since way before the Ottoman Period.   Their goal is to take  over all of Western Civilization.  Why, so much hates?  And what they do to women?  People that surgically impose their will on your girls 8 years old, and younger, and hide women and beat them, never mind having no remorse to cutting someone’s head off, I have a hard time, “loving my enemy”.    Ninety five % of Brussels  Belgium now is Arab, and not far behind is the UK, who are having  a terrible time. And I don’t want all that abuse and Sharia law here in the US one iota.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Photos of Genocide

From Ellie Wiesel’s “Night” which I read. He was 15 and IN the German camps.

OUT OF EVIL, GOOD MUST FLOURISH- Ellie Weisel Foundation for Humanity

The Israeli’s 6 day war docu clip:

When Hitler was gaining power before WWII and begun to infiltrate the churches, no one spoke out at all.  There were hero’s afterward, like Eric Bonhoeffer, but no one really spoke out against him, even Martin Luther, after he broke away from the Catholic Church, starting the Lutheran Church. From Irwin Lutzer’s book “Hitler’s Cross”:

“Six million Jews…dead. The monstrosity of Adolph Hitler’s ‘Third Reich’ remains a stunning chapter in the pages of history. Although the power by which he hypnotized an entire nation is legendary, one question in particular begs an answer: Where was the church of Christ? Seduced by the Satanic majesty of The Fuhrer, church leaders throughout Germany allowed the Swastika a prominent place alongside the Christian cross in their sanctuaries. Nationalistic pride replaced the call of God to purity, and with few exceptions, the German church looked away while Adolph Hitler implemented his ‘Final Solution’ to his Jewish problem. How did this happen? In Hitler’s Cross, Erwin W. Lutzer examines the lessons that may be learned from studying the deception of the church: the dangers of confusing “church and state,” how the church lost its focus, the role of God in human tragedy, the parameters of Satan’s freedom, the truth behind Hitler’s hatred of the Jews, the faithfulness of God to His people who suffer for Him, the comparisons between Hitler’s rise and the coming reign of the Antichrist, and America’s hidden cross-her dangerous trends. Hitler’s Cross is the story of a nation whose church forgot its primary call and discovered its failure too late.”

Hitler’s Cross by Irwin Lutzer with a Forward by Ravi Zacharias on




Joel Rosenburgs Blog:

NOW…Are we to go through more genocide with Islamic Terrorists?  What will the churches profess?  Will it once more be too late? Photo below of all the Mosques in the US. 10299946_10152694825986729_8491321106857154688_n

Hollywood’s Agenda

The following is from Rev. Franklin Graham in “Decision” magazine. “Hollywood, Entertaining ourselves to death? Whether or not we realize it, we all have been influenced by the entertainment industry more than we might think. When I was a young boy, about the most risqué’ thing I remember watching on television was Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke. Just a decade later, far more explicit and suggestive scenes were commonplace. Now,, even watching the advertisements on television or viewing the trailers fro movies is enough to make you blush. Our culture has been so desensitized to immorality and debauchery that we have lost even the semblance of a moral compass.”

posters_088Yes, and older that I am, than Franklin, I can add to this. In 1948 my dad an electronic engineer, and business owner, had the first tv in the State of NH. I was 8 years old with my picture in the newspaper. It was to change things forever, now as internet has forever changed having only tv. But we were back then taught morals, us girls taught to be young ladies, and have manners, respecting our elders, and saying please, and thank you. The Bible says, spare the rod, spoil the child. The family then was the backbone as the churches of this society. Now the Progressives have made the Government and their prodding technology, overseeing even our basic values, priority over the family, not to mention Obamacare.

“The Bible says: ‘But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: for men will be lovers of themselves, blasphemers, unholy, without self control; despiser’s of good, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. And from such people – Turn away! For of this sort are those who creep into households and make captives; for their folly will be manifest to all. 2 Timothy 3:1-9

What a description of our world today and its godless entertainment. Are we turning away or applauding what Hollywood is pumping out?” (There are terrible scenes now on tv, with sex, murder, and even decapitation. Nothing is secret anymore, or kept private, including what should only be between a husband and wife and the marriage bed.)

“Such scenes should trigger righteous anger, but many parents do not regulate entertainment for their children or themselves.” (Used to be too, that children had chores to do around the house and yard, to earn an allowance. Now its gimmee, gimmee, I want and I’ll get on my terms.)” What about the Bible commands, and are they even welcome in our homes, instead watching the flaunting of sin that glorifies the flesh and curses the Name of Jesus (constantly on tv) while on Sundays He is glorified at church? Matthew 22:37 Is it possible to obey God with the whole mind while feeding on godlessness? The answer is no, yet we let strangers ‘creep’ into our homes and minds. Sinful entertainment deposits rubbish in the mind, giving Satan a foothold in our lives. Once There, he thrashes around even as we sleep.”

“To consider how far we’ve come in just 60 years is disturbing. Suggestive jokes in the 1970’s are today fully demonstrated in speech and acts, conditioning the carnal mind to openly celebrate shameful behavior. Even Disney World is preparing for Gay Day at the Magical Kingdom, exposing thousands of children to a lifestyle that the Bible calls corrupt. (Deuteronomy) Again the Bible declares, ‘For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds; bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ’ 2 Corinthians 10:4-5.

Sinful entertainment deposits rubbish in the mind, giving Satan a foothold in our lives. (Ephesians 4:27) Once there he thrashes around even as we sleep. Whatever has entered the mind crosses the welcome mat as a thief and begins its lethal work of breaking down defenses. The moral compass that once guided our nation’s people has been ridiculed and rejected, making sin the national sport and pastime. What happened? Removing God-Consciousness from society has given way to self-gratification, chasing after the ‘sin which so easily ensnares’ (Hebrews 12:1). The Bible calls it folly. What is the antidote? “put on the Lord Jesus Christ an make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts.” Romans 13:14.

“God’s people need to rise to the hype calling of Christ and e light in the darkness. ‘For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light, finding out what is acceptable to the Lord. And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them!” Ephesians 5:8-16

“Almighty God spoke the world into existence and He will have the last word! The day is coming soon, when the heavens will become HIS grand theater for the drama of the ages. He will spit the canvassed sky wide open and all who have ever lived will behold when the ‘Lord comes with ten thousands of His saints, to convict all who are ungodly. (Jude 14-15) But until that day, let’s not run after the ungodly amusement. Let’s be about our Father’s business as genuine believers testifying of the Savior who lives IN US, to redeem lost and wandering souls for HIS KINGDOM!” 2014 BGEA Billy Graham Evangelist Association

A Case For Moral Absolutes

cat like Friskie & BJMuch has been written on the “case for moral absolutes”, and I have included several sites as well as RBC ministries PDF on the subject. Some of which I do not necessarily agree with.

Those of us that are born again Christians and are also political conservatives,  face a harder scrutiny, even among our liberal Christians.  I believe in voting for a person, according to the Bible.  For me? It is clear and simple, abortion and my staunch stance against it, being number one.   I’ve seen in my Christian walk, too much suffering among women who now follow Christ, but, had an abortion in their past.  That hole in their side, that emptiness, that wonder of what that child would be like, never goes away.  Like the hole in Jesus side, He left for us.  Wherefore, I made a decision…no God made that decision, many years ago, when I came to the Cross,  that I could never ever vote for a Pro-Choice candidate.  I’ll go one step further.   I believe with all my heart, that the decision to vote even for a pro-choice candidate, will be among the top things we will be judged when we stand at that Great White Throne Judgment Seat of God!  That is my conscience, my soul, my beliefs, my opinion.   The 6th Commandment, “thou shall not kill,” is to me abortion, and the MURDERS of all these babies.  I stand by it.  (See photos of aborted babies, on my Abortion blog, and the links to Black Genocide and Rev. Childress.

I believe that our moral code still comes from the 10 Commandments.1, Thou shalt have no other Gods before me. 2. Thou shalt not make any graven images. 3. Thou shalt not take the name of thy God in vain.  4. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.  5. Honor thy father and thy mother. 6. Thou shalt not kill. 7. Thou shall not commit adultery. 8.  Thou shall not steal. 9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. 10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife or anything of thy neighbors.  All right, yes, under the New Testament we are saved by grace.  But, the law coming God gave Moses and these 10 Commandments were the very fiber of the laws of our land starting with our US Constitution and our Us Supreme Court.  With the Ten Commandments STILL etched in stone there…not yet removed by the secularists.  It is what we should adhere to as Christians.

Ecclesiastes says there is a time for peace, a time for war.  I honor our American soldiers and Veterans for their sacrifice to our country.  When they have to kill it is to protect America, (now against radicals that want to destroy our Western way of Civilization and faith in Jesus.) There IS a difference.  They are to be HONORED.   We are in dangerous times.  For those politically correct, you and your secularism are leading us too, closer to Sharia law and not the law God gave to Moses.  Wisdom and clarity begin with knowing God, and having moral absolutes.

Attached links and PDF are arguments that have been carried on for a long time.  What happened in Germany with Hitler, came about too, because none of the churches stood up with moral absolutes against him in protest.  He was a madman, with schizophrenia in his family, and being fed drugs and yes even Cocaine by his doctor.  He was a killer.  Like Margaret Sanger who started Planned Parenthood and all the abortions since, that dear
Hillary holds up in reverence.  She is a murderer!  So was it an atrocity to what Joe Kennedy did to his daughter Rosemary because she was challenged, putting her in a hospital in VA and getting her a lobotomy without even telling his own wife!   Like Hitler and Sanger…if you are an imbecile, we need to eliminate you.   Still think there shouldn’t be any moral absolutes?  Eliminate the Jews, the imbeciles,  those with Down Syndrome, (Like Sarah Palin’s child?), and the crippled or elderly who can’t pull their weight, as well as the Blacks, and those not “superior”.   How dare there be no moral absolutes and anyone vote for people that hold up murderers, and call themselves a Christian!  How dare you mock and insult God!  Now I see why Eunice Shriver did all she could with the Special Olympics.  Her own father!

In this immoral society now, anything goes.  All that is on TV, is sex, and lewdness, and  filthy language.   The moral fabric of our teenagers now has deteriorated so much, with this “hooking up” and all the nude photos they send via email.  Where are the parents?  The bullying, the hatred, the prejudices and racism are not of God.  There are no moral absolutes, as anything goes.  We have become like Sodom and Gomorrah.  Remember Lots wife, when  she looked back as they fled, with lust and longing, and God turned her into a pillar of salt?  Does ANYONE fear God anymore?  Is He just a namby pamby love, love, love…But, no  wrath or judgment?  I don’t think so.  You that sin, will be punished one way or another.  We are now like Sodem & Gomorah and anything goes, especially on reality tv. See also this on our Pop Culture:

If you commit adultery, you are a sinner.  If you fornicate and are not married, yet call yourself a Christian, you are a sinner.  If you steal you are a sinner.  The Ten Commandments were given to us as a guidepost.  So, you out there that are liberal Christians, voting for your unions, and your pensions, and your feminist beliefs and pro-choice…You are a sinner!  Why?  Because my BIBLE tells me so!

Youth?  Get it together, and get on your knees and repent at the Cross of Jesus, and beg God to forgive you.  Then live a Godly life and let HIM minister to you and change you.   You all in Washington?  Dear Hillary, Obama, killing Black Babies in poor sections of cities with your Planned Parenthood, Barney Frank with your gay lifestyle…You are sinners!   Your going to hell!   Period.  But, you will not lead this here woman over to your lifestyle choices.  For I will STAND like a rock and not waver in the wind or the waves.   But, will keep my Lord’s Commandments, and love and fear Him only.   Only Him do I trust.  And I believe with all my heart…how we vote? We will be judged!  Jesus is coming…  Soon..This too I believe.  For we have become such an Ungodly nation of fools with all this progressive movement, which would never work…Those that tried it or Communism have admitted it failed. Come back to the CROSS…Only HE is tried and true.  God help us all as I pray for our nation and the world.

Reaping What America Has Sown

patriotic_usa_wallpaper_f082011-1280x720.jpgI heard a thought provoking teaching by Dr. Charles Stanley yesterday. I put the link on my Facebook on “America’s Future”.

I am convinced we, in America just don’t “get it”.  I have long since been extremely contentious on moral absolutes and the fact that we have become morally decayed.  More and more God and especially Jesus has been taken out of our laws, schools, and society.    We have literally thrown Jesus out with the bathwater.  One by one, Christian rights, liberties, and freedoms have been tossed aside.  While the liberals fight for civil rights they have infringed on the very core that made America what it once was.

Once upon a time in an early America, the Church was the very fabric of a town, a city and early society.   Our Founding Fathers were Christian.  But, slowly through history and a cause to eliminate any reference to Christianity in our history, it has been changed, mostly by judges.  I give that trial with Judge Hugo Black as a perfect example.  He ADDED to our Constitution from the bench.  Whereby, our “separation of church and state” which is non existent in the Constitution was thereby incorporated as if that was Jefferson’s doing,  10 years after the Constitution was signed.   (I have all this on another blog).

The church used to be the fundamental backbone of any community in America.  Meetings were held there, moral decisions about the direction of a town and its’ leadership were prayed about and discussed there.  The churches in America from even the tiniest little country church in the west, all had a pivotal influence in the communities throughout America.  We held to the character of our leaders, and integrity, with checks and balances from local churches and God Almighty Himself.   That, sadly,  is no longer true.  Now, churches keep silent.  And with that silence is an apathy, that is letting our country and all that is reverent, be taken from us.
Do we care?  I do.  Whereby, I thank Dr. Stanley from the bottom of my heart for his sermon yesterday.  For he is absolutely right.  Judgment begins in the house of the Lord, and it is time without a doubt, that America and politics starts getting preached from every pulpit across America.  For I believe in moral absolutes….and it is only from you who are preachers of the word of God, can we influence a society that is desensitized.

It doesn’t happen all at once.  But, slowly, slowly we saw prayer taken out of schools.  I’m 70, I prayed in public schools.  We had Jewish kids there and other nationalities, Catholic and Protestant.  We pledged Allegiance to the flag, and we had a short prayer. It didn’t hurt or offend anyone, and there was no ACLU threatening lawsuits.  We all believed in God, especially then after WWII.   Then there is the lawsuit over the cross standing as it had forever, in the Hollywood Hills representing Los Angeles, the “city of angels”.  There is almost a parady to that now.   But, that is how it was originally.  We have abortions, which God calls murder, crooks in Washington, crooks on Wall St., Socialism creeping in ever so slyly. If ever a country needed God, it is America!   Thank you again Dr. Stanley for lighting this fire in me, which I had  before, but, now you confirmed I was not wrong.

Galations 6:7 “Be not deceived GOD IS NOT MOCKED!”  (Refers to the fact that believers can definitely be deceived; allowing false teachings to move their Faith from the Cross to other things…including letting liberalism in a church.)  “FOR WHATSOEVER A MAN SOWS THAT SHALL HE ALSO REAP.”  A lot of the teachings I’d had in the past always referred this to money.  It is not just money..but ALL we do, and are and profess to be in Christ Jesus.

“For he who sows to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit shall to the spirit reap life everlasting.” (GOD’S PRESCRIBED ORDER FOR VICTORY!)  Man and the ACLU can change laws, but NOT GOD’S LAWS.  We used to be under this umbrella in America, from the politicians to Main St., and most of all our Churches, which was all the umbrella of the Word of God.  And now we are reaping what we have sowed.  HIS name which is written in Glory is becoming hidden, squashed.   But, God will not be mocked!   For this woman believes with all her being that God’s hands of protection (as with 9/11) are almost off of America, and especially now with this Marxist President who has gone against Netanyahu and Israel!

I say this to you, Mr. President, who called himself falsely a Christian, never hearing any scriptures of Jesus love for you, only hatreds against us that are White for 20 years.  Listen…Gal. 5:25 “If we live in the Spirit let us walk in the spirit.” That is not YOUR narcissistic spirit but, the spirit of the living God. 26″ Let us not be desirous of vain Glory, provoking one another.” (Self righteousness holding yourself up high, instead of a humble spirit.) Pride cometh before the fall in Proverbs..EVEN for a President, as it did in Kings..Kings have been toppled and so can Presidents.  For there is nothing around you that is righteous, only corruption which puts on incorruption.

Philippians 2:3 “Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but, in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.”  For ONE day, “Every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.”  And for you, Obama, here is the scriptures on “race”, “groups,” “color,” “divides”, unlike the hatreds opined by Rev. Wright, my God is truth.  ” Gal. 3:26 “For you are all the children of God by FAITH in Jesus Christ “(saved, washed under the blood)” For as many of you have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ, there is neither Jew nor Greek, neither bond” (black slave)” nor free, there is neither male, nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.  And if you be Christ’s, then you are Abrahams seed and heirs according to the Promise”. Every person who is saved and every person who has ever been or ever will be saved, is saved only by Faith and what Jesus did on the Cross.  We are all ONE under Christ.  There is no White group, Black group, German Group, Hispanic Group…roots…We are EQUAL under the Cross, and our roots become with HIM.

Freedom has a price.Isaiah 5:18″Woe unto them who draw iniquity with cords of vanity, and sin as it were with a cart rope.”  God help this nation and all those speaking vanity in Washington..and Churches across this land, not speaking out at all.  God help us.  For God shall not be mocked! “Woe unto those who are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own right! ” God gives a warning; and that warning I see is prudent for our whole Congress who want to ram legislation down our throats in spite of  the “majority of the people, by the people”.

Do we in America realize that we are at war?  I don’t mean war in Iraq, Afghanistan…I mean right here, to hold fast to the America our Founding Father’s gave us.  Joshua 1:9 ” Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage, be not afraid neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wheresoever you go.”  We are COMMANDED to preach in the pulpits.  We are commanded as the late Dr. James Kennedy preached on America, and now Stanley, and Pastor Hagee.  But, the majority are not preaching in churches on losing America; on standing; on fighting for what is right.  Charles said, “love your enemies” is taken out of context. Enemies are unlovable, even in war.  It is only by the Holy Spirit that our enemies can be loved.  But, in war, as Joshua  and David, still killed.

To see how kings (Presidents) can fall? Look at Daniel. Remember Belshazzar’s feast? Dan. 5-5-6 “In the same hour came forth fingers of a man’s hand, and wrote over against the candle -stick upon the plaster of the wall of the King’s palace: and the king saw the part of the hand that wrote” (this is the same spiritual hand which inscribed the 10 Commandments on two tablets of stone.) “Then the King’s countenance was changed…”( he must have become white and shook, for it scared the devil out of him. ) All his wise men like Obama’s wise men, and all his Czars, may not be able to help him, if we all just pray…PRAY..P R A Y..Nothing helped Richard Nixon..did it?  But, that shamed man of Watergate, still did good things, and it was he who remembered his mother’s Quaker prayers, and gave US money to Israel and helped her with troops during the 60’s and 6-day War.  Nixon, disgraced, but forgiven and saved by the blood of the Cross.  What will Obama’s legacy be?  For when Daniel was finally called in as Pastor Hagee said, when he gave the interpretation to the King, he was NOT politically correct!  He told the truth..He STOOD.

We have had more than 50 million babies murdered, calling it a fetus and abortion.  We have lost our prayer in schools thanks to Judge Hugo Black.
We have lost the 10 Commandments in public places, nativity scenes in parks and even churches at Christmas.  We are told during Christmas by stores, “happy holiday”, but, we are not allowed????to say Merry Christmas?  Now even this principal and his friends arrested and being (thankfully) represented by Liberty Council for praying before a meal publicly?  We are desensitized as a society.  No one speaks up.except Sarah Palin,  and Carrie, the ousted Ms USA.   We are losing America.  Are we all that apathetic?   Where are we headed?  Do YOU care?  Will YOU encourage your church to STAND for the truth?   We cannot be free without STANDING!

For like a woman who has had an abortion.  That hole is always there eating her soul.  I’ve seen the young women.  Even saved, forgiven by the Lord, as they may end up…They are reaping what they have sown. America too, has all these holes in her a ship that is slowly sinking with no one watching the bow.  No one cared about a few little leeks the ACLU took away..But, now those leeks have grown and grown.  America is making herself known in tea parties and across America’s town halls, but, we need to pray and come together STANDING, one nation UNDER GOD…WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!  WE, are after all the people.

The Forgotten War (1812)

American’s think of the horrific day of infamy on 9/11 or Pearl Harbor when we think of an act of war on American soil, however, we have forgotten in our history the War of 1812, which was just as horrific, if not more so. For at that time the President’s House, newly renovated after our third President’s term, Thomas Jefferson, by Dolley Payne Madison, First lady and wife of our fourth President, James Madison, the Father of the Constitution; only to suffer unheard of destruction.

Dolley was a Quaker of the John Payne family, who had later resided in Philadelphia, where she had met and married John Todd; having a daughter with him who died young, and a son Payne, when Todd himself died young as well. While only 11 years old, she had met the wonderful James Madison, not realizing it was destined at so young an age. After Todd’s death she met him again, along with another potential suitor, Aaron Burr. She had always known Burr, and thought
him a kindly man, though not really knowing the reserved only 5’6” Madison. At last she chose James Madison, who was overjoyed at the prospect of having Dolley as his wife and welcoming her son, Payne, as his own.

James Madison, (as well as Thomas Jefferson) was a brilliant man. By the age of 12 years he was reading Virgil, Horace, Ovid, Sallust, Terence, and Justinian. He was also learning Spanish and French, both with a Scottish accent. In 1759 when he was eighteen, he arrived at the College of New Jersey, and here, became a zealous patriot, untiring scholar, probing philosopher, ribald satirist. Returning home then, he was physically debilitated but still an ardent student, this time of religious history, international law, and politics, which was to make him later described as “the best informed man in America on the principles of government and the keenest analyst the world had yet produced of the relationship between government and economics.” (Note: It would be a blessing if we had this man in office now with our trillions of debt!)

By June 25, 1778, Virginia voted 89 to 79 to ratify the Constitution. But it was not the deciding state, after all. For already on June 21, little New Hampshire had become the ninth to ratify. From NH to Georgia the bells were ringing and the flags waved with parades and celebrations, with Calvary, light infantry, a herald with a trumpet proclaiming a “New era”.. The cries of Patrick Henry…”Give me liberty of give me death.” And James Madison was at the head of this magnificent document, the Constitution of the United States of America, which is still held as sacred, throughout modern day battles, with judges taking liberties they shouldn’t have, as with the case of Church & State, which was based upon a single personal letter, from Jefferson to the Baptists in Danbury CT, not the actual Constitution itself. The courts ‘incorporated “ it rather illegally into it’s own interpretation…and wrongly, I might add! Roe vs Wade, too, took liberties that were not in the Constitution.

However, the country then in 1778, was still in turmoil, its two political factions polarized. The Republicans headed by Thomas Jefferson, lover of France and ardent Democrat, were in sympathy with the new republic, arguing for support of the treaty even if it led to war. Its excesses, Jefferson believed stoutly, were only temporary. Its ideals –liberty, equality, fraternity- would triumph in the end. On the other hand, Federalists, many of whom had remained Tories even during the Revolution, were all for support of England. The treaty, the claimed, had been made with the King, and the King was dead. Therefore it was void. Not so, asserted Jefferson. A treaty was made with a “country” not a person, and was sacred. Madison had explained to Dolley that there were “three fundamental types of government,” as he had outlined in a paper entitled “Spirit of Governments.” There are military despotism’s, under which human nature has groaned through every age; there are money despotism’s, which pretend to give liberty (Obama’s Administration now!) but really rely on interested partisans to defend the domination of the few over the freedom of the many; and there are republican governments (which remember then were democrats), which it is the glory of America to have invented, and her unrivaled happiness to possess.

Jefferson and Madison had opposed Hamilton on many issues: the creation of a National Bank, which they condemned as both unconstitutional and profitable to merchants and financiers rather than to the mass of the people: the protection of manufacturers by the taxing powers of Congress through subsidies, tariffs, and prohibition of competitive imports; the attempted suppression of democratic societies formed in protest of government policies. “The rights of citizens,” asserted Madison firmly, “to enter into voluntary organizations and to censure the government as they see fit, must be inviolable if a people are to remain free.” (Note, does that sound like the fights in Washington now with Freddie and Fanny, Madoff, Corzine not to mention Timothy Geitner printing and printing money we can’t back up.)

For this opposing view clashed on foreign as well as domestic problems. During the Revolution and the years immediately after there had been strong national affection for France, but as years passed an increasing number renewed their loyalty to Britain. (Then why did they come here in the first place?) In the Constitutional debate Hamilton along with other conservatives, had revealed his preference for the British monarchical system. He had lost. Jefferson, though, interpreted the excesses of the French liberationists (for Napoleon was reigning yet) as indictments not of democracy but of the abuses of monarchy, and had been deeply involved as his 5 years as minister to France. Both Madison and his friend Jefferson, were accumulating a magnificent library, and to Madison’s hundreds of books, Jefferson had thousands in Monticello, that they read too.

Madison fought hard with other Democratic-Republicans in the House before he was elected President, to prevent the implementation of the unfair and unpopular treaty that Washington had reluctantly signed. Number 58 of his “Federalist Papers. “The House cannot only refuse but they alone can propose the supplies requisite for the support of government.” THEY HAD (AND DO NOW) THE POWER OF THE PURSE.” Throughout it all Dolley listened, learned, understood, and sympathized with James’ frustration, become his ardent helpmate throughout their lives.

In the election of 1800, when Jefferson had run for President, James had shar4ed in the calumnies heaped on his head by the opposition. Jefferson, (like today) had been accus4ed of every crime but murder. Dolley smarted at the memory of the slanders directed at them both: atheism, cowardice in the Revolution, hostility to commerce and manufacturers, ruthless ambition, government by the riffraff, the dregs of society. CHANGE, opponents had decried! Exchange Secretary of State John Marshall for a James Madison? (Same as today’s fights). And Madison did serve as this third President’s Secretary of State. And for 16 years the Madison’s would live and be a part of the Washington life, throughout the turmoil and war to come.

Later on, too, Dolley was recalling the friendship (and almost marriage) to Aaron Burr, whose treachery, when it was finally proven, seemed to Dolley as a personal betrayal. But the fall of 1806 there was indisputable evidence that Burr was conspiring to found a separate nation to the West, collaborating with Britain to take the Southwest out of the United States by armed revolt. His partner in this conspiracy seemed to be General James Wilkinson, commander in chief of the American Army and governor of Upper Louisiana, who realizing finally the reality of things,notified the President and caused Burr’s arrest. Wherefore, Burr was tried for high treason. However, just as in today’s news, with Attorney General Holder, there too, was harsh condemnation of the Chief Justice for his narrow interpretation of the treason clause in the Constitution and he dismissed the evidence on technical grounds. Wherefore, Dolly recalled, the trial was a farce…”a circus, politicians juggling for Marshall’s favor.”

Jefferson throughout this time was a strong defender of the equality and rights of the people and the Constitution he and Madison helped design and a strong President. He stayed loyal to America and his friends. He accomplished much and was maligned in current history and slandered I think wrongly by the left, who needed a scapegoat, over the whole Hemming thing. True of false, it cannot take away from his intelligence, loyalty to this country, and friends, and accomplishments.

Madison became his successor as President in 1809, and a two year term to 1817. Both Presidents always remained close friends, journeying later from each others homes, Jefferson’s Monticello and Madison’s Montpelier. By 1812, the war crisis was coming to a head. In fact war was already starting. New York was blockaded. American ships were being seized, as if by pirates holding up income from trade. War was being decried, but,(unlike Obama today with Libya)Madison responded that the “President can make recommendations, but, ONLY Congress could declare war.” (That being true, why hasn’t OUR Congress challenged this President?) On June 4, 1812, the House voted for war 79 to 49. On June 17, the Senate concurred with the vote, 19 to 13. The President, (Madison) that night was pale indeed.

All through a century and a half later historians would still be arguing over the wisdom of the war of 1812 and of the man on whose slender but resolute shoulders rested the burdens as Commander in Chief. (America’s 2nd War of Independence). America was like a puny bold David challenging the heavy giant Goliath. Madison had to choose his generals either from aging Revolutionary veterans or from young officers who had no war experience. The first source of danger was from British troops controlling the Great Lakes and lower Canada, with tribes of hostel Indians as their allies. They moved into Detroit too. Congress was refusing to raise the necessary taxes, except through the painless method of taxing imports, and unfortunately there were no imports. (Sound familiar now?) Turned out General Hull eventually was court-martial ed, and showed his cowardice and blundering to the enemy. Then Captain Isaac Hull, commander of the frigate, Constitution, had captured, burned, and sunk the British frigate, Guerriere. And while the election of 1812 was bitterly contested, Madison still got in a 2nd term in the middle of war, with the Federalists, like John Adams, giving him strong defense.

By 1814, they were embroiled in war, Britain’s pacific offer of negotiation had been just empty words. Conquest of Napoleon had left her free to concentrate on America, and opinions waxed hot. Then the fateful August 24th, Dolley to her horror on the night, fixed hour after hour on the angry red glow in the sky, as the Brits were coming up the Potomac. They had both left the Presidents House on warning’s, Dolley with friends, having taking everything of importance such as James papers, out of the house, while James rode with leaders in this climatic war. Every building was set on fire, and the Presidents House and Library of Congress was in flames. All that remained standing and black after was the 4-square, while the glow in the sky raged. But, something happened that night of miracle proportion. GOD Almighty intervened. And as the British soldiers were burning, and ravaging what souvenirs they take, a huge huge hurricane came out of nowhere, and between the horrific pelting rain and heavy winds, the British soldiers could not even stand up, never mind do any more damage. Then again, out of nowhere, came this tornado, that ripped through Washington DC. The Brits were then defeated. God in the supernatural protected what was left of our capital. And God too, was given credit (not the usual liberal “mother nature”) in the History channels recent documentary. (Note: remember too, months ago, when the earthquake rattled Washington and Maryland? That too,was GOD sending us a warning! And THIS I believe. Therefore, later when they started to rebuild, it was changed from the President’s House to the White House as the 4-square had to be painted white.

I can’t even fathom after the devastation we saw after 9/11 and the Pentagon, what James, Dolley, and the rest saw when they went back. She did not cry or scream or vent in any way, seeing the destruction all around her, and the shock and outrage was in Britain as well as Washington. It violated her gentlemanly code of ethics in warfare. While burning, pillaging, despoiling of private property, even murder and rape of civilians which should have been condoned, was swept under the rug, with this horrific destruction of the citadels of government. And boldly and courageously, once James was reunited with her, in his arms, she did finally weep, but they were tears of joy. The worst was over. Whatever happened now, they could face it, boldly, as long as together.

After this, Francis Scott Key’s poem “Oh, say can you see by the dawns early light, what so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?” appeared in the National Intelligence, which Dolley read with shining eyes. And the Star Spangled Banner was then born as our national anthem. How fitting…and now it’s words make total sense. For this dawn’s early light was America…a war and fire on our land – our Capital, our President’s house. And after 9/11 we had better start remembering this war too, and stay prepared from terrorists, so it never happens again. And that entails a strong military presence!

Some later in history, reputed Madison to be a puny weak and timid President. He was not! Yet in that same year of 1815, Justice Joseph Story wrote: “Never did a country occupy more lofty ground; we have stood the contest, single-handed, against the conqueror of Europe and We are at peace, with all our blushing victories, thick crowding on us. If I do not much mistake, we shall attain to a very high character as well as crush domestic faction.” A century later, Irving Brant wrote, “It was under the guiding hand of President James Madison, that the struggling young country won an equal position among the free nations of the world, and began its long climb to leadership.” The youthful nation had come of age. Meanwhile while they rented a house, while the White House was being appropriated and rebuilt, life began again. And look at us now, since these past 3 years, declining in leadership, with other countries with an apologetic President, that doesn’t even understand his countries revered greatness.

Already Jefferson had offered to compensate for one of the Capitol’s greatest losses, the Congressional Library. It turned the British Vandalism almost into a blessing. For the old Library had contained only some three thousand volumes, while Jefferson’s was twice as large chosen to fit the needs of scholars and statesmen. Whereby, eventually, Congress agreed to Purchase the library of some six thousand volumes, for a modest $23,950. The books arrived in Washington via a wagon train from Monticello, VA. Peace and prosperity after a treaty, once more ensued. The Union was saved. And soon the Madison’s were once again in the new White House. It was 1816.

By 1817, after two terms, Monroe took the oath of office, before Chief Justice Marshall, and the Madison’s returned to Montpelier in VA, with their friend Thomas Jefferson in nearby Monticello. They couldn’t have been happier.

Later on, Madison attended the celebration of the July 4, 1826, the fiftieth anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, his friends (Jefferson) noblest achievement. Fittingly Jefferson, died that very day soon after noon. Strangely, enough, while the citizens of Quincy, Massachusetts were celebrating the same 50th , John Adams, his predecessor died as well.

The partnership between Jefferson and Madison was the most remarkable in history. “The Great Collaboration,” one historian would call it. The two such scholarly, knowledgeable men. Madison app4eared less studied, brilliant and frank, more natural, candid and profound. Jef4rson had more imagination and passion, quicker and richer conceptions. The truth were they were two dies of the “same” coin, metal fused in the heat of their democratic idealism, and spent without stint in its pursuit. “Take care of me when dead. James knew what he had meant. Keep on where I leave off. As Dolley would do until her death after James had died. She kept in pursuit for years for all his papers to be published – this very learned man. Yet, both men here, always remained humble. And Dolley too, lived through 13 Presidents, friends with Martha Washington in her early years, who she felt a mentor.

When they both helped form the University of VA in later years, Jefferson was horrified at the influx of undisciplined youth from wealthy families, who attacked professors, frequented taverns, turned the dormitories into gambling dens, even throwing a stink bomb into a professors house. Jefferson rose before the board, looking at the defiance of these youth, in the tenderness of a father, and couldn’t speak, instead, this big man, sat back down in tears. Shocked, the students submitted, acknowledged their faults, answering all questions. Abashed by the great man’s tears, they had willingly subscribed to a new disciplinary system. Reading this, in my own tears, I think of “Occupy” and these young undisciplined, uneducated youth, that haven’t a clue to our Constitution and all that made this country what it was and is. I include Obama in this, who also hasn’t a clue as to the Great Country, he rules. And let me tell you Jefferson, Madison,Adams, and most back then wanted and tried to abolish slavery. And both Jefferson and Madison succeeded at the end, except for the wrongdoing of Dolley’s son Payne, who too was undisciplined. But, that fight would come later once and for all. But, America if we are to succeed, must remember the history of our Founding Father’s. O’Reilly has Lincoln and Glenn Beck has Washington, but, as for me? My hero now, without a doubt is James Madison and I include his queen, Dolley. She was revered, by all in Washington long after his death, by all until God took this woman home at 81. She was remarkable!

So, in this next election 2012, I’d like to leave this with a quote from Madison to take heed for what you believe in. He wrote:

“Advice To My Country”

“As this advice, if it ever see the light will not do it till I am no more, it may be considered as issuing from the tomb, where truth alone can be respected and the happiness of man alone consulted. It will be entitled therefore to whatever weight can be derived from good intentions, and from the experience of one who has served his country in various stations through a period of forty years, who espoused in his youth and adhered through his life to the cause of liberty, and who has borne a part in most of the great transactions which will constitute epochs of its destiny. The advice nearest to my heart and deepest in my convictions, is that the Union of the States be cherished and perpetuated. Let the open enemy to it be regarded as a Pandora with her box opened, and the disguised one, as the Serpent creeping with his deadly wiles into Paradise.”

There is the essence of James unswerving loyalty to his country’s unity, remaining unquestioned. And his papers left of his genius mind were the greatest legacy to America, the FUTURE, the fruit of his unending struggle to secure the rights and privileges of her people through the democratic process. As long as those rights and liberties remained intact, were not forfeited by force or political intrigue, (AS THE INTERNATIONAL LAW AND EUROPEAN UNION)our country and it’s Constitution, the memory of Madison, Jefferson, and all our Founding Father’s will stay in tact with human aspiration. All men have flaws, including Newt Gingrich, now in this election. But, could he and the other candidates, understand what is at stake?
We must all ask ourselves that now with each and every candidate vetted and scrupulously analyzed, for out future and this countries is at stake. And WE do not take orders and adhere to the laws of other countries or the UN. BUT our alienable rights under AMERICA’s Constitution ONLY! And for those ideologues like the Communist-Socialist left as this President, I say to you this, WE the people, me, you, and our children and our children’s children, will fight you and those like you who want to take away our alienable rights and equality and merge us into something WE the people are not, nor want. We fought before for our independence throughout history, and we will NOT be deterred. GOD..YES…GOD BLESS AMERICA…The Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Jesus Christ, of whose hand is over America protecting her, do I give my thanks and trust. Thank you Lord, for your hand on us, even when we are too stupid to realize truths. Free speech? Yes, but, only unless it does not infringe on the rights of others. Bless you all….

Excerpts taken from a book “Queen Dolley” by Dorothy Clarke Wilson © 1987

Atlas Shrugged & Rands Predictions

Who is John Galt?  The character in Atlas Shrugged whose speech went on for 60 pages.  “You have heard it said, this was the age of moral crisis; you have cried that mans sins are destroying the world.  Against all human nature to practice the virtues that you demanded.  Since virtue to you consists of sacrifice, justice, and mercy.   You have sacrificed self esteem to self denial, happiness to duty.  You have destroyed all that which you held to be evil, and achieved all that which you held to be good.  All you wished for and I am the man who has granted your wish.” (With elections on the horizon, this is a reblog. )

Sounds almost like some prophesy coming from the Bible.  Yet, this book was written by a brilliant philosopher, whose predictions 50 years ago, have all but, come true.

In 1957 Ayn Rand published her last novel, “Atlas Shrugged”, which is still today, in print, and selling.  The setting for Atlas Shrugged was an American apocalypse  glimpse into the future.  If Rand was here today she’d point to anything in government today and say, “I told you so.”!  Regulations breed regulations in Washington and control and laws get massive to breed more control.  Government will grow, freedoms will shrink.  Markets will dive, and are, and government programs will expand, crippling us. More and more government intervention making it worse will and IS happening.  Ayn predicted this would happen and understood way ahead of her time the moral and intellectual decay we are at now.  No one reads a book anymore or has intellect; it is anything goes and reality tv and decay.

During the 50’s, it was one of the most prosperous time in our nation – a utopia in Atlas Shrugged. (It was for me growing up as well.  My dad, an electronic engineer and inventor, had his own business, and flourished. Television had been introduced in 1948, and he had a summer camp, and America was booming, all after WWII.)

Ayn’s prophesy tells the story of D. Taggart, the owner of a railway, as one by one the men of the Vanguard Industry simply vanish. Atlas shrugged sold over 7 million copies and to date has never been out of print. Ayn thought, though, that there would he an intellectual moral minority that could see the philosophical achievements she had done with Atlas Shrugged.  It didn’t happen.  Ayn had hoped to change what she saw as America’s relentless march toward ustopia depicted in her novel.  She wrote the book to prevent what now, 50 years later, has come true.  For no one could see what was happening then on the surface, as the problem was philosophy.  Ayn said, “Identify the philosophy of a society and you can predict it’s future.”

Ayn Rand was born Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum, a Russian Jew, in Czarist Russia in 1905.  Alisa was a top student and knew by the age of 9 that writing would be her life’s work.   She was writing novels at 10 years old.  She was 12 years old when the Russian Revolution began.  Her father’s business was taken away, Russian soldiers closed the shop and her father never worked again.  (THAT is happening now, with farmers in America, and other business, and tax laws and government laws, that need to be eliminated.  Farmers who have been in business for 300 years, are now out of  business, one because of a EPA law and minnows being harmed.)  She saw at 12, that people who worked the hardest were punished and stripped.  They were broken.

Young Alisa was drawn to the cinema and saw a very prosperous America in the 20’s.  She resolved to go to America as soon as possible.  By the time she arrived in NY Harbor in 1926, she felt she had left the soul gripping Communism far behind.  To protect her family still in Russia, she changed her name to Ayn Rand.  America then was the wonders of the world. Capitalists were having a productive great time. Then the depression hit and it looked like Capitalism had failed.  Then it was thought that Socialism (Wilson)
and Communism was the better way (just like now).

Ayn voted for FDR, who spoke on radio, “Some would see what we are doing as Fascism or Socialism, or Communism” ; and Ayn, having left Russia because of this and seeing the Revolution, totalitarianism, collectivism, Socialism, looked at the soul of the people and what she left.  The move to introduce this began with Wilson in 1912, then FDR.  Ayn knew she made the wrong vote.  Whereby middle Protestant America said, “I am my brothers keeper.”  It was the first time the government was looked at as savior instead of charities and churches.  (And here we are, aren’t we?)

She wrote “We the Living” her first book on the threat to America.   It drew from her own background.  Lillian Hellman, Eugene O’Neil, all visited Russia, and felt Ayn didn’t know about it, yet they never saw or heard of all the mass murders, as with any totalitarianism society.  (Remember the movie “Red’s”? Hellman and O’Neil were portrayed…and the end proved it didn’t work…Tell that to Streisand and the rest of the Hollywood Marxists.)  Then the news reported all the famine and brutality.  She felt her warning came too late.

Ayn then published “The Fountainhead”.  What does it mean to be a human being? (We Christians have our expectations in the Bible, but Ayn was intellectually and philosophically coming from another area. And being Jewish had no knowledge of the Bible, yet, how closely prophetic) Work itself, she wrote, and instincts.  The Fountainhead became a movie.  But most followers missed the point of her collectivism, so it frightened all the “experts”.   She thought, what if all the brilliant minds, engineers, hard workers just disappeared, and all that was left was the tax collectors, and left with no one to create or build anything of value for them.  (Very similar with what is prophesied in Revelations when the Rapture comes and all of us saved, meet the Lord in the air.)  Think about the ramifications of where her intellect was going.

Her first title for Atlas Shrugged was “The Strike” and government interference only created social injustice and extreme poverty.  It gives the excuse to start more programs and more regulations.  It’s the fight before the makers who make things, and the takers who are too lazy to work with their hand out, including the class action lawyers, government and moochers.    To Rand these looters were no different than the Communists thugs who took her father’s business, in the name of the people, when in actuality were nothing more than criminals.  It gives those in power the right to indoctrinate the mind’s of the people, the persecuted, by a moral code called “Altruism”.  It says everybody, is more important than you. There has to be a fair-equal relationship. (Obama, and Van Jones thinking, and it has been proven over and over that it only destroys.) It provided weapons for government to chain up FREE individuals!  She felt each man should be an end to himself, and being benevolent when it was put on your heart.

Who is John Galt?  He is the first man of ability to regard it as guilt. And by not letting government use his virtues, who would not suffer martyrdom in the hands of those who wish him to perish, for the benefit of keeping government alive.  Ayn loved the original “Founding” principals; freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to own property, right to bear arms, etc.  Jefferson, too, had a clear view on government staying out of our freedoms, evils of too much government.  He said, “We have a moral right to our own lives. ” So Ayn had multiple agenda’s…..AND so should we now in this crucial point, and who we elect.

She began to write Atlas around 1945.  She didn’t publish the book until 1957.  Her characters were vivid in the steel and railroad industry.  It shows how the government lies and corrupts to destroy the Capitalist for its own power.  Man, (Galt) has the power to act as his own destroyer, which is the way he’s acted for most of his history.  Finally, she goes to print,; all her objectivism with her hero John Galt, hoping it will be well received and change the world.  She was also part of the start of the John Birch Society back then and an integral member.  Then the reaction was negative.  Because it was so radical and challenged.  Even William F. Buckley Jr. of  National Review gave the book to Whittaker Chambers, who was an ex-Communist spy.  Chambers gave it the worse review.  Buckley was in competition with Rand over the conservative -political movement and direction.  But, she did not expect Chambers harshness. She was crushed.

But despite it all, it went on the NY Times bestseller list- all 1,000 pages!  She’d gone after the thinkers and movers and shakers, but, her acclaim never came.   Rand never published another fiction book.  As the years past her book stayed in print, and still is selling.  She was so brilliant she was intimidating.  In 1972, Al Ruddy producer of the “Godfather”, felt it was the most important book to film.  But, it never went through cause she wanted script approval.  She died in 1982.

Ayn always said “Atlas Shrugged” was set the day after tomorrow” and we’re there now.  People are rebelling, losing control, big brother, bureaucracies- ie the people are losing their freedoms.  In the year 2007, the 50th anniversary of Atlas Shrugged, the US Federal Regulation agencies employed a high of 238,000 people, and issued more than 4,000 new regulations, closing small businesses, and farms etc.  (ie the car industry forced to take a government handout). By the end of 2007, another 3800 new regulations were already in the works. And did you know that now, we have more people in our jails (mostly Federal ) because of these new regulations, than BOTH Russia and China combined!

When we see trading done by compulsion not consent, in order to produce, you have to get permission from government, men who have produced nothing.  The way its going our society is doomed.  Capitalism did not cause the housing bubble, ie Freddy and Fannie, it was the Government (Barney Frank too) and its immoral rules and laws.  So they passed more!  Ayn’s prediction came true running amok.  All that Washington’s done, Greenspan, Bernacke, is like a mirror out of Atlas Shrugged.  When you have made evil the means of survival, do not expect man to do any good!   Their government heavyweights are after power now as she predicted. (NOT the good of the people).  Crippling the farmer, and many industries, Eminent Domain taking property for the good of what?  Her objectivism is really not too far from our Founding Fathers, for she truly loved America – where the people elect, except now our politicians are all life long professionals, and there should be “term limits”….period!

Our happiness is a God given Right!  As a consequence we are losing our rights and Ayn prophetic vision was absolutely CORRECT!  All work is creative work if done by a thinking mind, which God gave each and every one of us.  In another 25 years, we will collapse as Greece had and Ireland just may too.  Atlas Shrugged, says  “what happens when looting runs dry?”  We need to really take a good look at America in the 50’s (racism aside as that was an atrocity, but business and prosperity).  We all need to send the right message to Washington.   THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD IT !  And pass around to your friends and read Atlas Shrugged, as well as Ayn’s other books, one, “Capitalism”.  There is a cry out there…business that have gone overseas, want to come back.  We want our freedoms back, that is why the Teaparty really began.  Those in Washington need to be voted out!  Harry Reid has been in office too long, and is a member of the American Communist Party, as 70 other members of Congress.  There is a move now, trying to obliterate our Constitution. We are losing America.  So I close by begging you to read Atlas Shrugged, Ayn’s work…all prophetically true, while we sat back and slept.  Let us get America back and throw out the thugs.  God Bless America, please keep your hands on us Lord, and do not forsake us.