Christian Against Christian?

LionlambWhat was Jesus’ attitude toward politics?

“Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for President, stated to the UK’s Daily Mail on Tuesday that Israel should keep building in Judea-Samaria. This is a dramatic change from the stance of the Obama administration that has persistently pressured Israel to stop all building in the settlements.

Trump added that, in spite of his support for the settlements, he would “love to negotiate peace” between Israel and the Palestinians, calling it “the all-time negotiation”.

The Bible prophesies an Israeli-Palestinian agreement within the next short time. It appears highly likely that the agreement will come yet in the Obama presidency or during the term of the next president that will be elected on November 8, 2016.”  Irwin Baxter

I beg everyone to take a step back, and get back in your prayer closet!  Trump too, is taking a totally different stance than the present administration, in favor of Israel to continue building.  Praise God…..Remember Donald Trump has a Jewish son in law, and is friends with Mike Huckabee.  He would set Hamas back for hundreds of years!  Do you  not see God’s hand in this?    Pray please….love one another and as Franklin Graham said, get out and vote!   We need to come together this November.  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION THAT AMERICA  HAS IN ALL OF HISTORY.   WE ARE IN THE END TIMES…..ALL THE COUNTRIES ARE IN LINE.  Remember Obama is going ahead with international law against Israel.  Please pray…