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Standing for America & God

Rev. War enactmentI hear on Fox News, after something happens in Congress, or with Arabs now objecting to our Government or even Arab students in Colleges, “Where are the Christians?”  I ask the same thing.  For our Judeo Christian Government has changed drastically.  A lot of you Christian women do not follow politics, and brush off, and that is wrong, when it is your God given right, when there are so many countries that prohibit your voice, that to me is apathy.  I prayed about whether or not to post this, for over a week.  I haven’t been writing on here either that much with so much happening in the world.  However, after prayer and contemplation, I have decided to post this, after all.  Ladies, especially Christian ladies, you have an obligation under God, to voice your opinions and to be politically involved and know what your Government is doing, for we have just about lost our nation.  Those in Congress both the House and Senate need to hear from each and every one of us.  We need to stand!  Together!  “If” and I say big “IF”, we are blessed enough to pull off this next election in 2016 and get a Republican President elected, it is going to take 20 years to undo what this White House has done.  So I say to you now, PLEASE know your facts and what is going on in America AND the world.  Copy and paste the following, and write to your State Senators and Representatives.  For unless they hear from all of us, they do nothing!

Painting in the Rotunda of our U.S. Capital of Pocahontas getting baptized.

Baptism of Pocahontas, Rotunda, US Capital

“TO: The Members Of The Republican Leadership OfThe United States Senate And The United States House Of Representatives: The Hon. John Boehner, The Hon. Kevin McCarthy, The Hon. Steve Scalise, The Hon. Cathy McMorris Rogers, The Hon. Luke Messer, The Hon. Lynn Jenkins, The Hon. Frank Guinta,Hon Ted Yoho; The Hon. Mitch McConnell, The Hon. Orrin Hatch, The Hon. John Cornyn, The Hon. John Thune, The Hon. John Barrasso, The Hon. Roger Wicker and The Hon. Roy Blunt, The Hon. Kelly Ayotte, The Hon. Tedd Cruz 

RE: The Time To Impeach Barack Hussein Obama Is Upon Us And That Time Is Now!

Enough is enough. Barack Obama is not our king and he is not our dictator. The American people are sick and tired of Mr. Obama’s childishness. The American people are sick and tired of Mr. Obama’s delusions of godhood. The American people are sick and tired of Mr. Obama’s lawlessness and, most of all, the American people are sick and tired of Barack Hussein Obama.

Congressman Ted Yoho is introducing a resolution in Congress that will move the ball forward on impeachment. The American people expect you to support it. The American people expect you to use your bully pulpits to advance it. The American people expect you to vote on it and, finally, the American people expect you to do what must be done and rid this great country of the cancer that is slowly killing it.

The things that he has done, from this deal now with Iran, which is putting the US, Israel and the world at risk, since Iran is funding terrorists, and has as American prisoners (Pastor Saeed for one) in the most inhumane conditions and beatings.  He has made an enemy of our good ally, Israel.  He has not been a leader of the free world. Instead refused to lead!  By his taking our troops to early out of Iraq, it has caused murders from ISIS, with Christians being killed, the country ravaged and women raped, as well as children killed. This President has opened up the doors for dire events to take place in America and around the world with his continuing friendship with the Muslim Brotherhood, which Egypt has condemned and outlawed as an evil organization. How do I know? Because I have a Coptic Christian friend from Cairo Egypt! Instead this President invites CAIR and has Muslim Brotherhood Advisors, which we see as treasonous! He has left the door wide open for an attack home grown, on our soil! Bigger than 9/11!  Why are you standing for this?

What he has done to cripple us with his Acts of a pen with Obamacare, has caused states and doctors to take action.  Many doctors will not take Medicare patients, many prescriptions can no longer be filled, many states have been split down the middle as well as insurance companies.

This President with his Marxist ideologies and his reducing our troops, the things now allowed such as Muslim prayer rugs in the Pentagon, Chaplains now being threatened with a Court Marshall, should they even attempt to console a family after losing a son or daughter, as a Christian, not allowed to mention Jesus when this country was founded on Judeo Christian principals? Even our Supreme Court, and laws came from the 10 Commandments and the laws God gave.

He has turned this country upside down with his hatred of Whites, and blatantly encouraged reverse racism on every level in this society. Yet this is not about race, but about his ideologies based upon his own words in his own book, and his Communist friends as a youth, mainly Frank Marshall.  He has committed more crimes against this United States than Bill Clinton, and Richard Nixon, and Watergate put together! And to further re-affirm, I have an adopted Black grandson, I love, and is having a real hard time now at 22.  The Pandora’s box that Obama opened up with race, is disgraceful!  And not at all held by those as Dr. Ben Carsen, Dr. Altheda King, Lt. Col. Allen West, and other great conservative Black leaders!

Let us not forget either, what he has done to Christian organizations in America, that do so much good. One in particular, Rev. Franklin Graham’s Samaritan Purse, which helps more disaster victims than this government ever could, and the blatant assault from the IRS on this President’s orders.  This is no longer the country that my ancestor, Major Ezekiel Worthen fought in the Revolutionary War.  It is not the country under the Establishment Clause of the US Constitution, guaranteeing that Government “make no religion”, whereby, HIS ideologies do not fall under the Constitution, but that of a dictator of a Marxist country. Since history always repeats itself, this President has regressed our country to a time when Senator Gene McCarthy’s Senate hearings on Communism, would almost seem warranted. Our Constitution does NOT allow for Communist ideologies. Period! We are not a third world country, like Venezuela, with dictators, nor a Communist country as Russia, China, instead we boasted once when we WERE great, Ronald Reagan telling Russia, to “TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!” NOW ALL WALLS ARE UP!

Do you realize that upon our founding, there used to be “church” held right in the rotunda of the Capital?  That big beautiful painting of Pocahontas getting baptized. It was the days of John Whitefield and “the Great Awakening”.  Well, it would seem that you in Congress need another AWAKENING…for the American people are fed up.

This administration also has concentrated so much on Global Warming, (when we were frozen in the east this winter), yet the priority should be modernizing our electric grids across America. They are 60 years old, and antiquated.  The men that knew how to care for these grids are retired.  Parts made too, now in China! Which, with all the hacking in cyber space going on, that is not an option.  Although I saw that an American Company could be ready to assist in this in 2 years.  If OUR GRIDS WERE attacked by terrorism, there would be anarchy, no oil, no food trucked in, no gas, no phones, and most of all no internet, no banking, no jobs, no travel.  THINK about it!  THAT should be a number one priority!

Now, too that horrid draught in California. Was part of this caused by the EPA under this President’s orders, to divert water from farms that have been in families for a hundred years to save a minnow fish?  God will take care of the minnow.  But, what about all the corn and food we need as Americans, now dried up!?! Not to mention the need in the whole world, especially Sudan now, with little toddlers eating dirt off the ground because they are so hungry?! We need California’s farms!  Tell the EPA to undo what they diverted. There are over 400,000 starving people in this world.  Not to mention all the Christian people raped, killed, tortured, churches burned, living in fear of ISIS, that America no longer helps as a leader of the free world.  This is unheard of! This President wants to get rid of millionaires, and have everyone equal, yet it is the millionaires that give. What Obama has done to degrade and change America will take decades to build back up.  THAT is an Impeachable offence!  It is UNAMERICAN!

Barack Obama is bold as brass, and bold problems, like Barack Obama, call for bold solutions. It’s time to put impeachment on the table. Make no mistake, when it comes to the woes that are afflicting this great country, Barack Obama is the disease and impeachment is the cure!

Sincerely (name)”

Send to:  U.S. House of Representatives, (name of Rep.), Washington, D.C. 20515                                   U.S. Senate, Office of Senator (name), Washington, D.C. 20510

Eliminate what you want, and add other topics you want…But PLEASE TAKE A STAND FOR JESUS!   Encourage and tweet email Glenn Beck to have a Conservative CHRISTIAN  and JEWISH march on Washington…WE MUST PRAY…ACT…MAKE YOUR VOICES KNOWN AND DO “SOMETHING”…Or America is lost forever!  And I for one love my country.  And note too, if your Senator as mine did, just voted for this new Atty. General? Tell them how fed up and disappointed you are!  God bless you and thank you…My heart cries out for what we have become.

God bless Rev. Franklin Graham…BLESS him!   “Franklin Graham just gave  this message to Muslims: “leave America and go to a Muslim country.” He said this in response to the University of Maryland canceling a screening of the film, American Sniper, and declared this sentiments on his Facebook page, in which he said:

Can you believe that the University of Maryland canceled a screening of the movie American Sniper after Muslim students complained? This afternoon, I’m going to meet with wounded military veterans and their spouses who served this nation with honor–fighting to preserve our freedoms and many times shedding their own blood. Chris Kyle was an American hero. It’s brave soldiers like these that make all of the freedoms we enjoy possible. Shame on the University of Maryland for listening to these voices! If these Muslim students can’t support the military members who do their job to protect us, let them leave America and go to a Muslim country. God bless America and our heroes! ”