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Historic Truths or Fiction

A model of Herod's Temple adjacent to the Shrine of the Book exhibit at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.First, there is NO SUCH THING AS A PALESTIANIAN STATE!  NOT EVEN AN ORIGIN TO THESE PEOPLE HISTORICALLY!!!  Take that Helen Thomas, and Obama!  How ignorant we have all become listening to the so-called experts and media !

ALSO…HISTORICAL ERRORS IN KURRAN…So the Arabs (My Bible) in Syria (and look at her now) are true descendents from I said over and over.  (Ishmael being Abrahams “other” son he had with Sarah’s handmaiden (Arab slave)…BUT IT WAS ISAAC GOD GAVE THE PROMISE AND COVENENT TO.  Genesis.  Remember too Iraq was the center of the earth MESOPOTAMIA AND THE FIRST CIVILIZATION.  UR where Abram (later Abraham) was born is in northern Iraq where the Euprates and Tigres connect.  Cannan where God moved him after his father died, to “the land of milk and honey”..THAT LAND ALL of it, belongs to the JEW!!!

The Kurran (Mohammed) did not come on the scene with his “dream” until 500 years after Jesus was crucified on the Cross.  (Neither did the first Pope.)  The FIRST CHURCH was NOT the Catholic church, BUT immediately after Jesus crusifiction, with HIS deciples, who were ALL JEWS…Matthew, Mark, Peter, John, Apostle Paul, James, Timothy…they were JEWS and not Romans…and JESUS WAS  A JEW AND RABBI!   They traveled, and they met in secret in houses,  as many now are doing in China and No. Korea.  THE DECIPLES WERE THE FIRST CHURCH, WHO CARRIED ON ALL OF JESUS TEACHING, PREACHING AND HEALING IN THE WORD OF OUR LORD.  The FIRST POPE, GREGORY, WAS NOT UNTIL 560 AD!!!  (Jesus church was growing and spreading everywhere with all of Paul’s travels to Greece, etc…long before a Catholic church!)

Such misinformation has been out there by Jew and Gentile alike.  Many many Jewish lawyers anxious for a day of retribution, have taken and prosecuted  a lot of Catholic priests in all the abuse charges in recent years.  However, they too have it all wrong.  My Lord was not the start of the Catholic church.  The Romans were the enemy in Jesus day…for that matter many say the anti-Christ will come out of the Catholic church.

The Canaanites were culturally conquered by the Arameans, adopting their Semitic language and therefore are generally regarded as a Semitic people. They developed in two different areas: the “coastland Canaanites” are best known in history as Phoenicians, the “mountain Canaanites” were assimilated by the Israelites and disappeared as an identifiable people around the 8th century b.c.e. – when the Assyrians took the Hebrews into exile they did not make any difference because the Canaanites were already Israelites. Canaanites were NOT Arabs
(Genesis, when God told Arabram (Abraham) to go to Canaan. ) The Bible is HISTORICALLY CORRECT!

The ancient Egyptians were a Hamitic people and even though they have been in some way involved with the origin of the Ishmaelite Arabs, they remained a distinguishable people that has not been assimilated by the Arab invaders. The Egyptians became Christians in the first centuries c.e., and their genuine descendants are the Copts, who are not Arabs. Even though at present they are a minority in their own homeland, the Arab majority is anyway the result of a foreign invasion performed in the Middle Ages, when the Arabs made of Egypt the outpost for the conquest of Africa.

Koran Lies:
Arab myths concerning the Patriarchs Historical and archaeologic evidences show that the ancient Arabian peoples did not leave any written testimony of themselves before they received the influence of Assyria, around the 8th-7th century b.c.e., and all what we know about them until then has been recorded by external sources and accounts of eyewitnesses. The peoples of Arabia had no records of their own genealogies, which have been artificially invented in Islamic times as well as the alleged pre-Islamic history without any real knowledge concerning location and period, besides the imaginary character of the events. There are many examples that show the inaccuracy of Islamic traditional concepts, based on hearsay from unreliable sources. Just to mention a couple of them, one is that the qur’an identifies Miryam the sister of Aharon with Miryam the mother of Yeshua as if she was the same person, when actually there are about 1400 years that separate the two Miryams; another is that in sura “al-qasas” (38), Haman is said to be Pharaoh’s vizier, mistaking both time and place, because actually Haman was a minister of the Persian king when there was no longer any Pharaoh in Egypt. The same sura asserts that Pharaoh intended to build a tower, a story based on Josephus’ account about Nimrod (Antiquities, I: 4). There are hundreds of resounding errors like these which are not to be listed here since it is not the intention of this essay to make any process to religious conceptions, but only to present the historical truth.

Concerning the two Arabian forefathers, we can say that Qahtan may be well identified with the Biblical Yoqtan, but Adnan seems to be rather legendary, and as allegedly is only one of Ishmaels’ descendants -not even one of his twelve sons- he cannot be the ancestor of all the Northern Arabians. The geographic distribution of the Ishmaelites indeed leave a vast “empty” space between them and the Yoqtanite peoples, namely, the whole Central Arabia. The southernmost Ishmaelite tribe was Teyma’, whose capital was located about 400 kilometres north from Yathrib (Medinah). Yet, Arab traditions assert that Ishmael was with his father Avraham in Mekka (that is more than 700 kilometres south of Teyma’), a claim that is utterly groundless, without the least hint of possibility to find any historical support. The only existing written record concerning the person of Ishmael is found in the Bible, witnessing that he dwelled in the region of Paran, north of Midyan. This account was written by Mosheh, who spent half of his life in the very land where Ishmael lived and had undoubtedly more accurate information than the Arab writers that invented the tales about Avraham and Ishmael more than 2000 years after Mosheh. The Scriptures as well describe Avraham’s movements in a very accurate way, from his departure from Ur haKashdim to Haran, then to Canaan, his journeys to Egypt and Gherar, his expedition to rescue his nephew, and every place where he sojourned – none of them is in Arabia. He kept attached to his Akkadian family settled in Northern Mesopotamia and not to any allegedly sacred place in Arabia. Having described all Avraham’s movements in detail, would Mosheh not mention a trip involving a distance over 1000 kilometres away from Canaan (and the same length for the way back)? And supposing, for the sake of argument, that Avraham actually travelled to Mekka, if Mosheh ignored such a journey it undoubtedly means that it was completely irrelevant, without any Divine purpose. However, such a trip would have been impossible, because Mekka did not exist in that period. Archaeology reveals that it did not exist before the 5th century c.e. The fact is that the name of Ishmael was unknown in Central Arabia in pre-Islamic times, and the Arabic form Isma’il, beginning with an aleph shows that it passed through the Greek and is not directly derived from the Semitic/Aramaic original name Yishmael, with an initial yod – the change of a consonant/semivowel into a vowel is explained only if a Semitic name has been translated into a western language and then from the western form into another Semitic tongue, which is the case of Hebrew into Greek and then into Arabic. Indeed, there is no mention of Avraham or Ishmael in any ancient Arabian inscription, neither Sabean nor Minean, nor Safaitic, nor Lihyanite, nor Thamudic and not even Nabatean. The Arabs got acquainted with the existence of Avraham and Ishmael only through the Jewish and Christian sources from which Islam drew its own scriptures. Therefore, according to overwhelming historical, archaeologic, scriptural and scientific evidence, neither Avraham nor Ishmael have ever been in Arabia from Midyan southwards.


Freedom Isn’t Free

_54692189_littencomp464aHow much in America and in our churches do we take for granted?  I just watched on PBS a man called Hans Litten a German lawyer who took Hitler to court…(A martyr as Dietrich Bonhoeffer was). His biography is on Wikipedia. I posted the link to the film below, which is one hour in duration.  Poor, poor tortured man by the Nazi’s. Whenever ANY peoples or group of people (now Arab fanatics) try to squelch our thoughts, limit our choices, thinking, or under law, what we are to believe, love, or hate, it is evil. These fanatics now in America are no different than HITLER WAS! Litten loved poems and the lyrics of a song he knew. He repeated under horrific brutality in prison, nearly losing a leg, his eye, his teeth being pulled out…All through the history of our whole civilization, the megalomaniacs who try to impose on a people setting themselves up as God have never succeeded, except leaving their own trail of misery, murders, and destruction. We were not created that way. Whether we agree or disagree with laws or choices, we should have the freedom to chose. THAT is what democracy is all about. Without it? We bow down to dictatorship and horrors, such as Syria now, and Germany in the past. The German people had their heads in the ground in denial then, so ask yourself, do we in America now? Freedom isn’t always free it is earned and fought for! IN CHRIST, who gives us our strength. It also comes with our freedom to bear arms and all our 1st , 2nd Amendment rights.

Jesus too, gives us a choice, whether to receive salvation and believe in HIM and lead a Godly life, or to rebel,  and rely on self as the now atheist college professors are teaching.  And all these acts of terrorism, infringing on our liberty, because we who are Christian and hated, or come from a different way of life with freedoms, and a different philosophy, refuse to adhere.  Islam, like Hitler, wants us to follow their way, and it doesn’t work.   This is a time to guard ourselves and our children, giving them the strength to endure and sustain a belief system that can only happen with our Lord Jesus and His angels all around us, as was just witnessed in this terrorist act in Boston.

Some, that were not there, have complained about the police and FBI going house to house.  But, I will applaud them in their efforts, as they did apologize to people in every home they searched.   It was for their safety, and when this last young man was found wounded, the cheers and applause too by Watertown’s citizens convinced me that what they did was the right decision, as no one at that point knew if he had more bombs.

I remember a pastor asking his congregation many years ago, this, ” would you take a bullet for Jesus Christ?”  My hand automatically went up without even a thought.  I suppose that is easier said than done, after seeing this docu on Litten below.  So you all decide.

What kind of an America do we want?  Do we want Judges now letting Sharia law in America as they have done in Dearborn, Michigan.  I can imagine our Founding Fathers  looking down from heaven seeing this great country they wrote our Constitution and laws for in their earliest forms.  All of the secrets and corruption in Washington DC now must get cleaned up.  Freedom is worth fighting for.  Freedom is what our GI’s are fighting for in Afghanistan, and in all wars, including Germany in 1942.   To achieve freedom sometimes costs blood, limbs, (this bombing & our soldiers), and much anguish to those who have survived these ordeals and wars.    My soul aches when I saw all the loss of life and limbs and cries for what the families have endured.

But look throughout history.  Whenever there are fanatics, as Hitler too, going back to ancient Civilization (Alexander the Great), Stalin, even Putin now invading Georgia not many years ago, (who never did return the land they  invaded); whenever one invades for power and isolation, freedom goes out the window.  The proofs now are in Syria with mass genocide of chemical warfare as well as over 80,000 citizens murdered.

I stated on here before, quoting Bishop T.D. Jakes, that “we in America are the most scripturally ignorant in all of history.  I also add, ignorant of our own history of America and it’s inception.  I pray you play this video, and I hope tears come to your eyes as it did mine.  I’m German decent.  It took me at least 50 of my 74 years to come to terms with that heritage, all because of a madman named Hitler who made me ashamed.  But, my Jesus gave me peace, and a love for the Jew.  Litten too, was a German Jew, hated by Hitler even more.  Many do not want to re-visit these horrors, but, my answer is do not be in denial…for isnt’ that what Iran and all the Arab countries say?  The Holocaust happened.  And France and Germany have more WWII memorials than we do in America …for OUR servicemen!    Lest we forget!   We can’t!  The future belongs to God, only if we remember our past mistakes and repent, not only in words, but in deed.  History repeats itself, and in this case, we cannot let it.   God bless America.

Pastor Rick Joyner preaching on the sensitivity training, which with political correctness allowed these two bombers in Boston, to go through the cracks!

From Wikipedia:  Legacy –

Aside from several memorials in Germany, after the war Litten remained unknown for decades because neither western nor communist governments found him suitable for their cold war propaganda. For the west, Litten had been too involved with communists and for communists, Litten’s rejection of Stalinism made him a pariah.[24]

Memorial for Hans Litten in Berlin-Mitte

When East and West Germany were reunited, the lawyers association of Berlin chose to call itself the Hans Litten Bar Association. Every two years, a lawyer is given the “Hans Litten Prize” by the German and European Democratic Lawyers Association. The Israeli lawyer, Leah Tsemel, and Michael Ratner, an American lawyer and the president of theCenter for Constitutional Rights, have both received the award.[13][25] There is a memorial plaque for Litten located on the former “Neue Friedrichstraße”, renamed in Litten’s honor in 1951. The federal and Berlin bar associations (Bundesrechtsanwaltskammer andRechtsanwaltskammer Berlin) have their headquarters at the Hans Litten Haus, also on Littenstraße.

During his incarceration in a concentration camp, when the guards ordered prisoners to stage a performance in celebration of a Nazi anniversary, Hans Litten recited Die Gedanken sind frei

The lyrics

Die Gedanken sind frei, wer kann sie erraten,
sie fliegen vorbei wie nächtliche Schatten.
Kein Mensch kann sie wissen, kein Jäger erschießen
mit pulver und blei: Die Gedanken sind frei!

Ich denke was ich will und was mich beglücket,
doch alles in der Still’, und wie es sich schicket.
Mein Wunsch und Begehren kann niemand mir wehren,
es bleibet dabei: Die Gedanken sind frei!

Und sperrt man mich ein im finsteren Kerker,
das alles sind rein vergebliche Werke.
Denn meine Gedanken zerreißen die Schranken
und Mauern entzwei: Die Gedanken sind frei!

Drum will ich auf immer den Sorgen absagen
und will mich auch nimmer mit Grillen mehr plagen.
Man kann ja im Herzen stets lachen und scherzen
und denken dabei: Die Gedanken sind frei!

Ich liebe den Wein, mein Mädchen vor allen,
sie tut mir allein am besten gefallen.
Ich sitz nicht alleine bei einem Glas Weine,
mein Mädchen dabei: Die Gedanken sind frei!

Thoughts are free, who can guess them?
They flee by like nocturnal shadows.
No man can know them, no hunter can shoot them
with powder and lead: Thoughts are free!

I think what I want, and what delights me,
still always reticent, and as it is suitable.
My wish and desire, no one can deny me
and so it will always be: Thoughts are free!

And if I am thrown into the darkest dungeon,
all this would be futile work,
because my thoughts tear all gates
and walls apart: Thoughts are free!

So I will renounce my sorrows forever,
and never again will torture myself with whimsies.
In one’s heart, one can always laugh and joke
and think at the same time: Thoughts are free!

I love wine, and my girl even more,
Only her I like best of all.
I’m not alone with my glass of wine,
my girl is with me: Thoughts are free!