Atlas Shrugged & Rands Predictions

Who is John Galt?  The character in Atlas Shrugged whose speech went on for 60 pages.  “You have heard it said, this was the age of moral crisis; you have cried that mans sins are destroying the world.  Against all human nature to practice the virtues that you demanded.  Since virtue to you consists of sacrifice, justice, and mercy.   You have sacrificed self esteem to self denial, happiness to duty.  You have destroyed all that which you held to be evil, and achieved all that which you held to be good.  All you wished for and I am the man who has granted your wish.” (With elections on the horizon, this is a reblog. )

Sounds almost like some prophesy coming from the Bible.  Yet, this book was written by a brilliant philosopher, whose predictions 50 years ago, have all but, come true.

In 1957 Ayn Rand published her last novel, “Atlas Shrugged”, which is still today, in print, and selling.  The setting for Atlas Shrugged was an American apocalypse  glimpse into the future.  If Rand was here today she’d point to anything in government today and say, “I told you so.”!  Regulations breed regulations in Washington and control and laws get massive to breed more control.  Government will grow, freedoms will shrink.  Markets will dive, and are, and government programs will expand, crippling us. More and more government intervention making it worse will and IS happening.  Ayn predicted this would happen and understood way ahead of her time the moral and intellectual decay we are at now.  No one reads a book anymore or has intellect; it is anything goes and reality tv and decay.

During the 50’s, it was one of the most prosperous time in our nation – a utopia in Atlas Shrugged. (It was for me growing up as well.  My dad, an electronic engineer and inventor, had his own business, and flourished. Television had been introduced in 1948, and he had a summer camp, and America was booming, all after WWII.)

Ayn’s prophesy tells the story of D. Taggart, the owner of a railway, as one by one the men of the Vanguard Industry simply vanish. Atlas shrugged sold over 7 million copies and to date has never been out of print. Ayn thought, though, that there would he an intellectual moral minority that could see the philosophical achievements she had done with Atlas Shrugged.  It didn’t happen.  Ayn had hoped to change what she saw as America’s relentless march toward ustopia depicted in her novel.  She wrote the book to prevent what now, 50 years later, has come true.  For no one could see what was happening then on the surface, as the problem was philosophy.  Ayn said, “Identify the philosophy of a society and you can predict it’s future.”

Ayn Rand was born Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum, a Russian Jew, in Czarist Russia in 1905.  Alisa was a top student and knew by the age of 9 that writing would be her life’s work.   She was writing novels at 10 years old.  She was 12 years old when the Russian Revolution began.  Her father’s business was taken away, Russian soldiers closed the shop and her father never worked again.  (THAT is happening now, with farmers in America, and other business, and tax laws and government laws, that need to be eliminated.  Farmers who have been in business for 300 years, are now out of  business, one because of a EPA law and minnows being harmed.)  She saw at 12, that people who worked the hardest were punished and stripped.  They were broken.

Young Alisa was drawn to the cinema and saw a very prosperous America in the 20’s.  She resolved to go to America as soon as possible.  By the time she arrived in NY Harbor in 1926, she felt she had left the soul gripping Communism far behind.  To protect her family still in Russia, she changed her name to Ayn Rand.  America then was the wonders of the world. Capitalists were having a productive great time. Then the depression hit and it looked like Capitalism had failed.  Then it was thought that Socialism (Wilson)
and Communism was the better way (just like now).

Ayn voted for FDR, who spoke on radio, “Some would see what we are doing as Fascism or Socialism, or Communism” ; and Ayn, having left Russia because of this and seeing the Revolution, totalitarianism, collectivism, Socialism, looked at the soul of the people and what she left.  The move to introduce this began with Wilson in 1912, then FDR.  Ayn knew she made the wrong vote.  Whereby middle Protestant America said, “I am my brothers keeper.”  It was the first time the government was looked at as savior instead of charities and churches.  (And here we are, aren’t we?)

She wrote “We the Living” her first book on the threat to America.   It drew from her own background.  Lillian Hellman, Eugene O’Neil, all visited Russia, and felt Ayn didn’t know about it, yet they never saw or heard of all the mass murders, as with any totalitarianism society.  (Remember the movie “Red’s”? Hellman and O’Neil were portrayed…and the end proved it didn’t work…Tell that to Streisand and the rest of the Hollywood Marxists.)  Then the news reported all the famine and brutality.  She felt her warning came too late.

Ayn then published “The Fountainhead”.  What does it mean to be a human being? (We Christians have our expectations in the Bible, but Ayn was intellectually and philosophically coming from another area. And being Jewish had no knowledge of the Bible, yet, how closely prophetic) Work itself, she wrote, and instincts.  The Fountainhead became a movie.  But most followers missed the point of her collectivism, so it frightened all the “experts”.   She thought, what if all the brilliant minds, engineers, hard workers just disappeared, and all that was left was the tax collectors, and left with no one to create or build anything of value for them.  (Very similar with what is prophesied in Revelations when the Rapture comes and all of us saved, meet the Lord in the air.)  Think about the ramifications of where her intellect was going.

Her first title for Atlas Shrugged was “The Strike” and government interference only created social injustice and extreme poverty.  It gives the excuse to start more programs and more regulations.  It’s the fight before the makers who make things, and the takers who are too lazy to work with their hand out, including the class action lawyers, government and moochers.    To Rand these looters were no different than the Communists thugs who took her father’s business, in the name of the people, when in actuality were nothing more than criminals.  It gives those in power the right to indoctrinate the mind’s of the people, the persecuted, by a moral code called “Altruism”.  It says everybody, is more important than you. There has to be a fair-equal relationship. (Obama, and Van Jones thinking, and it has been proven over and over that it only destroys.) It provided weapons for government to chain up FREE individuals!  She felt each man should be an end to himself, and being benevolent when it was put on your heart.

Who is John Galt?  He is the first man of ability to regard it as guilt. And by not letting government use his virtues, who would not suffer martyrdom in the hands of those who wish him to perish, for the benefit of keeping government alive.  Ayn loved the original “Founding” principals; freedom of speech, freedom of religion, right to own property, right to bear arms, etc.  Jefferson, too, had a clear view on government staying out of our freedoms, evils of too much government.  He said, “We have a moral right to our own lives. ” So Ayn had multiple agenda’s…..AND so should we now in this crucial point, and who we elect.

She began to write Atlas around 1945.  She didn’t publish the book until 1957.  Her characters were vivid in the steel and railroad industry.  It shows how the government lies and corrupts to destroy the Capitalist for its own power.  Man, (Galt) has the power to act as his own destroyer, which is the way he’s acted for most of his history.  Finally, she goes to print,; all her objectivism with her hero John Galt, hoping it will be well received and change the world.  She was also part of the start of the John Birch Society back then and an integral member.  Then the reaction was negative.  Because it was so radical and challenged.  Even William F. Buckley Jr. of  National Review gave the book to Whittaker Chambers, who was an ex-Communist spy.  Chambers gave it the worse review.  Buckley was in competition with Rand over the conservative -political movement and direction.  But, she did not expect Chambers harshness. She was crushed.

But despite it all, it went on the NY Times bestseller list- all 1,000 pages!  She’d gone after the thinkers and movers and shakers, but, her acclaim never came.   Rand never published another fiction book.  As the years past her book stayed in print, and still is selling.  She was so brilliant she was intimidating.  In 1972, Al Ruddy producer of the “Godfather”, felt it was the most important book to film.  But, it never went through cause she wanted script approval.  She died in 1982.

Ayn always said “Atlas Shrugged” was set the day after tomorrow” and we’re there now.  People are rebelling, losing control, big brother, bureaucracies- ie the people are losing their freedoms.  In the year 2007, the 50th anniversary of Atlas Shrugged, the US Federal Regulation agencies employed a high of 238,000 people, and issued more than 4,000 new regulations, closing small businesses, and farms etc.  (ie the car industry forced to take a government handout). By the end of 2007, another 3800 new regulations were already in the works. And did you know that now, we have more people in our jails (mostly Federal ) because of these new regulations, than BOTH Russia and China combined!

When we see trading done by compulsion not consent, in order to produce, you have to get permission from government, men who have produced nothing.  The way its going our society is doomed.  Capitalism did not cause the housing bubble, ie Freddy and Fannie, it was the Government (Barney Frank too) and its immoral rules and laws.  So they passed more!  Ayn’s prediction came true running amok.  All that Washington’s done, Greenspan, Bernacke, is like a mirror out of Atlas Shrugged.  When you have made evil the means of survival, do not expect man to do any good!   Their government heavyweights are after power now as she predicted. (NOT the good of the people).  Crippling the farmer, and many industries, Eminent Domain taking property for the good of what?  Her objectivism is really not too far from our Founding Fathers, for she truly loved America – where the people elect, except now our politicians are all life long professionals, and there should be “term limits”….period!

Our happiness is a God given Right!  As a consequence we are losing our rights and Ayn prophetic vision was absolutely CORRECT!  All work is creative work if done by a thinking mind, which God gave each and every one of us.  In another 25 years, we will collapse as Greece had and Ireland just may too.  Atlas Shrugged, says  “what happens when looting runs dry?”  We need to really take a good look at America in the 50’s (racism aside as that was an atrocity, but business and prosperity).  We all need to send the right message to Washington.   THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD IT !  And pass around to your friends and read Atlas Shrugged, as well as Ayn’s other books, one, “Capitalism”.  There is a cry out there…business that have gone overseas, want to come back.  We want our freedoms back, that is why the Teaparty really began.  Those in Washington need to be voted out!  Harry Reid has been in office too long, and is a member of the American Communist Party, as 70 other members of Congress.  There is a move now, trying to obliterate our Constitution. We are losing America.  So I close by begging you to read Atlas Shrugged, Ayn’s work…all prophetically true, while we sat back and slept.  Let us get America back and throw out the thugs.  God Bless America, please keep your hands on us Lord, and do not forsake us.


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