He that Hates

729suspect-620x349I wrote this blog about 4  years ago.  From a Christian perspective now after the killing in UK and what I wrote on here on Islam, yesterday.

Hatred.  Have you ever known people that hate?  I mean REALLY hate?  I know people  that are unsaved and hate so much it is eating them up alive. Hate destroys, and is evil, and even doctors and clergy, relay how it even causes stress, and destroys our health.

Look at Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, skinheads and all the other hate groups.  They teach their children to hate, have them carry automatic weapons, and teach them to kill.  Most people carry this inside instead.  Discrimination, dominance over another human being, bullying even, are all examples of hate.

Therefore,  I pondered about the people I knew that are filled with hates, as well as those in the media, that of course I do not know.   Nothing good comes out of hate.  Hate kills the soul, it kills the dreams, and it kills the very fibre of having any love.  You cannot love your child and teach them to hate others and to kill, or even hate other races.  God is love, hate is evil and is Satan.

I had a friend for 15 years or so, I ministered to daily and helped so much over the years, that refused to accept Christ as her Savior.   Finally, this New Year, God said enough, and weaned me from her.  She smokes, she only has one lung, and had sacroidosis and the other out 30 years ago. She looks terrible, her face at 73 ashen from the cigarettes.  She has COPD, asthma, and will not do one thing to help herself.   But, when she needed, I was there, and my church even helped her pay a phone bill, and I bought and brought so many groceries to her and “things” over the years, including getting her a used tv,  yet I was repaid, with ungratefulness and mockery over my beliefs, verses her science.  Again, God said enough and  I told her not to call me anymore.  She hates everything, including herself.  And will end up without eternal life and a horrific death, no doubt having to have more lung surgery, cancer, or an oxygen tank.   There are sometimes we have to let go.  After 15 years, it was time, as she was draining me. I repeatedly asked her not to call me on Sundays, as respect for my beliefs, as it was my day with my Jesus.   I watch a lot of Christian preaching on Sunday’s and her wallowing phone calls, took away what the Holy Spirit was teaching me.  It was time to let go..

What does the Bible say?  First, look at how all of God’s prophets were hated.  In II Chronicles 18:7 Jehoshaphat, was warning against false prophets, “And the King of Israel said unto Jehoshaphat, There is yet one man, by whom we may enquire of the Lord: but, I hate him, for he never prophesied good unto me, but always evil (wanted his own controlling way); the same is Micaiah the son of Imla.  And Jehoshaphat said, let not the king say so..(as few prophets are really from the Lord).

Then look at Saul.  Saul changed, and he turned from God.  I Sam. 28.  And in that verse we see that God can just let us go!  “When God departs from thee”.  Also Proverbs and in Hebrews 6, and 12:14.  Esau too, for all he did selling his birthright, caring nothing about spirituality only material things.  God said, “Him, do I hate!” I Sam. 28:9 Imagine God saying he hated you?  The Philistines were as Palestine now.. God said, “shall be as dead”. Just as the young man I wrote of, that says he is dead?  God will turn his back on him ..and let him go.  But, the Lord will deliver israel!  Prov. 1:22-33, Heb. 6:16, but, for those that turn their back on God? He will give you up!  Heb. 6:8.   Gen. 16:11-12 Refers to Ishmael and what became the Arab nation now…Esau as “a wild man”…Gen 21:17-21, Gen 25:12-20 ..But, the covenent belongs to Isaak, Jacob…the Jews.

Gen 25:20 On Ishmael (became the seed of Muhammad).  Rebekah and Isaac had twins and in her womb,  they were warring insde her…(2 nations).  ie Jacob & Esau, (the hairy one..a wild man).  Esau was born first and when Jacob came, he grabbed his heel.   Esau only cared only about the material things.  Gen 22:38 & 22:40. “And by the sword shall you live!”  (and the Arabs have been then and since a violent people. Esau hated Jacob as Cain hated Able. And still the Arab nations hate Israel for thousands of years.  God told Jacob though that he would then be called Israel! “And the land I gave Abraham & Isaac to you I will give it..the land!’ Heb. 12:16.  Esau rejected God, and was a profane man.  Malachi 1:2,3 “God hated Esau” and let him go…Prov 1:24-29.  God says because I called and you refuse, He will not hear him in times of calamity.  HE LETS US GO!   If you reject God and are profane?  You have made your own destiny and hell is what you will end up with.  There comes a point with God that He stops trying and what you profess in profanity and worldly things will be your inheritance…as well as hell.

You say, how can a “loving” God let us go or even say he hates us?  Then say Jesus is the only way?  Many Christians today are being deceived by modern twisted politically correct thinking, suggesting there are mulitple paths to heaven.  Being the age of diversity, this thinking has crept into some contemporary church pews, if not a few pulpits.   However, here is the bottom line for Christians; including the FALSE doctrines out of the Episcopal Church, that the only way to heaven is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, which means we must fearlessly and lovingly preach this message and never stray from the path, no matter who challenges it.    So, do people who do not believe go to hell? How can a loving God send good people to an eternal hell?   Well , He gives us a choice though doesn’t he?  If one chooses to hate, and live an evil life, God will let him go.  And when he is let go, will end up cast in hell.  When we turn our backs on God, He eventually if evil enough, will turn from us.

Psalm 34:21 “Evil shall slay the wicked; and they who hate the righteous shall be desolate. That includes my lost friend that hates me.  They hate so much they shall be desolate.  For God gave me righteousness and with that, came help and a spirit of  the compassion of Christ, which will now be missing in their lives.  They are now cut off. . Now, she is really in the dark, spiritually too. (Although she may not realize it.)  In Ecclesiastes 2, the Preacher says in essence that pleasure is vain.  Then in verse 17 says “Therefore, I hated life; because the work that is wrought under the sun is grievous unto me; for all is vanity and vexation of spirit.  (The ONLY one that can make life worth living is Christ.  A life totally immersed in Him, irrespective of its circumstances, will bring fulfillment, satisfaction, and contentment, as well as “joy unspeakable and full glory”.  [John 10:10]).

Luke 6:22 says, “Blessed are you (happy are you) when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of Man’s sake.”  23 “Rejoice in that day, and leap for joy for, behold, your reward is great in Heaven for in the like manner did their fathers unto the Prophets.”  If the world and the “religious” establishment did such unto the Prophets (ie the media and those unsaved hating us that are evangelical, then we can expect no less.

I’m going to add another verse here too, as there is someone I’ve been witnessing to for 5 years.  “But woe unto you who are rich!”  For you have received your consolation and the spirit of God for ‘things’.” ” Woe unto you who are full!  (Things of the world). For you shall know hunger”.   “Woe unto you who laugh now! For you shall mourn and weep.” “Woe unto you when all men shall speak well of you!  For so did their fathers to the false prophets.” In other words they (like many politicians, and media folk, are telling men what they want to hear instead of what God wants them to hear.  That’s the differences between having righteousness and Christ, and being in the world that has hates. I’d be more afraid of offending God and having Him hate me and let me go than any one person in the “world”.

Ephesians 6:1 says too, specifically for children to obey their parents in the Lord, for this is right.  But,  it also says in verse 4 “And you fathers, provoke not your children to wrath, but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”  Discipline without love is NOT God. And I know many that were brought up with dysfunctional families and abusive fathers, or as Catholics even in school with nuns that were strong disciplinarians, yet, showed not the love of Jesus.   Whereby, children were again, provoked.  That discipline not channeled properly turns into abuse!  And abuse turns into hates…  That leaves a dire legacy in emotional  turmoil for any child to bare.   It is NOT of God, and I don’t care where it was received.

I John 2:9 says, “He who says he is in the Light, and hates his brother” (mother, father, son, daughter, neighbor) “is in darkness even until now.”  How can we claim to have love, and at the same time hate our brother?   John goes on to say how this person walks in darkness, but, also when I heard this from someone, “consider me dead” as they didn’t want to be bothered by the other relative.  That person has put a curse on himself.  For what this young man doesn’t realize? He SHUT the door on THIS side, and he opened the door to the OTHER side. He hasn’t Jesus as his Lord and savior, and like the terrorists, has no value for life itself or regard, even for his own children.  He belongs to Satan and darkness.  God will allow him exactly what he ask for..For in essence this person already IS DEAD!   Romans 1:30 ” Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, without understanding, covenant breakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful. Who knowing the judgment of God that they which commit such things are worthy of death not only do the same, but have PLEASURE in them who do them.”  Exactly like Hamas?  Consequences.  There are consequences to your actions. Hate has a price, and that price is always death!  Do you know a young person in a gang or laughing at God, thinking they can live life in whatever way they want?   We all die!  But, our way of living, and what we believe, has the consequence of where we will spend eternity.   There is no in between.   You who wants to do drugs, are in bondage, or laugh at any witness of Jesus, are on the road to death, and damnation.  YOU have a choice.  After death, comes the judgement..Christian, or unchristian, haters of God, and man, or those that gave given their life to Jesus, we will all stand naked at that Great White Throne Judgment Seat of God!! Amen!

Charles Stanley said in numerous teachings that hate is from within, like a crockpot that keeps on cooking. Anger, and lack of forgiveness.  That person needs to search for the roots of the problem, ie either immaturity, or something going on inside that lacked consequence.  Where you are today, are results of yesterday.  There are consequences to anger, and they are dier.   Anger stirs up feelings of intense displeasure, hostility or indignation, threats, insults, imagined rage, resentment like that crockpot that continuously boils or simmers…rage.  The indignation, too that Jesus had in the Temple, as it was anger and injustice. That  kind of anger is righteous.  If someone hurt you a long time ago, divorce, rape etc.  Its something you have to deal with.  But, Ephesians 4:26-27 says “Be angry and sin not.”  Don’t leet the sun go down and cause you to give the devil the opportunity (over what they thought/felt/in the past.)  So you build a case against yourself, so,  let go before you go to sleep at night.

You cannot be with God and against another.  Anger in they’re heart, a critical spirit,  etc.  There is a difference between ‘criticism’ and ‘correction’.   When your angry your shield is up; you isolate yourself.  “I will never do this..that etc.”  You feel it…you set yourself up fot this, but you don’t trust anymore.  That’s what happened to me too, for years young after I divorced my abusive Greek husband in 1969, still in my 20’s, with 3 children.  Like Charles said, it was like a record player playing over and over, “you can’t do nothing right”…then the re-enactment in my mind and sleep of the beatings, and I hated what he did to us, as well as his girl friend, destroying my family.  It crippled me to find a nice man as I equated, back then unsaved, that all men were like him. But, God did not build us to live in anger, but to have an intimate relationship with Him and our spouses, which I found out by 1982, when I got saved.    That anger, you can pick up in language, which married to this man, I saw daily.  Sometimes putting it to you, either deep seated or subtle; “you aren’t going to tell me anything!  I’ll do what I want”…and he did.  Anger is deceptive, its destruction.  Because you cannot have any harmony with that kind of husband or wife/children/parents with all this anger.  I found out all this when I got saved, and had to let it go and forgive.

When you have anger, you get sloppy in your job.  Anger will effect EVERY aspect in  your life!! You loose your enthusiasm, you lose everything.  I did.  My ex hated so much. He hated his lot in life then, his parents business he was forced to work in, and gradually he hated me and even his children, although he claimed he wanted them.  So he had other women and drank…escapism, until that last one he had then wouldn’t give him up and came on my doorstep.  So, he got what he wanted, and I was left too, with my own anger and pain to deal with.  He stuck a knife in my heart, because he couldn’t deal as a mature man with whatever was really inside ticking away like a time bomb ready always to explode. Lack of focus and mind gets divided and they  procrastinate and don’t want someone telling them what to do.  What these people don’t realize, is it’s causes, a need to satisfy something, ie same as obesity, alcoholism, even sex without love is anger.  It also affects our health, to causing high cholesterol,  blood pressure goes up, tension, stress.  But, anger not dealt with is destructive and the person feels it.  They set themselves up for this, and don’t trust anymore.  Anger twists and all it leaves is emptiness.

If your angry, you’ll take it out on someone else; for instance, what your husband/wife said.  There is no forgiveness.  Sometimes we don’t even know what is going on in another persons life.  “You don’t know what he/she did to me!”  But, were you crucified?  Anger doesn’t have to reside inside you.  And I had to saved, let go to God, and even forgive my abuser.   What I still even now deal with though, is that he could never say he was sorry to  me.  There was never any contrition, and he went on treating woman after woman this same way.  Looking down on them, finding fault, always, treating them as objects, and abuse.   But, now, I look at it differently, and see how his fate is already decided, as he laughs at salvation, and one day will face that judgement seat of God and hell.  For, that I feel sorrow, now, and pity.  That too, is what happens in a life of anger.

The devil has had a field day with this man for his whole life.  He still works at 74, for he has nothing else, but this old fallen business that was his “inheritance”.  He has no love, no friends, no hobbies,  no joy, no other talents, and above all, no God!  This man has been led by the devil for his whole life, and will die the same way.  When you don’t believe in the devil, you are duped and leave yourself open to him.  62% Charles Stanley said, of youth today do not believe in God,  and under 25 is 82%.  This not having any theology or belief in God effects our whole lifestyles, including who we vote for. That’s why the ACLU and secular humanists keep pushing to take God out of everything.  However having tolerance for wrongs is not of God either.  We are too, to be “doers” of the Word of God, not just sitting back trusting even the Government blindly.   If something is wrong, morally, you don’t tolerate, anymore than God did, you eliminate, make better, change laws, and above all pray.  IT IS CALLED DISCERNMENT!    If a man grabs and rapes your daughter, you don’t want tolerance, you want justice.  And there is no better guidepost for JUSTICE than the Holy Bible!

1Peter 3:13-15 “who is there to harm you if your zealous, etc.  What you believe effects every aspect of your life…EVERYTHING!  II Timothy 4:1-2 on false teachers.  “Preach the word reprove, REBUKE the time will come they want their ears tickled, etc..For instance, can you defend your faith?  Whats your authority?  Like the man above with all the hates?  Miss California, Carrie, against the gays etc…She STOOD!!  You think that if your being just good, your going to Heaven? On WHAT authority?  If you are a hater of God, and led an ungodly life as my ex husband in hates and abuse, and STAND for NOTHING…you are going to hell.   Others that have led clean lives but are not saved, yet go to church will have the same fate as the abuser. The error of this thinking that you only need to be a good person is disastrous! 1Peter 3:14-15 says, you should know what you believe in, and WHY you believe what you believe.  If you do not have salvation, and have asked repentance for all your hates and deeds, you have no authority.  Without the word of God you have only the devil and hell.   Hate destroys!.. Jesus saves!

When it comes down to pain, suffering, hurt, all the truths come out. It did with me..  And I had to leave it at the Cross and the Blood of the lamb, and let go…many years ago now.  Glory for the lamb of God.    It is our responsibility to teach our children and grandchildren the AUTHORITY of the word of God.  What has happened to the Godly morality I was brought up with in the 40’s and 50’s?  If all these young people now, just sleep around and still go to church?  It will destroy you! Look at what is happening now in America!  What you believe and how you deal with hates makes a difference for all eternity.  When people like my ex, brag about all their sins, who they slept with, conning this one and that, always putting someone down to their level.  Well, they won’t brag when they are on their deathbed!   For God’s word is the FINAL authority!

Hates will devour you, it will eat you up alive, in sickness, malfunctions, loneliness, pain, and envy til you have nothing left.   This is something I wanted to delve into for a long time. My friend, what will you have?   Jesus says, come unto me all ye that are heavy laden….If this young Hamas man can get on his knees and leave all hates, and come to Jesus, why are you that stubborn?   He showed what God wanted and Esau didn’t have, a heart and spirituality. Do we?  Be careful that God doesn’t just let you go.  You can go your own way and reject and reject Christ, but, there will come a time, when you are profane, and deliberate in your actions, that cause just walks away and takes His hands off of you.  I fear Him and love Him more than man.  We all have a choice, friends.  Fashionable, feel-good doctrines have come and gone over the course of the ages, but the Truth of Jesus Christ has stood the test of time (Heb. 13:8).  And He stands today amongst all the cults, the lies, the diversions, the hates, today with arms open waiting to receive unto Himself all who will trust and follow Him.  How are you going to die?   Are you going to stay in denial and hates?  How are you going to face God?  The preacher is not the authority! God’s WORD is !!  Will that be you, my friend?  And before anyone asks about tolerance?  I have another blog and  answer here, “The 7 People God Can’t Save.” Which came from a teaching from Pastor John Hagee.



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