Illiteracy in America


isI’ve been saying for years on here what an illiterate society we have become. We text, write short little quips, but when is the last time you read a BOOK? When I got saved in ’82, in the church I was in, we were taught the Bible and READ. I had a friend who is with the Lord now, my mentor, who read her Bible cover to cover 5 times!! I managed to get through it once, and it is no easy task. But how are you going to learn God’s word if you don’t? I am saddened and angry with this POP culture, I am angry with schools who let kids pass grades without earning it, and graduating without knowing a darned thing. Our Founding Fathers were amazing. Jefferson, Madison, Washington, all were well read, some in schools from England as a child,  read Plato, Wordsworth, and the masters at 12 years old. I was a voracious reader all my life, until the past few years after 3 eye surgeries. I vow to get back to my books and Bible I love. Our Federalist Papers Madison co-wrote, and our Constitution would never EVER have been written today by our illiterate Society. I helped my girl friend a year older do her homework in high school, while I was still in the 8th grade, reading Shakespeare’s Hamlet….I understood it..she did not. Do you all know the world that opens up with the written word? And it begins with the HOLY Word of GOD….not cheering and just singing on a Sunday morning. KNOW our Lord, READ what Joseph went through, Daniel, our Prophets like Ezekiel with Jezebel, and all the healings in the New Testament with Jesus. Not to mention Revelations, for we are in the End Times now! READ, youth and those under 50, READ! Thank you Jesus, we need to turn America around scholastically as well.  32 Million people who can’t read is unacceptable!  Not to mention, what is the matter with SAU’s across the states, and public schools not teaching cursive handwriting anymore.  I learned in the 3rd grade.  Printing is for babies.  You need cursive handwriting to sign legal documents.. These kids won’t even be able to read old letters, or the Declaration of Independence ( in which the handwriting was absolutely beautiful!)  What a shame!



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