What Is To Come?

jesus_080On this Easter, Resurrection Sunday, Jesus, Yeshua, I AM, the God of all nations, let us give thanks to Him who saved us from our iniquities.  America and the world, is in such a mess.  There is much to give thanks for, and yet much to pray for.   But one thing is sure, God’s will, will reign. America now has sunk lower than I can remember in all my 75 years on this earth.  I am deeply disturbed, and I agonize for a mighty move of God in America, and across the world, to quell the frantic uprisings, and show the world who God really is.   I am disturbed by the young people now in America, that have absolutely no morals, whatsoever.  On Hannity’s expose’ there are women, on spring break in Florida not only taking off their tops but bottoms where young men can do anything they want in public.  IT IS SIN!  Public lewdness of these young women should put them drunk and disorderly right in a jail cell.  No one calls sin, sin anymore.  Where are the parents? Between the lack of morals, character, integrity, with our young people, we have a country too, that has run amok.  Politicians in their left agenda’s and political money making deals, all of our rights and freedoms as I knew it, and grew up with, are fleeing us for a total government takeover.  Look at the news, it is sickening.  Look at Hollywood, it has a left agenda too, to destroy Christian -Judeo values.  Our Ten Commandments have gone out the proverbial  window.

We are now, in the end times and even for those not versed in the word of God, it must be evident.  One eclipse (4 Blood Moons and lunar eclipse of the sun..) has gone on Passover this week, another will be in October (Sadar) 2014.  Then comes the Lunar eclipse of the sun, Jan 2015, two more eclipses of the moon on April 15 Passover ​and the last will be Oct. Sadar, 2015.  There have only been these 5 eclipses together like this, 3 other times in the last 500 years.  (Nasa online has all the dates).  The first was when Queen Isabella pogamed and killed the Jewish people, or expelled them, and then Columbus helped them and discovered America in 1492.  The second was in 1948, when Theodore Herzel’s dream of a Jewish State to take back the land God gave them in Genesis, when He made the Covenant to the Jewish people with Abraham.  (NOT Palestine). And Harry Truman was the first to sign it making Israel a State for the Jews!  The 3rd was in 1967 in the 6 day war when once again Israel was being invaded by Egypt..Tim McKay has a book out….all over the Christian community on Daystar and TBN…ALL the miracles  that transpired then…Israeli soldiers..that were walking through a mine field…And God opened up the Heavens a a star and the moon shone down, showing the mines, so they could get to safety..other things…God opened up the earth and swallowed the enemy up…like our sink holes in the news now.  Most have no idea what is coming. Youth are in the world, caught up in their technology.  Now too, this tape I attach  with John Hagee about Putin and the Ukraine.  Yet does anyone get it?  I agonize if anyone  even cares.  So why?  Russia is the Bear in Revelations, and China the Lion.  Harry Reid now in this fight to take the land away from this rancher in Nevada? His son  plans to make millions, selling to a Chinese Company. But if you watch Alex Jones on Youtube, you will hear truths.  Harry Reid too, is a member of the American Communist Party.  Yet Nevada keeps voting him in the Senate.  Now the Ukraine? Putin the old KGB now at odds with the US because we do not have a leader in the White House like Reagan.  He is starting to invade the Ukraine too.  History repeats itself.  This all too centers around God’s chosen the Jews…all of what is happening. As well as Antisemitism in Europe and here.   God is ANGRY..and America is going to see HIS wrath.  Ezekiel 38 and 39..the same countries mentioned as the Arab Spring. The world powers are set for a nuclear war.  Armageddon!  We need to look up! Get out of self, and look up to the Heavens..Jesus is coming..Gog and Magog…Russia, Moscow.. Putin supplying arms to Iran (Persia in the Bible)& Syria to destroy Israel and the Jews. EVERYTHING happening in the news now centers around the Jews.  China is going to join Russia..And Iran wants to send missiles not only into Jerusalem but AMERICA!   China will get us in the west…And Iran will get is in the East…The wind, and rain and snow last night…GOD!..(on a small scale). Wait!  He is going to come back in war…And God will show Islam and Obama and Putin, who HE REALLY IS. Christian tapes are all over You Tube..Hagee, Perry Stone, on and on.

North Korea has the capacity to destroy our electrical power grids.  Those that don’t educate yourselves and READ …READ…and learn your Bible, AND history, you will not go up in the Rapture, but history ALWAYS repeats itself.  I just saw these first 2 authors on Daystar this afternoon, Maloof and Forstchen. If we have no power grid, there will be  no electricity.  Washington is caught up on Global Warming which I am in doubt if it is as bad or just cyclical..and God!  Our power grids according to these authors had been known to Washington to need to be upgraded, since 1962!!!! Now? With all our Internet, with electric cars on the Horizon we are in dangerous ground.  If it goes THINK about it. There will be anarchy, and Marshall Law.  No food, no garbage or waste disposal, no automobiles running.  Gangs joining extremists, and chaos.  And if a sun sends large blasts of fire/bolts down to earth to our EMP’s power grids, all will be dead…Elderly like me will be shot, and as the violence and chaos runs amok,  we will be in limbo.  And all the parts for these EMT grids are made overseas in Japan, Thailand, etc.  NOTHING made in America, and I say all this to point this out too.  If Washington doesn’t get this fixed and doesn’t let the Pipeline come in from Canada, America is down the tubes.  The world stage is set even in the solor system and Heavens.with these 4 Blood Moons, as well as the Arab Spring Nations..  Christian groups as well as Glenn Beck on his Blaze TV is selling emergency food boxes  like in case of Marshall law, famine, catastrophe’s, and they range from $175/ up…have a shelf life of 5 years. We are in a scary place!!!  To fix these power grids it was said, would cost 2 Trillion dollars.  If not, and we’re attacked it is disaster and anarchy.  There is no choice.

Dear Lord, I come to you as a woman who loves you and trusts only YOU Lord, who loves her country and our Constitution as I was brought up in the 50’s with prayer in schools, morals, patriotism, no abortion or murdering of babies.   We were a country after WWII that was flourishing, with “made in America” and new appliances, bridges, highways, and people worked.  Funny too, there wasn’t even Welfare as we know now, nor was there Social Security.  But my Dad a good man and business owner helped his mother and paid her hospitalization, and my grandfather lived with us.  The church used to be responsible  for helping out as well as the one who was head of a family.  We had no disgraceful murders and decapitations, back then..in fact we hardly locked our doors in the daytime.  We were safe as children with all the mothers’ in the neighborhood on watch.  Lord God, I want my America back, I want a President that is strong and has ethics, character, who is trustworthy, moral, and not a liar, like Ronald Reagan.  I want to feel my country safe Lord, and many of you will disagree, but when Cheney was serving, no one messed with us or tested us, we were SAFE!   I want a Reagan again, that can tell Putin to stuff it, or ELSE…like Reagan’s “Tear Down this Wall”.  Instead we are weak and sitting ducks.  Glory Lord, for I know nothing can happen without your approval, but many of us agonize.  Help us Lord, hear our prayers Lord, send your watchmen, and RAISE UP AND BLESS THE PERSON YOU WANT TO LEAD THIS NATION.  Not the establishment, not the Liberals selling America to the highest bidder, but YOUR choice Lord…as you raised up King David…Thank you Lord Jesus on this Good Friday tomorrow, and Easter Sunday.  Let the world know that you the only God.  Bless this nation God. Amen.

​”A Nation Forsaken” by Michael Maloof​
Analyzes the threat of an electromagnetic pulse event, arguing that America’s defenses are not prepared for a natural or man-made incident that could devastate a country almost entirely dependent on its electrical grid for power and communication. The United States is more vulnerable than ever to an EMP attack that could shut down the country overnight, resulting in tens of millions of deaths and a 19th-century lifestyle for Americans for the foreseeable future, says a new book, A Nation Forsaken, written by a long-time national security expert.Even worse, the threat doesn’t just come from terrorists, but from unpreventable solar activity — and a new peak period is on the way, threatening the economic and national security of the entire country, writes F. Michael Maloof.Although presidential candidates such as Newt Gingrich and congressmen such as Roscoe Bartlett have warned for years about the danger posed by an EMP, the government is ignoring simple, inexpensive steps that could safeguard critical infrastructure from an attack. Incredibly, even while the idea of an EMP has entered the public consciousness through pop culture events like NBC’s new show Revolution, the federal government is ignoring its own reports and not taking it seriously.The reality of a potentially devastating electromagnetic pulse event is brought home by Maloof in A Nation Forsaken. He reveals the nature of the EMP threat, describing how a nuclear detonation in low orbit creates an electromagnetic pulse that can disable all electronics throughout the entire country. The result would be a complete breakdown of the delivery and distribution of food, medicine and other essential supplies. The author also describes the plausibility of such an attack, noting that several nations already have the means and motivation to use such weapons. Even more terrifying, Maloof describes how a ônaturalö EMP caused by solar flares is becoming ever more likely — with increased likelihood in the first quarter of 2013.Maloof exposes the self-interested actions of the energy industry in preventing simple reforms that could potentially save millions of lives. Most importantly, Maloof provides a practical guide for how individuals and families can prepare for the day when the lights go out for good.

Best selling author William R. Forstchen “One Second After”now brings us a story which can be all too terrifyingly real…a story in which one man struggles to save his family and his small North Carolina town after America loses a war, in one second, a war that will send America back to the Dark Ages…A war based upon a weapon, an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP).  A weapon that may already be in the hands of our enemies.


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