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The Jezebel Spirit

jezebelWhat are spirits?  How do you discern between the spirit of God and the spirit of Satan?  There is a war going on in this world, as many even mention on tv news programs between “good and evil”, yet they do not understand the depth of Satan’s hold on this world.  People joke about things they do not understand, such as Flip Wilson’s old comic routine, “the devil made me do it.”

There is a war, which is a very ancient war, between the spirit of Elijah and the spirit of Jezebel.  In this age old battle Elijah represented the voice of Heaven; the call to repentance and the return to God.  Jezebel, on the other hand, embodies that unique principality whose purpose  is to hinder and defeat the work of repentance.  Its goal is to silence the prophetic call.  The Jezebel spirit, can be those too, that are in witchcraft, occult, ie reading tea leaves, and always comes against God’s people.  But, sometimes, those spirits too, are handed down from birth from generation to generation.  We know this too, from the old Testament and Esau, and Cain.  How their hatred led them to do unholy acts.  In Ephesians 2:2-3 it also talks about evil spirits.  This refers to before you were saved.  “Wherein in time past you walked according to the course of the world.”  (Refers to the fact that the unredeemed order their behavior and regulate their lives within this sphere of trespasses and sins.)” according to the prince of the power of the air “(Pertains to the fact that Satan heads up the system of this world).  “the spirit that now works in the children of disobedience” (the spirit of Satan, which fills ALL unbelievers, thereby working disobedience.)
We are not to be yoked together with unbelievers.  I just heard this preached today, as I came back to edit, that “oh I’m taking so and so to church and just praying he’s going to get saved”.  No! This preacher on Daystar today said, “let someone else take him!”  Cause the devil knows just what you like.  This man is a “natural man”, who functions in the world unsaved by the laws of Satan.  There is a difference between natural man and carnal man.  The carnal man or woman is saved, but still have one foot in the world doing their own thing.  It is a sin and you are under the evil spirits of Satan.   You are in danger of losing your salvation as a carnal man or woman.

These two adversaries, Jezebel and Elijah are seen in scriptures in I Kings.  Elijah was the spiritual leader of Israel’s school of prophets.  Under him were the sons of the prophets, literally hundreds of seers and prophetic minstrels, each of whom proclaimed the word of the Lord.  In this war, however, Jezebel had viciously and systematically murdered all of God’s servants until only Elijah remained.  IKings 18:22  Elijah, as the last of the prophets, then challenged the 450 prophets of Baal and the 400 prophets of the Asherah to a demonstration of power; their gods against the power of God. These 850 men were the false prophets, the satanic priests, who ate at “Jezebel’s table”.  They were the most powerful, demonized individuals that the hosts of darkness could produce.  King Ahab, Jezebel’s husband, sent a message out to all Israel, and the nation came to witness the conflict between the God of Elijah and the demons of Jezebel.

Poor Elijah felt beaten as we all do when we are attacked and lose everything, and have to deal with evil, or things of the world that just beat us into the ground so to speak.    Elijah then said, “you call on the name of your god, and I will call on the name of THE Lord, and God who answers by fire, HE is God!”  I Kings 18:24.  Six hours later the cult priests still could produce no fire, 12 hours, passed and Elijah mocked them. Then just before evening, Elijah prayed over the sacrifice and , “the fire of the Lord fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench.” (The fire was a type of  JUDGEMENT OF GOD, that would fall on Christ when HE hung on the Cross, with Him suffering death, and all on our behalf.)   Elijah then slew the evil prophets  with the people of Israel.

When we pray now for our nation, as I do, and petition the Lord to send the fire, it is based upon this scripture,  as a cleansing  for our nation.  ” For here too, the hand of God  was on Elijah, and he girded up his loins and ran before Ahab  to the entrance of Jezebel.” When Elijah fled from Jezebel, he went into the wilderness after a days journey.  In the same way we seek peace after a battle, and after great victories, that have taken so much from us.  Elijah was depressed at this point, and sat down under a juniper tree, who had been so brave slewing the prophets, yet was almost suicidal, afraid of one woman, who then later had her husband killed too

The Jezebel Spirit will target and then seeks to divide, and is a jealous spirit against all that is good, whether and individual who loves God to a church. This spirit that sometimes runs in families too, causes chaos, and havoc, to split a family apart.   It is oil and water.  But they are EVIL EVIL spirits.   They are masters at deception, sometimes unconsciously.  They seek to destroy.   Some of you may even have family members that are unchristian that mock and laugh at your walk with God, and they belittle you at family gatherings or to other family members.  In churches this spirit can come in by dividing the intercessors from Pastoral authority.  We need our intercessors, for without them we literally would not move forward.  However, when they assume that their prophetic witness is the guiding light of the church, or when they stand apart from the church and offer a different vision than what leadership presents, it is actually a Jezebel infiltrating that church to bring division, for remember that God loves order.

This issue in the church is not the form of government, but the life within the form.  Paul wrote of apostles and prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers and deacons and elders.  John however, spoke of the church in terms of fathers, young men and children.  The church does not need “fault  finders.”  WE, in our own family lives (that consist of members that are “in the world”).  They want to split the family, and split your life down the middle as a Christian and mock your holiness.  That is an evil spirit.  Just remember  Jezebel was a queen, who rules a King, she assumes a “prophetess” role so she can rule a church, or rule other people (almost as abusers do for control).

Have you ever known individuals with a Jezebel spirit?  When we speak of Jezebel,. we are identifying the source in our society of obsessive sensuality, unbridled witchcraft and hatred for male authority!  To understand the spirit of Jezebel, we must understand the genes of this personality in the Bible.  The first mention of Jezebel is seen in the REBELLIOUS, MANIPULATIVE, WIFE OF KING AHAB.  It was actually this spirit, operating through Queen Jezebel, which had caused over ten million Hebrews , all but 7,000 faithful souls, to bow to Baal.  Jezebel caused them to forsake the covenant, destroys the sacred altars and kill the prophets.  (IKings 19:14-18).  This spirit was almost totally responsible for corrupting an entire nation… (as ours now?  )

A Jezebel is fiercely independent and intensely ambitious for preeminence and control.  It is note-worthy that the name “Jezebel” literally translated means without “cohabitation.”  She only wants to control anyone she lives with.   She is never submissive, and therefore, cannot give herself to Christ in submission, so He may mold her as clay in His image. With Jezebel?  She will do the molding , HER way.  I had a mother-in-law of my Greek 2nd husband, that had a Jezebel Spirit, who was very manipulative and controlling.  She dominated, even my abusive husband.  I had no choice married, in what we did at holidays, or anything.  He was into abuse and I still believe it was learned behavior from this Jezebel spirit he had all his life, while growing up, and working in the family business.   I saw too with other women in a church I loved for years, this woman who was not holy at all, seduced many , spiritually, while she had this spirit of witchcraft and evil all along.  Her ministry “Break the Chains” was a mockery of Christ, and evil.  This spirit prevailed in this church for a long time, until a group of women from other churches attended a tea, and brought it to the leaderships attention.  Meanwhile, at least two other women under her seduction, and tutelage’s, had nervous breakdowns, and ended up leaving.   The Jezebel spirit is very seductive, and controlling, leaving a lot of destruction in its’ path.  She too, uses every means of sexual perversity known in hell, immorality is not the issue; control is what she seeks.
She needs to conquer a man! Then she owns him.

The Jezebel spirit flows unhindered throughout the entertainment industries.  This spirit flaunts itself in the world of fashion; it holds degrees in the philosophical department of our schools, and professors at colleges.  She is too, the destroyer of politician and preacher alike.  She is the cruel motivator behind abortion!  It is Jezebel who engenders dissatisfaction between spouses.  This spirit too, was sitting in the church in Thyatira when the Holy Spirit exposed it 1900 years ago. (Rev. 2:19-29).  Many men who are very respectable and love God, seeking to serve Him, yet secretly their hearts are prisoners of Jezebel.   These men are deeply ashamed of their bondage to pornography, and can barely control their desires for women.  Look at all the politicians that have fallen because of prostitution.  Ladies, in church need to get counsel  from “older women” who are deacons/elders at church and not the male pastor etc.   And every Pastor that does counsel women need to bring their wife with them!   I love my pastors wife..and have deep respect for our ladies at my church.  I pray there is no Jezebel spirit there either!

For right now, Jezebel in 2013 with the New Year is running rampant too in our State Government in NH as well as in the Senate in Washington.  God has told me, in no uncertain terms, that the men in our Government have not stood for Biblical principals.  They have not been fiscally responsible to get the US out of debt.  Wherefore, in these recent elections, women have risen like Jezebels, wearing the pants, and now threatening to oust men out of office.  God calls men to be leaders, and responsible and  accountable to HIM.   Men now, in Congress have been emasculated because they have not done a good job getting America out of debt.  Jezebel now rules in Washington, and is taking over, when these men have failed.  Equal pay, equal rule, equal in all things?  I’ve wondered why this has bothered me, and since this election in November, 2012, I’ve kept more or less silent.   All you feminists out there, and those women who are lesbians, you are mocking God in an agenda that can only bring disaster, and is not Godly.    If man is to be head of house, then he needs to be responsible and Godly.  He needs to revere his wife, and women around him, as well as his daughters, and respectful in the work place.   Jezebel has come to
rule now, and it is wrong.   (Remember too, I have been a divorced woman for 30 years now, and there have been no dates, or relationships since my salvation, as God is my husband & father.)  I had a Godly aunt growing up, who had only one love in her life, who died before they got married.  My aunt died a Godly woman, chaste, and a virgin at 82.  If she could obey God? So could I.  Women want it all, but there is a price to pay for wearing the “pants”, and also God’s judgement.

In IIKings 9:30 Jehu killed Jezebel.   “And when Jehu was come to Jezreel, Jezebel heard of it; and she painted her face, and tiered her head and looked out at  a window. He took her face in his hands and ended up throwing her down. Some of her blood was sprinkled on the wall and the horses trod her under foot.  She was totally destroyed, and when they went to bury her,
they found nothing but her skull and feet, as she was eaten by wild dogs.   And so concludes the life of this woman who had wrought such evil in both Israel and Judah.  One way or another, all who reject Jesus Christ have an ignoble end!!  To die without God is the death of eternal darkness and hell!

Those “little” Jezebel spirits that prevail around us in the secular world and a lot of feminists, hate God.  Yes, even a lot of your pro-choicers out there, have a Jezebel spirit.  Jezebel hates prayer.  Intercessory  prayers pries her fingers off the hearts and souls of men.  When you pray, it binds her.  When you pray against IMMORALITY, IT CRIPPLES HER!   When you pray for a SUBMISSIVE HEART, it is like the trampling of Jehu’s horse upon her body.  Jezebel hates prophets, for the prophets speak out against her.  Her ultimate hatred is against God Himself!  For she hates the grace God lavishes upon His bond-servants, even after they sin.   Her heart is cold except to snare a man, in her beguiling act of being helpless, which she is not!  That is why a Jezebel cannot repent, because repentance demands humility and she only has control on her mind.

Father, we submit to You and Your standard of righteousness.  We ask for PURITY, MEEKNESS AND HOLINESS OF HEART.   Forgive us for our tolerance of the spirit of Jezebel in both mind, deed, our families and acquaintances and churches, the world.   Father God, I submit to you as I pray others will who read this, to You and Your authority to resist the devil.  We bind in the name of JESUS, the principality of Jezebel.  We call on anyone that has this spirit to receive your deliverence, Lord, this spirit of Jezebel to be defeated!  We pull down the stronghold in households that continue in generation after generation with this curse!  We come against the fortresses this demon has built up in the spirit realm in this area and we release the Holy Spirit to plunder the house of Jezebel and distribute her goods.  Cover your people Lord, with the blood of Jesus and protect them.  Give them the whole armour of God to see through her wiley ways.   We loose the joy of a humble and submissive spirit and pull down the imaginations of ambition, control, pride, and selfishness.  In Jesus’ Holy precious name , Amen!

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The Failure of Mental Health & this Shooting

BJ's angelIt is with deep sorrow for all these victims of another shooting, that I respond to this.  The mental health system in America, as I heard someone say is broken.   I thank my Lord that I have Him to lean on as a born again Christian.   Dr. Ablow said he was obviously paranoid, which does not just happen with schizophrenia.  What about this young man’s parents?  What about HIS family?  Anything?

I  could have been the parent of a shooter like this.  But, unlike many parents, some of which I know now, that are doing nothing with a mentally ill young adult, I fought to get my youngest son help, to no avail.  My son, at 19 (my BJ) committed suicide by blowing himself up with 6 sticks of stolen dynamite, in 1999.  He was diagnosed affective bi-polar disorder in 1998 at 18.   At 18 you are legally an adult and out of the system.   HOWEVER, what I didn’t know until afterwards, after winning a wrongful death/negligence in 2003, was that I could have gotten an Administrative clause to take away his adult legal standing and got him committed, by going to Probate Court, which handles adoptions, commitments, etc.  I begged for help, called, nagged,
faxed, and because he was legally an adult, my hands were tied.
Police too, do not understand or no how to respond to mental illnesses.

I wrote a booklet, “His Soul to Keep” on links here in PDF.    For my son too, was paranoid….his thoughts too, were dis-jointed…he ranted, thought he was being followed.  (but he did not hear voices.) His father too was bi-polar AND an alcoholic, as my son would have been.  Psychiatrists, say it is a form of “self-medication”  trying to level out the mood swings. (Horrendous above normal manic highs to below normal depressions and cutting themselves to
suicide ideation which my son had from the time he was 15.

Had I known Keith Ablow had an office in MA back in 1999…my son would have been there in a heartbeat.   You all need to look
at these illnesses, which do not come about (why the personality
change) until between ages 18 to 22 or 24.  That’s for both bi-polar and schizophrenia.  Dr. Ivan Goldberg on Depression
Central, who is in NYC and the top mood swing psychiatrist in the US…helped me and emailed me..I sent him my first book…on what I went through in the juvi system.  It reeked!  No one listened.

I get so frustrated and angry.  I have a friend.  He is undiagnosed bi-polar AND an alcoholic.  Now, so is his 26 year old daughter.
He and his wife are idiots.  This girl is brilliant..but, insane.  She
just got kicked out of Miami Un.  SAME  as this young man…Jared, sending harrassing texts that were threatening…They have to hide all the knives (so did I).  She steals her father’s car…drives all over..Stole his Social sec., his credit card in NH…But, they won’t apply to Probate Court and get her locked up and diagnosed.  She cut herself…she threatens, hit her father…They do nothing..And no good will come of it.  Her behavior is not normal…She needs mental health help and a  diagnosis.  But, unlike me, who would have done anything to help my own son, these people do nothing…And obviously, neither did this young  Jared’s parents.   WHO I would like to hear more about.

A young couple at my church approached me last week too, her close girlfriend, has a son 18 that was hospitalized with a suicide
attempt.  The first thing I said, “have her go to probate court and get
him in a mental hospital for a full workup.”  (What I didn’t know in 99)
Seems this boys father was schizophrenic and the disease which is
genetic,( as bi-polars are chromosome 18 from the father) has passed to him.   Like my son, like my friend’s daughter, like this Jared in Az, they are a danger to themselves and others.  I hope this young boy gets help as his mother clearly wants to do the right thing, while my other friends, buy their daughter hard liquor, rather than go to Probate.  They do not know what lies ahead.

The psychiatrists that work with the juvi system and courts are the WORST!!! They say what the prosecutor wants.   Not a real diagnosis, but usually the aim is to derail the parents.  It is a lousy system in the US.   The only place that helped my son, was a residential treatment center; and that’s when I got his diagnosis from the psychiatrist on staff, when he got
let go for failure to make the independent living program after 16 months.  At 18…then legally an adult…and back on me.  That was 1999.  I have 3 older living children….and now almost 72.  I blog as a Christian to hopefully help others.   I hope you read all this, sincerely, and can help your audience understand.  If you go on Ivan Goldberg’s site… ( Look up famous bi-polars, you’d be surprised.   I hope you push for better mental health.  But, it cost money.  So guns will be the obvious target over and over and over.  The juvi laws do not change and remain seald even with a teen that is deemed a danger to himself and others.  Nothing changes.  So they point their finger at gun owners, when that isn’t the culprit,  as they would just find another way.  These kids can get the Anarchist Cookbook on line and make what they want.  My son did.  And I have not been silent over this, through the years.  He did not get the help and follow up as he needed and my hands were tied when he was legally an adult.

For Christians who read this, and believe these illnesses are all of the devil, I know better.  First, my son was saved, 8/2/90.  Second, God created him and Eric at Columbine, and all of us, in HIS image…and knew EVERY hair on his head, and inside his brain, chemical imbalance, bi-polar and all!  PERIOD!  It is  chromosome 18 from the father, as Alzheimer’s  is Chromosome 19.  One day soon they will be able to surgically correct the brain and cure these illnesses.   But, until then, the culprit will always be tougher gun laws, because our leaders do not want to address mental health issues.   WHAT is it going to take?   So as far as I’m concerned, we can just mourn these losses, but the true issues, never even get discussed and to me, who lost her handsome son, this is a travesty.

I hope you read our story.   God bless you….and my prayers for healing across this land.