America’s Sin Nature

When I was growing up in the late 40’s and 50’s, we did not have this explosion of sexual escapades and “anything goes”. Our mothers were like neighborhood watchdogs, and it gave us a healthy, safe upbringing. We went to church on Sundays, and believe it or not,
a young Billie Graham was on our “mainstream” now “fake” news stations. We had prayer in school! We were overachievers. It was relevant we got good marks in school, and most in my class of ’57, went on to make a difference, one went to Annapolis, another worked in NYC for the Port Authority, one worked for the Defense Dept., another served his country, career Special Forces. So I ask television producers now, and Hollywood, what on earth kind of Satanic garbage do you think your promoting?  For God turned Lot’s wife in Genesis to a pillar of salt, when they were leaving Sodom and Gomorrah, and she looked back in lust. I’ll leave it to other pastors whether or not all your fires in CA is God’s judgment.

Movies and tv sitcoms are all sex, lewd language (even for small children), loud, boisterous,
without manners, ethics, character, and for the most part occult. There is nothing else you
need to do, for it seems the FCC does nothing to clean up. No one reads a book anymore,
no one sits at a dinner table, and actually talks TO a person, instead yelling AT them. There’s
absolutely no morals whatsoever. Whatever happened to “CONSCIENCE?” (I’ll get back
to that.)  Add to that turn off your cell phones, for family.

From Billy Graham’s site:

“It is always difficult and dangerous to attempt to list sins according to their degree of seriousness. In one sense, all sins are equal in that they all separate us from God. The Bible’s statement, “For the wages of sin is death …” (Romans 6:23), applies to all sin, whether in thought, word, or deed.

At the same time, it seems obvious that some sins are worse than others in both motivation and effects, and should be judged accordingly. Stealing a loaf of bread is vastly different than exterminating a million people. Sins may also differ at their root.
Theologians have sought for centuries to determine what the essence of sin is. Some have chosen sensuality, others selfishness, and still others pride or unbelief. In the Old Testament, God applied different penalties to different sins, suggesting variations in the seriousness of some sins. A thief paid restitution; an occult practitioner was cut off from Israel; one who committed adultery or a homosexual act or cursed his parents was put to death (see Exodus, chapter 22 and Leviticus, chapter 20).

In the New Testament Jesus said it would be more bearable on the day of judgment for Sodom than for Capernaum because of Capernaum’s unbelief and refusal to repent after witnessing His miracles (Matthew 11:23-24). The sins of Sodom were identified in Ezekiel 16:21 as arrogance, gluttony, indifference to the poor and needy, haughtiness, and “detestable things.”
When Jesus spoke of his second coming and judgment, he warned that among those deserving punishment some would “be beaten with many blows” and others “with few blows” (Luke 12:47-48). He also reserved His most fierce denunciations for the pride and unbelief of the religious leaders, not the sexually immoral (Matthew 23:13-36).

However, remember that whether our sins are relatively small or great, they will place us in hell apart from God’s grace. The good news is that Jesus paid the penalty for our sins and the sins of the whole world at the Cross. If we will repent and turn to Jesus, in faith, our sins will be forgiven, and we will receive the gift of eternal life.”
Franklin Graham too, spoke at Trump rally: “America’s Sins Have Paralyzed It” THIS was
Before all the uproar and resignations both in Hollywood and Washington, DC.
Bill Clinton’s disgraceful Presidency with all his rapes and sexual escapades
have outweighed any legacy he could have left. And Hillary for her “enabling”
and never taking responsibility for her own actions. Staying with a man who was
a disgrace to the office of White House, and President. I divorced my philanderer
in 1969. And I worked as a single mom with 3 children, only to go in the workplace
and be hit on just like today’s little minions all crying. Yet THEY stayed in their
jobs for fame, or recognition, while I took the predators on. And no laws back then.
A married man harasses you at work? QUIT! Simple..Or turn him in.

“Our heavenly Father, You have blessed our country more than any nation on Earth and we acknowledge that apart from you we have no hope. We come tonight as a troubled nation. We are broken spiritually. We are divided politically. We are divided racially,” Graham asserted. “And we are adrift morally, following the whatever direction the wind of popular culture blows with no regard for Your Word or the consequences of our disobedience. We ask tonight for your help.”
Graham continued by stating that “There are some people in the United States that are looking to “divide” and “preach hate. And Father, it is my prayer that you will just shut their mouths like you shut the mouths of the lions years ago,” Graham said. Our sins have paralyzed us. As a country, we seem to have forgotten right from wrong. You warned us in Your holy word, the Bible, that a day would come when the truth would become a lie and lies would become truth. And we see this happening before our eyes today. Our sins have paralyzed us. As a country, we seem to have forgotten right from wrong,” Graham stated. “You warned us in Your holy word, the Bible, that a day would come when the truth would become a lie and lies would become truth. And we see this happening before our eyes today. “The psalmist, David, the great king of Israel, said that You were his shepherd. Father, we need a shepherd. I pray that You would be the shepherd of our nation, the shepherd that leads us to green pastures and still waters for Your namesake,” he prayed. “You are the God who restores our souls. Even though we walk through the ‘valley of the shadow of death,’ we fear no evil for You are with us and Your rod and your staff, they comfort us, the Bible tells us.”

Sin is still SIN. America’s sins, and all the left, with their ‘politically correct jargon, it only has
one outcome, being cast into Hell for eternity. Your sinful Presidential legacies are certainly going to get you to Heaven, neither in your politically correct stance, nor is your Socialist-Communist view, (that in itself will lead you to hell). We are now like Babylon (in Southern
Iraq) a land filled with sin. Jeremiah 51:5. II Chronicles 25:4 Was put to death for his own sins.
Job 10:14 If I sin, you “mark” me. Job couldn’t repent. A man of God, who had pride. God
allowed Satan to test him and put him through all these trials and problems. He lost all his
money, 7 children to death, had a plague and sores all over him, friends who were backstabbers,
and he just didn’t get it. Once he did, and repented, God restored all to him again. Ps. 32:11
“Blessed is he whose sins are covered.” Covered by the blood shed at Calvary. I Peter 2;24 “He bore our Sins. Ezekiel 18:4 “Sins shall die”. Sins NEED to die. They need to be acknowledged
that they ARE sins, and repented of, for THAT and ONLY that is redemption. Else God lets you
go, with your own sinful choices, but, unless you repent, you will go to hell. The wages of sin
is death! While Christ offers eternal life. Without repentance, there is no redemption.

Scriptures: Adultery: Proverbs 6:32, Romans 6:15, I John 3:9, Matt 5:28, II Peter 2:4

Conscience: by John Hagee

Article:  America VS Sodom & Gomorrah                                                                                              

Postscript:  The article above touches on the feminist movement and Betty Friedan, as well as Hugh Heffner.  Yes, he especially, during the height of his “Playboy” career during the 60’s was every man’s dream.  All these “bunnies” serving drinks at Playboy Clubs all over America, where anything went.  Al Franken, and Harvey Weinstein would have been in “bunny heaven”..where young gorgeous gals, were “playthings”.  Morality went out the window! So did God!

So, let me go one step further, back into early movies from Hollywood. Most, when Metro Golden Mayer, and other studios were big, we had some phenomenal Biblical movies made, and a lot with Charlton Heston.  But, for the most part even the old black and white movies, with James Cagney, Humphry Bogart, were not only violent, but some of the most abusive towards women I can remember.  I can remember, now clear as can be, Doris Day getting belted around by James Cagney in “Love Me Or Leave Me”, the story of 30’s singer Ruth Etting. Women were always getting slapped or punched.  It was this macho atmosphere that it was ok, that I was married in 1961, to the man who would abuse me and cheat on me. Because society said it was OK.  His ego said I was “property”.  When he smashed my head against the car one night in front of cop, he yelled, ” She’s my wife, I can do what I want!”! And I never forgot.

While the jokes of comedians like Sid Caesar, Milton Berl, Red Skelton, and Danny Thomas, were clean, no swearing, and actually REALLY funny. Some of the slapstick such as the “3 Stooges” were  really violent and not appropriate.  And I for one never thought they were funny, only abusive.  Then there was the “master” comedian, Jackie Gleason.  And I liked him, except one line, “Alice, one of these days, POW right in the kisser!”  Totally UNACCEPTABLE!!                                                                                                                                                                                                         So, slowly, through the last 40-50 years, women’s skirts have got shorter, necklines down to the waist. Hollywood shows just about everything, nothing left to the imagination, with everything exposed, hanging out.  Gay pride has taken “hold”, as “normal” and we have women who have taken over the macho role of a man, both in the home and workplace.  While men, now do not even know how they are supposed to act, as most have been cut down so much and emasculated, they have no idea who they are.  So before Washington and the news media go abuzz on fixing this.  Let me say this, Bill Clinton with all his women didn’t do anything my ex didn’t do, except “his” got in the front pages of newspapers. When my ex died in 2011, unsaved, (he was too macho for Jesus, until fear in the last minute), and my daughter couldn’t lead him in the Salvation prayer. He never saw anything wrong in what he did.  He bore no responsibility whatsoever.  When my oldest son was a little boy, my mother bought him a “Ken” doll for Christmas.  Well, he screamed at my mother, “What are you trying to do, make the kid a sissy?”  THAT is how he was brought up.  THAT was our culture.  And I’ll tell you this, “ladies and gentlemen”, neither Freidan or Heffner did a thing, except breakdown the values of home. No wonder there are so many gangs, drugs, and murders.  No fathers, head of house!

What is the answer? Jesus Christ!  For the Bible is clear how men are to respect and love their wives, and visa versa.  There are some good ministries on Daystar and TBN on Christian marriage counseling,  Jimmy and Karen Evans are one.  And VP Pence is absolutely correct with respect to his wife and traveling with her!!  I have been single for 35 years, after a 3rd divorce, (last was bi-polar), so I do not qualify for marriage counseling.   But, I’ll say this, as a society, Washington, Hollywood, down through the states, you better be careful how you all handle this open epidemic that is rampant over the media.  Ladies on all these news stations? Start “acting” like ladies, and lower your skirts, and that includes Fox News now, and I don’t care WHAT the Murdock’s tell you.  Look professional, with suits not cocktail dresses at 10AM. Act like professional journalists and stand your ground, cause, fame and money isn’t worth it.  And stop writing all these “victim” books out there!  Sounds like “the devil made me do it!” Hogwash! If some macho gropes you, slap him, report him to Human Resources, as I did back in the early 70’s, BEFORE there were any laws.  Writing a book for all the world like Hillary did, only demeans you.  “I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me!.” Philippians 4:10  Not half, not none, but ALL!  And one female journalist I think of, not naming, take off those 2″ false eyelashes. Your a supposed journalist not a show girl. ACT like it!  If you look like a whore, you get treated like a whore.  A Godly image demands respect, not testing the testosterone all around you in the workplace.  Set a standard. It isn’t all the men’s fault.  I wore all suits in an office working in my professional years.  Makeup? Yes, but, never like gals today.  My idols way back were Channel suits, Jacquie Kennedy, Grace Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn.  I liked style and admired the couture that covered you up in class.   Hollywood’s actresses (if you call them that) look like street walkers half nude on an award stage.  Is THAT how you see yourselves?  If so you have no self esteem dears, whatsoever!   As for men? If a woman says, NO? It is no, walk away! But I’m sick of all these “feminists” and their demands, when they can’t look in the mirror. And how I despise all these women $$$$ looking for a fast deal on innocent men. One young Black man I posted on Facebook, served 6 years in jail for a rape that was later proven trumped up!  NOT ALL these women, like from Allred are telling the truth.  You ruin lives of the innocent? GOD will allow it to backfire on you.  “We reap what we sow.”

Lord, I pray for our Pastors, and mega Pastors, on TV, in our local pulpits, to also repent and see the error of their ways in denominational, and and Southern Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, anything goes churches.  Sin is SIN!  Yesterday, in Jesus time, today and whatever is to come.  I pray for an AWAKENING, I pray for REVIVAL and for your Holy Spirit Lord to reach all of our land. And spread like the wildfires in CA…but YOU Lord.  CONVICT this nation back to YOU Lord, back to morals, back to character, ethics, and the CROSS, in Jesus name, I pray.  Cleanse this nation Lord, and I pray  for those who pray this sinner’s prayer of redemption. Amen.

Let there be no doubt our President Donald Trump is saved. GOD chose him!