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Trump is crushing a corrupt system and teaching Christian leaders a lesson

I agree with this writer. Trouble is, no one reads anymore, knows history or cares, as it repeats itself. I believe that God’s hands are on Trump, and that he is going to be saved. Remember the Bible verse that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to come to God? Well, he DOES believe, is a Presbyterian, and THAT to me is for now enough. We are not to judge people but we are to judge their fruits. He helps people, has a heart, helped a marine who was jailed in Mexico sent his plane and gave him $25,000. Sent his plane to CA to pick up a 3 yr old who needed life surgery, as the airlines wouldn’t take him and all the hospital equipment. Look at his children. Those are the fruits of the man, Donald J. Trump. I respect him. He doesn’t drink, never smoked, has his health, is brilliant, has a phenomenal memory, has a degree in economics, and I think they are running afraid now because he will clean up Washington. While the Cruz’s are out to give us away..with this North American Union, so our Constitution will go out the window. I love Trump and respect this man who the media on the left hates. Thank you Jesus, I pray He comes to you Lord and receives salvation.

Mario Murillo Ministries

teachingTrump is crushing a corrupt system and teaching Christian leaders a lesson

By Mario Murillo

No he is not a fascist.  No he is not racist.  No, he does not think most Mexicans are rapists.  No, he does not want to herd Muslims into camps.  No I am not campaigning for him for president. If you believe any of that—save us both time and skip this blog. This blog is about how he is crushing a corrupt system and teaching Christian leaders a lesson.

Trump got the same say-this-and-die memo that the leftist media issues to all candidates. He refused to comply.   They hate him because he did not have the decency to die.   They have thrown everything at him and not only does he live—his poll numbers rise.

The state-sponsored media and the professional politicians are so desperate that they have been forced to take extreme measures.  Hollywood stars…

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