2016 – What Road Will America Choose?

patriotic_usa_wallpaper_f082011-1280x720.jpgAyn Rand said, “Identify the philosophy of a society and you can predict it’s future.” Compare this President Obama a graduate of Columbia, a Marxist Socialist (like Bernie Sanders), an organizer, who never had a real job in his life, pushing “freebies”. Then compare Donald Trump. Mr. Trump a self made Capitalist. And so was my father; both my parents also decedents from Germany, as Trump’s father Frederick. My dad (born 1904) was a genius in his field in the early days of electronic sound, with a booth at the NY World’s Fair in 1939, the year I was born. In 1948  Worthen Lab had the 1st tv in the state of NH. My photo at 8 years old was in the Manchester Union Leader. I was PROUD of my father, as Trumps children are proud of him.

Now look at what Socialism does, with Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand was born Alisa Zinovyevna Rosenbaum, a Russian Jew, in Czarist Russia in 1905. Alisa was a top student and knew by the age of 9 that writing would be her life’s work. She was writing novels at 10 years old. She was 12 years old when the Russian Revolution began. Her father’s business was taken away, Russian soldiers closed the shop and her father never worked again. (THAT is happening now, with farmers in America, and other business, and tax laws and government laws, that need to be eliminated. Farmers who have been in business for 300 years, are now out of business, one because of a EPA law and minnows being harmed.) She saw at 12, that people who worked the hardest were punished and stripped. They were broken. Trump is our ONLY hope to get America back, lest we end up like Cuba, Russia, or Venezuela.  (As far as I’m concerned, Bernie Sanders should pick one of these countries to retire to.)

Biography of Donald Trump – A remarkable man!


Atlas Shrugged and Ayn Rands Predictions – What will Americans choose?


Check out “Reds” on Netflix.  Communism doesn’t work!  The story of John Reed, the journalist and writer who chronicled the Russian Revolution in his book Ten Days That Shook the World. Beatty stars in the lead role alongside Diane Keaton as Louise Bryant and Jack Nicholson as Eugene O’Neill.  (Yes, most of our early authors and play-writers were all Communist.)  It was a tumultuous film…Actually showed the truth, and Reed was so sick too, dying of kidney failure, while immersed as a speaker in Russia for the Revolution.  This was the era when they killed Czar Nicolas, and his whole family.  Remember the movie Anastasia, who was supposed to perhaps be the daughter as a child who escaped? Also Dr. Zhivago.  (No one reads anymore…such a shame. Nor in this politically correct era, does Hollywood produce any films that are of consequence.)


On February 21–22, 1919, Bryant was fiercely grilled before a Senate committee exploring Bolshevik propaganda activities in the US, but emerged resilient; Reed followed on the 22nd, delivering quick, subtle testimony which was, however, savagely distorted by the press.[46] Later that day he went to Philadelphia to stand trial for his May speech; despite a hostile judge, press, and patriotic speech by the prosecutor, Reed’s lawyer convinced the jury the case was about free speech, and he was acquitted.[46] Returning to New York, Reed continued speaking widely and participating in the various twists of socialist politics that year. He served as editor of The New York Communist, the weekly newspaper issued by the Left Wing Section of Greater New York.

Affiliated with the Left Wing of the Socialist Party, Reed with the other radicals was expelled from the National Socialist Convention in Chicago on August 30, 1919. The radicals then split into two bitterly hostile groups, forming the Communist Labor Party of America (Reed’s, in the creation of which he had been indispensable) and, the next day, the Communist Party of America. Reed was the international delegate of the former, wrote its manifesto and platform, edited its paper, The Voice of Labor, and was denounced as “Jack the Liar” in the Communist Party organ, The Communist. Reed’s writings of 1919 displayed doubts about Western-style democracy and defended the dictatorship of the proletariat, which he saw as a necessary step that would prefigure the true democracy “based upon equality and the liberty of the individual.”








My question is, what kind of liberty do you have for an individual when you have a dictator society?  There is none.  There is no liberty unless one has the freedom to choose, to work, to believe in God, to start a business, and to be able to excel financially to his fullest potential.  So, my question to Americans is, whom do you choose?   Most young people now in colleges are led by Socialist professors, and really have no knowledge of history.   What is the definition of liberty?  One answer is, “The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views.”

Romans 8:21 “Because the creature  (Creation) itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the Children of God. ”  (Presents this “hope” as affecting that DELIVERANCE, which HE did by the CROSS, of mortality, ie “death”. ) Expositors Study Bible.

Mart De Haan of RBC Ministries in a pamphlet said once, “As our own culture changes, I believe part of the answer requires followers of Christ to know “how” and “when” to speak a second language.  We have a Biblical responsibility to speak the language of our mission to anyone who is looking to for spiritual answers.”  While arguing in the political arena, I have found just on Social websites the passions, one has and the hates too, people have in candidates running for office.  Have I been attacked?  Most assuredly.   Mart went on to say, “While trying to lead others to Christ, we still need to be able to say to a Hindu, Buddhist, or a Muslim, OR a Communist for that matter, “I may not agree with what you are saying, but I will fight for your right to say it. In addition, I will use my social influence to seek just and fair treatment not only for my family but for yours as well.   Jesus Himself taught us to BALANCE the duties of our dual citizenship.  Rather than discounting either civil or spiritual responsibilities, He told His followers to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God (Matthew 22:21).”

On my last post I wrote on the dangers of this false “dominionist” thinking amongst these big Christian denominations, and ushering in or pushing Ted Cruz.  Our kingdom isn’t here on earth, it is in Heaven with Jesus.  “The tension between the kingdom of God and the Kingdoms of man runs like an unbroken thread through the history of the past 2,000 years.  It began not long after Christ’s birth.  Herod, the Roman-appointed King over the Jews and as a vicious a tyrant as ever lived, was gripped with fear when the Magi arrived from the East seeking the “King of the Jews.”  Though not a believer, Herod knew the ancient Jewish prophesies that a child would be born to reign over them, ushering in a Kingdom of peace and might. ” Chuck Coleson

Coleson went on to say, ” The dynamic in the church-state tension is separation of institutional authority.  Religion and politics can’t be separated – they INEVITABLY OVERLAP – but the institutions of church and state must preserve their separate and distinct roles.  In this regard, the American experiment merits closer examination. ”  In the same way we need a closer examination of Socialism in our Government as well as the onslaught of Muslims that clearly do not respect our laws on religion and politics.  To them there is no overlap, but total control.  Today’s widespread relegation of religion to merely something people do only in the privacy of their homes or churches would have been unimaginable to the founders of the republic…even those who personally repudiated orthodox Christian faith.  Though Americans have drifted far from its founders, this system continues to offer one of the world’s most hopeful models in an otherwise contentious history of conflict. ”

C.S. Lewis likened the love of country to our love for the home and community in which we were raised.  It is a natural love of the place where we grew up, he said, “love of old acquaintances, of familiar sights, sounds, smells.”  He also pointed out, however, that in love of country, as in love of family, we don’t love our spouses only when they are good,  Similarly, a patriot sees the flaws of his country, acknowledges them, weeps for them, but remains faithful in love.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of love for his country even as he attempted to change its laws. “Whom you would change, you must first love,”  he said.

“Deliberate lies, the corruption of power, compromise with ideological opponents, temptations on all sides – these appear to be the mechanisms of modern government.  Should the Christian circumvent the messy business of politics altogether?  The answer is emphatically no! ” Dabney once said, “Every Christian …whether lawmaker or law executor or voter, should carry his Christian conscience, enlightened by God’s Word, into his political duty. ”  THIS is exactly what I try to do on here.  I  may put down links and  comments that you don’t want to see.  But the fact of the matter is, we have so much at stake right now with this election, I don’t have a choice!

I’m standing for God Almighty! And I really believe God can use Donald Trump for victory.  Young people do not understand the ramifications of Socialism and all these freebies.  They do not understand economics, they do not know, never mind understand, the Bible OR our US Constitution.   We are truly the most illiterate America in all of history.  We need to pray and act and take blinders off.  We need to have discernment in our spirit when something just isn’t right as these new moves of God in churches, as well as these radical ideas of the left, especially Sanders.  We are told not to judge, BUT we MUST judge the fruits,  not the idea!   Prov. 18  What you tolerate, you will never change.

We need drastic change America…..This is the most important decision coming up in all of our history!  What will it be?  How far left do you want us to go?  What is God telling you in your spirit?  Pray…God,  pray on your knees and cry out for America.