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LordsPrayer2What Constitutes Idols In Our Life?   Idols are a false God.  Idols are anything that takes our mind and our heart away from Jesus and worship the fake.   Idols can be photographs, it can be a television program you are addicted to, it can be football.  It can be listening to your friends, more than reading your Bible and doing things in the “natural” instead of what is “Biblical”.   When trouble befalls you, as it does almost everyone sooner or later, who do you go to FIRST?  Do you pray, get in your prayer closet and seek God’s will for this situation and your life? Or do you wallow and wallow in self, and go complaining or crying to your husband, relatives, friends, and leave God last?   God will not be last.  If HE isn’t first, then He will not act on your behalf.

From CBN:  “Unfortunately, many Christians also have a skewed, idealized definition of idols. We only see idols like those mentioned in the Old Testament or those in the movie “The Ten Commandments” where Moses, played by Charlton Heston, descends from Mount Sinai to find the Israelites worshipping a golden calf and in righteous anger, hurls the tablets at the golden calf and destroys it.

When God gave Moses the Commandments, He said:

“Do not worship any other gods besides me.” Do not make idols of any kind, whether in the shape of birds or animals or fish, photos. You must never worship or bow down to them, for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God who will not share your affection with any other god! (Exodus 20:3-5 NLT)

An idol is any person, object or activity you give a higher priority in your life than a relationship with God. An idol can be your home, your job, a vehicle, a relationship, or even your family and photos you hold HIGHER THAN GOD. An idol can be a pet, a computer, or what you look at on that computer. An idol can be alcohol, drugs, sex, or any sin. An idol can even be the work you do for the Lord that consumes all your energy and time. God says He’s a jealous God. He wants our time and attention.

Look at this:

“This is what the LORD Almighty, the God of Israel, says: You saw what I did to Jerusalem and to all the towns of Judah. They now lie in ruins, and no one lives in them. Because of all their wickedness, my anger rose high against them. They burned incense and worshiped other gods – gods that neither they nor you nor any of your ancestors have ever known. “Again and again I sent my servants, the prophets, to plead with them, ‘Don’t do these horrible things that I hate so much.’ But my people would not listen or turn back from their wicked ways. They kept right on burning incense to these gods. And so my fury boiled over and fell like fire on the towns of Judah and into the streets of Jerusalem, and now they are a desolate ruin.” (Jeremiah 44:2-6 NLT)


This is God’s anger against HIS PEOPLE. The prophets warned them but they refused to listen. Today, just as in those days, righteous men and women are saying, turn back to God! Destroy the idols. Put away the things that are hindering a righteous walk with God. Repent of putting others before the Creator of the universe!


Recently, the Elijah List published a warning from Patricia King. Here is an excerpt:

“…For a few days now, I have felt very unsettled in my spirit. The New Orleans disaster has been on my heart, but also, I have been receiving warnings that more upheaval is coming. It is almost as though I can smell war and crisis. It is not good, but can be thwarted, if we come into proper alignment.

I sense upheavals in many nations, but my spirit is especially feeling a warning for North America, with a specific prayer burden for the USA.

I have seen a vision of the enemy planting grenade-like objects in the land and getting ready to detonate them. I believe this involves terrorism and a “sudden” attack. I have also seen further shakings in the land of such magnitude that many people’s lives could be lost.

I also see critical, economic shakings coming that man will have no control over. I see increased taxation and escalation of interest rates and commodities. I see crime and violence out of control as lawlessness increases. Prayer and repentance can thwart disaster. The answer is to go to prayer and to repent for our sins.

Recently a cricket got into our office space. Everyone commented on the chirping cricket. I could not hear it. I honestly asked them if they were kidding me. I could not hear the sound of that cricket at all! I began to get disturbed. To my knowledge, I hear just fine. My co-workers were even puzzled that I couldn’t hear this cricket.

God immediately began to speak to me and showed me that some Christians hear different things at different times in the natural and in the spiritual realm. I have heard some godly leadership say they did not have any clear revelation about Hurricane Katrina and what it means for our times and our nation, while others are alarmed at the bell that seems to be pealing in the Spirit realm; BE WARNED! BEWARE! BE WARNED! BEWARE!

Recently, God began to give me a clear revelation about Christians in this country. He told me that many intercessors are caught up in idol worship. We are guilty of putting people and things ahead of praying and entering in with Him. As I have prayed in the Spirit, one prayer keeps coming up — that God will re-establish our nation’s borders and that the Watchmen will get back on the wall.

God is gracious and kind, but God’s Word prevails. In the days of Noah, God gave the people over a hundred years to repent. But then a day came when the rains started. On that day, no amount of crying out could change the outcome.

A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. (Proverbs 27:12 NLT)

We must heed the signs of the times. Do we believe the word of the prophets? Are we going to take seriously the admonition of the Lord to repent and to destroy our idols! If we do not repent, there is a day coming in this nation where no amount of crying out will change the plan God puts into motion.

“So put to death the sinful, earthly things lurking within you. Have nothing to do with sexual sin, impurity, lust, and shameful desires. Don’t be greedy for the good things of this life, for that is idolatry. God’s terrible anger will come upon those who do such things. ” (Colossians 3:5-7 NLT)

“Don’t be greedy for the good things of this life, for that is idolatry…” People everywhere are caught up in the “good things of this life”. There is a bell tolling in our nation today. We must pay attention. However, As Patricia King notes, the Body of Christ is full of sin. “As long as there is unaddressed darkness in the church, we lack authority.” We’ve got to address what hinders our walk with God and let it go!

To take authority, we’ve got to release the sins and repent. The Word points out that man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at our hearts. Our hearts are guilty before the Lord. God is done with the mess we call righteous living. We have to destroy idol worship. We have gone long enough with a wink and a nod toward sin in the Body. I am not pointing fingers. I am as guilty as anyone is.

There is a call going out among the Body today. I hear the Lord saying,








The Word of the Lord for this hour is NEW BEGINNINGS. In the Spirit realm, we are coming into a spring season. Spring is a time of new growth. It’s a time of renewed hope. This is a time of new beginnings in the Spiritual, but only if you’ve left the baggage of the past behind.

The Word says it’s better to obey than sacrifice. Obey what? The Word of the Lord. When God says to repent, we must repent. God hates idolatry. It’s a commandment and God has been judging — yes, judging righteous people on earth for it since time began. It’s true, He loves us and yes HE HAS A PLAN for each of us but only in His parameters.

Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7:14 NLT)”


From Dr. Frederick Price Idolatry in the church:                           


Standing with Israel or Radical Islam?


The media in the United States never ever sides with Israel.  How blinded all this political correctness has become.   In the first place, I am posting a note from a Jewish lady in Ma’ale Adummim, Israel which was sent to me on Facebook.  It is a plea.  A plea for understanding,  as most of us who are Evangelical Zionists would agree with, but never ever mentioned in our left media.  We are being duped!  We are being connived with left wing propaganda, because they see us as Obama does, “stupid” Americans who will do as they are told!  Isn’t it time we stopped being so illiterate and “read” and learned from history?  Hitler did the same thing.  And the German people were duped.  Stupid.  And I can say that because I’m German.  My mother had relatives stuck in Germany on the outset of all of Hitler’s propaganda, just as Obama and the left media is doing to us now.  Do they tell you the truth about Palestine? No.  Do they tell you the truth about Muslims? No…and let me tell you it is not a religion of peace, Mr. President!

This from Israel….a mother’s plea:  “you kindly offered me your timeline as a place to rant and grieve and rail against the daily terror we are living here in Israel. Today I’ll take you up on the offer. No today was not the worst day of terror and violence we’ve seen recently, no there wasn’t a higher death count, more stabbings or shootings than in days past... It’s just that today I am so very very tired and so very very scared.

This morning as I took my kids to school and kindergarten and nursery my usual quiet neighborhood was shrill with the sound of sirens, as first responders rushed to the scene of an attempted suicide bombing at our safety check point. With no plans to get on the road to Jerusalem until tomorrow for important Dr.’s apt’s for my girls I took a deep breath and kept going…just like I’ve done everyday after hearing about murders, shootings, stabbings, orphans and widows, all the victims of Palestinian terror.

But then I saw the news coming out of the western media about the bombing today, attempted stabbings yesterday, violent riots,missiles lobbed from Gaza throughout the night…and little pieces of me are just crumbling, I’m breaking into a thousand little pieces when I see how we’ve been forsaken by the US government, by the media… We are being painted the villains, we the aggressors, we the instigators. How could they be so wrong? When our blood is soaking the streets if Jerusalem, when our children can not go to school, travel on buses, for fear of being killed, literally, how is it possible we are being blamed for defending ourselves, for weeding out the terrorist?! Please, I beg you encourage your friends to seek out honest news outlets, encourage them to see us for who we are, please who love our homeland, honor our religion and our history, seek peace but refuse to cower and refuse to be week. Please encourage your friends to stand for what’s right, to stand with Israel.”  

How I grieve with this woman and all of those in Israel, seeing their dream from God Almighty being shattered before their eyes.  The dream of Theodore Herzl, for a Jewish state, while the  imperialistic Brits held tight before 1948 when the dream came true.  And our US media.  Do you even know the history of the Ottoman Period, dear Carly Fiorino so stupidly held high in her business dealings with the Arabs.  I have it on here, as well as history, and Lehman’s comments on Muslims.  For it was Winston Churchill, who this President hated (returning that bust of Churchill in an insulting gesture) who ended the Ottoman Period after centuries of these Islamic radicals taking over Europe.  And Thomas Jefferson too, also had his run in with Islamic pirates, also on here.


But we have one who is higher, that is watching and allowing all that is happening, for the final war.  HE is in charge after all.  And while Obama doing Satan’s work thinks he has the world bamboozled, now going over the America’s laws, and our Constitution, crippling us more and more, by going straight to the UN.  He has proven to be the greatest “dictator” America ever elected.   But, God is watching and allowing, as we are in such judment now from God Almighty.  What is going to happen and the fire that God is going to send, will even have agnostics shake in their shoes.  And THIS I believe.  For in Genesis 12:1 begins..”Now the LORD had said unto Abram, get thee out of your country, (Ur in Iraq in the North where the Euprates and Tigress meet.) from your kindred, and from your father’s house (who made idols), unto a land that I will show you.  2. And I will make you a GREAT NATION, and I will bless you, and make your name great and you shall be a blessing. 3. And I will bless them who bless you, and curse him who curses you”…ISRAEL!   THEY DO NOT OCCUPY PALESTINE, OR JERUSALEM, THEY OWN IT!   

Israel had been fought over and taken over by the Turks, then the Roman soldiers, when Ceasar took the country over and it was Caiphus, Herod who killed Jesus, a Jew and Rabbi in Matthew. That little country only 8 miles wide, has been the hotbed of contention, wars, and hatred, since Abraham and his two sons, Ishmael son of Abraham and Sarah’s handmaiden Hagar, and Isaak, born from old Sarah….One of God and a Jew the other Arab and oil.  And nothing has changed in thousands of years, and won’t, until our Messiah,  (Jesus) comes back.  Never before, in history has everything been so in place as it is now.   But, we who are Christian, are mandated to STAND for ISRAEL!   And I shall not keep silent!   I pray with her, and I cry with her…..and I plead with God to send your fire Lord, for then after repentance, shall we see the biggest revival  on our land and I hope across the world that we have ever seen in history.  Something is going to happen..That I know.   God Bless Israel, and God save America…open eyes Lord, take off the scales… we see your truth.

*Biblical History…NO Palestinian ARABS!  “The name Israel was given to Jacob (Genesis 32:28) after the wrestling of the Angel with him (Hos. 12:4) at Peniel.  The name “Israel” means Soldier of God.   It became the national name of the twelve tribes collectively.  They are so called in Exodus 3:16 and thereafter.  After the latter days of King Soloman and the division of the Kingdom, one tribe, (Judah) went to the House of David.  Eventually the greater part of Benjamen, and probably the whole of Simeon and Dan, were included as if by common consent in the Kingdom of Judah.  With respect to the conquests of David, Moab appears to have been attached to the Kingdom of Israel.  (2Kings 3:4).  Much of Syria too then remained subject to Solomon.  (1Kings 11:24) It was no doubt claimed by his successor in the Northern Kingdom, and Ammon, whose mother was an Ammonitess (Arab).  (1Kings 14:21).  Shechem was the first capital of the new Kingdom (1Kings 12:25), subsequently, Tirzah became the royal residence, if not the capial of Jeroboam.  Samaria, uniting in itself the qualities of beauty and fertility, and a commanding position, was chosen by Omri (1Kings 16:24).  The details of the history of the Kingdom of Israel, will be found under the names of it’s nineteen Kings:  Israelite, Issachar, (9th son of Jacob), Isshiah, descendent of Moses, Isuah, 2nd son of Asher (Gen. 46:17), Isui, 3rd son of Asher, Ithai, a Benjaminite, son of Ribai of Gibeah,  Ithamar Son of Aaron (Ex 6:23), Ithiel A Benjaminite, son of jesaiah (Neh. 11:7), Ithmah a Moabite, one of the hero’s of David’s guard (1Chr. 11:46), Ithra an Israelite (2 Sam. 17: 25)m Uthran, son of Dishon, a Horite (Gen. 36:26), Ihream, son of David, born in Hebron, Ittai  (the Gittite), a Philistine in the army of David  (2Sam. 15:18) , Izehar name given in Numbers 3:19, Izeharites (the) a family of Kohathite Levites, Izhar, son of Kohath grandson of Levi, uncle of Moses and Aaron (Ex. 6:18), Izrahiah, man of Issachar (1Chron. 7:3),  Izrahite (the), and Izri, a Levite leader of the 4th course or ward in the  House of God (1Chr. 25:11) , In verse 33 he is also called Zeri.”  *Smiths Bible Dictionary

Israel’s timeline on one page, click link:

What Muslim refugees left behind in Hungary on cell phone videos, torturing each other to prepare for interrogation.  Do we want 100,000 more of these uncivilized, unschooled violent refugees in America?  Stop Obama!  Wake up media!