Repentance calls us to our knees if slandered, for we cannot under Christ as Christians be offended. The pain we may feel when we are attacked, is in the flesh, and the flesh lusts against the spirit of Christ. If we call ourselves born again Christians, unless we can forgive others for their hatred, their sins in the world, their lust of worldly things, then we are not free, and are in bondage. It is not something we can turn on and off, for the Holy Spirit is either in us, in our hearts, in our very being, or we are ruled by Satan. Jesus died on the Cross for our sins. The sins of all mankind, all religions, all peoples in this world. Do we not owe HIM who saved us, love, integrity, honor, and the compassion to others that HE showed in all His grace and mercy, hanging on that Cross, beaten, abused, His very blood draining out of his body…to us, acting as His servant?Are we servants of Christ or are we pharisees? Are we especially in America, phony Christians, or are we loyal, to His teachings and the Cross? We are not necessarily condemned if we fail, if we stumble, if we make a mistake or lost. There is only one way to atonement, and forgiveness and that is repentance and coming to the Cross, for the flesh always wars with the spirit. Jesus told His disciples to give up all they had to follow Him. While in the flesh most only want more and more in greed, and do not understand the move of the Holy Spirit one iota. We live in an out of control society now across the world. The flesh and Satan are running rampant with crime, unholiness, murders, crooked politics, and quick fixes, reality tv, and so much technology, it minimizes and distorts God’s word and the work of the Holy Spirit, who in fact is slandered too, even in courts, and Jesus is tossed out with the bathwater.

However, I know in my heart HE and only HE still rules this earth and one day, we will see our Lord come in all His glory, in the sky for His children, and all those who will wear many crowns and succeeded in overcoming adversity. “Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple” Luke 14:27 He is not talking about having one foot in the world and one foot in the church, He is talking about total trust, for nothing is halfway with Jesus…nothing. We either stand on HIS word and KNOW His word, for ALL to see as a testimony, UNASHAMED, or we deny Him as Peter did three times…(yet later repented.) Sometimes, if not most of the time, God limits our resources to ensure we give HIM all the glory. If you win something, or gain a gift, it is not a tribute to HIM is it? I learned this lesson early in my Christian walk 30 years ago. Sometimes He takes material things from us…withholds purposely from us, or lets us loose materially, to get us on our knees in repentance, so we ONLY trust and go to HIM. My God is a jealous God, afterall. But, He is my redeemer, my Savior, my all. In Him do I trust and only in HIM.

When we follow Jesus, we can’t settle for a partial victory because we’re exhausted. God won’t allow it either! HIS plan is always for our full deliverance and sometimes that comes only in the last half hour, when we’re so frustrated, tired and can’t go one more step. PRAY…Get in a prayer closet…lock the door, and keep everyone out until God gives you an answer. Your family will just have to rely on one another. My youngest son I lost, always respected my prayer time, and when I was in my Bible and in prayer, he knew to go back to doing whatever quietly, and honor my relationship with my Jesus. Do you have prayer time with your husband and children? The fact is, every battle we face has an eternal purpose. It just isn’t to defeat the enemy, but it’s the EXALTATION OF JESUS. And He hears our cries, our praises in Heaven. Are we dry bones? Or are we filled with the Holy Spirit, and let HIM lead us. He’s a gentleman you know…He won’t come inside us unless he’s invited. Whatever He calls us to do, he will supply all strength to accomplish it. If He tells us to give up all and quit the fight? He is testing us and will always replace, when He has us in that special place of intimacy and peace with HIM.

We cannot hate anyone, we cannot carry a grudge against anyone, but need that repentance, and only through repentance does the blood He shed on the Cross, make any sense. THAT is what is was all about.. When Adam & Eve sinned, it took the blood atonement, of Jesus dying on that Cross for our sins, to make forgiveness and repentance possible for us. By His blood, grace, mercy, we can come to His throne and receive all His love and give Him all the glory…THAT in itself…gives us the victory, through our sin bearer, Jesus..the perfect sacrifice. And we are to give Him our constant glory and love, knowing he will draw all men unto himself. And we are guaranteed to have life eternal. You cannot have odds against anyone, and say your a Christian. Matt. “If you love mother, father, child more than me, you are not worthy of me.” Glory…I am not ashamed of you Lord, and I will confess you as my Lord and STAND on your word continuously, in all parts of my life, as you want..Go ye in all the world and tell of His word….for He paid the final price afterall…Only His agape’ love through His Holy spirit can heal us all…and it all starts with repentance.

When my Greek ex-husband died last year of cancer, who abused me in my 20’s, I wrote the following poem. I know he didn’t get saved, for out of his mouth was only vile curses to the Lord who loved him. My daughter too, somehow could not pray the sinner’s prayer with him at the very end…..and so it is finished. For repentance of the heart is all He asks.

My Heart
Your eyes ask questioningly of me,
They seek to peer inside my soul,
But I have bared my life before all eyes,
Throughout this journey’s work I left behind.
There was nothing hidden in what I wrote or preached,
Whether in blogs or books, poetry and such,
Except the truth of where I’ve been and what I’ve seen
In this path of love and pain.
My only question to all has been; “Are you washed in
The Blood of the lamb?”

Some of you I’ve known since we were young, may outlive me,
But don’t shed tears.
You knew I have had loves in my life that bloomed in youth,
And I still cared.
For God knew my heart, when you did not, of husbands and
Children who predeceased me,
Like the jewels in the Kingdom of God, I left no stone unturned.
Those that loved me knew this heart and never needed to ask,
I was there in spirit and loved both pleasure and pain that
Bore such a price,
For all I asked at the end was, “Are you washed in the blood of
the lamb?”
J.E.Worthen 3/11/2011


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