Hamilton, Trump and Pence

160401_cbox_miranda-hamilton-cast-jpg-crop-promo-xlarge2As for me?  I will stay on the side of righteousness.   There are many “teachable” moments that we can all learn from, and this speech by the cast of Hamilton, is one of them.  I beg Vice President Elect Pence and President Elect Trump to learn from this moment.  For in this election campaign, you, Donald J Trump appealed to the Black and minority voter, who was already let down by our first Black President, “What have you got to lose?”  Well? It seems like the cast of Hamilton, is in fear thinking they have much to lose.   It would serve you to listen to that small voice of God inside, and what this cast was trying to bring to your attention.  THIS isn’t about ego, or an insult, it is about the future of AMERICA!

MY Message to President Donald J. Trump.  I fear for my country. You must make America proud. Undo the racism in America. For even if you think you and Pence were RIGHT at Hamilton? APOLOGIZE TO THEM! That is humility. God’s way. I went through it..most of us have. They are in fear. Need to know you care as Obama tore America apart. YOU with Jesus help have to give her HOPE! Thats what I write..HOPE! That’s why I voted and fought for you. I want you to appoint conservatives of color, as well.  So much pain and controversy. I saw John Lewis in tears in such pain on PBS Ancestry with Dr. Lewis Gates. Reach out..NOT only us who are White. I want to see an end to this hate, and racism, before God takes me home or the Rapture comes..which ever comes first. Please…I have visions of my 23 year old Black grandson,  being pulled over by a cop and shot…he has a baby girl now. It pains me..to see America so split. Your in God’s hands now Mr President. Will pray for you and love you and your family.  HOWEVER, I also say to this superb talented cast…Don’t be so fast to judge.  Lest YOU be judged.  He isn’t even sworn in at this writing as President yet.  

I have three platforms, that are personal and i write about. 1.) Domestic Violence, Abuse  2.) Mental Health, and lack of and suicide prevention, 3.) Racism, an end of in America.  I didn’t ask God for these issues, but, rather I lived them.  And we cannot be used, by God, if we can’t use the pain, and the obstacle, the addiction, or the problem, as a TESTIMONY to the LIVING GOD!   So, you the reader are just stuck with me.   I lost my first baby at only 19 at 3 mos old, while in CA.  I know the pain and loss of an infant.  I was in my 2nd marriage and went through horrific abuse while married to a Greek man I loved with all my heart.  But, he couldn’t control his anger, and coffee tables went through a window, I was pushed out of a car 5 mos. pregnant, for my youngest daughter, laying in an alley in a cold rainy Nov. 1962 night, with a broken leg.  I darned well KNOW what I’m talking about and my abuse booklet PDF is on here.  Now I have a 23 year old Black grandson I love. He keeps making decisions that at times are not wise, unlike 7 other very pragmatic grandchildren.  So I fear for him.  He already has a baby girl, another one of my great grandchildren, who I’ve never met.  I love this young man.  Oh, and he smokes.  And I’ve had cancer twice, and his mom once, and his grandfather, yes, my Greek ex, died of horrific cancer from smoking in 2012.  WHY with cancer all around him, would he have got addicted? Who knows, he’s young.   So I do what I do, worry.   Point?  I did not go through all that I have in my life, to just bury,  and play the victim.   Because I’m not.  I’ m a strong woman, who knows love, and has felt hate.   But I’m not even a survivor, but an overcomer in Jesus Christ.   In other words listen to me.  Listen and read what is posted here, it just could possibly change you, and your heart.

My message to the cast of Hamilton?  Talented and young, have patience.  I see good in Donald J Trump, and extraordinary compassion for those that have known pain, or loss.  Perhaps it should have all been said, backstage in a PRIVATE audience.   After all, someone could have relayed a message to go backstage where they were sitting.  Two wrongs do not make a right.  We need to end this divide.  This hate, this racism, this violence, and disregard for human life in our cities such as Chicago, down to little New Hampshire, and all the drug related deaths, murders, arrests, and overdoses.   All the crime, the racial tension that Obama never bothered as a Black man, to cure.  We want America Great Again….BUT ALL AMERICA….NOT JUST WHITE PEOPLE!   With Christ, all of us are equal, when we come to the CROSS for salvation.   And for the left media and liberal America?  All of the NON-Denominational churches, and pastors  who are on Christian TV, ARE MULTI-CULTURAL.  There is not ONE church that is ALL White.  Not one!  And Joel Olsteen’s out of a football stadium that holds 25,000 people.  Most on Daystar tv, Trinity Broadcasting, GETV, CBN, and Sonlifetv.   We are Black, White, Hispanic, Chinese, all cultures, and races.  ONE under the CROSS!   And there are millions of us across America.  My small church here in NH has all races.  Thank you Jesus.

But it isn’t easy  for these low income Black people.  I was blessed (hate the word lucky) for when I was a child, I grew up in  beautiful 7 room colonial house my Dad built, who had his own business as an  electronics engineer, and It was after WWII, and the 40’s and 50’s.  We thought we had the best of the best.  However, while I did, another segment of America’s population in Southern and rural America, were going through horrendous times, with violent discrimination.  I learned and I gravitated, as a young girl, brought up with the arts, classical piano, until I found Ella.  And oh, my world changed.  I loved her!  I loved then and still Ella Fitzgerald, and Duke Ellington, I loved jazz!  And they were all Black.  I never thought anything about color only sound.  Until later and I found Billie Holiday.  Oh,  the wrenching pain and sorrow in that woman’s voice of all she had known and seen with hate and discrimination….”Strange Fruit”, Black man hanging from a Poplar tree, strange fruit… Then reality set in.  (By the way it’s on YouTube.) Then, I was 18 about to graduate high school, and I still remember to this day,  one of the few Black students we ever had up here, coming up the steps to the high school to visit his history -football coach, in his Air force Uniform.   And I said..”Hi…how are you.” And some little small freshman opened his mouth, to me…”n—– lover”.  And I looked at this Air Force man, Black and handsome and saw the pain in his face envelope him as he continued up the steps.  I wasn’t mouthy and opinionated back at only 18.  But, boy would I have liked to give that little punk stupid kid a good right hook to this DAY!  Later on in my 20’s with small babies, I remember Frank Sinatra sticking up for Sammy Davis.  Imagine, he was in a gig with Sinatra, and because he was Black wasn’t supposed to stay in the same hotel? Boy did Frank fly!  And I remember Martin Luther King’s, march and later assassination along with the Kennedy’s.  So I say, to you Mr. President Trump and VP Pence, hasn’t this gone on enough?  Sixty plus YEARS!   America needs to heal.  Before they can heal, they need to be INCLUDED WITH WHITE AMERICA, NOT ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN.

You know slavery has been around as wars, killings, kingdoms, that came and went since the beginning in Genesis, to the first civilization, Mesopotamia.  Which is modern day Iraq.  Part of my old Ancient Civ days, which I loved.   Love tying Ancient Civ, and the Bible together, as well as now, with end times.  Ir is fascinating.  So Abraham was born in UR up in Iraq where the Tigress and Euphrates meet.  There were tribes then, and STILL in Arab countries.   Tribes had kingdoms, all through the ages, and tribes and kingdoms fought and slaughtered each  other all through the ages, taking more land, enlarging what they had, and so on.  And with it all came slavery.  Slaves built the pyramids in Egypt.  That had to have been a lot worse than cotton fields in the south.  But I’m not making light of this. Nor am I approving, it is just a fact of history, as OUR US history going back to our Founding Fathers.   They were bad people owning  slaves, but did what was a way of life.  My question is, how long Mr. President does this have to continue?   Hasn’t America suffered enough?

From my old Smith’s Bible Dictionary: “The institution of slavery was recognized, though not established by the Mosaic law, with a view to mitigate its hardships and to secure to every man his ordinary rights.  Under Hebrew law one who had mortgaged his property might submit to servitude until he had accumulated enough to redeem it.  The commission of  a theft made one subject to servitude until he had repaid the theft under the provisions of the Law. (Ex 22:2-3.  The exercise of parental authority was limited to the sale of a daughter of tender age to be a maid-servant, with the ulterior view of her becoming the concubine of the purchaser (Ex 21:2-7).  All through the Bible it talks about slavery 5,000 years ago.  Also Lev. 25:40, Ex. 21:2, 21:6, Deut. 15:17, Lev, 25:39.   The conditions of the Hebrew servant was not bad.  Masters were ordered to treat them as hired servants or as sojourners.  At his liberation the master was to give to the servant liberally of his flocks, his flour, and his winepress.  (Deut. 15:13-14). In Genesis 2, you can read the story of Joseph (and his other coats) when his brothers tried to kill him for their inheritance, then sold Joseph…after Reuben cast him into a pit. So Joseph’s brothers sold him instead in 37:27 to the Ishme-elites,  (Tribe in Egypt from the line of Ishmael.) then lied to their father.  Then was all the deception, with Pharaohs wife, who tried to bed him down, and even innocent went to prison.  But then, see how God works…for he could tell Pharaohs what his dreams meant.  Eventually he was trusted, and throughout the story to chapter 42, Joseph was promoted from a slave to a huge promotion and land.  When the famines came in 41, Joseph’s brothers had to appear before him in Egypt and did not even recognize him.  Imagine?  GOD raised him up…and they who tried to kill him, had to kneel at his feet.  Finally he saw his father and was reunited in forgiveness.  So I say……

REACH OUT...Invite the cast of Hamilton who you were so offended by to Trump Towers.  For that matter invite Congressman John Lewis to Trump Tower and Dr. Henry Louis Gates as well. LEARN from them… LISTEN TO THEM….and then that still small voice of God.   For your not a Christian, unless you love your fellow man.  We are all equal.   AND they have FEAR…which is a legitimate concern.  You want businesses to stay here?  Corporate America?  Ford? Well, how many Blacks and minorities to they employ?  How many businesses are up in war torn Chicago, with all these druggies, in low income Black neighborhoods….Better yet?  Make the Secret Service even more crazed, and  go and visit and see for yourself.  They need education. They need a lot that is not affirmative action, and more than I am qualified to see or detail, and YOU HAVE TO BE THE PRESIDENT THAT AS YOU DRAIN THE SWAMP IN WASHINGTON, DRAIN THE GHETTOS IN AMERICA, AND PUT BLACKS TO SCHOOL AND WORK!  YOU PROMISED THEM!  

Media Slander Jeff Sessions As ‘Racist’ But Ignore That He Marched At Selma With Civil Rights Leaders

I also ask that they tune into PBS Black America since MLK, and Still I Rise part 1.  http://www.pbs.org/video/2365889620/

I heard nothing wrong in the speech from this cast, except fear, that you as President, will disregard all that has been accomplished with Race, yet all that Obama, as the first Black President, did to split us apart.  (ie Chicago and all the murders.)