One World Order and Mystery Babylon

fe9f72ba-8d7c-493e-b897-0386f81675c1Who is Mystery Babylon?

Revelations 13 talks about the Antichrist coming out of the beast with 7 heads and 10 horns.  “And upon his horns, 10 crowns.” Represents the seven empires that have greatly persecuted Israel in the past.  One being the Roman empire who ruled Israel when Herod and Caiaphas the High Priest, crucified Jesus. Matthew 26:62-63  Remember that Jesus was a Rabbi and a Jew.  And he mocked Jesus at his trial, asking, “tell us whether you be the Living God, that you tell us whether You be the Christ, the Son of God.” In verse 64 Jesus affirms he is, with “I am” also in Mark 14:62.  Then the High Priest Caiaphas, ripped his clothes and spoke blasphemy.  Jesus was then sent to Pilate.  Remember too, that all of Israel and Jerusalem was under Roman rule.  While Jesus attended the Temple, then, it was Herod that appointed the priests.  Matthew 27:27

It was the Roman soldiers of the governor (about 200) who stripped him, crowned him with thorns on his head, bowed mockingly, laughing.  (At the Great White Throne Judgment these same soldiers, will once again stand before Christ, and once again bow, but this time it will not be in mocking.) Expositors Study Bible

In Revelations 16 the 7 Angels begin opening the vials.  By the 4th vial it reveals Global warming PLUS!  The vial gets poured upon the sun.  (To that which is totally beyond the scope of man.) “And power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.”  (Adds to the “boils” and as well, exacerbates the problem of the water shortages now throughout the world, Africa, Iran, Iraq, even Arabia, then here California are all drying up, so that there is no water under the earth to even drill for water. )

There will be the Chinese Army and Russian Army the Bear…as well as the UK, the Lion, all going to be embroiled in WWIII, Armageddon.  Revelation 16:16 refers to the Chinese Army.  (This refers to a literal place where a literal battle will be fought.  It is the Mount of Megiddo overlooking the plain of Megiddo west of the Mount, and apparently including the Plain of Esdraelon, i.e. Valley of Megiddo.)  Expositors Study Bible.  Revelation 17:3-5 speaks of another angel fallen.  There will be hail…which is the last thing God will do, and it will be worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Says, Babylon came; reveals all Gods wrath.

Remember there are two Babylon’s.  The original was destroyed in Jeremiah, with King Nebuchadnezzar.  This was totally destroyed in Jeremiah chapter 50.  God punished the King of Babylon, and it would never be inhabited again.  There was an article by the late Peter Jennings UPI, about Saddam Hussein in 1989, who imagined he was reincarnated from King Nebuchadnezzar, and actually started rebuilding Babylon, (the first) as it is located in Southern Iraq near Kuwait.  The ruins still exist, which once consisted of fountains, and beautiful hanging gardens, now all dessert and dust.  THAT Babylon is not what is referred to in Revelations.

John saw a woman on a beast in purple and reds with jewels, which is the mystery Babylon the Great to occur in our lifetime.  It will consist of a One World Religion: Union of politics and religion, which is where the Antichrist will come from 3 ½ years prior to Armageddon.  The prophesies in Revelations 13, also, 17 & 18.  The Great Whore. Who is it? Some have said it is America.  But the woman is referred to in purple and reds.  The world government has already been established through the UN.  Fascists from WWII who want sovereignty against us.  The false prophet arises with a World Religion.  ONE RELIGION…and we who are born again, cannot partake, for the 666 (chip?) of bartering and no cash is almost upon us.  The goal of the One World Religion is to support the One World Order.  America?  THAT is the end of the US dollar, and Constitution! Nor any state authority; i.e. even guns which Obama is already trying to have the UN rule on to take away from Americans, as one Federal Judge even ruled yesterday, that a man could not carry a concealed weapon.  It is all practically here!

Who is Mystery Babylon?  He, the Harlot is this World Wide Church;  it’s Religious System, dressed in scarlet and red are the Cardinals of the Catholic church, symbolic of the church, who slaughtered Jesus along with the rule of the whole Roman Empire.  Prior to the Rapture, God will PLEA TO BOTH PROTESTANTS AND CATHOLICS to pull out of this entity and One World System.  God is PLEADING, while at the same time we will have REVIVAL, greater than any other time in history!  Revelations 17 and 18 is a prophesy of Gods judgment!  Rome is Mystery Babylon.  Yet some would say there is no seaport, i.e. like NY.  States that shipmasters will stand and watch.  Rome though is right by the Tiber River and also 15 miles from the  Tyrrhenian Sea.  Yet the Antichrist could still be a Muslim, since the Pope is making all these peace gestures towards Muslims, excluding the Jews.  ( The “great whore” refers to ALL THE RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD that ever have been, which are devised by men as a substitute for Jesus Christ and HIM Crucified; God’s way is Christ IN HIM CRUCIFIED ALONE; as well the “many waters” are a symbol for multitudes of people. Rev 17:15 The great whore i.e. all types of religions ..devised by men..Islam, Catholics who added,and took away from the Bible,  and worship statues, Mary, false Gods and added to the Bible, ignoring the Old Testament…all religions from the beginning, including cults of today from Mormanism, Scientolgy etc.)  Exp Study Bible.

The timeline to watch for?  Remember with the 7 trumpets?  5 already happened since 1914 so this has been ongoing for the past 100 years.  Watch for the remaining two. Watch for the preemptive peace agreement with Israel and Palestine, in Mid East prior to WWIII, or Armageddon.  Watch for the temple to be rebuilt during all this in Jerusalem, and the animal sacrifices to resume, as the Old Testament.  For in the middle of all this, the Antichrist claims to BE GOD and stops the sacrifices.  That is when he is revealed with the One World Government and we cannot join!  We will be OUTSIDE looking on.  As God says, come out my people! Then the 2nd coming before the war begins.

Remember too, there are cockeyed moves in Christian churches all across the United States.  A move called Chrislam has started, supposedly involving evangelist Rick Warren, which he has denied in various articles.  Also there is a move to help Muslims build Mosques by the Southern Baptist Convention.  The Pope also wants to integrate Muslims and Christians, is against Israel, the Jewish people and in favor of a two state with Palestine.  Again, against the word of God, for God gave that land in Genesis 12 and 13 to the Jews, by Abraham.  The Jewish people, when God moved Abram out of Ur which is in Northern Iraq where the Tigress and Euphrates meet, and moved him to Canaan, changing his name to Abraham, which is modern day Israel.  THEN, that land also included what is now Palestine, Israel, Jordan, and half of Syria.  And this one world order, like the Muslims, and the Anti-Semitics in Europe who all hate the Jews. But God’s hand will ALWAYS be on his Chosen!  When the war erupts, many will flea to Petra in Turkey and hide out.

Israel’s cry should be from II Chronicles 6:42, “O LORD GOD, TURN NOT AWAY THE FACE OF YOUR ANOINTED REMEMBER THE MERCIES OF DAVID YOUR SERVANT.”  (God’s Anointed is the Messiah’s blessing that we receive and comes through the Lord Jesus Christ and what He did for us on the Cross.)  II Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven and will heal their land. “

The Pope:

Mystery Babylon:

Standing with Israel:

Southern Baptist Mosque Effort:

1000 Mosques shut down in France (US next?)

Raising up an Army of God:  1,000 people praying at Trump rally!


Secret Bilderberg Meetings attended by Bushes, Kissinger, Condi Rice, Obama, Clintons:

Photo of Donald J Trump with my last hero President Ronald Reagan..I love this!

Finally Prophecy of Donald Trump..”The Donald” means ruler in Scottish, Trump which is Trumpet or triumph:

Still in denial that we are in the end times?  Read Ezekiel 38 and 39..Exactly where we’re at!  Look up and watch the signs!