A Case For Moral Absolutes

cat like Friskie & BJMuch has been written on the “case for moral absolutes”, and I have included several sites as well as RBC ministries PDF on the subject. Some of which I do not necessarily agree with.

Those of us that are born again Christians and are also political conservatives,  face a harder scrutiny, even among our liberal Christians.  I believe in voting for a person, according to the Bible.  For me? It is clear and simple, abortion and my staunch stance against it, being number one.   I’ve seen in my Christian walk, too much suffering among women who now follow Christ, but, had an abortion in their past.  That hole in their side, that emptiness, that wonder of what that child would be like, never goes away.  Like the hole in Jesus side, He left for us.  Wherefore, I made a decision…no God made that decision, many years ago, when I came to the Cross,  that I could never ever vote for a Pro-Choice candidate.  I’ll go one step further.   I believe with all my heart, that the decision to vote even for a pro-choice candidate, will be among the top things we will be judged when we stand at that Great White Throne Judgment Seat of God!  That is my conscience, my soul, my beliefs, my opinion.   The 6th Commandment, “thou shall not kill,” is to me abortion, and the MURDERS of all these babies.  I stand by it.  (See photos of aborted babies, on my Abortion blog, and the links to Black Genocide and Rev. Childress.


I believe that our moral code still comes from the 10 Commandments.1, Thou shalt have no other Gods before me. 2. Thou shalt not make any graven images. 3. Thou shalt not take the name of thy God in vain.  4. Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.  5. Honor thy father and thy mother. 6. Thou shalt not kill. 7. Thou shall not commit adultery. 8.  Thou shall not steal. 9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. 10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife or anything of thy neighbors.  All right, yes, under the New Testament we are saved by grace.  But, the law coming God gave Moses and these 10 Commandments were the very fiber of the laws of our land starting with our US Constitution and our Us Supreme Court.  With the Ten Commandments STILL etched in stone there…not yet removed by the secularists.  It is what we should adhere to as Christians.

Ecclesiastes says there is a time for peace, a time for war.  I honor our American soldiers and Veterans for their sacrifice to our country.  When they have to kill it is to protect America, (now against radicals that want to destroy our Western way of Civilization and faith in Jesus.) There IS a difference.  They are to be HONORED.   We are in dangerous times.  For those politically correct, you and your secularism are leading us too, closer to Sharia law and not the law God gave to Moses.  Wisdom and clarity begin with knowing God, and having moral absolutes.

Attached links and PDF are arguments that have been carried on for a long time.  What happened in Germany with Hitler, came about too, because none of the churches stood up with moral absolutes against him in protest.  He was a madman, with schizophrenia in his family, and being fed drugs and yes even Cocaine by his doctor.  He was a killer.  Like Margaret Sanger who started Planned Parenthood and all the abortions since, that dear
Hillary holds up in reverence.  She is a murderer!  So was it an atrocity to what Joe Kennedy did to his daughter Rosemary because she was challenged, putting her in a hospital in VA and getting her a lobotomy without even telling his own wife!   Like Hitler and Sanger…if you are an imbecile, we need to eliminate you.   Still think there shouldn’t be any moral absolutes?  Eliminate the Jews, the imbeciles,  those with Down Syndrome, (Like Sarah Palin’s child?), and the crippled or elderly who can’t pull their weight, as well as the Blacks, and those not “superior”.   How dare there be no moral absolutes and anyone vote for people that hold up murderers, and call themselves a Christian!  How dare you mock and insult God!  Now I see why Eunice Shriver did all she could with the Special Olympics.  Her own father!

In this immoral society now, anything goes.  All that is on TV, is sex, and lewdness, and  filthy language.   The moral fabric of our teenagers now has deteriorated so much, with this “hooking up” and all the nude photos they send via email.  Where are the parents?  The bullying, the hatred, the prejudices and racism are not of God.  There are no moral absolutes, as anything goes.  We have become like Sodom and Gomorrah.  Remember Lots wife, when  she looked back as they fled, with lust and longing, and God turned her into a pillar of salt?  Does ANYONE fear God anymore?  Is He just a namby pamby love, love, love…But, no  wrath or judgment?  I don’t think so.  You that sin, will be punished one way or another.  We are now like Sodem & Gomorah and anything goes, especially on reality tv. See also this on our Pop Culture:

If you commit adultery, you are a sinner.  If you fornicate and are not married, yet call yourself a Christian, you are a sinner.  If you steal you are a sinner.  The Ten Commandments were given to us as a guidepost.  So, you out there that are liberal Christians, voting for your unions, and your pensions, and your feminist beliefs and pro-choice…You are a sinner!  Why?  Because my BIBLE tells me so!

Youth?  Get it together, and get on your knees and repent at the Cross of Jesus, and beg God to forgive you.  Then live a Godly life and let HIM minister to you and change you.   You all in Washington?  Dear Hillary, Obama, killing Black Babies in poor sections of cities with your Planned Parenthood, Barney Frank with your gay lifestyle…You are sinners!   Your going to hell!   Period.  But, you will not lead this here woman over to your lifestyle choices.  For I will STAND like a rock and not waver in the wind or the waves.   But, will keep my Lord’s Commandments, and love and fear Him only.   Only Him do I trust.  And I believe with all my heart…how we vote? We will be judged!  Jesus is coming…  Soon..This too I believe.  For we have become such an Ungodly nation of fools with all this progressive movement, which would never work…Those that tried it or Communism have admitted it failed. Come back to the CROSS…Only HE is tried and true.  God help us all as I pray for our nation and the world.



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