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Issues At Hand, Race, Cold War



Dear President Trump,

I’m 78, White, in NH, and voted for you. Your attack on Rep. John Lewis,  however, was uncalled for. Then again, his comments too, were uncalled for. RACE has to be healed in America.  You came across as a racist, which you are not.  I saw John Lewis’s heart and all the pain he went through on Finding Your Roots, with Henry Lewis Gates, Jr. He went through segregation. He saw lynchings…Listen to this old woman President Trump.  This has to stop. I was a jazz lover since I was a young girl of 13 and discovered Ella, leaving my classical roots and 8 years of piano lessons.  Every singer and musician I gravitated to was Black.  It wasn’t color I listened to, it was the depth, the chords, the harmony, with all that music from Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Charlie Bird, Miles Davis, Sarah Vaughn, Dinah Washington, Billie Holliday, Nancy Wilson, so many others.  I mean I was a young impressionable girl not even in high school. But, when I heard Billie singing “Strange Fruit”, I was in tears and riveted. “Black man hangin on a poplar tree, strange fruit.”  And I felt her sorrow.

By the time I got to high school, as we were in NH.  We were White, mostly Catholic and back in 50’s many from Quebec and French Canadian.  So when I went in my freshman year, we had only 5 Black students.  Two brothers, one I’ll call “M” 2 years ahead of me, and his brother one year behind me.  Then another family my friend and classmate who was in fact brilliant, and lives in Manhattan today, worked for the Port Authority, and her two sisters.  I didn’t see the racism of the south, or any hint,  as “M” played football, and basketball and was an amazing athlete.  But, Jumping ahead to my senior year, I felt the racist insults.  I was coming down the steps of my high school, before graduation, and “M” was coming up the stairs to see his coaches and visit in his Air Force uniform. I greeted “M” and said “Hi, how are you?” And this little short big mouth Freshman looked me right in the eye, and called me a “N—–“ lover. I was floored.  I mean to look at the pain and hurt of “M”’s face, who now I know was so demeaned and discriminated in the Air Force by those who were southerners.  And it was awful back then.

I am German.  My maternal grandparents came over from Hoff and Ahaweis, Germany on the Kroonland ship in 1903.  My mother and her brother were born here in the USA in Boston.  I say that for this, I was ashamed of being a German.  Guess Glenn Beck was too.  History buff that I am watching all the documentaries on PBS and Netflix, and I just cannot understand how the German people could have been so  gullible.  They were lied to and taken in. How could  a whole country, turn against the Jews as they did.  I was taught my Bible very young brought up in a Congregational church, and I knew God’s chosen were the Jews (was not taught the salvation message though).  No one in high school (other than other German kids my mother knew),  knew I was German, including one of my best friends who just died last summer, who I had known since we were 5 years old, (72 years).  My mother used to get all these letters from relatives in Germany  on what was going on…and I’d hear my mother and father talk. I remember the American Nazi party in Madison Square Garden on black and white newsreels at the movie theaters.  Around our house, there were 7 neighbors who lost sons, brothers, husbands in WWII, including my younger friend who lost his father.

My Dad knowing the Bible reached out in his business, as an electronic engineer to Jewish business owners throughout the State.  He was good to them, and they in turn when I worked for many, young, were good to me as a young woman, learning.   Some of the  best employers I ever worked for were Jews.  Three million Jews slaughtered?  How many Blacks were Hung unjustly in the South.  Remember “To Kill A Mockingbird”?  I have the book here in my bookcase.  I cannot stand for ANY human being, being treated with injustice, or discriminated against.  I HAVE A BLACK GRANDSON I LOVE.  I have visions of this young man who was brought up by my daughter and her then husband in a white home, of being pulled over and shot by some gun happy police officer, YES, even here in NH!   So before my conservatives attack me…forget it!    I would have walked that walk with Martin Luther King and Rep. John Lewis.  Good God, hasn’t America gone through enough?  How many were killed in the Civil War?

“Approximately 620,000 soldiers died from combat, accident, starvation, and disease during the Civil War. This number comes from an 1889 study of the war performed by William F. Fox and Thomas Leonard Livermore. Both men fought for the Union.”  Not to mention Lincolns assassination, nor Martin Luther King, nor President John F. Kennedy, or Bobby Kennedy. Nor, looking at all the shootings, now, especially Chicago..  DISCRIMINATION is not my America.  “Make America Great Again?”  Reagan used that slogan too.  Someone has to reach out President Trump and Representative John Lewis, and offer their hand.  Someone has to bend and make a gesture.

I am GOP, I am a 78 White Born again Christian woman up here in NH.   I AM PRO LIFE.  I WILL FIGHT FOR THE UNDERDOG, UNTIL GOD TAKES ME HOME. I want to see Chicago and relations with police SOLVED…and in ALL inner cities.  It goes 2 ways.  All this Soros funded acts from Black Lives Matter and all these left wing groups, vs, the Heritage Foundation, and all the right wing AND Christian groups, including T.D. Jakes who I’ve had a problem with, COME TOGETHER AND REACH OUT…DO SOMETHING!  THE RACIAL DIVIDE IN AMERICA HAS TO END!!!

ALSO, Israel.  Israel belongs to the Jews, Genesis 12, 13, and Palestine never existed when GOD gave that land to the Jews, 5,000 years ago, and at the time, not only included what is Palestine now, but also Jordan and half of Syria!  I STAND WITH ISRAEL AND NETANYAHU, AND THIS IRANIAN DEAL WAS WRONG!  With that Obama got us in another cold war with Russia.  Reagan also failed to close the deal with Gorbachev…He blew it.  WARNING…EVERY PRESIDENT WHO CONTINUED AND KEPT OR STARTED THE US IN WAR HAS BEEN DEFEATED.  The Documentary I watched on Netflix, by Oliver Stone, was riveting.  “The Untold History of the United States”.  I saw the piles of bodies in Germany after WWII when the allies went in and Hitler was defeated.  I saw the videos of ignorant stupid German citizens forced to bury all the dead, by hand….by HAND! It took Germany 40 years to rebuild after WWII.  And I don’t think Merkle has learned anything!   Millions…And I saw all the dead piled up including women and babies, in Vietnam, when Johnson left disgraced, and our soldiers were decapitating them? What kind of depraved injustices has America been guilty of including waterboarding.  I saw that in action on this documentary too.  MANS INHUMANITY TO MAN.  Putin is STILL KGB, and always was, and needs to be stopped in Syria, and Ukraine.   With Gorbachev Reagan lost a chance.  He wasn’t right in all his decisions either.

You  know who was? President Dwight D. Eisenhower.  He was on the front working with FDR and Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and he saw death all around him.  Truman, was right remembering his mother’s Bible lessons, in fulfilling Herzels dreams of an Israeli state and signed it.  BUT he was wrong and refused to listen to Eisenhower who warned him against using the bomb in Hiroshima.  3 million killed?  Even after Pearl Harbor, that bombing never should have been an option.  And  I’ve been watching the PBS documentary on the trials that followed.  But to his credit, John F. Kennedy, wracking his head, and worrying so much DID listen to Eisenhower, with the Bay of Pigs, and turned his military advisors away, and refused to bomb Cuba.  Vietnam was wrong to go into.  Now we face problems with China, and their building islands, and expanding.  We have a fruitcake in No Korea, who may down our electrical grids in which case, it would be a total disaster and anarchy…including no internet, food, gas, etc. Decisions lie  ahead that have to be made with a level head and BALANCE.  Yes, my favorite word, BALANCE! I often wonder about how all the bomb tests have effected the earth’s inner core. Did it have any implication on earthquakes?  Water now drying up under the earth’s core?


I STAND AGAINST ABORTION AS THESE BABIES HAVE RIGHTS TOO..THEY ARE NOT A BLOB, A FETUS, BUT A BABY, AND THEY CAN FEEL THE PAIN, WHEN THEIR HEADS ARE SLICED IN AN ABORTION.  According to WHO, every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day.

I am against the wars in the Mid east and we never should have gone into Iraq in the First place.  We opened up a Pandora’s Box.  So now we have an influx of aliens all over Germany, Austria, the UK, Greece, etc.  They are raping young girls, and old women, have no education, no civility, do not obey ANY laws except Sharia, nor do those here in the United States who do not respect our US Constitution.  A little Bible history: Do you know that Nineveh in the Old Testament is now Mosul?  Do you know that Abraham was born in UR way up at the top of Iraq where the Tigress and Euphrates  meet?  Do you know that Babylon is in the south of Iraq, and in a 1989 UPI article, all you media can dig up, the late Peter Jennings did a piece on Saddam Hussein attempting to rebuild Nebuchadnezzars hanging gardens.  Iraq was once the FIRST nation on earth, then called Mesopotamia.   Most of all the history, relics, and antiquity has been bombed away now and destroyed.  AND when God moved Abraham to Canaan in Genesis 12 and 13, to the land of milk and honey, (ISRAEL)  some 5,000 years ago, it was for the JEWISH people and there was no Palestine.  The land GOD gave Abraham, was not just Israel, but Jordan and half of Syria.  THAT land is sacred…And Heaven will one day reign right over Jerusalem.   As for the Arabs? That is from the seed of Ishmael.  God gave them oil…and so it goes.

Do we need jobs? Yes!  More businesses? Yes, but first and foremost we NEED BALANCE.  WE NEED AN END TO ABORTION, AND AN END TO GOVERNMENT FUNDING TO PLANNED PARENTHOOD FOR ABORTION, BUT WE NEED AN END TO WARS, TO STOP ILLEGALS,  WHO ARE RAPING AND KILLING, BUT RACE HAS TO BE HEALED AND SOLVED..AND I URGE BOTH YOU AS OUR PRESIDENT, TO DO WHAT OBAMA, FAILED TO DO, AND MAKE THIS RIGHT IN AMERICA…WITH YOU TOO REP. LEWIS.   BALANCE…WE CANNOT GO BACK IN HISTORY. TOO MUCH WAS WRONG!  WE NEED TO MOVE FORWARD, WITH A NEW SAYING, ‘MAKE AMERICA WHOLE AS NEVER BEFORE!’.   NOT THE SAME OLE, SAME OLE…BUT A NEW RACIALLY EQUAL, ACCEPTED, AMERICA, TO LOVE OTHERS AS WE WOULD WANT UNDER CHRIST.   We were never great before as long as we murdered, had wars, and failed to respect each other as human beings.  God loves the sinner but hates the sin.  Decisions have to be morally correct in the eyes of God, when one day He will judge each and every one of us, when we stand naked before him.  The saved and unsaved.  Will we get many crowns, and live in eternal peace in Heaven, forever, or will he spit us out, as Revelations 3. “I’d rather ye be cold or hot, for if you be lukewarm I will spew thee out of my mouth.”  And that includes many who “think” they ARE saved.  He sees our hearts.  Discrimination, murders of innocent babies, and wars are not of God.   Dear Lord I pray for Rep John Lewis and ALL the suffering he has  gone through, to be healed and meet with our President.  John, attend this inauguration.  REACH OUT.  Never judge a book by it’s cover.  Mr President, reach out.  You have not been in this mans shoes.  Listen..He has stories.  He has seen horrors that you have not and felt pain you have not.  Come together.  THAT IS MY VISION.