Righteousness: People God Can’t Save

The following notes come from a teaching link at end, from Pastor John Hagee Ministries.  I think it is terribly important to acknowledge how serious our Lord is that we obey Him and be remain righteous.  I have another blog on here from Pastor Dave Jenkins on repentance and forgiveness.  But, to add to that, Pastor Hagee also said, regarding Jesus parable with the tax collector, that “refusing to forgive is control”.  If you try to control someone by refusing to acknowledge their asking forgiveness of you, it is manipulation, and in the end will control you!  Unless you forgive, and GO to that person, you will NEVER have a true relationship with God.  Sin breaks the heart of a Christian, for to be broken is to repent, and turn from your wicked ways.  Adding works to  your salvation is blasphemous. For, hanging on that CROSS Jesus said, “It is finished!”  Just because you were holier than thou when saved, even if as a child, doesn’t mean you do not still sin, and offend.  That is legalism vs liberty when we fail to repent, and acknowledge and forgive others.

God cannot save the self righteous.   Luke 18:11-14 (Those who exalts him or herself.  Trusting yourself above God, means you think  your a “little God”, and He cannot save you. Matthew 5:20, John 8:44.

Those who have “religion” but not righteousness (trees without fruit), Sounding brass!  “American Idol”, that have “other God’s before them instead of the one true God!  A Pharisee is Holier than thou, which means spirited, doctrinal positions, and has NOTHING TO DO WITH RIGHTEOUSNESS!

Social Pharisees:  If you were made of the right stuff.  “I can’t be a part of what you are,” the intellectual Pharisees.  The religous Pharisee (2 Corinthians 1:13).  Jesus is our example not a doctrine.  When you put Him in a box, it becomes legalism.   God can’t save you.  Even if you think you are already saved? You are not!

When you cannot receive correction, rebuke a religious spirit, and only listen to God not men.  Obey the Ten Commandments, and your spiritual leaders.  You do not know better.  1 Peter 5:15  For God resists the proud!  When you have an inclination to see the wrong in others, fault finding is a demon spirit and it does not please God.  None of us are perfect, and those who cannot go and forgive a person, and show true love to one who is hurting, is a perfect example of holding yourselves up as perfect, and that is an abomination to our Lord Jesus Christ, and SIN.   Revelations 2 and 3 Satan wants to bring shame and shortcoming to someone to bring them down.  They are the devil’s helpers, without even knowing it.  The ae not your judge, only GOD Almighty is!

A Pharisee is also when we think we need to fix other people.  Stop! ( Romans 14:4) Stop trying to let people manipulate you!   A Pharisee is when you feel you are closer to God than other people, it’s like the 5 I will’s of Lucifer, before he fell and became Satan.  “I” is pride, which goes before the proud and will fall!   A Pharisee is when your prayer life is mechanical, and your prayer is not telling God what to do, but, what your will is.  God will not answer those prayers out of selfishness, for it is only HIS Will not ours! (The Lord’s Prayer, never once has “I” but THY will be done!)  These people God cannot save.

A Pharisee is one who is offended.  Has a critical spirit of Holy manifestations.  It rejects God Himself. Wind and fire consumed the house in Pentacost. There are those in these Pharisee circles that want to put God in a box, that the Holy Spirit isn’t manifested today, as then.  Wrong!  And God cannot save these people.  You cannot put God in a box, or the Holy Spirit.  You take out and put in rejecting what you want in this Bible and it is sin!  It is blasphemy.   God cannot save you.  The Publican, tax collector a Jew was the most hated man in town.  He had 3 things a Jew must do if he touched this man, spit, wash, and change his clothes (Luke 18:13).  Gut wrenching confessions, mean deep deep sorrow to confess our sins.

America and it’s churches needs to come back to mercy!  The Blood Atonement, the blood in the Old Testament got sprinkled over the Ark of the Covenant, from sacrifices lambs.  We don’t seem able to appreciate the love of God, without the law of God, which gives us mercy.  Psalm 34:15.  God cannot save the hypocrite.  So, you may have mouthed the words, talked the talk, even got baptised, but your an unsaved hypocrite if you walk in your own pride and self rightousness.  God cannot and will not save you.  You think your going to Heaven, but, he also says in Revelations, “I would rather ye be hot or cold, but if you are lukewarm I will spew thee out of my mouth.”  Once saved is not always saved!  Think about it.

God cannot save an Apostate.  They come to Christ, get saved too, and baptised and go back home and live in the world as always, doing the same sins, swearing, fornication, or holding things of the world above God etc.  They are Apostates, and now we in America have become an Apostate church!   We are no better than the world, and our divorce rate is just as high in the church as in the world, about 40% now or more.   And Holiness of Christ, repentance, is scorned, with light fluffiness, Jesus wants me to be happy!  Hogwash!  Jesus wants us to come to the throne of God, in brokenness, and repentance and HOLINESS..Instead we have thrown Holiness and Jesus out with the bathwater!  Where is the shame, for we are to come before Him pure, and let Him mold us like clay in His image!   If your are an Apostate, you will not be saved.  If all you do is play games with God He says, “Your end is worse than your beginning!”  That means, your toying with Him telling others your saved, while living in sin, and your end will be UNsaved, for He will spew you out, and you will be worse in Jesus eyes, than before you were ever saved.  Wow!  Time America we examined ourselves! You can talk the talk, but not walk the Holy walk in obediance.  So, the Lord still sees you as lost, not saved, because you will not obey!  Are you REALLY saved?  If  your still sinning you are an Apostate, not saved, and going to hell.

The other person that will not be saved, is the person that already died, and your asked to pray for them.  It’s too late.  On this blog site, arrowing down the bottom is an audio tape by Pastor Rod Parsely, “Mr John If Only”…It is the best salvation message I have ever heard.   Play it.   When he originally preached this on tv, I watched it, casket and all with SweetBeulahLand playing in the background.  Ah…SweetBeulahLand…I’m coming home…But, for this, Mr. John If Only, it was too late..he went to hell.  Still think it meaningless to witness Christ to your unsaved husband, or loved ones?   Then you too, will be accountable to God when they go to hell.

The other that cannot be saved, and final is those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit.  God can forgive when you use His name in vain..all else, but this.  When you blaspheme the Holy Spirit and the MOVE of the Holy Spirit and His manesfestations you will not enter the Kingdom of God.  So those “doctrinal” Southern Baptists that do not believe in tongues, God says they are blasphemy!  You are living a lie.  Your not really saved, and going to hell.   This is the one cardinal sin Jesus warned us about.  For when He rose from the dead, did He not say we would not ever be alone, that He was leaving us the “comforter” the Holy Spirit.  Paul too warned us.  These people will not be saved who deny the Holy Spirit and are blasphemers.

So where are you in your walk with God?  Do you even know your 10 Commandments?  My prayer for America is to bring back holiness, repentance, and be God-FEARING Christians once more.   In the 80’s there were so many moves of God, some righteous, some fake…but altar calls, tears, repentance.  Now, go in any church, and its fun and games, and laughter, and no one is serious about God.  What has happened?  No  one fears Him anymore. I cry out for God to change us.   Bring us down on our knees Lord in brokeness and tears and repentance.





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