Worthen Lineage and Ancestry

ancestryWorthen’s of Manchester -Goffstown, New Hampshire, USA


The Worthen’s of Manchester, NH & Rev. War Major Ezekiel Worthen dates back to 1641 and England on my father’s side; and we are all registered in DAR in Washington, D.C. The first immigrant ancestor, George Worthen, was born at or near Bristol, England, who died in 1716 at 64. Major Ezekiel Worthen (DAR# A130615), Revolutionary War, (3rd Ezekiel in line after George) The French Indian War, King George’s War and the Siege of Louisburg, was born March 18, 1710, and died in Kensington, NH in 1783. He also served under General John Stark and helped start Roger’s Rangers in 1757. His company of Roger’s Rangers was a part of the Garrison of Ft. William Henry at Lake George, NY. He was 65 when the Revolution broke out, and made Major. He was a member of the Provencial Congress of NH. He was also an engineer. He was married to Abigail Carter who died, then to Hannah Currier, who bore him 4 sons, Samuel,Jacob,Ezekiel,and Enoch. They all fought in the Rev. War, & 3 were Major’s. Through Harold F.Blake’s Kensington records, Enoch was also in the Rev. War, as was his brother, Major Jacob Worthen. It is through this very accomplished man that I am proud to be a DAR member, and past regent of the New Boston, NH (Goffstown) Chapter. The gun he used escaping the Indians in the French Indian War is with Bunker Hill Assoc. and may be seen in that building at the foot of the monument. Records, on file in DAR Washington, DC, copies of births, deaths, divorce, etc. from records at Pine Grove Cemetery,Piscatesqua Cemetery, Manchester, NH and Bureau of Vital Statistics, Concord, NH, Reverand Roland Sawyer’s “History of Kensington” (NH) covering the years from 1663-1944, 282 years; Farmington ME, D.H. Knowlton, UNH Library. Records also from Canada, and from Stackpole’s History of NH, French Indian War 1754-1763, then Captain Worthen, Also on here is German lineage of the Schertels, Schneider’s and Pvt. Thomas Shirley,(DAR# 837104) of NH who also served in the Revolutionary War.

Major Ezekiel Worthen booklet:


I decided to share some of the old family photos history that I love.. Links on here also of my ancestor who I gave his own site.  One day when God takes me home, besides seeing my son BJ again, I hope to see my Major Ezekiel Worthen.  He did us proud!   On Ancestry, if anyone is a member, are over 305 photos, documents, with Lineage.



With National DAR Writeup of Donation, 2 frames were donated to the Manchester, NH and Goffstown, NH Historical Societies.


All the pins of one of our members..AMAZING!


Revolutionary War Cemetery in Kensington, NH where my ancestor Major Ezekiel Worthen is buried.


Vietnam Wall in Goffstown, NH


Speaking at State Meeting..Also Chairman of Women’s Issues.


Giving a DAR report at State Meeting at Radisson Hotel.


With friend Lili and statue of FDR in Washington DC.


Receiving Proclamation.


Selectmen photo op on Constitution Week.


Guest speakers, one from UNH on conservation.


In Revolutionary costume, speaking at local elementary school.


Librarian, on Veterans day.


Meeting held in my apt when Regent.


Oil Painting I did donated to President George W. Bush after 9/11 through DAR.


Trip to Washington DC, 2004, with then NH (R) Senator John Sununu, Jr.


John & Molly Stark, in costume of course.


Proclamation National DAR to New Boston, NH Chapter 3-22-1911


Photo op, donating a childrens history book to town library.


Witih Goffstown selectmen on Constitution Week.


My Aunt Ima Worthen who left me all the lineage before she died in 82, so I might join the Daughters of the American Revolution. I thank her..It opened an amazing journey to the past.


My Installation as Regent in Goffstown, NH 2007


Worthen Ancestry, donated to both Manchester, NH Historical Society.


Revolutionary War Re-enactment.


My beautiful mother and I ..my 1st marriage.


My wonderful Dad, Elgin Fremont Worthen.


The house I loved so much and grew up in.



My Dad I was so proud of, Worthen Lab at the 1939 New York World’s Fair, an electronic engineer.. Still miss you.


Photo in Manchester Union Leader 1948 ..First TV in the State of New Hampshire. My Dad zoomed up from WBZ Boston.


My Gandmother Elizabeth Worthen, my Aunt Ima and my Dad.


My beautiful mother, Elsie Elizabeth Schertel Worthen 1934 before they married.


My mother, me, and Dad Christmas 1939.


My grandfather Elgin Norman Worthen, who died in the 1918 flu epidemic, leaving my grandmother with 3 young children, my Dad, his sisters Ima and Florence. No Social Security or Medicaid back then. My dad was 13 only.


My maternal grandpa Wolfgang Schertel who came to America from Ahouweis Germany and my grandmother from Hoff Germany in 1903 on the Kroonland out of Belgium. My grandmothers maiden name was Marguerite Elizabeth Schneider/nee Schertel.


Edward and Annie S. Schneider Brendle. Annie was my maternal Grandmother’s sister. Two of the Schneider sisters married Brendle brothers.


Children of Annie and Edward. Edward, Madelaine, and Dorothy.


One of my maternal grandmother’s other sister, Lizzie (Elizabeth) married to another Brendle brother.


Dorothy (Dottie) Brendle Cooper, myself, and Madelaine Brendle sisters, Easter 2010. They both died in 2015, exactly 3 mos of each other. I still miss Dot so much.


My mother, Elsie Schertel and Anna Dryer, her brother Wilheim’s wife to be around 1932.


My aunts Florence ,Ima, and my dad as children after their father died. Now I know where I got the love of cats.


The Worthen clan, in 1940’s. Joe Edwish, married Florence’s daughter Eleanor, Virginia, Florence, Eleanor, my grandmother, and Ima..little Donna if front.