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7054354-judge-s-gavel-smashing-religious-symbols-of-cross-and-star-of-david-on-an-american-flagI am looking forward to a new day in America, in our Churches, and prayer in all of our lives.  I pray we learn to get along with each other, with better understanding, empathy, and above all the love of Christ. I pray for our American leadership, and trust that God Almighty be involved in every decision made in this Republic, the United States of America!  God isn’t finished with us yet.  We may, just may as centuries before, when they thought it was over, be able to prolong the end times.  I pray for Revival, and that God’s Holy word, will reap a harvest of fruit for every Christian in America.  We need to love one another, as Christ so loved the earth, and gave his life for us, shedding His blood on the Cross at Calvary.  God loves each and every one of us, no matter what color, White, Black, Red, Brown, or Purple!  I look forward to what GOD has planned with a President who loves America! For violence and hate is a heart problem.  I want the America I used to know.  All lives matter and we need to come together as a nation, in Jesus name.

There are posts on here of every Bible lesson I have saved through 36 years, as well as political answers and topics of history.  Youth? You need to read.  Know your history and educate yourselves.  We are all in this together.  We need a new fresh vision, to make America exceed in all her goals and dreams.  We are not a Communist nation, and never have been.  It is evil and it never worked in Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution, never worked in China, certainly isn’t working in No Korea, didn’t in Vietnam, Cuba, or the suffering now in Venezuela. It does not give you equality, it only raises up dictators. Only freedom does and our Republic.  All the great visionaries in our history, and our Founding Father’s, saw so much ahead of their time.  Now we need to pull together and make these dreams come true.  It tears me apart when I see interviews on the street and young people who are so illiterate. Without education, and hard work there is no fruition.  God loves you.  Be blessed and don’t ever quit.  Failure is refusing to get up one more time.  I beg youth especially, even new immigrants, Christians, to comb through here for Bible lessons and history.  Everything I ever learned in life’s lessons, history, word of God is on this blog.  Above all, learn to discern right from wrong. Good from evil. This is the legacy I leave behind.  God bless all of you who DO READ and delve into the links below.


“Instead I see the devil winning out.  And I am livid…RIGHTEOUS ANGER!! ANYONE WHO VOTED DEMOCRAT IN THESE MID TERMS IS AIDING US BEING A COMMUNIST NATION!! Not just on abortion. SHAME ON EVERY  CHRISTIAN WHO VOTED DEMOCRAT!   This is no longer a nation I wish to live in.  This is not how our Founding Fathers devised our Constitution, or set up voting, so that crooks  can challenge.  We are an UNCIVIL, unlawful, unGodly nation of Communists from Antifa, to Black Lives Matter, Soros Communist money, and all these other groups, now with elected Democratic Islamic’s in our House, as well so they can overthrow our US Constitution for Sharia Law!  THIS IS NOT MY AMERICA, MY ANCESTOR AS A MAJOR FOUGHT IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR FOR AT THE VERY TIME THE GREAT AWAKENING AND GEORGE WHITEFIELD WAS TAKING PLACE. America was started to escape England’s Religious tyranny.  Instead, now Democrats (Communists) want to impose the very thing we escaped.  We are not part of the European Union. Thats why  we fought the Revolutionary War in 1776, and why England burned our White House in the War of 1812 when James Madison was President!  We are to preserve our Federalist Papers he worked so hard on, that took Dolley 15 years to get Congress to publish after his death.  NO one reads, no one cares, and many do not even understand what is at stake. I’m almost 80, and I fought and fought on Facebook, and most of all Twitter, especially this past year.  For what? I’m angry, fed up, and I can’t believe Christians, who DEFY the word of God for freebies, and Communism.  It didn’t work since 1917 and the Bolshevik Revolution, Russia, China, N. Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Cuba, or Venezuela! Instead we now have caravans coming to America, to help implement Communism with the Democrats, that collapsed their own countries. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY?  Did you not have history lessons on the Cold War?  I’m a child of WWII, I remember my mama getting letters from Germany and relatives in fear.  The German people were lied to…AND the DEMOCRATIC AMERICAN people are  being lied to.  WAKE UP!!  I don’t care if everyone reading this hates me.  Read Ayn Rand. She was a child of the Bolshevik Revolution when Czar Nicholas was murdered in Russia, and his wife and 5 children killed too. She saw the Revolutionaries (just like Antifa!!) smash her father’s business at only 10 years old.  She came to America and NYC at only 16 to write..She was a genius.  Read her book on Capitalism, or Atlas Shrugged.  You take away guns, and religion, and THAT is what Europe and Russia, Cuba and  Venezuela did. Communism!  I make no apologies for this. LOOK at the headlines recently. Yes, as I heard preached yesterday, we have choices. I have 254 blog posts 2 published  books at Historical Society out of print, along with my long ancestry, 22 years of writing, and every Biblical lesson, I ever learned and relevant History including the Constitution,  Give Me Liberty or Give me Death’s whole letter, (by Patrick Henry).  No one reads, and I see flippant Christians on Social media, I’d like to shake!  Women who don’t understand and hate politics  or haven’t a brain in their head!  YES I am ANGRY!  Righteous anger… And when I am in the ground, which at this point, I hope soon, remember,  “I told you so!”  JUST because we are in the End Time prophecies, WHERE does it say in the Bible we are to be complacent and hand everything over to the devil?  For obviously that is how everyone in America and crooked elections wants it. God help us…we are sinking fast, but, I no longer can rail on deaf  illiterate ears.  Christian women especially, will stand on that judgement seat an have a lot to answer for.  And for Schumer, and other Jews in Washington? You have no idea what you are ushering in this country which will collapse it, and bring on more devastation than you can ever imagine. Columbus brought Jews over from Spain, who were being pogamed, and here in America God’s hand was on you, and THIS is how you repay God, Schumer? Your God of Abraham?  Hell is waiting for you and Soros, believe me.  The melting pot just became Obama’s revenge to make us a 3rd world country. God have mercy on us!”       JW 11/12/18 

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Living In Pain:                                                                                                                                               

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Unforgiveness :                                                                                                                                                 

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God, Send Your Fire!                                                                                                                              

America God Is Calling You                                                                                                                    


God Save Our America                                                                                                                        

The US Constitution                                                                                                                         

Salvation And Misconceptions                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Growing in God                                                                                                                                       

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