America Has Spoken


Thank you God, for your promises.  Thank you for hearing the cries of Christian America!  Thank you Christians, for listening to some of us, who you did not agree with, who backed Donald J. Trump.  Thank you all for hearing that small voice inside, to restore America, under God Almighty.

I kept emailing, Tweeting, on posting on Facebook, all you in the media, all year.  You did not take a lot in consideration. such as those of us, who are born again Christians.  The evangelical vote went out loud and clear.  We are not a Muslim, Socialist, Communist nation, as Obama, Lynch, Soros, etc.  We did NOT want a One World Order, which is part  of end time prophesies, in  Revelations 6.  NO Republic can stand without borders.  We are  against the MURDER of  un born babies.  Europe, Germany, have trains, infrastructure that makes America look like a 3rd  world nation.  We do NOT want a North American Union.  We do not want Chaplains, facing Court Marshall, for doing  their job, and preaching the gospel of Christ!  We want our Constitution, not the UN dictating our 2nd Amendment, and American LAWS.  Furthermore, we were against this Iranian deal, and WE BACK ISRAEL, and I am presuming Trump also got the Jewish vote. ie. Pastor John Hagee, and Christians United for Israel.  I kept telling you in the  media your polls were wrong.  Well?  I was right.  Prayer…Faith.

This is how a Republic works. Democracy just spoke out against all of Obama-Clinton’s progressive move to not only Socialism but just plain Communism and also Muslim’s replacing America, from our Founders as a Christian nation!  Trump is saved by grace. The media totally eliminated without any thought the huge move of God, throughout all our evangelicals, through a call of prayer in churches NON-denominational, through Social media, as well as Trinity Broadcasting, Daystar Television, SonlilfeTv, GETV, and all our leading evangelists touring America, and some with Donald J. Trump. The media totally missed the point when Trump went to Baton Rouge floods, he was there meeting with Rev. Franklin Graham, and Samaritan’s Purse.  They left Graham out of photos.  And Trump interacted and gave in secret to many who had lost everything. Now, the people spoke! I pray now a return to the America we all knew with prosperity, our debt paid, our electrical grids repaired, our infrastructure upgraded against terrorism, and new foreign policy, to include relations with Israel again; and an end to corruption in Washington. I pray to that we find an end to racial injustices, drugs, and America gets cleaned up.  Thank you Jesus, for listening to us, We the People. I see Trump as King Cyrus, in the Bible…He will restore all that has been destroyed. But we now need to still keep this man in Prayer! Never stop praying for our President, or America! Amen. THANK YOU LORD…There is only one God, too, not Allah, but the I AM, NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES!

I am encouraged, enlightened, with hope, with expectation, of all the great and wonderful things, this man of God, who bungles, with his foot in his mouth at time, just like Peter did. I feel hope now for the first time since Ronald Reagan.   THIS IS WHAT MAKES AMERICA ….THIS IS DEMOCRACY IN ACTION.  THIS IS WHAT PULLED AT MY HEART, AND TORE AT ME, the direction that we were wrongly headed in.   But, the American people have to be educated.   On this blog, I tried to do that for the past 13 years.  The Establishment Clause is on here, so is Ayn Rand, vs. Capitalism  and Socialism (Communism).   I have researched, agonized, and left you the reader, all my lessons, both scriptural and the laws of our Founding Father’s, including the Forgotten War of 1812, with my favorite hero,  James Madison, (and his wife Dolley.)  I thank you all who have followed me.   If I have had any influence on your walk with God, or history, then I give all the glory to God Almighty.   For I am only HIS vessel, and and old one now, at that.  Thank you  Lord for this election, thank you Lord, for using me,  I give you ALL the glory.  It is not by might, but, by  his Glory Lord.    I know in my spirit the compassion that Trump has and how he helps those in secret.  There is a kind, gracious, generous side to this man, that God is using. Thank you Donald J. Trump for listening to that small voice of  God.  THANK YOU AMERICA!   GOD LOVES YOU!

Trump being prayed on by Pastors Copeland, Jeremiah, Paula White. Rabbie Schneider, Robt Jeffress:

Trump being prayed on by Pastors in Cleveland

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racist.  Population control through abortion  like Hitler.