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Brown, Liberals, and Race

0000188_first-blacks-in-congress-p02_300First, I am so fed up with riots, Black Commies from Chicago being bused in and the destruction of Ferguson, or ANY American city, and cry out to God for JUSTICE, by God Almighty!   Whereby, I sent the attached to New England Cable News, Laytoya Edwards, yesterday.   Yes, it is sad Brown had to be killed.  But, the media does not put it in the right perspective.  YOU decide.

“Referencing my email yesterday on Michael Brown.  And…I’ve emailed prior, to your
station’s very liberal stance and all this “politically correct” stance on all Blacks and that police have to “tone down” and not do their job? We have laws!  Laws are for all races and nationalities.  You break the laws, you go to jail. There is something drastically wrong with this ideology that “too many Black’s are in jails”  therefore it is the fault of police???  What about taking responsibility for your actions, and being accountable!??  Michael Brown was no little teeny-bopper.  Nor was he a “teen ” in the sense.  He was 18 and legally a MAN who committed a crime on camera, thumbed his nose at authority; and was 6’4″ of intimidation.  The officer was still in his car. And look how small a man he was. If he’d got out of his car, Brown would have killed HIM?  And THAT, though is all right?

NECN, CNN, and ALL liberal media, is not taking responsibility nor addressing the Chicago thugs either, Blacks killing Blacks.  From your views, we should have a lawless society, where Blacks get a free reign.  And that goes for Obama too and all his cronies including Holder and Sharpton. Thank God for Lt.Col. Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, and Dr. Altheda King, who ALL disagree with you.  ALL!!! And many others too.  And I wrote before, because I disagree with you and have an adopted Black grandson;  who was taught to respect authority and police.

You can’t have it all.  Most of the Blacks I see on news from left media, especially are THUGS!  Most of the Blacks (as Hernandez)  in the NFL getting millions, are street thugs too, who have been involved in crimes and /or drugs.  Yet they all want a free pass, because they are Black?  WHAT is this now with reverse hatred and all the hates towards us White Crackers they hate.  You people in the media do not even know your true Black history…nor do most young people Black, White or purple. They come here from other countries and\ that includes Islam, and could care less about American laws or history and most of all the US Constitution.  How DARE the Browns go before the world on Human Rights violations when their son robbed a store, and attacked this officer, too, and was a 6’4″ tyrant who was defiant of all laws!????  How DARE you all fail to report truth.  NO person Black or whatever should receive a free pass because of color when they committed a crime!

My next point? You want police to have their hands tied, and be namby pamby, babysitters for men that need to take responsibility for their actions. (IE. Like the Black student in MA who brutally raped and killed his White Irish beautiful young teacher.) We have ISIS coming or ARE in America. We have bigger problems this asinine President doesn’t even care about.  I went without power for 3 days and 3 nights at 75, up here in NH.  It leads me to think about ISIS if they attacked our grids.  Then what?  Oh God forbid, our US police in all cities should do anything that is politically not to your left liking?  Bull!  We are in a war against good vs evil.  You don’t sit down and talk sweet talk to your enemies, you destroy them.  America, is being destroyed by your left ignorant ideologies, that most of us who have a brain, and knew World War II, are appalled with! Theodore Roosevelt said,when immigrants come here they do it legal (mine did from Germany in 1903 through Ellis Island!) They pledge allegiance to the American flag, not the country of origin, and obey our laws, and become legal citizens, period!   I agree. The 20’s and 30’s…maybe even up to the 50’s generations have been brought up in screwed up homes of divorce, now Gay’s..messed up households where there are no father’s, or God in their home.  And I said GOD…not Allah….The I AM!   Jesus Christ who died for the sins of mankind, and does not teach hate…unlike Esau in the Bible, who in the womb with his twin, had ahold of Jacobs heal…..and Jacob always therefore had a limp.  Esau, meaning the “hairy one”…the beginning of the Arab nation, from Ishmael…Esau, the only one in the Bible, that God said, “Him do I hate”.  Jesus…name above all names….And your Black Christian counterparts if any of you have the courage of your worldly convictions to watch Daystar or Trinity Broadcasting,do not act, preach, talk, or interpret todays problems as you on the left.

You all who think you have all the answers. Our police officers are not hired to be politicians, or babysitters. We need marriages Black and white with a man and a woman…with respect, teaching values. Do any of you in the left media, know what VALUES are?  Character?  Integrity?  ETHICS? MANNERS….thats a good one. No, instead you all wanted things handed on a silver platter. Well I was a child of WWII. And I wasn’t brought up that way.   I started working in the 5 &dime at 15 1/2; bought all my own clothes all through high school.  I was in the honor  society, glee club, art club, School magazine, Rainbow Girls, given piano lessons, and I worked and maintained a B average.  We were brought up to respect our elders as well as laws.  We were taught to work hard, and not settle for less than our own self worth.   We were brought up  with GOD…AND CHURCH. No matter if Catholic or Protestant. But we had prayer in school; pledged allegiance to the flag…in school.  God and Country..  Kids today..could care less about values. THAT is what is missing; NOT police having to babysit.  Get a life!   THERE are no values anymore, unless your in a born again Christian evangelical church.   You liberals have changed America, to the extent we have lost our respect on the world scene.  And I want my country back!   AND for your info,my high school in the 50’s had Blacks too; not many back then.  BUT they were our friends and part of us – played football, etc.  And they got educated better than today’s.

So when we get hit by ISIS and the following article?  How the heck are police supposed to react?babysit them too?  You liberals are ridiculous.  You haven’t a clue!  And I probably won’t waste my time ever writing again…But I have had it, as many I have known for 60  years, who were in service…Navy, Special Ops; another friend worked for the Defense Dept.  Now no values; only free passes to spit on the country I once loved…and now see it being destroyed.  And unfortunately this is all on deaf ears.  But I and others are sick of Michael Brown.  He belonged in jail!  The end!”

Postscript:  Now it came out yesterday, that Browns stepfather was instigating getting all these rioters in Ferguson from other States.  One Black woman too, who had once been homeless, and somehow managed to open up a bake shop, had HER business totally destroyed too.
Who paid for this?  Sharpton and cronies?  If it wasn’t so disgusting, it would be comical.  America has a US
Constitution.  We don’t bow down to Baal or the likes of this commission.
The Browns should AND this President should get educated by Black preacher Rev. Childress.
O’Reilly and Tavis Smiley
Wallbuilders…CHRISTIAN TRUE documentation of early Black Congressmen…TRUTH..liberals are in denial of.