What’s Happening?

Books are sacred and history. The illiterate and ignorant do not respect. That’s what is going  on with the Shiites in Iraq.  Destroying history, artifacts. As an artist, this makes me so  upset.  Do you all know anything about Iraq? Had in my Ancient Civ course in college. Open up to Genesis.  Iraq was the first civilization on earth. Mesopotamia (8,000 BC). In Genesis, it shows Abraham was born in UR. Ur is up where the Tigress and Euphrates Rivers meet. Where he buried his father.  There was a monastery of monks (Christians )way up  north in caves on a high plateau, and after 2,000 years of being there, they had to flee. All these original scrolls and history.  All destroyed by ignorant fools. So SAD! Now Mosul? Mosul was Nineveh in the Bible.  My Bible dictionary says it was the capital of the Ancient kingdom and empire of Assyria. Nineveh is first mentioned in the Old Testament. It was the primitive dispersion and migration of the human race. They were Assyrians constructed by people of Babylonian origin.  Babylon, south of Iraq…The hanging gardens of King Nebuchadnezzar, down near Kuwait. Saddam Hussein in a UPI article in 1989 by the late Peter Jennings said how Saddam was rebuilding.  Archaeologists on PBS have dug up in the desert the intricate canals, which for the first humans on earth was amazing.  Then the Arabs destroyed.

Christians, are you going in the Rapture? Are you truly saved?  If you don’t go in the Rapture, you are going to be here for 7 years of hell on earth. One third of the earth will be destroyed in Armageddon.  When Iran starts going into Israel, God will have earthquakes, sink holes, chaos, all over; and swallow all Israel’s enemies up The Locust John saw in Revelations? Drones! I used to think helicopters, but with new technology? Drones.  We are the whore. And we sure are. Abortion, nudity…all that is happening now around the world. All these Muslims. Now the UK, terrorist attack.  While our liberal judges stop our President’s call to stop immigration?! When the goal of Muslims is to take over all of Western Civilization as they did during the Ottoman Period.  Our fake stupid news media doesn’t know a thing. I’ve emailed and tweeted and they are all buffoons.  They don’t get it.  The only good news what I get…is CBN. Yes, CHRISTIAN news and Jewish news.  And Eric Stakelbeck who now is not with CBN, but CUFI (Christians United For Israel).

North Korea soon will be able to send a missile and wipe out our antiquated electrical grids that are 60 years old, as they had a flop this very week.  Where do parts come from? China.. If our infrastructure and grids aren’t updated? And we’re hit?  Anarchy…The tribulation.  No lights, no food, no gas, no oil, no INTERNET; cars won’t run. Russia, the Bear, Gog and Magog, Moscow. The Leopard China.  The Lion is the UK. The lion is on the British flag.  Since Richard the Lionhearted.  The beast..10 horns…out of which the Anti-Christ will come.  Too complicated? It is the EU.  Talking about the woman, in purples and reds…probably the Vatican. They are still as evil as they were in the 13th-15th  centuries.  They have their own army. They (Rome ) was great and Caesar ruled when they crucified Jesus.  They ran monarchies and made a lot of money. The Church, that rose up after Rome fell was evil. From the Borgia’s to the Medici’s up to 15th century. Borgia was a married man with children to push and connive to make himself a Pope, with all his mistresses.  HOLY? Really?  Then, Mary Queen of Scots, and her half sister Elizabeth from the loins of Henry the 8th.  History is knowledge, for it ALWAYS repeats itself.  It was Henry puffed up in himself, who got sick of the Catholic church, and made himself as King England’s head.   You can then go up to Queen Isabella of Spain, and  how she murdered, and pogamed Jews; which Christopher Columbus, knowing Jesus in his heart, brought to America.  It was Jews who contributed to America and WHY God’s hand was always on her. Because of the Jews and us backing Israel, and us being a once Godly nation. And don’t kid yourself, Bibi Netanyahu has all the best top most sophisticated arsenal and army in all the world.  And Jesus.  They have already got plans drawn up to rebuild the Temple. right next to the Muslim Dome of the Rock, where the wailing wall is. And Trump is going to move our US Ambassador office from Tel a Viv to Jerusalem!  Amen!  That ought to stir up a fight. There was no Palestine.  When God gave that land to Abraham in Genesis 12 and 13, it included what is now called Palestine, as well as Jordan, and half of Syria.  That little land of Israel 10 miles wide  is the greatest controversy from the beginning of time, now, and future, in all the world.  When Jesus comes after the final war, and sets his Kingdom, Heaven will be right over Jerusalem.   Glory…What glory.

Brexit dropped out of EU, and Greece may be next, followed by maybe the Netherlands,(Holland) or Switzerland, who are overrun by Arabs.  These Muslims come from the lineage of Ishmael, Abraham’s servant, his mother, Hagar was an Arab.  Then down the lineage also to Esau. Name Esau meant the hairy one, the one who is unruly and wars.  The only one in the Bible who God said, “HIM “ do I hate!   I can only imagine how God hates George Soros too.  The Hungarian Jew who is Godless, sold God out. Young during WWII, his father changed their name from Schwartz to Soros to escape the Nazi’s.  He lied and said he was a Christian, and helped Nazi’s kill His own people, Jews. That’s how lowlife he is.  All his billions, and he is going to hell. His nephew married to Chelsea Clinton.  Lowlife! How God must hate him. God’s Chosen sold out.  Now, too Iran’s head, is in Russia meeting with Putin.  After this deal Kerry made, and all the money Obama gave to Iran, playing right in the devil’s hands. THAT is why God chose another billionaire, in Donald Trump…and thank God, he is saved.  This is prophecies happening.




Now, THAT was a preface.  From a small paperback book “Israel’s Glorious Future” by Chosen Ministries, I want to share some in depth prophesies of what is coming…Actually what times we are living in.  If it wasn’t for all the technology we have now, it wouldn’t be evident.  I’m not quoting the whole book, but synopsizing.  However, this is what has been prophesied, what age we are living, and the ramifications of all our moves from hereon, will bear out God’s move on this, our planet earth.  And make no mistakes, HIS hand is on my President Donald Trump!  In essence, it is a WARNING.


“In Ezekiel, (the prophet) prophesied the Dry Bones in Ezekiel 37:10, one of the best Known of all the prophecies in the Bible.  It was prophesied not only the return of the Jewish people and those in unbelief, but the reclamation of the Land, and building of other cities. The prophet watched as God caused skin, tendons and flesh to come upon the bones. The prophet was commanded to “Prophesy to them” , and when he did the “four winds from heaven” breathed life into them and they became a vast army of people!  I will bring you Back to the land of Israel” Ezekiel37:12 “

That little land of Israel, from the beginning of time, when God first gave the land to Abraham while he was still in UR  (Northern Iraq), and then called Abram. Then came all the invasions. Turkey invaded, Persia (Iran), but then too Rome, under Caesar.  Poor little Israel. “ But, the prophet Ezekiel gave an additional prophecy concerning Israel and the events that lead to the Tribulation And to the completion of Daniel’s vision of the final seven years.  He states:   After many days you will be summoned; in he latter years you will come into the land that is restored from the sword, whose inhabitants have been gathered from many nations, to the   mountains of Israel which had been a continual waste; but it’s people were brought out from the nations, and they are living securely, all of them (Ezekiel 38:8)”

By 1948, it was the Brits that had occupied Israel.  But through the dream of Theodore Herzel, Harry Truman then our President, remembered his mother’s Bible teachings, and signed a bill forcing the UN and UK giving Israel back to the Jews.  It must be said that it was not the Israelis intent to provoke their Arab neighbors to war.  In  1947, the Jewish settlers were willing to accept the UN’s plan to “partition Palestine.” However, the Arab world was not willing to accept such a partition. In 1948, when Israel was declared a state and the nation of Israel was proclaimed a state Israel was immediately attacked.  The Arab world sought to destroy Israel through armed economic boycott.  The media from then on, put all the Arab propaganda in war, portraying Israel as a mighty Goliath of the Middle East, bullying a tiny David, the Palestinian people?!  The Jewish population has increased to over 6,000,000.  This means nearly 50% of the 13,000,000 Jews living in the world are now living in Israel. Let’s not forget the 6 day war either.

Once again it should be noted there has never before been such a large re-gathering of the Jewish People in all of Israel’s history.  When the Assyrians took the northern tribes of Israel captive in 721BC, a small number returned to the land but the majority remained in captivity.  When the Babylonians took the southern tribes of Israel into captivity (606 BC to 586 BC) only a small remnant returned.  The greater numbers of Jewish people remained in the expansive Babylonian, Persian (Iran), Grecian, Egyptian and Roman empires.  From the time of the Roman conquest of Israel to the time of the signing of the Balfour Declaration in 1917, only small remnants returned. “  Who are the Arabs and where did they come from? “The seed of Ishmael and Esau, which Ezekiel included as the descendants (Arabs and Palestinians) in his prophesy concerning Israeli return to the land.  God’s promises and covenants with Abraham and Hagar extended the right of occupancy in the land to the descendants of Ishmael and of Esau, as well as to the descendants of Isaac.  However, the right to occupy the land was contingent upon obedience to the God of Abraham.   (See too Isaiah 21:1-17) “

The Rise of Islam:  As desolation engulfed the land, poverty fell upon the inhabitants of the land.  The spiritual bankruptcy within Judaism and organized Christianity created a spiritual vacuum that swept over the Middle East. In 611 AD ,recognizing this void, a decedent of Ishmael and Esau named Mohammad had gained a large following to his new religion [Aislam-Moslem], and he and his disciples waged a holy war [hejira] against the city of Medina.  Two years later, in 624 AD, they waged a holy war on Mecca and captured the city.  Within a few years, Mohammed and his followers were able to capture and convert to Islam the entire Arabian peninsula. By the end of the 11th century AD, Mohammad and his band of followers had captured all of the Middle East, northern Africa, and parts of Europe, including Spain, making Islam the religion of those areas.  As the religion of Islam spread, so did the Arabic language and culture.  (Remember 611 AD was after Jesus crucified, and rose again. As the first Pope Gregory was some 500 years after as well.)

Islam was filling the spiritual void created by the failed attempts of Judaism and organized Christianity.  The Koran was written with Ishmael’s name replacing the names of Isaac and Jacob where Scripture records God’s promises to Isaac and Jacob.  Had Mohammad and his followers known the Scriptures better, they would have known of  God’s promise that the Decendants of Ishmael and of Esau would become a great and powerful nation (see Genesis 16:7-16, 17:20, 21:12-21.  Moslem control of the city of Jerusalem enraged both the Christian world and Jewish world. Neither could believe that God would allow such a thing to happen. From 1099 through 1184AD, the leaders of Europe and Britain organized crusades to liberate he Holy land from the infidels.  But in their quest to conquer the land of Israel for Christianity, (then Catholic Church) the Crusaders only further ravished it.  Although they were successful in their capture of Jerusalem, they could not continue their conquests.  In 1187 AD, Saladin recaptured Jerusalem, putting an end to the Crusader control of the city and land of Israel.   From 1187 AD to the beginning of this century  (c1900), except for the year 1537AD, when Sultan Suleiman he magnificent embellished the Dome of the Rock and built huge walls around the city of Jerusalem, the city and he land continued to become more desolate.  Concurrently, the power and prestige of the Arab world declined.  (Ottoman Empire, from mid 1300’s)

In 1917 the British & Winston Churchill, (why Obama returned that bust to UK) conquered Jerusalem and the Arab world was divided into lands and kingdoms as determined by Britain and the Western powers. Israel’s rebirth and the momentum of its rapid growth as a recognized nation and world power created opportunities for the Arab world to also gain in strength and power.  The world’s need for oil transformed the Arab countries from poverty-stricken backward areas into a league of nations now among the wealthiest and best equipped military powers in the world. Whereby, we are now in Ezekiel 38 & 39.  Ezekiel lists the countries who will invade Israel, and thus usher in the Tribulation.  He states: “Persia, (Iran) Ethiopia, and put with them, all of them with shield and helmet; Gomer with all its troops; Beth-togarmah from the remote parts of the north…Ezekiel 38:5-6.  He also prophesied of a larger involvement of nations called Gog of the land of Magog, led by the prince of Rosh..(Russia, Syria, now!)  In Isaiah 54:17 Gog and Magog, invading Israel from the north (Russia, the bear in Revelations) , and the surrounding Arab nations, invading from the south and east as well.

Nearly 2,000 years have passed since the disciples watched Jesus ascend into heaven and since they heard the voice of he angel telling them He would return to stand upon the Mount of Olives (see Acts 1:11-12) compare with Zechariah 14:4.  The Good news message that salvation is a free gift to all (Jews who have the Covenant and Gentiles, us born again Christians) because of Jesus death, burial and resurrection has spread throughout he world.  The times of the Gentiles is being fulfilled.  (Luke 21:24)  Jerusalem was trampled underfoot by the Romans and by other nations, and Christianity hi-jacked actually, by the Catholic Church after they lost their hold on Israel, and Rome fell. And the Israeli army was able to capture and liberate the city in June 1967.  The nation is now Celebrating Jerusalem’s 3000th year anniversary!  Scripture from Revelations, is very specific about the final desecration of Jerusalem, during the last 3 ½ years of the Tribulation (See Revelations 11:1-2, Daniel 9:26-27, Zechariah 12:2i-13.)”

So when you watch the news, and see all the slaughter and rapes by Muslims throughout the world, Europe, Africa, mid-east, and now Canada, ask yourself, do we want here in the US?  If you’re a Christian, are you bought by the blood at the CROSS?  Do you know that you know your saved and going to Heaven.  Are you harboring secret hates, or unforgiveness?  The Rapture is coming soon, as everything in the news, points to prophesy, and what is coming.   Whereby, I am asking you to really look within your heart, as Jesus said, to see if there be any wicked ways in me.  Then ask the only one who counts for forgiveness. If you have odds against anyone? Go to them, pick up your phone, and tell them your sorry.  That is repentance.  God will not forgive you if you don’t forgive others.   Are you ready for the Rapture?  I hope so.I pray for the salvation of every reader. Amen.

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