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Christian Persecution

Scene_at_the_Signing_of_the_ConstitThe following was written by Dave Jolly from Instigator News on Freedom Outpost, with link at end.  A lesson in history.  For now with the Arab invasion throughout Europe and targeting America, Christians are once again being persecuted, just as the Jews were during the Holocaust and Hitler.  Europe has not stood up to them, particularly Angela Merkel in Germany, nor Cameron in the UK.  Forgetting the Ottoman Period from the early 1300’s til 1920’s when then Winston Churchill ended the Islamic revolt against Western Civilization once and for all, as well as Thomas Jefferson who also contended with the Barbary Arab pirates.  History ALWAYS repeats itself.  And GOD is ALWAYS the Judge, advocate, in justice that will have the FINAL say.  Perhaps it is after all, retribution in Germany, for what Hitler did to the Jews?

What we here in America have done also, since our Founding, has been to promote the Socialist Progressive agenda, in place of Jesus Christ, abortion, taking down our 10 Commandments, taking out prayer in schools, etc. And all this politically correct, negativity, without God, morals, ethics, love that only comes from above, and morality, has only broken down homes, children’s safety, increased violence, murders, occult, despicable tv programing and movies from Hollywood, where anything goes.  We are a country now, like Europe on the brink of destruction.  While the Progressive liberal Socialist Marxist left, in their politically correct push, thinks they are right, God is letting them come to the end  of themselves, because HE is ALWAYS right, and He now has put HIS judgment on America!  Make no mistake, this is the most important election coming up, that we have ever had in the history of America’s inception!  Wake up America…  The following is a good article!

“A number of European countries began persecuting various Christian denominations as early as 1500s to 1700s, forcing thousands of Christians to migrate to the new wilderness known as the American colonies. The rulers of various nations decided that everyone in their countries should worship the same way they did and those that didn’t faced severe persecution.

Mennonites were persecuted Ghent by Catholics in Ghent as early as 1554.

John Rogers was a Catholic priest who converted to Protestantism in the 1530s. On February 4, 1555, Rogers was burned alive for his conversion by Queen Mary, a Catholic.

French Protestants known as Huguenots were persecuted by Catholics for over 30 years. On August 24, 1572, Catholics went on a killing spree, slaughtering thousands of Huguenots in Paris.

Jesuits were persecuted and even put to death in England and Scotland as early as 1615 with the death of John Ogilvie.

The 1641 Irish Rebellion began with Catholics murdering 100 Protestants from Loughgall Parish, county Armagh.

On 1731, Catholic Archbishop Leopold von Firmian expelled up to 20,000 Lutherans from Salzburg.

These are just a few of the examples of religious persecution that took place across Europe and led to thousands of different Christians fleeing to the American colonies where they were free to worship in their own way. That religious freedom was foundational to the growth and way of life in the American colonies. It was also influential to the Framers who wrote the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, which incorporated many biblical principles. The term ‘inalienable rights’ they used refers to the rights given to men by God, not government.

THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT AMERICA WAS FOUNDED AS A CHRISTIAN NATION. In the 1892 Supreme Court case of Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States, Justice Josiah Brewer declared that America was a Christian nation in his written ruling:

“No purpose of action against religion can be imputed to any legislation, state or national, because this is a religious people.  This is historically true.  From the discovery of this continent to the present hour, there is a single voice making this affirmation. (465)

There is no dissonance in these declarations. There is a universal language pervading them all, having one meaning; they affirm and reaffirm that this is a religious nation.  These are not individual sayings, declarations of private persons: they are organic utterances; they speak the voice of the entire people. (470)

If we pass beyond these matters to a view of American life, as expressed by its laws, its business, its customs, and its society, we find every where a clear recognition of the same truth. Among other matters, note the following: the form of oath universally prevailing, concluding with an appeal to the Almighty; the custom of opening sessions of all deliberative bodies and most conventions with prayer; the prefatory words of all wills, “In the name of God, amen;” the laws respecting the observance of the Sabbath, with the general cessation of all secular business, and the closing of courts, legislatures, and other similar public assemblies on that day; the churches and church organizations which abound in every city, town, and hamlet; the multitude of charitable organizations existing every where under Christian auspices; the gigantic missionary associations, with general support, and aiming to establish Christian missions in every quarter of the globe. These, and many other matters which might be noticed, add a volume of unofficial declarations to the mass of organic utterances that this is a Christian nation. (471)”

This statement is included as part of the dicta—that is, it is a gratuitous statement that is not essential to the Court’s holding.  The Court had already decided the issue before venturing its opinion as to the religious character of the country. Included was a remarkable list of 87 examples taken from pre-Constitutional documents, historical practice, colonial charters, and the like, which reveal our undisputed religious roots.  They range from the commissions of Christopher Columbus to the first charter of Virginia to the Declaration of Independence.

However, only 55 years later, in 1947, the US Supreme Court had a different view of the Christian nature of America. In the US Supreme Court case of Everson v. Board of Education, Associate Justice Hugo Black wrote:

“The First Amendment has erected a wall between church and state. That wall must be kept high and impregnable. We could not approve the slightest breach.”

Everson v Board of Education was the first time in U.S. History that the Supreme Court ruled to forbid religious practice among states and also the first time that the 14th Amendment had been combined with the 1st Amendment in so doing.

Justice Black was not done in his effort to strip America of its Christian foundation. In the 1962 Supreme Court case of Engel v. Vitale, Black banned student prayers in public schools, writing:

“The petitioners contend among other things that the state laws requiring or permitting use of the Regents’ prayer must be struck down as a violation of the Establishment Clause because that prayer was composed by governmental officials as a part of a governmental program to further religious beliefs. For this reason, petitioners argue, the State’s use of the Regents’ prayer in its public school system breaches the constitutional wall of separation between Church and State. We agree with that contention since we think that the constitutional prohibition against laws respecting an establishment of religion must at least mean that in this country it is no part of the business of government to compose official prayers for any group of the American people to recite as a part of a religious program carried on by government.”


One year later, in 1963, the Supreme Court added Bible reading to the banned religious practices that long prevailed in our public schools. In the case of Abington v. Schempp, Associate Justice Thomas C. Campbell wrote:

“Because of the prohibition of the First Amendment against the enactment by Congress of any law “respecting an establishment of religion,” which is made applicable to the States by the Fourteenth Amendment, no state law or school board may require that passages from the Bible be read or that the Lord’s Prayer be recited in the public schools of a State at the beginning of each school day — even if individual students may be excused from attending or participating in such exercises upon written request of their parents.”

So now the nonexistent separation of church and state was officially the law of the land and prayer, the Bible and God were banned from public schools. It wasn’t long afterwards that they were also banned from government and many aspects of public life and display. Once the precedent was set by the liberal progressives on the Supreme Court, other liberal progressive groups declared war on Christianity and chip by chip the Christian foundation of America was weakened. Today that foundation is crumbling and on the verge of total collapse.

When America was still a Christian nation, we enjoyed the blessings that God bestowed upon us. Once our highest court rejected God, He pulled his hand of blessing away and turned us over to our sins and lusts. America today has become the nation described in Romans 1:18-31 – a nation accepting and embracing homosexuality and a number of other perverted sins.

America was founded by Christians and is being destroyed and buried by liberal progressives.”

*Article by Dave Jolly
Read more at…-islamic-pirates/


Obama Courting UN?

Temple JerusalemAre we sure Obama is not the Anti-Christ?  Now he wants to lead the UN?                                                        From Sid Roth Ministries.  Where is the left media on this?

January 11, 2016

“NETANYAHU TO LEAD EFFORT IN THWARTING OBAMA BID FOR UN CHIEF: PM Benjamin Netanyahu, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida, will make common cause with moderate Arab governments in order to sabotage US President Obama’s presently brewing plans to succeed Ban Ki-moon when the South Korean diplomat ends his term as United Nations secretary-general on December 31, 2016. Obama has reportedly already discussed the issue of running for secretary-general with Democrats, Republicans, and Jewish officials in the US. The sources said that once Netanyahu got wind of Obama’s plans, the prime minister began to make efforts to submarine what he has referred to as “the Obama project.” “Wasn’t eight years of having Obama in office enough?” Netanyahu is quoted as saying in the Kuwaiti daily. “Eight years during which he ignored Israel? And now he wants to be in a position that is liable to cause us hardships in the international arena.”

The newspaper cited the well-known fact that personal ties between Netanyahu and Obama are frayed. “Obama is the worst president Israel has had to deal with and the worst president for the Middle East and its allies, the moderate Arab states,” a Netanyahu aide is quoted as saying. A source close to Netanyahu did not deny that the premier is aiming to “torpedo the Obama project,” noting that “his presidency was characterized by Washington’s moving closer to the Muslim Brotherhood, toppling the regime of Hosni Mubarak, and attempts to ally itself with political Islam. Obama’s term is ending with him forging an alliance with Iran, coming to an agreement with it on its nuclear program which in the end will result in a similar scenario that took place with North Korea,” the aide said. “Israel will not allow this to happen,” said the source. “It will take all of the necessary steps to prevent Iran from manufacturing a nuclear weapon either covertly or overtly.” (J. Post) News of Obama’s future UN ambitions is posted as a prayer alert for our intercessors.”


“TEL AVIV GUNMAN KILLED IN EXCHANGE OF FIRE: Shin Bet domestic intelligence agents together with Counter-Terrorism officers shot and killed terrorist Nashat Milhem in his hometown of Arara in northern Israel on Friday, thus ending a days-long pursuit of the terrorist behind three murders in Tel Aviv. Milhem was found in a hideout, following an intensive investigation that included many undercover and overt operations to track him down. The Arab-Israeli terrorist had been on the run since he opened fire at Israelis sitting at the Simta bar in Tel Aviv, murdering Alon Bakal and Shimon Roimi, and later, shooting dead cab driver Amin Sha’aban during his getaway. Milhem identified the Shin Bet agents and Counter-Terrorism officers as they approached a structure he used as a hideout. He tried to escape, and then opened fire at security forces using the sub-machine gun in his possession, which he also used to murder his victims in Tel Aviv the previous week. Special forces “returned fire and killed” the suspect, the Shin Bet said. “There were no injuries among our forces.” Israelis breathed a collective sigh of relief on Friday evening. (Jerusalem Post)

HAMAS MOURNS THE DEATH OF ‘MARTYR’ MILHEM: Hamas on Friday issued a statement mourning the death of Nashat Milhem, the terrorist from Tel Aviv who was eliminated by Israeli security forces in Arara. “Hamas mourns the martyr hero Nashat Milhem, who confused Israel for more than a week after he shattered the myth that Israel brags about and carried out an attack in the heart of the enemy,” said a Hamas spokesman. The Islamic Jihad terrorist group, meanwhile, condemned Israel for killing Milhem and threatened that “Israel will pay for its crimes.” Just a week ago, Hamas welcomed the terrorist attack in Tel Aviv, saying, “The shooting attack in Tel Aviv at the start of the new year is a clear sign that the entire Zionist entity will be exposed to acts of resistance.” (Arutz-7) “They eat the bread of wickedness and drink the wine of violence.” Prov 4:17

HAMAS CELL PLANNED TO KILL ISRAEL’S PRIME MINISTER: Hazem Sandouqa, 22, from Jerusalem’s Old City, Fahdi Abu Qaian, 19, a Bedouin Israeli from the Negev, and Hamas activist Ahmad Azzam, 24, from Judea & Samaria, planned to plant explosives in the Jerusalem Payis Arena at a time when Israel’s PM Netanyahu was to speak at the site, according to the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office. The indictment said the three planned to place the device beneath the stage at the multi-purpose sports arena in Malha where the Prime Minister was set to appear. The indictment added that the Hamas activist rented an apartment in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Abu Dis and purchased explosive materials both personally as well as through the help of Sandouqa. (Times of Israel) Pray for the protection of Israel’s PM Netanyahu and his family. Continue to intercede for Netanyahu’s strength, wisdom and integrity on many difficult fronts as he leads the country.

ISIS CLAIMS ATTACK ON ISRAELI TOURISTS IN CAIRO: ISIS has claimed responsibility for an armed assault on Israeli tourists in Cairo. The attack last week which security sources said targeted a bus meant to transport Israeli Arabs, caused no casualties. Egypt’s Interior Ministry said it was directed at security forces. ISIS claimed its members carried out the shooting in response to a call by the group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi to target Jews “everywhere.” The group said in a statement released on the internet that light arms were used in the attack. The shooting took place at the Three Pyramids Hotel, on a road leading to the Giza pyramids southwest of Egypt’s capital. (Jerusalem Post)

ISIS FIGHTER EXECUTES HIS OWN MOTHER IN PUBLIC: A fighter from terror group ISIS publicly executed his own mother because she asked him to defect from its ranks, an NGO monitoring human rights abuses in Syria and eyewitnesses said. Ali Saqr, 21, executed his 35-year-old mother Lena al-Qasem outside the post office in Raqqa, in front of “hundreds of people,” in which al-Qasem worked. The NGO said the mother and son argued over the son’s commitment to the terrorist group. Following the dispute, the fighter reported her to his leaders, who then arrested her. (Times of Israel) Pray for the overwhelming military defeat of ISIS.

RECORDINGS REVEAL QADDAFI FORETOLD RISE OF RADICAL ISLAM, EURO INVASION:Doomed Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi delivered a prophetic warning in 2011, saying Islamic terror would spread across North Africa and hit Europe if he was removed from power, newly released phone transcripts revealed Thur. 7 Jan. 2016. Speaking to former British PM Tony Blair, Qaddafi said “Jihadists want to control the Mediterranean and then they will attack Europe.” A British foreign affairs committee investigating Qaddafi’s ouster released the transcripts of two phone calls to Blair, both of which reportedly took place on Feb. 25, 2011. Qaddafi fled the Libyan capital city of Tripoli that summer, and rebels killed him several months later.

During the first call in the morning, Qaddafi told Blair, “The story is simply this: an organization has laid down sleeping cells in North Africa, called the Al Qaeda Organization in North Africa. The sleeping cells in Libya are similar to dormant cells in America before 9/11.” In the second call, a few hours later, he added: “I will have to arm the people and get ready for a fight. Libyan people will die, damage will be on the Mediterranean, Europe and the whole world. These armed groups are using the crumbling Libyan regime as a justification – and we shall fight them.” Analysts say Al Qaeda splinter groups did seize territory in Libya after rebels ousted and killed Qaddafi. Islamic jihadis in Iraq and Syria merged to form what would be known as the ISIS terror group by 2013, and eventually moved to capture land in North Africa as well. (Fox)”

Note: If the Anti-Christ is alive and on th scene now, and we know he’s Muslim, after what we have seen with Obama, are we sure HE isn’t the Anti-Christ?  He’s setting himself up with the Devil’s help, and all against Israel.




Every Muslim Will Bow Before Jesus

First, I am not sure whether this interpretation is right or not. As I know the Antichrist is going to come out of the Old Roman Empire.  If as Irvin Baxter interprets, on the 4 horses of the Apocalypse this; the Red Horse is Communism, (China, Russia, and N. Korea ). The Black Horse, is Capitalism (America).  The Pale Horse, comes from the Greek word Chloros (Pale green) Islam, and the White Horse is the Old Roman Empire, (what is left, the Vatican). Whereas, if the Antichrist is coming out of the Vatican, as they want this One World Order so much…they will though have help from Islam and Russia and China.  And 1/3 or the world as we know it will be destroyed.  Keep in mind also that recently a Sheikh in Jordan came out and said that Palestine, was never in the Koran and belongs to the Jews.  And here is link.

**End notes:  Since this writing, I have pondered whether this be true. Leaving it open for God to correct.  For we now know that the Antichrist is  coming out of the Old Roman Empire. The 4 horses, now through new interpretations are to mean the following.  The RED HORSE: Communism, China, No. Korea, and Russia. The BLACK HORSE: Capitalism,        America.  THE PALE HORSE:  Actually from the Greek word “Chloros” pale green, Islam. THE WHITE HORSE:  The Vatican, which includes all the countries too, from the Old Roman Empire, including Greece, stretching to most of Europe. Don’t forget too, that when Jesus was crucified, Caesar ruled in the Roman Empire.  And too the audacity of the Romans. In the Jewish tabernacle ordained by God, it was Pilote who appointed the Priests.  No wonder Jesus threw the tables over and lost it with the money changers, calling them hypocrits.  This Pope Francis now is a Socialist, and wants the One World Order and open borders.  Something I don’t understand, with all the carnage he saw in Brazil and south America and people suffering in dictatorships.  But, that is his mindset. Look up Jesus is on the horizon, soon! (The “Horses” came from Irvin Baxter End Times Ministry).

Biblical Forgiveness

IITimothy 3From   WORTH reblogging!  (Photo IITimothy 3

Eight Steps To Biblical Forgiveness
by Bill Fields

for definitions of the Biblical principles see

NOTE: What has hindered true forgiveness as I’ve known in estrangement is lack of acknowledgment of sin, AND repentance!  I hope this helps those who need.  For if the other person does not repent there is no relationship, even though you have tried with all your heart, for God sees all things.  And HE will forgive you, while the unforgiving person will put himself in judgment, tests and trials.  

“While trying to bring reconciliation and healing between many bitter, hostile, and hurting people, I recognized that simply to ask “will you forgive me?” wasn’t bringing the kind of emotional and spiritual healing that Jesus Christ came to give to a broken world. Using Matthew 18:15-20 as a basis, I searched the Scriptures for biblical insights into confession, repentance, asking for forgiveness, restitution, reconciliation, and brotherhood. I discovered that the process of asking Christ into our hearts, and asking Him to be Lord of our lives as we became Christians, was the model for which I was looking.

In that light, I have used these Eight Steps To Complete Forgiveness in many cases. Therefore, I offer them to you with the hope that your experience and biblical insights will improve upon them. In pratical terms, true repentance will flow quite easily–but immature, false/worldly non-repentance, those having a form of Godliness always seeking truth but never practicing it (2 Timothy 3), will lack some of these elements and/or spiritual depth. Therefore these steps are presented in greater detail to aid in bringing true repentance and forgiveness or uncovering/exposing empty words (Ephesians 5:6-11) and the “form of godliness.”

A quick note about forgiveness which is often wrongly taught–Christians are to have a heart of forgiveness, such as Christ displayed upon the cross (Luke 23:24) and God has toward us sinners (Colossians 3:13). But often Christians are told to GIVE forgiveness for their own health or so that their sins can be forgiven, even if the sinner is unrepentant–this is unbiblical and destructive to the individual believer, the sinner who is unrepentant, and to the body of Christ, HIS Church, as well as to the non-believer. A heart of forgiveness patiently/eagerly waits to give forgiveness, as displayed in Matthew 18:21-35 knowing that their sin against God is far greater than another human’s sin against them, and by God’s grace, the heart of forgiveness shows Christ’s love, mercy, compassion, patience, grace, etc. thereby inviting the sinner to repent and enjoy God’s wonderfulness and Christian community through repentance and believing in Christ’s forgiveness of their sins and adding their forgiveness, their covenant to not hold their sins against them. God does NOT forgive where there is no repentance but God does show common grace and mercy as HE invites sinners to HIM through Godly repentance. see John Calvin’s exposition of Luke 23:34 and Dr. Jay Adams’ article A Basis For Forgiveness

NOTE: These steps should be used when you commit a sin (James 5:16, Matthew 5:23-26; Matthew 18:15-20), or when you see another sin (Matthew 7: 1-6; Galatains 6:1-5; James 5:19-20), when a leader sins (1 Timothy 5:17-22). We must be sensitive to honor Matthew 5:23-24, as these matters must be addressed quickly. To God, reconciling a relationship is important before the next worship experience.

Eight Steps To Biblical Forgiveness

Step 1: Have the OFFENDER confess specifically to the OFFENDED what was done or said wrong that caused offense.

It appears that the specific act of confessing the OFFENDER’s sins (Leviticus 5.5, Numbers 5:7, James 5:16, 1 John 1:9), demonstrates to the OFFENDED party the OFFENDER’s godly sorrow, the OFFENDER’s knowledge of the sin committed, and the OFFENDER’s willingness to accept responsibility and consequences for their actions.

WARNING: If the OFFENDER cannot state specifically what he did or said that was wrong, his confession is incomplete. If the OFFENDER finds he cannot remember enough of the facts of his offense, he should ask the OFFENDED (be sure the OFFENDER has the correct spiritual attitude to hear) to help the OFFENDER recall from the OFFENDED’s perspective, what was done or said wrongly.

WARNING: Failure by the OFFENDER on this step MAY BE a sign of rejecting the Word of God and the Work of the HOLY SPIRIT. It MAY BE the OFFENDER needs to study the Bible and compare GOD’S WORD with the OFFENDER’s life.

WARNING: Do NOT proceed beyond any step until successfully completed! To do so adds to a “form of Godliness.” 2 Tim. 3:5

If the OFFENDER comes to an OFFENDED to ask for forgiveness, and cannot recall what the OFFENDER did or said that was wrong, or the OFFENDER is unwilling to listen as to how the OFFENDED was hurt, then the process must be stopped! Next, ask the OFFENDER to come back when he has understood for what he is asking forgiveness. Failure to complete this step correctly will result in increased hurt and division.

NOTE: If at any time an OFFENDER is unwilling to listen to how the OFFENDED brother was sinned against, or if the OFFENDER is not willing to ask for forgiveness and be reconciled, the OFFENDER must be confronted with his unwillingness to change. If the OFFENDER persists in a wrong attitude, then you must proceed according to the biblical principles in Matthew 18:15-20 if the OFFENDED is unwilling to listen or begin the forgiveness process and be reconciled. In that case, the OFFENDED must be confronted with his unwillingness to forgive. If the OFFENDED does not repent of an unforgiving heart, he must be taken through the next step in the Matthew 18:15-2O process.

Step 2: Have the OFFENDING party identify the biblical principle(s) he violated.

In this step, the process of identifying the actual biblical values and principles that were violated helps both the OFFENDER and the OFFENDED to learn from God’s Word, and learn from their experiences. As a result, their witness encourages the whole Body of Christ to grow more holy.

If the OFFENDER is unable to identify a biblical value, then either the OFFENDED, or a third brother (a peacemaker or a witness) should take the necessary time to search the Bible together until the biblical values and principles are found. Then the OFFENDER and the OFFENDED should come to an agreement upon the biblical values that were violated.

If the OFFENDER does not agree with the identified biblical values and cannot identify any himself, then an appropriate amount of time should be given for additional discovery, (the witnesses or peacemakers help in this process). If no biblical values are discovered or agreed upon, then the Matthew 18:15-2O should be taken to the next appropriate step; that is, tell it to the Church.

NOTE: The reason for proceeding to the next step in the Matthew 18:15-20 process is to bring other godly men and women into the process to help identify what is wrong, what is necessary to correct the broken relationship, and to oversee that all parties fulfill God’s directions in their lives.

Therefore, when you come to an impasse, either alone or as a peacemaker, tell each party that you need the help of others. Ask for suggestions as to whom each party would be willing to listen to for spiritual direction. Then call another meeting and proceed to the next step. Some Scriptural helps to identify biblical values and principles are: Matthew 5:1-12; Romans 12–15; 1 Corinthians 13; Galatians 5–6; Ephesians 4-6; James 1–5; 2 Peter 1:5-9.

Step 3: Have the OFFENDER ask the OFFENDED “How were you wronged when I did (or said)………..?”

This step allows the OFFENDER to experience in part and hopefully bear the OFFENDED’s burdens, (Hebrews 13:2) in a large way, by how the OFFENDED was impacted by the offense. We know that Christ suffered and died on the cross for our sins, when we offended Him–it appears important for the human side of the model for the OFFENDER to fully understand the consequences and impact of his sin against the OFFENDED. In addition, this can enable the OFFENDED to be released from some of the pain and hurt caused by the offense. Matthew 18:23-35.

WARNING: If the OFFENDED is not willing to share how he was sinned against by the offense, he may be acting as a Pharisee (not really wronged, but only interested in being judgmental in a unbiblical way–Matthew 7:1-5). Or, if the OFFENDED is not willing to seek reconciliation and is hanging on to his bitterness and resentment, the OFFENDED should be confronted with his “unspiritualness” and if unwilling to change, should be taken to the next step in the Matthew 18:15-20 process.

CAUTION: If this step is successfully completed, Do Not Stop Here, the tendency is for both parties is to “feel” in closer communion and, therefore, believe that the restoration process has been completed. It hasn’t, proceed to Step 4.

Step 4: Have the OFFENDER recall, as best he can, a time when they were wronged/offended by another, in the same way they caused offense.

Examples are not always easy to recall in a short amount of time, but stick with it, the rewards will be more than worth it. Remember the biblical values and principles in Step 2, and this should help the OFFENDER to remember a time when someone sinned against them, violating those same biblical values principles, and how Christ has changed them, 2 Corinthians 1:1-7.

The OFFENDER’S sharing of how he was impacted when he was offended in a similar way, will help the OFFENDED believe that there has been full communication between them, and that the OFFENDER does understand what they did or said wrong, and how they hurt the OFFENDED.

WARNING: If the OFFENDER can not share a time when they were hurt by the violation of the same biblical values/principles, there is good reason to believe the OFFENDER still does not fully understand what he has done wrong, and will not be able to grow fully from this experience. Therefore, the OFFENDER should repeat Steps 1 through 4 until he does understand. All sin has it’s origin in pride, power and control. Therefore, everyone is subject to similar experiences, though not in specific details.

If after an appropriate amount of time, there seems to be little understanding, then proceed to the next appropriate step in Matthew 18:15-2O.

If the OFFENDED seems to be less than satisfied with the OFFENDER’S understanding and sharing, check with the OFFENDED to be sure you understand what it is the OFFENDED feels was less than satisfactory, and in your discernment, if you think the OFFENDER has misunderstood, then have the OFFENDER repeat Steps 1,2, and 3.

WARNING: However, if you think the OFFENDER has shared appropriately and does understand, and the OFFENDED party continues to hang on to their bitterness and hurt, by asking for more and more understanding from the OFFENDER, then the OFFENDED must be confronted with their unforgiving attitude and proceed to the next appropriate step in Matthew 18:15-20.

In either case, give appropriate time for recall and sharing. If this step cannot be fully completed to the satisfaction of all, then the one who cannot recall, share, or accept, should be confronted with his lack of insight, wisdom, and spiritual imaturity. If he remains unchanged, then proceed to the next appropriate step of Matthew 18:15-20.

Step 5: Have the OFFENDER restate their sin(s) expressing Godly Sorrow (2 Corinthians 7:10-14) AND wait for the OFFENDED’s response.

I used to say for step 5: Ask for forgiveness. But the more I studied, the more I realized the asking put an unbiblical pressure/expectation on the OFFENDED. A simple confession before God and others, with Godly Sorrow is enough. The response from the OFFENDED is fully the OFFENDED’s responsibility.

By now, a majority of the reconciliation process is completed and this step is a check point to be sure that all previous steps have been completed successfully. For example, if the OFFENDER still hesitates or does not demonstrate Godly Sorrow after an appropriate amount of time, then you must proceed to the next appropriate step in Matthew 18:15-2O.

WARNING: If the OFFENDED does not give unconditional forgiveness upon biblical repentance, at this step, then he must be confronted with an unforgiving spirit, then proceed to the next appropriate step in Matthew 18:15-2O.

Step 6: Have the OFFENDER repeat in his own words, the answer given by the OFFENDED, when expressing Godly Sorrow.

This steps gives the OFFENDER a chance to restate clearly the answer he heard. This will usually bring a better understanding and become a foundational step toward rebuilding trust in a Godly relationship.

If the OFFENDER cannot repeat in his own words (assuming the OFFENDED responded Biblically) what the OFFENDED said, then there is good reason to believe the OFFENDER still does not understand how the OFFENDED was wronged. Great care should be given here to proceed slowly in repeating the steps to be sure it’s not more than a communication block.

If the OFFENDED gives a conditional forgiveness, or does not forgive, or gives an “I’ll forgive, but I can’t forget attitude, he is to be confronted with his unforgiving attitude, and if unwilling to repent, he should proceed to the next step of the Matthew 18:15-2O process.

NOTE: If the OFFENDED fails to give complete forgiveness, the OFFENDER is still released from the bondage of his sin, if he biblically asked for forgiveness. 1 John 1:9 – 2:5)

Step 7: Have the OFFENDER ask, “What can I do differently, so I won’t hurt you again?”

Here the biblical act of repentance and the turning away from his sin is brought into the forgiveness act. Each now bears the trust and responsibility to bear one another’s burdens, and together work out a way in which they can show love and develop trust, based on biblical values and principles.

It’s acceptable to include follow-up meetings, as necessary, to gain feedback, establish accountability so that reconciliation, restitution, and restoration have been completed.

Step 8: Restitution: What can we do to make you whole?

Far from the normal charge of punishment or revenge, restitution involves the whole Christian Community including the OFFENDER and OFFENDED, pursuing justice, mercy and faithfulness.

Here the OFFENDER recognizes what impact and consequences his sin has caused the OFFENDED, and is more than willing to do all he can to give back more than his sin cost the OFFENDED, and the OFFENDED shares equally the responsibility to bear the burden of restitution.

WARNING: If the OFFENDER stubbornly balks or refuses to participate righteously in the restitution process, then the Matthew 18 process of treating them as a non-believer opens the possibility the OFFENDED could/should take the OFFENDER to secular court, seeking justice from one not in the Christian Community.

WARNING: Here, it’s possible for the OFFENDED to wrongly try to extract every penny (Matthew 5:26) from his OFFENDER, this demonstrates an unbiblical forgiveness (Matthew 18:21-35). The same is true of “I can forgive you, but I won’t forget it.” The OFFENDED must be reminded of two cogent passages, 1 Corinthians 6:1-11 (not shaming God by going to the secular court against another believer), and Matthew 18: 21-35, (God’s definition of forgiveness).

WARNING: If the OFFENDED continues unsatisfied in his claim, then he is to be confronted with his unforgiving spirit, if he refuses to give complete forgiveness, then proceed to the next appropriate Matthew 18:15-2O step.

WARNING: If given enough time and the OFFENDER and/or the OFFENDED is unwilling to commit to a follow-through plan of restoration, then there is serious question of rejecting the work of God’s Word and Holy Spirit and there is not a complete Biblical repentance or forgiveness, Therefore, he must be confronted and if unwilling to change, proceed to the next appropriate step in the Matthew 18:15-20 process.

This process when done correctly by all parties, will bring a Holy Spirit directed reconciliation and a spiritual reunion that builds and does not tear down (1 Corinthians 13:10). May God bless you as a peacemaker!

Confronting Sin And Repentance:

Jeremiah: The call to genuine repentance (4:1-4)
Expositors Bible Commentary: FrankE. Gaebelein

1-2 The people’s cry of anguish (3:24-25) is now answered by the Lord with an assurance of blessing when they do return to him. There is a vast difference between perfunctory repentance and heartfelt restoration to God. If Judah would truly repent, it must be to God alone (v.1). Furthermore, they must really rid themselves of their detestable things, their idols. Evidently they had not yet done this. Moreover, if the people will remain steadfast (on their oath in the name of the Lord) in the essential qualities of truth, justice, and righteousness, then their example will profoundly affect the nations (v.2). Judah’s conversion will herald blessing for the nations. To swear by God’s name involves recognition of him as Lord. Oaths in the name of other gods were not to be sworn by them. When the nations are being blessed, the Abrahamic blessing is being realized (cf. Gen 12:3; 18:18; 22:18; 26:4; 28:14; see also Isa 2:3; Zech 8:20-23). The very name of Israel will become a formula of blessing. 

3-4 Jeremiah now uses two figures to show the nation’s need of spiritual renewal: one from agriculture and the other from physiology. He exhorts the people of Judah to break up their neglected and untilled hearts, which had become as hard as an uncultivated field (v.3). No farmer will sow seed on unplowed ground. So the plow of repentance and obedience was needed to remove the outer layer of weeds and thorns that had resulted from idolatry. Otherwise, thorns would choke the newly sown seed (Hos 10:12). The very foundations of the nation’s spiritual life needed tending, even restructuring. 

Again, Jeremiah calls for repentance—this time under the figure of circumcision (v.4). The hard encrustation on their hearts must be cut away. Nothing less than removal of all natural obstacles to the will of God would suffice. Outward ritual must be replaced by inward reality (cf. Deut 10:16; Rom 2:28-29). The heart was involved because outward worship was valueless unless the inner life was given over to God. Their hearts must be spiritually receptive. The only other alternative to obedience was to experience the fitting wrath of God. Jeremiah everywhere underscores the necessity for the new heart as in the prophecy of the new covenant (ch. 31).

page 408 Amazingly enough, even at that late hour there was still opportunity for repentance. Prophecies of judgment are conditional; obedience to God reverses the threat of judgment. But there must be inner cleansing, even of the thought life, if disaster is to be averted

Page 411 “Judah’s total corruption (5:1-31)

This chapter reveals Jerusalem under moral investigation. It may be viewed as a theodicy. A superficial reading of the earlier chapters of the prophecy might lead one to conclude that the nation has been charged with all it has been guilty of. But the depths of her sin against the Lord must be reviewed at length. The nation must come to a much fuller realization of her ingrained sin. The desperately low spiritual state of the nation must be brought under the searchlight of God’s scrutiny. Moreover, her sin must be judged in view of her continued refusal to heed the Lord’s gracious calls to repent and so avert disaster. What a telling portrayal of unrelieved apostasy the chapter gives us! ”

You may also benefit from reading these following helps…

The Christian Patriot

patriotic-wallpaper-231.jpgThe Christian Patriot –  A Sermon Delivered at the
South Congregational Church, Boston, July 5, 1840

by  M. I. Motte

Psalm 144:15
Happy is that people, whose God is the Lord

“One of the most common of mistaken and false forms, into which religion is apt to run, is an isolated piety, and abstract and independent devotion; religion separated from the business of life, instead of being woven up, conscientiously, with all its concerns. For convenience’ sake, we have a particular day, and place, and order of men, and class of exercises, especially devoted to the consideration of the great topic; but it is that its influence may be made to run through all days and places, all intercourse, every subject and employment. Yet the church has every been prone, even more than it conscious of, to sever itself from the world, instead of leavening it to its own spirit; and the same man, in his church relations, is a Christian, or would grieve not to be considered and to consider himself so, who, in some of his worldly interests and pursuits, is absolutely an atheist, living without God in his thoughts.

On no subject as thus more obvious, than on the one, from which it is most unfortunate in our country religion should be driven off, seeing it is that which agitates more people here than any other, viz. the whole business of politics. Religion and politics are spoken of as opposite poles, the positive and the negative as the acknowledgment of God is concerned. We hear it said, politics are of no particular religion; and it is too often true, in a more absolute sense than is intended. It would seem, at first, as if both subject were so important, so exciting, that the human hear is hardly large enough for both. (3) When we speak of a man as a politician preeminently, one enthusiastically absorbed in the affairs of the nation, or more probably of a party, we do not expect to find him in a church. And when a zealot for churches is invited to the polls, he seems to answer to the purpose, when he replies, “My Master’s kingdom is not of this world.” If he is a clergyman, the professional response expected from him is, “I have nothing to do with politics;” and only those object to this, who suppose, if he voted at all, he would vote with them; to all others he seems to have made the natural and legitimate reply. Both of these men are wrong, but they both point the direction in which public prejudice blows.

Our festivals, again, are either political or religious; not both together. There would seem to be something incompatible and profane, or absurd, in making them both. Such an anniversary as yesterday is not strikingly a religious day; as tomorrow’s published list of its outrages and truculent mishaps in all our cities will attest. Early in the morning, trains may be seen leaving the city by every outlet, anxious to escape the celebration of the National Independence. And, when the day of the month falls upon the first day of the week, its celebration is postponed till Monday; as if confessedly impossible to bring its spirit to into harmony with the Christian Sabbath.

All this shows, not the politics and religion are necessarily inconsistent, – for the former, I suppose, is a duty as really as the latter, and all duties should be performed in the fear of God, – but it shows, that the spirit of politics which prevails is not the right one. The good of our country should be provided for, as in the sight of God, and in sacred love to our fellow-men; and then it is a holy service, and need not be dissevered from the solemnest ministrations of devotions. It is one of the modes of worship with which the Universal Father is well pleased; one of the forms of his appointed ceremonial of religion pure and undefiled, which consists in going about doing good for his sake. But, if it is only a selfish, headlong, intemperate scramble for preeminence, if it is mercenary, not moral, in its spirit, a question of interest, not of right, the Sabbath is too good a day for it, and so is every other day.

Interest is to be regarded as well as right; but do not all political parties appeal too exclusively to the former? A reverence for right is not held high enough, as the guiding polar star for the opinions of the people. The people think, morality is a matter of home and neighborly intercourse, not involved in the vote they cast, and the opinions they express, on the acts of government, encouraging or condemning. How seldom is the guilt of upholding iniquitous public measures reflected on, as good men reflect on private violations of the ten Commandments. They may do infinitely more mischief than an individual’s misdemeanor, and yet many deem it a little thing. Men seem to think they may hold what opinions, and belong to what parties they please, without regard to their truth or effects, except as affecting themselves; as if politics were a lawless region, always out of Christendom, and from which even conscious was excluded by general consent. Look through the community and the world, and see how, on almost every question, you may draw a line between parties, accurately coinciding with the line between their interests. You need not ask, on which side a man’s convictions lie, if you only know on which side his wishes lie. The coincidence is certainly remarkable; and melancholy it is to reflect on the wide heartlessness it indicates. Here we see men fair-minded in every other concern, men of severe religious sanctity, of nice honor, of scrupulous integrity in their personal transactions, where the welfare of a few immediate connections or acquaintances is at stake; but, when millions lose though the prevalence of an opinion, the first and only thought that seems to occur to them is, How will it affect us, and I our lowest interests? And, if it promise to be lucrative, forthwith they adopt that opinion, and if their soul’s salvation hung upon it.

They adopt that opinion, I said; But can it be possible, that men always do really believe as if for their interests? Can they be conscientious, in such innumerable cases, arriving, through the careful and dispassionate examination, at precisely the result that happens to favor the views and wishes? I allow a great deal for the blinding power of self-interest; but this uniform concurrence of hope and belief is astonishing still. These same people will reason as clearly as daylight on any argument which comes within the tenth of an inch of their own concerns without touching it; but, the moment it touches, their light is darkened, their logical acumen is blunted, their perceptions evince a certain unfortunate obliquity, which is sure to twist their notions in one invariable direction. Can this be right? Can it be honest? We know, or we might know, if we chose, that truth and justice cannot always, and on every accidental question and measure, be in our favor. We are bound, at any rate, not to take it for granted. Let us inquire. Let us make up our minds to lose so many dollars, relinquish a few prejudices, and partialities, and expectations, rather than lose probity, the approbation that speaks within, all generosity of soul, and the smiles of God. Let us not be satisfied to be guilty, because the guilt is shared with a multitude. Away with injustice and ungenerosity, though only in thought, however popular, however fashionable. So shall we do our part to bring into currency a more elevated and uncompromising tone of political honor and conscience; and the whole regions of politics be no longer but as the Barbary States of moral geography, outlawed lands and piratical seas, from which are excluded all faith and virtue, all laws of God and man.

Politics should be but one form of that charity which is the end of the divine law. One more of benevolence, one of the ministrations of philanthropy; and “Holiness to the Lord” be inscribed over the portals of its halls of state and the chambers of its social festivals, as over the church door. Especially with us should this be aimed at on triple grounds. For, if political parties with us cannot be Christian parties, then are we a godless nation; there can be few Christians throughout the length and breadth of the land; since he, who is no politician under our institutions, is a solitary rarity.

Then, if they believe their own declamations, puffing up so unweariedly the national vanity, we are the most favored people on which the sun shines, at least, as regards all that God has done for us; and the Giver of all good should, least of all, be ungratefully overlooked by us. All the flights of rhetoric, that yesterday glittered over this continent, all the floods of panegyric that were sounded forth upon ourselves and our institutions and advantages, should they not all reecho, at least in and undertone whisper in reason’s ear, as if saying, To whom much is given, of them much will be required?

And, then, to make all that is given to us safe for us, and to expect a blessing continuance, we must remember God, and insist on a religious morality as the very first manifestation of a true patriotism. Ay, patriotism, that most abused words. Alas! That it is every vaunted and bravadoed by the scoffer and the profligate, not knowing, that blessed is that people, and that alone, whose God is the Lord. Without him they may speak great swelling words of vanity; but bombastic professions and oratorical displays are not the disinterested self-denial and sober toils of a virtuous citizen, who fears God and honors government, and serves and saves the state without boasting. He alone is a patriot. By such alone the country stands.

The Ruler of nations hath uttered the decree. From beginning of time his world has illustrating it. As surely as he is just and the King of nations as of individuals; as surely as there is truth taught by experience, and the unvarying certainty of the same effects from the same causes, according to the natural constitution he has impressed on his universe, the past, in all quarters of the globe, bids us look well to it. You may be the traitor within the garrison, though treason to the country be furthest from your thoughts. You may invoke ruin upon it when you are shouting, louder than any, the glory of its institutions. You may be the deadly enemy, though you shed your blood for it. Look into the nature of things. When hath a righteous nation perished? Where is there one doing justice and judgment, and it is not well with it? Public virtue is the strongest spirit of national vitality; and private virtue is the life-blood, coursing through every artery and vein, large and small, of the public institutions.

On the other hand, is it not undeniable from reason, scripture, and experience, that predominance of selfish principles and corrupt morals is the unfailing cause of calamities, perplexities, and ruin in a country? Reason tells us, that the character of the Judge of all the earth is the pledged to have it so. Vice, in the individual, may not always meet its retribution, nor virtue its reward, in this world, because there is to be another, of more perfect retribution for individuals. But nations exist here alone. Unlike the soul, they are annihilated at their temporal dissolution. Therefore, if their fortunes and fate be subject of the Divine Providence, to their present existence, which is the only one, must be applied the principle of its moral rule.

The scriptures confirm this rule, and do not restrict it to the theocracy of Israel. They say; “O Israel, thou hast fallen by thine iniquity; your iniquities have turned away good things and withheld them from you.” But it is not of Israel alone, (of whom it might be said, God was, in a peculiar way, a Governor by temporal sanctions,) that he announces this principle of legislation. His declarations are general. “At what instant I shall speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom, to build up and to plant it; if it do evil in my sight, that it obey not my voice, then I will repent of the good wherewith I said I would benefit them. In the hand of the Lord, there is a cup, and the wine is red. It is full mixed, and he poureth out of the same. As for the dregs thereof, all the ungodly of the earth shall drink them.”

And the experience of mankind puts the impressive truth beyond dispute. What is history but, on this account, like the Prophet’s, a scroll written, within and without, with lamentation, and mourning, and woe. Pity weeps as she unrolls its venerable annals. Its oldest records present the Cities of the Plain set forth for an example of the national ruin, that full surely awaits national unrighteousness. “Ten righteous men could not be found in them,” and they perished. Even to an earlier page the genius of history points, and sighs over the ravages of the flood. “All flesh had corrupted their ways before the Flood.” And we stand aghast at the sweeping catastrophe. Turn over a few pages onward, and direct your attention to the chosen people. See them, at one time, visited with pestilence, famine, conflagration, tempest; at another, falling under the sword, or languishing in captivity, feeling before the scourge of war, or terrified with awful phenomena of nature, and all these proclaimed the retributory angels of the Lord, the ministers of his justice for their sins. The wisdom of their wise men was taken away, and the understanding of their prudent men hid; and it was moral debasement that did it. Their cities, the places of their fathers’ sepulchers, were laid waste, and the gates thereof consumed with fire; and, in all the seasons of their affliction, mark the moral shade running though the history in proportioned intenseness; mark idolatry and its bitter fruit, general profligacy, tempting them to forget their God.

Read of a later day, travel among the scenes of profane chronicles, if you would see, that national vice is national suicide. Stand upon the moldering ruins of a thousand cities, once great and fair, and seek, – you will seek in vain, – for trace or even site of many others; and ask where are they, and why have they vanished from the earth? Roam through the desolated territories of empires, once splendid and mighty, and, as you brood over the gloomy vestiges of their decay, cannot find an inhabitant for many a mile, where throngs were loud and busy once, ask yourself, if integrity, industry, humanity, temperance, piety, and purity were rife there, when the besom of destruction came to sweep a tomb under those wide-spread ruins.

Thus history or travel will conduct you over the globe, and everywhere teach the same salutary lesson. They will point to empire after empire, and dynasty after dynasty, shriveling and shrinking with the imbecility of moral corruption; and it is not more sure, that the palaces of their pride, and the monuments of their perverted might, are crumbling into dust, than that other empires and other dynasties, now treading in their steps, will follow them to decay and desolation. O that our beloved land may be wise from the lesson! And the lesson is more pertinent under our republican polity, than under any other. If righteousness exalteth a nation, and sin is a reproach and ruin to any people, most speedily of all must it prove so to a people without the restraints of a strong government. Liberty and licentiousness roll trippingly off the tongue together; they flow, unseparated, from the lips of many, with easy alliteration and commonplace proverbialness, as if they were almost the same thing, or one inevitably followed the other. But, if it does, it is as commonplace a maxim of history, that it will follow it speedily to ruin. Liberty licentiousness, – it is the tritest of proverbs, – cannot coexist lastingly. The free people is the last that can afford to be vicious. The slave may throw off the restraints of virtue, and yet be kept in order by the restraints of despotism. But, when a freeman does not govern himself, he is ungoverned, so to speak, and careering to perdition; like the uncurbed wild ass of the desert, rushing to the precipice he tosses his head too high to see.

Therefore, every immoral republican is a traitor and conspirator against his government, as much as if, being the subject of a king, he pointed a dagger against his life. He is spreading stratagems and snares for the feet of his sovereign; for public virtue is his sovereign. He is seeking to blind, and deafen, and lame, and cripple, and make wholly inefficient, and worse than inefficient, he is seeking to corrupt, into tyrannical wantonness and cruelty, the most beneficent monarch that ever sat upon a throne.

So that you see, my brethren, in addition to every other motive for being good Christians, patriotism should be one. After we have turned away from the voice of God; after we have steeled our hearts to the claims of him who died upon Calvary, the just for the unjust, the he might bring us to God; after we have besotted our minds to act the fool’s part of blindness to our own interest; there is yet one appeal which may not be lost upon our generosity, one consideration that should be sufficient; public spirit, the love of our country. Its welfare is resting on our individual virtue. For as drops of water make up the ocean, and grains of sand constitute vast continents, so the personal character of the humblest individual among us adds something, for weal or for woe, to that national character, by which the land of our love, the government which has cherished us, will stand or fall. Our native soil, the scene of our happy childhood, the land of our fathers, the land where we have enjoyed so much, where we expect so much, and from which the world expects so much, shall it realize these expectations? Shall it become, as has been so fondly anticipated, the glory of the nations, has the perfection of beauty, the joy of the whole earth, showing what man can do with unshackled energies and faculties ripely developed in the wholesome air of liberty? Or shall it be one more byword and mockery of the aspirations and pretensions of freedom.

Think of this, when tempted to any wicked or base act. Above all, think of it when tempted to into any of the peculiar and besetting snares, and betraying exaggerations and caricatures of liberty; to vicious license, to lawlessness and recklessness of restraint, to inebriate zeal, party prejudice, bigoted factiousness, mob-rioting, passionate reviling of the powers that be, or the powers that are to be, and all bitter or mercenary partisanship. Remember, when tempted to any of these, you are tempted then to disappoint so many noble souls, the lovers of their kind, in every quarter of the globe, the enthusiasts for the advancement of the human race to a pitch of excellence and enjoyment yet unrealized, but the guaranty for which they look for in the great experience of self-government now trying on these shores.

The old world may be said to be leaning, with feverish anxiety, over the ocean to catch every symptom of the success or failure of his experiment. Have pity on the last hopes on man. Let is not be said again, as it was by the dying Brutus, after he had sacrificed all to realize a patriot’s dream; “O virtue, I have worshipped thee as a reality, and found thee but a shadow.” Let it not be said, again, as it was by the noble-hearted Madame Roland, as, on her way to the guillotine to lose her head for continuing a virtuous enthusiast for freedom amidst the herd of vicious, she passed under the statue of Liberty; “O Liberty, how they have played thee! What crimes have been committed in the name!” Ay, how it has been played in the world, historionized, juggled! What crimes have been committed, what crimes have not been committed, in its sacred name? It is assuredly the cloak of boundless evil, when not guarded with most scrupulous probity; for the best things, corrupted, always become the worst. The precious diamond may be blackened into a worthless coal. The sweet name of liberty has become a sound of ill omen and nauseous associations to many of the readers of history, from want of virtue in its votaries. Patriotism has been characterized as the last resource of a villain. Revolutions, said Napoleon, are not made with rosewater; but it were well if blood, and seas of it, were the dearest price paid. Moral corruption is what renders revolutions worse than vain.

Our fathers have made one more trial, knowing that past failures were from want of Christian principle, and that they had settled these shores expressly in obedience to Christian principle, and therefore they might hope. In faith and prayer they struggled; for they felt, that with God all things are possible in the cause of righteousness, and they hoped their children would feel this too. From the first, they set out with the idea of making this community that happy people, whose God is the Lord, – a Christian nation, – what the world had never yet seen, but what all its experience concurred in testifying it must seem or it would never see the amount of prosperity man is capable of attaining on earth. A Christian people! Not merely a sober, industrious people, without religion, if such could be expected, but distinctively a Christian people. Bright and glorious idea, far-seeing wisdom, true friends, and see its kingdoms prospering at this time just in proportion as they come near realizing this idea, other elements of their greatness being the same. Begin from the effete East, and come to the infant West. The nominally Christian are more thriving than the Pagan Mahometan; the Protestant than the Catholic; the praying and Bible-reading, than the ceremonial and formalist; and, so long hypocrisy could be kept out, that people would prosper most, who should require, as the settlers of these New England colonies did, that none but members of the church should be rulers in the state. Such a regulation is a bait for hypocrites, a trap for the consciences of the ambitious, and, therefore, it is not to be enforced after the primitive virtues of the settlement have been corrupted. But, is there were not fear of hypocrisy, verily and indeed happy would be that people, with whom God was effectively their Lord through the strict observances of such a rule. Then might we see such a phenomenon as a Christian people.

As it is, let us, – and it seems more incumbent on us than on any nation that lives in the sun’s more expressive, than as a mere geographical term. When we are called a Christian nation, let us allow more the meant, than that we are not savages or barbarians, or only semi-civilized, as all those nations are in which Christianity is unknown. Christian should be more than European or American, as distinguished from Asiatic or African. It should be more than latitude and longitude; more than eastern or western, northern or southern; more than tropics and zones, equator and ecliptic, arctic or antarctic.

And how can we make a Christian nation? To become so, must be an individual, not a collective act. Legislation cannot do it, if legislation would. Resolves of majorities, in caucus or in Congress, in towns or by states, or even unanimous votes, is not the way to affect it. The simple and sole process is for each person privately to resolve, for his single part, no influence in legislative deliberations, no political name or fame whatever, – nay, the shrinking woman and child, whose deliberations look not beyond the homestead, or who can legislate only over their own hearts, – these can add a stone, as truly as the mightiest statesman or the loudest demagogue, to build up the national temple to the Lord. Public opinion is the life-breath of our own government, and therefore to Christianize that, we have but to Christianize ourselves. O what it is ye may achieve! No such power as this is possessed by the subjects of any government but yours. They cannot regenerate their sovereign. They cannot even pray for his conversion with hope, the assurance, of the prayer being granted if sincere, which may warm your breasts.

And is there a consideration of earth or heaven, that is not present and potent to move us to this prayer? Pour it out to God, if righteousness would have but the promise of the life that now is. If a majority of the citizens were sincere followers of Jesus Christ, is it not evident, the councils of this nation would be wiser and mightier, its progress more glorious, its dominion even more potent than any the world has ever seen? The day when it shall be resolved, that the same evangelical principles shall govern states that govern churches and gospel professors in their private relations, would be the true jubilee of freedom. That will be the mind’s and the soul’s declaration of independence. That will be breaking every yoke at length from body, and heart, and spirit. Thenceforth slavery, in any form, would be but a tradition and a name; whereas now it is the commonest of conditions, and to the mass liberty is but a name; for he that serveth any sin is the slave of sin. That day will come, when the people choose.

Choose it, resolve it, O my brethren, as the first of civil duties. Whatever your party predilections, sacrifice them all for the party of righteous men. Support no administration, and oppose none, but one the ground of moral principle. Go with them as far as Jesus Christ would go, and no further. Read the constitution by the light of the Gospel. The Savior be your paramount leader.

And now I see his communion table before me this day, and I fear all that has been said will seem out of keeping with its solemn associations; so desecrating, as I began with intimating, seems any allusion to the politician’s trade. But let me hope I have not spoken all in vain. Follow it in the spirit in which you come here to the house of the Lord himself. You are performing a solemn act of worship then, if you feel it aright. You should enter upon office, you should deposit your vote for office, with a religious sense of accountableness, like that which makes you so serious when you handle the emblems of the Savior’s body and blood.

Approach his table because you would be good citizens, among the other reasons of the act; because you love, and you serve and save, your country; because you would have it long free; because you would be truly free yourselves. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. If his Son shall make your free, ye shall be free indeed. Where he is not the deliverer, men may clamor, and boast, and carouse, and with bacchanalian revelry call themselves free but they are the bondmen of corruption, the thralls of Satan. O be ye, unlike them, the freedmen of the Lord, whose service is perfect freedom.”

Here is another link with another sermon that was preached in 1810 in Concord, NH.  How things have changed since then.

Estranged Adult Children


I am a senior.  I see pain all around me with seniors, being in my complex, at the doctors, or in stores.  I see parents in need who have no one,  and alone, without a visit, a word of praise, or a helping hand.   The video below was posted on Facebook, and it struck a nerve, whereby,  its’ contents are needed.   On here  I have covered abuse on the above bar, “Shattered for Christ”, and the bi-polar outcome of suicide of my youngest son.  I have done posts on seniors and loneliness and abuse.  However, I hadn’t touched on the “Estranged Adult Children”, and after viewing the video below, copied the very touching words and pain caused in this type of estrangement.  To the younger generation in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, I say take heed at your contribution to this terrible epidemic in this pop culture society.  For God is watching and “we reap what we sow.”  As you will see, estrangement, too is all about control.  For what end? When the parent you love way down deep and yet hate, may be dead soon.  The battle belongs to the Lord!   From video:

“They are adults, who when children, must have recorded and journaled every unintentional mistake/error their parent/parents had ever made.  They are adult children born into the “me” generation who  are likely not perfect parents themselves.  Someone has them believing that they endured poor parenting.  Rather than move forward these adult children retain the power position of accusing, blaming and guilt.  Generation ME  has never known a world that put DUTY before SELF, and believes  that the needs of the individual should come first.   Of course parents wish they had done things differently!  Parents failed to give a sense of duty and belonging.  Unmet needs.  There are no perfect parents–there are no perfect children.

Unlike the first generation, many of them have their own homes, cars, and all can afford lovely holiday’s.  In my day growing up, their was no Social Security for my Grandparents, and my own parents did the  duty that SOCIETY then expected of them, brought them to live with them, and /or paid for hospitalization, or nursing homes.  My father did for his mother, and my maternal grandfather who lived with us when I was about 10.  So, todays freebies and yes, neglect were not always true of working parents. (I also feel that our Government is partially to blame, media, and taking God and prayer out of schools.)  My mother took care of her father, as there were no Medicare/Medicaid and parents and churches always helped the elderly.

Estrangement doesn’t happen because someone did something.  Sometimes too, it is guilts.  If it’s that easy for either a child or a parent to throw the other away, then they were lying in wait for the opportunity to make the separation.”  (And my I interjection here is,  that is not in God’s Holy Word.)  “There’s no real fault, just as there shouldn’t be blame.”  author unknown (video)

“Blaming a mother is just another negative way of clinging to her still.”   author unknown

“We’re all guilty…we’re all innocent” author unknown

It’s interpretation and none of us know how our words or actions were interpreted.”  author unknown

On honoring, whether we, parents made errors or not!

Generational Curses handed down:

“The weak can never forgive.  Forgiveness is an attribute of the strong.”  Mahatma Gandhi

“Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky we felt them and turned them into paper, that we may record our emptiness.”  Kahil Gibran

“The LORD is longsuffering, and of great mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression” (If proper repentance is engaged), “and by no means clearing the guilty” (if  repentance is not forthcoming) , “visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation “(that is, being accountable to HIM if there is no repentance.)  KJ Expositors study Bible

“People are unrealistic, illogical and self-centered” in this pop culture we live in, so far away from God Almighty. ” Love them anyways.”  Mother Teresa

“One day you will ask me which is more important? My life or yours?  I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing that YOU ARE my life.” Kahil Gibran

” A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world.  It knows no law, no pity.  It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.”  Agatha Christie

“It is better to die on your face rather to live on your knees.” (Begging constantly, preaching to the one ignoring..a form of control.)

“According to estranged adult children all past and current suffering is the fault of parents.  How can a parent be held responsible for an adults lack of joy?  This makes one curious about their current environment and /or heart if they call themselves a Christian.   Generally, parents have good intent .  A willful and sudden stop of all communication shows very poor intent on the part of the adult child.”

“Sadness, is a wall between two gardens.”  Kahil Gibran

“We’re all guilty — We’re all innocent.  It’s the interpretation and none of us know how our words or actions were interpreted.”  author unknown

“If your brother (adult child) trespass against you, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him.” Luke 17:3

“There is therefore now NO CONDEMNATION (guilt) to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, (world) but after the spirit.”  Romans 8:1

I have grieved, cried and sobbed in my pillow at not only divorces, but the death of my three month old baby in 1958,  the suicide of my bi-polar 19 year old in 1999, and the total estrangement of  my 53 year old son, who hated his father as I; the finger pointing accusations of two daughters, one I haven’t seen out of state for 9 years. Yet, am saved by Grace, God is and always has been my advocate, in spite of any indignant accusing, I therefore stand on the word of God.  NO Condemnation; if God be for me, man or child cannot be against me, in Jesus name.    I rebuke this silent epidemic as it is called, out of my life and my three remaining children’s lives…in Jesus name by the blood HE shed at the Cross.

This “Silent Epidemic” is too about control; and (possibly unspoken ) threat you will lose your family.  We tend to go around in circles between drama and chaos – – back and forth always the drama.  Is it about me?  NO!  It is about my relationship with Jesus, not feeding the complexities of your emptiness.   As an artist, a writer, I find I have wanted to push, teach, instill, and sometimes,  ram my knowledge to the ones who are not interested one iota.  Since Jesus inside me IS the me that I am now,  I think I have seen it as a rejection of HIM as well as me.  Now perhaps in my own fears as I am getting older, and more and more disabled in all my arthritic pain, and shortcomings, I have come to the conclusion after playing these videos and listening, that I have to leave it all at the Cross.   Whereby, I am praying that God give me the discernment I need, when I always feel I am walking on eggshells.  Isaiah 43:10-12 Which says, too, “You are to be my witnesses”, whereby in Jesus name, I will stop blaming myself, and trust my instincts based on scriptures that God gives me and begin to implement rules and boundaries towards my adult children.   With this, I leave it once more all to you Lord.  You are my advocate, my judge, my Father, my instructor, my redeemer, my greatest love, denying self…my all…Thank you Lord.  Please I pray help others go through this walk and heal these estrangements.  We cannot change another only ourselves.  In only you Lord, who never EVER failed me, do I trust.