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Christians and Addictions

BK-CAI am addressing this issue of addictions, because at my age, over the years,  I have seen so many struggle and saw that it just isn’t unchristians, but it seems sin has invaded our modern churches.  Here are some links to sites on this subject including CBN and Pat Robertson, which I agree with, as well as preachers Pastor John Hagee, Billie Graham, and many others.  I am  old school.   However being in my mid 70’s, and not saved until I was 43, I have seen a lot of sad cases of drug addictions and alcoholism. Since giving my heart to Jesus on that CROSS 33 years ago, I was taught that my body was washed clean, and was a temple of the living God. Whereby, I cannot invite the Holy Spirit in with praise and prayer, and imbibe letting the evil spirits of alcohol in. I fear God. I will not chance offending my Lord, over what “others” may think is right, nor will I let them be a stumbling-block in my walk. For he that leads another to stray, and has wine and alcohol around in front of children, grown or not, will lead them to the paths of unrighteousness and evil.

Second, it was my understanding from my father and mother that my grandfather was in fact an alcoholic, who died in the 1918 huge flu epidemic. My father detested alcohol of any kind. Whereby, growing up, there was never any liquor or a bottle of beer in my home. When I came of age and experimented, married I drank. My father hated it.

I have seen so many people ruin their lives over drinking. I’ve known alcoholics that couldn’t stop, even as born again Christians. One such young man, who served 4 tours in Iraq as a Marine, just wanting to go back, missing his brothers. He even got up in church in the front, crying out publicly to God and all of us to “Please forgive me, I’m so sorry for this sin, God take it from me.” God did, he died at only 42 of a brain aneurysm.

I had someone I loved so much, and thankfully didn’t marry. A brilliant man, school teacher, contractor making a lot of money building homes, but unable to beat his demons. This man had an IQ of 158 and was so smart and with the kindest heart imaginable. He was my friend and would call me
periodically, most of the time in depressive tears. He also lost a son in the 70’s due to an alcohol drug overdose. And it broke my friends heart in two. I tried so hard to lead him in salvation to Jesus, even leaving him a Bible many years ago. I pray that God’s grace fell upon him.

In various churches I’ve seen different ministries such as Teen challenge, started by the late Pastor Dave Wilkerson, World Challenge in TX and the church at Times Square. God bless all they do, including helping place and pay apartment rent for young single mom’s in trouble. Teen Challenge is here in NH locally, and the testimonies and tearful stories of the young men, hooked on drugs and/or alcohol is mind boggling. It doesn’t take much for a person who innocently picks up a bottle of beer to be hooked into addiction.

Another I know of locally too New Life Home for women and children.  Women who have alcohol and /or drug dependency some to the point of prostitution in their desperations.   But, my God is a God of 2nd chances.   His grace and mercy covers all of our sins.  And once we are saved, we are bought by the blood at Calvary, never to have that finger of condemnation reproach us again.  Romans 8:1.   Thank you Jesus for George and Grace Rosado who heard the call of God on their souls in the 70’s to start this wonderful ministry. 

Wherefore, my stance on should a Christian drink wine?  Beer?  Emphatically old school, I say no!  We don’t know the genes we carry nor how a “little ” wine can escalate into a horrible addiction that could be life threatening.  I will further alienate and go out on a limb by saying, while a glass of wine is said to be good, it is not for everyone, especially those with diabetes or hypertension.  That is asking for a stroke.  Thirty three years ago,  after my last divorce, ( a man who was bi-polar and an alcoholic), my father dying, a 3 year old, to again raise alone,  at 43, I got down on my knees in front of the  Florida TV when evangelist Jimmy Swaggart pointed his finger at me and called me a sinner.  I didn’t know back then what he had, I only knew whatever it was I wanted it!   I cried on my knees and repented, and told God that day I would serve only HIM.   I haven’t stopped.   Jesus said in Matthew, “if you love mother, child,  husband, more than me you are not worthy of me. ”  I love and will obey only my Lord, remembering different people in my life, some who meant a lot, that were destroyed by their addictions, and died horrific deaths.

Proverbs 20:1 “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.” (The Holy Spirit here says that “wine mocks” and it causes “raging”  in the hearts and lives of all who imbibe.  As well, it is a great “deceiver”.  This means that every believer ought to be a teetotaler.)  *All parenthesis from the Expositors Study Bible

Proverbs 21:17  “He who loves pleasure shall be a poor man…he who loves wine and oil shall not be rich.” (Lack of diligence and lack of responsibility produce laziness  and are roundly condemned in the Bible.)

Isaiah 5:11 “Woe unto them who rise up early in the morning that they may follow strong drink, that continue until night, till wine inflame them!” (The first, “Woe!” was pronounced on covetousness, now a second “Woe!” is pronounced on pleasure-seekers.  As well, this mirrors the modern church?!! [II Timothy 3:1-5])

Hosea 3:1 “Then said the LORD unto me, Go yet. Love a woman beloved of her friend, yet an adulteress, according tp the love of the LORD toward the children of Israel, who look to other gods, and love flagons of wine.”  (In other words, wine became their god and they HAD to have it, but threw out God Almighty!)

Habakkuk 2:5 “Yea also, because he transgresses by WINE, he is a PROUD man, neither keeps at home, who enlarges his desire as Hell, and is as death, and cannot be satisfied, but gathers unto him all nations, and heaps unto him all people.” (Habakkuk begins to express the results of the individual who trusts in his OWN resources and not God; other people, wine, refers to ways of the world,  etc.  And “neither keeps at home refers to the unfettered sexual appetites, unfaithfulness, never fulfilled, at the expense of family and home.)

Ephesians 5:18 “And be not drunk with wine wherein is excess, but be filled with the Holy Spirit.”  (Paul says here not to be controlled by alcoholic beverages, or controlled by the evil spirits of liquor, but the HOLY Spirit, which cannot dwell in you if you drink.) Not only that, but if Jesus came in the Rapture, supposedly saved or not, if you were filed with the spirits of wine, you would not go. Period!

I Timothy 3:3 “Not given to wine, not greedy, of filthy lucre but patient, not a brawler, not covetous.” (Refers to those constantly drunk going on their own juice, looking for trouble and money hungry schemers, while God desires us to seek ONLY HIM, and be filed with the Holy Spirit.)

If you are addicted, stop and get help…somewhere!  And if you drink a little here and there? Beware, for I believe it can cause you to loose your salvation.  We cannot be filled with the Spirit of God and the spirits of liquors or drugs.  The wages of sin is death.  And it will eat you up alive, for once you start, a little is  not enough!   Please check out the links below.  If this is accepted in your church,  then sin to me anyways has crept in…But when Jesus cleans house, it will begin in the House of he Lord!  Glory God for all you have done in my life.  I praise you for all these young people getting helped, and these young mothers.  Thank you Lord.

Leviticus 10:8-10 “And the LORD spoke unto Aaron, saying 9. DO NOT DRINK WINE NOR STRONG DRINK, YOU, NOR YOUR SONS WITH YOU, WHEN YOU GO INTO THE TABERNACLE OF THE CONGREGATION, LET YOU DIE!  It shall be a Statute for ever throughout your generations.  10. And that you may put difference between HOLY and UNHOLY, and between UNCLEAN and CLEAN.”
In other words, they were drunk so my Expositors Study Bible in red says, “We have here in this verse a prohibition “forever” against ANY type of strong drink!
 Christians are bringing sin into the church…  Yes we have grace…and this was “law”, but we cannot be inbibed with wine, and have the Holy Spirit dwell in us at at the same time.   And if the Rapture came, we would be left.  Cause no one imbibed will be taken up.  And this I believe!

Some people may drink occasionally, but can also unwind or enjoy social events without drinking. However, other people may regularly drink above recommended limits (one drink per day for women and older people, two drinks per day for men); or may feel like they need alcohol in order to relax, have a good time, or feel better. If you find yourself needing to drink, you may have an alcohol problem. Drinking too much can cause problems with your relationships at home and at work, lead to poor judgment and dangerous behavior, and sometimes cause legal issues. Driving and doing other activities while drunk may lead you to hurt or kill yourself or others.

Some effects of alcohol are physical. Long term abuse of alcohol can cause:

  • Liver disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Stomach problems
  • Harm to unborn children (in pregnant women)
  • Complications with other illnesses

I had a pastor friend of mine, email me this comment as well as my daughter in VA…who also said some have wine in her church (Baptist) too. She also said as I found out, there is no scripture that says not to drink wine, only not to be drunk.   Quote my pastor friend:  “You are right to share your convictions…but I have found the more people feel that they have to defend themselves, the more they just ingrain their thoughts as they argue them. I never really saw a problem with wine with dinner or with company. Ask any Jew, they will tell you that wine…and that would include Jesus…was a staple in the diet. When someone tells me Jesus drank wine to defend themselves, my response is something like “That may be true…but He didn’t drink 10!” There is a terrible issue with addictions in this country and is a powerful reason to really consider a persons “liberties”. I do know that it many times is a culture thing as well. I was in Africa with a world known evangelist…70,000 people. I saw deaf ears open, blind eyes open, cripples walk, thousands of conversions and infilling with the Holy Spirit.  After the crusades we all went out to dinner and wine was ordered with dinner. I really had to think about my previous conviction…If a glass of wine with dinner didn’t stop the Lord from using this person to influence the world, maybe I should relook at it. I did..and have learned its probably best with some of these things to not be ashamed of my convictions,but then leave the rest to the Lord who certainly will judge a person according to their heart.”    With this, I will leave it to God.



2zxCQ-aUTb-1 I don’t know about many of you,  however, I find that the older I get, the more I count my blessings.   They don’t have to be  big blessings, just small little blessings of joy just talking to a friend, children, looking at recent photos, or talking to God when  He has gotten you through a difficult task.    Little miracles in my old age now,  approaching 75 in a few months,  my blessings now are almost constant.   I love my Lord with all my heart, especially this Christmas season,  of giving.  To obey God and know when it is HIM asking you to do something gives peace and joy beyond understanding.  It is therefore grace and joy!

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith, and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God, not by works, so that no one can boast.” Ephesians 2:8-9  Lord, You give the best gifts!  I receive the love gift of my salvation, knowing that it is by grace  that I have been saved, through faith.  I didn’t do anything to deserve it or earn it.  I know my works did not save me, for if they did, then I could boast about it.  Instead, You saved me by grace so I can now do good works;  things you prepared in advance for me to do; TO BRING GLORY LORD TO YOUR NAME IN THE HIGHEST!

Proverbs 10:22 ” The blessings of the Lord make us rich.”  28:20 “A faithful man shall abound with blessings”.  Acts 20:35 “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

The Power of Prayer

The power of prayer is a gift from above
And it’s power we hold in our hands;
The privilege we have to commune with the Lord,
The world cannot understand.

It’s a beautiful gift of the spirit,
As the Saviour draws near to our hearts;
And whispers ever so softly,
That He hears, and will never depart.

All is well as we bow in His presence.
And make known our petitions to Him;
“just be still,” and listen for an answer,
And wait, and have patience within.

For He cares, and He gives to His children,
His love, and His blessings each day;
And we have the power of heaven,
In our hands, as we humbly pray.
Myrtle Schug

This Christmas season, Lord, I beseech you to lift up America in prayers that we come back on our knees to you Lord, as our Founding Father’s had sought you, I pray that America repents and seeks you once again.  Lord, I know your blessings can’t be bestowed upon a nation or a peoples that do not seek you or turn from this pop culture and our wicked ways.  Clean us up Oh Lord,  and it all begins in the houses of worship across America in every denomination.   We have let evil in from which no blessings can be bestowed.   We have become like Sodom and Gomorrah and I know that I know your judgment is upon us.  We cannot have  blessings and revival until there is true repentance.   Send your angels, and your watchmen, your prophets, and all those who are anointed Oh Lord, to do your  bidding, to turn this once great country around.   Pour out your Holy Spirit Lord this Christmas season, give us knowledge from within to seek you God.   Thank you Lord Jesus, upon this day of your birth, for all you suffered on that CROSS for the sins of mankind, that you alone God hold all the keys for blessings on earth and eternity.   Thank you Lord for all you have saved and I too am believing that all our unsaved loved ones will come to you in prayer and repentance.    Glory be to you Lord  this Christmas season!