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Is America Already Lost?

9b441bf27c0317739a1f7b00a44eec17Many Christians argue against why we need Donald Trump as President.  I pray that WHEN President Trump gets in office, he makes two Executive orders FAST, right off the bat. 1. Ends any means for other countries to buy up American businesses, land. and water. 2. Makes a law opposing the Supreme Court ruling and ends this shameless telemarketing by our House and Senate, raising money!  HE MUST GET IN OFFICE, WE NEED A CAPITALIST!  (If no one gets it after these two links?  You don’t deserve to be called either a Christian or an American.  I have endeavored to put everything on this blog on Communism, Socialism, Capitalism and the difference between them, history, and ramifications.   I pray with all my heart that those who actually take the time to view both of these videos “get it”.  Can we save America even, or is it too late?  If it is too late, then look up, the Messiah is coming.  I can’t believe those in office and our own GOP in Washington, let us get this far.  GOD is our only hope, and with HIS hands on Donald Trump, perhaps just perhaps, “If we repent and get on our knees and call out HIS name, then will HE save our land.”  and prolong the prophesies.  We need prayer.


John Hagee  -We owe $19 trillion to China and they are buying up America’s farmland, all our hotels, business, ie Smithfield.  State after State has sold out!  They want to OWN America…and control America’s economy from China. Add to that Arabs from Arabia also buying up? No other country allows other countries to buy up their companies and land and water!.  Look at the the States. WATCH:  


Meanwhile CBS 60 Minutes last night our congressmen/women/senators….Do not govern anymore since the Supreme court ruling they can take as much PAC money as they want.  NOW? They are TELEMARKETING BY ORDERS OF THE GOP AND DEMOCRATIC PARTY…IN LITTLE CUBBIES..ACROSS FROM THE House and Senate…30 HOURS A WEEK!  So nothing gets done..  That is why even Senator Ayotte in NH, Paul Ryan, sold out…no one makes LAW anymore. We elect them, and they telemarket?   WATCH:





April Impact 2016



From Dr. James Kennedy’s Website:

by Frank Wright, Ph.D.

“Socialism is coming to America.” HAS COME!!! IT is here with Bernie Sanders, AND Clinton.

“At least that appears to be the case if you look over the political landscape and listen to people from the millennial generation.

For many years, socialism was so self-evidently bad that it did not even need to be refuted. Simply noting that a particular plan or proposal reeked of “socialism” was enough to kill it for the generations old enough to see the failures of socialism—and its harder-edged sibling communism.

But decades of government handouts and income redistribution schemes, combined with historical ignorance and a pervasive—and ever-growing—entitlement mentality, have led to growing popular support for explicit socialism right here in the United States.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-described “democratic socialist” has mounted a serious challenge for the presidential nomination of one of our two major parties. What’s more, he won 60 percent of the vote in the New Hampshire primary! It would have once been unthinkable that an avowed socialist could be a serious national candidate. And now, one is within striking distance of a major-party presidential nomination.

The problem here is not one political party, or even Bernie Sanders himself. The problem is that an entire generation of Americans now thinks that socialism is acceptable—evendesirable. Even if a socialist is not nominated or elected this year, it is only a matter of a few years before one eventually is. What was once unthinkable is now plausible—and will eventually become likely, unless we act now.

A recent survey showed that Americans under 30 preferred socialism to capitalism. Forty-three percent of them said they had a favorable view of socialism. And only 26 percent said they had an unfavorable view of socialism—with 31 percent “not sure.”

America: we are in trouble.

We can no longer assume that people reflexively understand the dangers of socialism. Biblical truth undercuts—and ultimately destroys—socialism. But we can no longer assume that people know that truth. We must sound the alarm and counter the falsehoods with God’s Word.

In this month’s Impact Newsletter and Devotional, we take a clear-eyed, rational, biblical look at the dangers of socialism—its causes and cure. In addition, we include, as always, a month’s worth of inspiring, soul-nurturing daily devotionals from Dr. D. James Kennedy and Dr. Jerry Newcombe.

In addition, we also offer a powerful antidote to the dangerous confusion surrounding socialism today. We are preparing to air a special television program, The Problem of Socialism, which will expose this bankrupt political and economic approach. We will send you a DVD copy of this vital program, The Problem of Socialism, plus the compelling book,Ten Truths about Socialism, as our thanks for your generous donation to the ongoing work of this ministry.

We, our children, and our grandchildren need to know the truth about socialism. While socialism depends on a heavy-handed government taking from some to give to others (often in the name of “compassion”), the Bible tells us that envy and theft are wrong, that charity should be voluntary, and that “if any will not work, neither shall he eat” (2 Thessalonians 3:10). [You can find a powerful rebuttal of socialism by Dr. Kennedy on page 1556 of the new D. James Kennedy Topical Study Bible.]

The DVD, The Problem of Socialism, shows the dangers of socialism at a time when it is on the march in America. Find out how the ideas of socialism’s founders and followers violate God’s Word and how it has brought slavery and death to tens and even hundreds of millions wherever it has been tried.

The book, Ten Truths about Socialism, examines key aspects of this dangerous doctrine, including how:

  • Socialism and tyranny go hand in hand
  • Socialism violates God’s law
  • Socialism is at war with the Church
  • Socialism’s founding fathers rejected God
  • and more.

We will send you the book, Ten Truths about Socialism, as well as the DVD, The Problem of Socialism, as our thanks for your generous donation. Your donation will help us widely broadcast this special, at a time when our nation urgently needs to see it. Thank you for you generous support, through prayer and through donations.

God bless you, and God bless America,

Frank Wright, Ph.D.

President and CEO

D. James Kennedy Ministries”


Socialism’s Attack on the Family


by Karen VanTil Gushta, Ph.D.

“It is no surprise that today’s socialists and progressives support expanding government power and the redistribution of wealth. But it may not be as obvious why they also push sexual libertinism—abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism, and pornography. The roots of these efforts go back to the ideas of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the progenitors of socialism’s sinister sister, communism.

In The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx wrote:

On what foundation is the present family, the bourgeois family, based? On capital, on private gain. . . . The bourgeois family will vanish . . . with the vanishing of capital.

According to one student of Marx, he “appears to view the family as subject to a similar dialectic as that of other areas of society.” So, the thinking goes, just as the structure of the economy must change from capitalism to communism, the structure of the family must also change.

The denial of an abiding, God-ordained structure for marriage and the family is now a hallmark of contemporary progressives and socialists who embrace same-sex marriage, polyamory, homosexual adoption, and most recently transgenderism. They are also eager to hand parents’ rights and responsibilities to oversee their children’s education to the state.

Taking away this Biblical prerogative is one of the hallmarks of the socialist mindset. As Dr. Erwin Lutzer points out in When a Nation Forgets God,

Hitler’s [National Socialist] educational philosophy was patterned after that of the Soviet revolutionaries.

Every socialist crusade since the Bolshevists of the Russian revolution has tried to build an “army of young radicals.”

The latest socialist appeal to the youth is coming from a self-proclaimed “democratic socialist,” Bernie Sanders. Sanders wants to be “democratically elected” so he can govern as a socialist. His most ardent followers are those of the millennial generation, seventy percent of whom say they would vote for a socialist.

The historian William S. Lind explains this unsettling trend,

A whole generation of Americans, especially the university-educated elite, absorbed cultural Marxism as their own, accepting a poisonous ideology that sought to destroy America’s traditional culture and Christian faith. That generation, which runs every elite institution in America, now wages a ceaseless war on all traditional beliefs and institutions.

Chief among the institutions under attack are marriage and the family. As Patrick J. Buchanan writes in The Death of the West, “For cultural Marxists no cause ranked higher than the abolition of the family, which they despised as a dictatorship and the incubator of sexism and social injustice.”

These new Marxists believe that the path to power is not through the violent overthrow of the regime, but rather through the death of Christian belief in society. The way to kill it, they correctly ascertained, is to take control of the education of the youth. By conditioning children at an early age to reject their parents’ social and moral beliefs—labelling them as “racist,” “sexist,” and “homophobic”—and ensnaring them in promiscuity, cultural Marxists (a.k.a. socialists) are breaking the moral backbone of American society.

Their success in achieving these goals can be seen in a survey of high school students taken in 2013 by the Centers for Disease Control. It found that 47 percent of these students had already experienced sexual intercourse, and 34 percent had done so during the previous 3 months. In addition, a study by the American Sociological Association found that more than half of all children in the U.S. either misperceive or reject their parents’ political party affiliations. [1] And although the percentage of young people who are leaving the church seems to vary according to who is doing the research, the trend is evident.

Healthy and stable families are the fountain and wellspring of a thriving culture and society, but socialists, progressives, and liberals have been attacking America’s families for decades. The policies of the so-called Great Society, which contributed to the breakdown of the black family unit, only exacerbated what a group of cultural Marxists, known as the Frankfurt School, had started.

The members of this “school” came to America from Germany during the 1930s, intent on the “revolutionary destruction of society,” as one of them, Georg Lukács, wrote. The student revolutionaries of the 1960s eagerly embraced the writings of Lukács and other cultural Marxists, including Antonio Gramsci and Herbert Marcuse. The latter’s book, Eros and Civilization, which advocated universal adoption of the Pleasure Principle over-against Judeo-Christian ethics, was particularly popular. Marcuse’s slogan, “Make love not war,” became the by-word of antiwar protesters and hippies and many students of the 1960 era.

The general decline of the belief in the importance of the nuclear family structure of father and mother and the willingness to accept the notion of same-sex “marriage” and homosexual adoptions is just a further outgrowth of the seeds that were planted decades ago. And it will not stop here. As Milo Yiannopoulos reported in on September 21, 2015, there is “a disturbing trend of pedophilia activism on the Left, which has gone out on a limb time and time again to normalize child abuse. “

Recent research shows that as a society, most Americans do not even rank the “family” as a primary cultural value. Compared to South Asian societies, which rank “family” at the top of the list, North Americans rank “religion” first, followed by “individualism, risk-taking, self-reliance, and equity.” However, “religion” that fails to follow God’s plan for the family will not bring much-needed revival to America or advance the kingdom of God.

Our concern over the attack on the family and marriage should not prompt us to hunker down in Christian cultural bunkers in order to protect our own children. Christians need to be in the forefront of society, proclaiming God’s Gospel for all of life. We should show how His divine design gives each sphere of society its rightful place and ruling authority. By living out the Gospel in our own lives and raising godly children, we can demonstrate how the Christian family is truly the wellspring of a healthy society.”