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This Pop Culture vs The Bible

Wallpaper4I am deeply disturbed by today’s youth, and how this is going to affect not only America’s future, but the world.   YouTube has so many millions of young teens who are fame oriented, that are exploiting themselves for profitable gain, some of whom have millions of followers are not even 13 years of age.

Gone are manners, gone is being polite to elders, gone is respect for your parents, gone is any reverence to patriotism, our flag, and country.   Gone too, is a striving in general, for work ethics, building character, holding yourself accountable for your actions, discipline whether at home by parents or schools, since most parents nowadays, flaunt their child’s attentions, and prefer to be a pal and a friend instead of a parent.  Now mothers dress and look like teeny boppers while they are in their 50’s.   We have an out of control, full of vile slang, murderous, slanderous, society with no regard for doing what is right, instead doing anything that will shock and awe.

We have totally destroyed God’s depiction of a “family under God” and replaced it with ludicrous behavior that only has dire consequences in the long run.   Anything goes now, when once we used the word, “sin”.   Girls think it’s cool to “hook up”, and there is no guilt’s with having children out of wedlock, never mind living with a guy at a young age…”shacking up”.  There are no more stops.  They do not even view their bodies to be kept private until their wedding night.  No more red flags that their behavior is morally wrong, not just to God, but, would someday prove to be the downfall of the society we live in.   If I hear the words “like uh”…one more time I think I will throw up.  Everything you post online especially vile videos of yourself to be seen by millions? This will haunt you in your more “mature” years, if you ever get that far.  Where is the use of proper English language, or are they just too ignorant to use proper vocabulary.    Do we have a society now in America of total illiterates that do not want to better themselves and work hard in this life, but remain intolerable vagrants living off the government?   Are there no over achievers anymore?   America is failing with math, and sciences at a rapid rate, with China coming ahead of us turning out geniuses that are DISCIPLINED to learn and work hard in schools, while our kids berate teachers, and if they don’t like something, they will beat them up or kill them. Schools too, are wrong being so politically correct afraid to let a child lose at something.

Everyone loses and has down times at least once in their life.  That is when you pick yourself up, and start all over again.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.  That’s how you learn how to handle yourself, without wanting to kill the other who won…with a handshake and congratulations.  Instead today’s kids post their hates and gripes online and get their friends to treat him as an enemy.  What poor sportsmanship….what poor ethics.  For you don’t quit.

Politicians are misleading too, for the most part, now legalizing pot, which will cause so many more problems, and make it so difficult for law enforcement, and I predict, cause far more car accidents than what we have now.  Not to mention as a cancer survivor, no one is going to tell me it doesn’t cause cancer just as cigarettes do.  So someone who is taking pot for medical reasons and has cancer only supports his smoking habit feeding his addictions.  It doesn’t make any sense.  We are an out of control society, and there are no brakes; no morality, no leadership, and no one holds themselves up beyond reproach.   Everyone it seems has secrets, and it doesn’t take much in this media driven society to dig them up.  Everything is a gimmick; a fast fix.  And being honest doesn’t even enter in to this picture. How many politicians, football or baseball player have been arrested ?  We can’t even hold them up as people to look up to anymore.   Power is the ultimate goal and to get something on someone else for your own benefit.  (Arriving at the top without earning it .)   Someone said “ Your talents can take you to the top, but only your character will keep you there.”  And what role models do we have, with a “Hollywood” society, that can only produce disgusting programs for tv or movies, where evil reigns, as well as occult, ie vampires, and everything else you can throw in as well as talking to the dead, and vile murders, and decapitation.  And we wonder why so many horrific crimes are committed every day, as well as rapes, when Hollywood gives its permission and gives instruction.   They are going after the NRA, while all films out of Hollywood are violent.  What hypocrites!  Capitalism is shot down too while freebies, and learning to be a selfless slob letting the Government and state be your idealists.  Self esteem? Try God’s word instead of relying on filth and media be your mentor.

Yes, I am disgusted and appalled.  Yes I see even a few young Christians, mesmerized by this pop culture, and only wish they would study the word of God.  Because Hollywood is not my God in any way, shape or form.  It is not like it was when a President we once had, was also a movie actor.   He believed in God, and so did John Wayne, who was also a patriot loving his country.

Pat Robertson, wrote a book many years ago, called “Moral Absolutes”.   Being the age I am in, I still remember beauty, laughter, and conversation around the dinner table at night.  I remember being taught to do my best and excel to the best of my ability.  I was in everything I could be in when in high school, Glee Club, Art Club, on the school magazine staff, the drama club, was in the Honor Society, and so on.   I loved school, and loved to read since a young child, later becoming an avid history buff, and following Politics as my mother.  We were taught to respect our parents and “obey”.   I was in girl scouts, Rainbow Girls, and I grew up in the 40’s with only radio, until my Dad, an electronics engineer, brought the first tv in the State of NH in 1948, my photo at 8 in the local newspaper.  My father was a genius, ahead of his time, with such vision and such an eternal optimist.   Now I see nothing but a defeatist attitude with this young generation, and their role models reek!  (Most being druggies, and sexual predators.)   The whole world is up in flames or overturned in deception, dictatorship, without any elected leadership.  What have we come to?  Our technology, now reaches across the world in seconds.  But, I feel it too is not using the knowledge to encourage, edify, and be positive, but, destruction at another’s downfall.  Am I wrong?  We don’t sit across a table, and quietly talk to our family and others…but, send text messages over and over for the detriment of another in most cases.  What has happened to values?  The “home” as I knew it has been destroyed.  (And I will leave it at that.)  Back in my day there were debate clubs and some took elocution lessons to improve their vocabulary.   Some I went to school with ended up working for the State Dept, another became a nuclear physicist, still another went to West Point.  How sad when nothing is held in reverence anymore, and lacks any civility.

What does the Bible say?  Isaiah 30:1 “Woe to rebellious children, saith the LORD, who take counsel, but not of Me, and who cover with a covering, but not of My Spirit, that they may add sin to sin.”  Only the Spirit of God can cover someone, which HE does through the Word, which speaks if what Jesus did for us at the Cross.  He alone can actually cover us….protect us.  Christ is the source, while the Cross is the means.

Ephesians 6:1 Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.  HONOR your father and your mother which is the first Commandment with promise.  The family government is designed to be an imitation of the Government of God.

Ephesians 4:26 Be ye angry, and sin not; let not the sun go down upon your wrath.  27. Neither give place to the devil.  28 Let him who stole steal no more.  5:6 Let no man deceive you with vain words because of these things comes he WRATH of God upon the children of disobedience.  We are to have holiness, and not be in the temptations of Satan and the world.  For when we are saved, our sin nature, hanging on the things of the world should die.  If we belong to Christ and acknowledge what pain and suffering He did for us on the Cross, then we are to live as He would want and not in the flesh.  In other words we should hate the sin we came out of.

Then too recently robberies in the east coast towns in churches.  Is nothing sacred?  God is watching, and He will be the final judge.  Acts 19:37 Neither be robbers of the church.  The house of God should be a Holy place, where we have God’s protection and safety.  That includes against robberies against the church but also now stealing things out of pocketbooks, like money and cell phones, tablets…all in the House of God.  How low in this society can we get?  But, then again neither are priests that are pedophiles setting an example, and only brought shame in their churches, and one day will face God in Judgment.

All these nations now from the Arab Spring, now Venezuela, Syria, the Ukraine now in flames fighting Russia?  God is shaking the WORLD.  And WAIT…more is to come because if I am fed up?  If I can see where we are out of control? CERTAINLY, HE sees and is causing.  For we ARE in the end times.   Now is not the time for us who are bought by the blood to sit back and be wallflowers.  NOW is the time to be that light, and get out of the boat and WITNESS!!  I saw “MR T”  on Trinity Broadcast last night after I wrote this…..All I can say is “Wow!”  How many of you remember him?  The spirit of preach is all of this mighty man of God who once came out of slums.  THERE IS NO EXCUSE…Our time is almost up.  The 4 blood moons are going to start, as of April …eclipses.  Pastor John Hagees Book…preachings on this on YouTube.. God is on the move.  He is stirring the pot, because we are WORSE than Sodom and Gomorrah was. WORSE!  And remember too, God changed Lot’s wife to a pillar of salt, because she looked back as the city was up in flames, in lust, still longing to be there.  THAT is what our choices have become.  And I believe this.

We are to be an example spiritually under God.  We are to be HIS light in this corrupt world.  We need to know who we represent.  We need to know what sacrifice Jesus Christ did for us to cover the sins of this corrupt evil world.   If you absorb like a sponge all these “things” and don’t spend time with Jesus, you are not walking in HIM, but with Satan and the “World.”  We are to be IN this world but not OF it!  Will you all pray and do some really deep soul searching?  What do you watch on TV?  Who do you associate with?  Are you studying the word and living the word of God?  We cannot be tempted in these end days, lest we lose our salvation, and get tempted by Satan.  We need DISCERNMENT from God, that we are living right.  Get rid of reality shows and demeaning unGodly junk.  That is Satan.   For he wants to destroy us.  God wants to save us.  I pray America finds her way.  I pray for honor and honest leadership to lead America, and that God is welcomed back in the home.  Glory Lord for your grace, and mercy.  Thank you Jesus.


Onward Christian Soldiers

The 700 Club  –  Courageous woman of God in Germany, Martin Luther’s Church.

‘Brave German Woman’ Rebukes Islam’s Lie

This woman is my heroin today in Martin Luther’s church in Germany.  My paternal grandparents came over to the US from Hoff and Ahaweis Germany in 1903.  My mother was brought up a Lutheran.  If my mother ever saw this video she’d have cried out in horror as she did against Hitler.  Somehow, I don’t believe other Christians even take me seriously, and won’t now either when I cry out as a watchdog for Christ, THIS is going to happen here in the US evangelical churches as the Government tries to infiltrate our organizations with the IRS investigating all Christians, in censorship.  For as I write this email,  our President with pen in hand is signing Executive Orders under the advisement of his 6 Muslim Brotherhood advisors….WHO also said last year, when he banned Rev. Franklin Graham from the National Prayer, (while the IRS was investigating him and other Christian groups) “We are no longer a Christian nation but a Muslim nation!!!  As this woman in the video above, I rebuke that lie of the devil and his evil in Jesus name!”  
I wonder my dear family and friends, who amongst us would take that bullet for our Lord Jesus Christ!  And you who know me know that I would be one of the first.  I cried this week in physical pain after the storm and the freezing cold shoveling my car out, then getting my months supply of groceries lugging 12 bags up my stairs in pain, asking God in frozen tears..”why am I here? Just take me home.”  Then I saw this video on Facebook, and something rose up inside of me and the Holy Spirit quickened in my heart…..and I heard God  say to this old woman…”THIS is why it is not your time yet….for I want you to sound the alarm. ”  So here I obey.   For this is spiritual warfare that is crucial to maintaining our Establishment Clause under the Constitution of the United States of America, but, moreso, our mandate to Jesus Christ who died on that Cross and shed HIS blood for our sins.
I remember as a child, letters arriving to my mother from Germany when Hitler was gaining power and the War broke out. Germany now KNOWS better unless they are blinded again as they were with Hitler.  I keep repeating and repeating  for the younger generations, that even as Christians are too immersed in this Hollywood pop culture, and do not read or understand history.  I beg you…I implore you… I’d get on my knees in front of you and plead…”Take heed and open your heart and minds to Christ and what He would want in these end times”.  For we are in the end times make no mistake about it…and I am only a watchdog; but soon the true watchmen and prophets will sound the alarms – as the last warning before the Rapture and tribulation begins.  History repeats itself…EVERYTHING that is happening now with Islam, had been happening for thousands of years, from Caliphate attacks to the Ottoman period.  Now it is on the  horizon, once more, when their Muslim objective is to take over and kill if necessary, all of Western Civilization.  They are in Germany, have control of 90% of Brussels, Belgium, are controlling the UK demanding Sharia law.  Here in  the US judges have allowed Sharia law to infiltrate Oklahoma, as well as Michigan; Dearborn with a overwhelming Muslim population.  They are not a religion, they are a killing political very oiled and organized machine to destroy us, as they have been since early Ancient Civilization.   And as they have destroyed more than 80 Coptic churches in Egypt, and killed many Christians including children, so will they do here in America!  
Jesus needs an Army of God..As I child I remember singing in church..”Onward Christian soldiers, marching off to war, With the Cross of Jesus..”  Where are His soldiers?  WHERE?  For those who keep silent there is a price to pay!  “FOR WE ARE SAVED BY HOPE AND THE GOVERNMENT SHALL BE UPON HIS SHOULDERS; (JESUS) AND HIS NAME SHALL BE CALLED PRINCE OF PEACE!” Rom 8:24  But before that peace there is WARFARE!  We have 2 choices.  As Christians who love America, we can sit back like the Germans did when Hitler lied and also invaded the churches and say nothing…and be killed…spiritually AND maybe physically as they did in Egypt.  Or we STAND up TOGETHER SPEAK  OUT and not hold our tongues.  But I believe we all as Christians, no matter what church denomination, need to be public.  Jesus never honored even repentance in secret, but when it was made public at the alter!   We need an Army of God;  Onward Christian soldiers, onward.  I shall not keep silent, will you stand too like this woman of God?  Will you cry out to your Senators and Representatives to put a stop to this?  Against EVERYTHING our Founding Fathers and our Constituion stands for!    

Powers War and God –  Please read and I hope understand…