Is America Already Lost?

9b441bf27c0317739a1f7b00a44eec17Many Christians argue against why we need Donald Trump as President.  I pray that WHEN President Trump gets in office, he makes two Executive orders FAST, right off the bat. 1. Ends any means for other countries to buy up American businesses, land. and water. 2. Makes a law opposing the Supreme Court ruling and ends this shameless telemarketing by our House and Senate, raising money!  HE MUST GET IN OFFICE, WE NEED A CAPITALIST!  (If no one gets it after these two links?  You don’t deserve to be called either a Christian or an American.  I have endeavored to put everything on this blog on Communism, Socialism, Capitalism and the difference between them, history, and ramifications.   I pray with all my heart that those who actually take the time to view both of these videos “get it”.  Can we save America even, or is it too late?  If it is too late, then look up, the Messiah is coming.  I can’t believe those in office and our own GOP in Washington, let us get this far.  GOD is our only hope, and with HIS hands on Donald Trump, perhaps just perhaps, “If we repent and get on our knees and call out HIS name, then will HE save our land.”  and prolong the prophesies.  We need prayer.


John Hagee  -We owe $19 trillion to China and they are buying up America’s farmland, all our hotels, business, ie Smithfield.  State after State has sold out!  They want to OWN America…and control America’s economy from China. Add to that Arabs from Arabia also buying up? No other country allows other countries to buy up their companies and land and water!.  Look at the the States. WATCH:  


Meanwhile CBS 60 Minutes last night our congressmen/women/senators….Do not govern anymore since the Supreme court ruling they can take as much PAC money as they want.  NOW? They are TELEMARKETING BY ORDERS OF THE GOP AND DEMOCRATIC PARTY…IN LITTLE CUBBIES..ACROSS FROM THE House and Senate…30 HOURS A WEEK!  So nothing gets done..  That is why even Senator Ayotte in NH, Paul Ryan, sold out…no one makes LAW anymore. We elect them, and they telemarket?   WATCH: