Onward Christian Soldiers

The 700 Club  –  Courageous woman of God in Germany, Martin Luther’s Church.

‘Brave German Woman’ Rebukes Islam’s Lie

This woman is my heroin today in Martin Luther’s church in Germany.  My paternal grandparents came over to the US from Hoff and Ahaweis Germany in 1903.  My mother was brought up a Lutheran.  If my mother ever saw this video she’d have cried out in horror as she did against Hitler.  Somehow, I don’t believe other Christians even take me seriously, and won’t now either when I cry out as a watchdog for Christ, THIS is going to happen here in the US evangelical churches as the Government tries to infiltrate our organizations with the IRS investigating all Christians, in censorship.  For as I write this email,  our President with pen in hand is signing Executive Orders under the advisement of his 6 Muslim Brotherhood advisors….WHO also said last year, when he banned Rev. Franklin Graham from the National Prayer, (while the IRS was investigating him and other Christian groups) “We are no longer a Christian nation but a Muslim nation!!!  As this woman in the video above, I rebuke that lie of the devil and his evil in Jesus name!”  
I wonder my dear family and friends, who amongst us would take that bullet for our Lord Jesus Christ!  And you who know me know that I would be one of the first.  I cried this week in physical pain after the storm and the freezing cold shoveling my car out, then getting my months supply of groceries lugging 12 bags up my stairs in pain, asking God in frozen tears..”why am I here? Just take me home.”  Then I saw this video on Facebook, and something rose up inside of me and the Holy Spirit quickened in my heart…..and I heard God  say to this old woman…”THIS is why it is not your time yet….for I want you to sound the alarm. ”  So here I obey.   For this is spiritual warfare that is crucial to maintaining our Establishment Clause under the Constitution of the United States of America, but, moreso, our mandate to Jesus Christ who died on that Cross and shed HIS blood for our sins.
I remember as a child, letters arriving to my mother from Germany when Hitler was gaining power and the War broke out. Germany now KNOWS better unless they are blinded again as they were with Hitler.  I keep repeating and repeating  for the younger generations, that even as Christians are too immersed in this Hollywood pop culture, and do not read or understand history.  I beg you…I implore you… I’d get on my knees in front of you and plead…”Take heed and open your heart and minds to Christ and what He would want in these end times”.  For we are in the end times make no mistake about it…and I am only a watchdog; but soon the true watchmen and prophets will sound the alarms – as the last warning before the Rapture and tribulation begins.  History repeats itself…EVERYTHING that is happening now with Islam, had been happening for thousands of years, from Caliphate attacks to the Ottoman period.  Now it is on the  horizon, once more, when their Muslim objective is to take over and kill if necessary, all of Western Civilization.  They are in Germany, have control of 90% of Brussels, Belgium, are controlling the UK demanding Sharia law.  Here in  the US judges have allowed Sharia law to infiltrate Oklahoma, as well as Michigan; Dearborn with a overwhelming Muslim population.  They are not a religion, they are a killing political very oiled and organized machine to destroy us, as they have been since early Ancient Civilization.   And as they have destroyed more than 80 Coptic churches in Egypt, and killed many Christians including children, so will they do here in America!  
Jesus needs an Army of God..As I child I remember singing in church..”Onward Christian soldiers, marching off to war, With the Cross of Jesus..”  Where are His soldiers?  WHERE?  For those who keep silent there is a price to pay!  “FOR WE ARE SAVED BY HOPE AND THE GOVERNMENT SHALL BE UPON HIS SHOULDERS; (JESUS) AND HIS NAME SHALL BE CALLED PRINCE OF PEACE!” Rom 8:24  But before that peace there is WARFARE!  We have 2 choices.  As Christians who love America, we can sit back like the Germans did when Hitler lied and also invaded the churches and say nothing…and be killed…spiritually AND maybe physically as they did in Egypt.  Or we STAND up TOGETHER SPEAK  OUT and not hold our tongues.  But I believe we all as Christians, no matter what church denomination, need to be public.  Jesus never honored even repentance in secret, but when it was made public at the alter!   We need an Army of God;  Onward Christian soldiers, onward.  I shall not keep silent, will you stand too like this woman of God?  Will you cry out to your Senators and Representatives to put a stop to this?  Against EVERYTHING our Founding Fathers and our Constituion stands for!    

Powers War and God –  Please read and I hope understand…

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