Powers: War and God

Many of us that are Evangelical Christians, and love America; some that are involved in the tea parties, 912 Project, and other groups to “take America back”, are missing an important ingredient. Secret Societies, and the impact they have on our global affairs, this US past election, the New World Order, and the people with power that are behind the making of wars and destruction of countries and leaderships.

We need to know what we are praying for.  We need to be more well-read and to teach our children history.  For with a knowledge of history, you not only understand where we have been, but, why we are in the situation we are now, and then do what we can as American voters to really make a change. Most of all, we need to be on our face before God and pray as never before, for there is one, after all, who reigns with the “only” power, that of on high in the supernatural.

We look at the news today, and what is going on now in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but, unless your my age and older and have been politically astute you do not have a clear picture.  What is going on in the Mid-East is nothing new.  There have been wars, and wars concerning Israel for thousands of years. Thirty or more years ago, Mahatma Gandhi, was assassinated after a long fast he went on in India, over the war between Muslims and Hindu’s.   His fast had succeeded, and after a truce was attained, and a hand reached out to him by his Muslim friends, it looked as though there would be peace, til he was shot.

Then, also in the early 70’s while Vietnam was still an argument, the India-Pakistan War continued with the West Pakistani Army slaughtering Awami League supporters, students, and intellectuals on a scale not seen since the Third Reich.   The Hindus, became victims.  Estimates of the killings ranged from 500,000 to 3 million.  While Richard Nixon was still President, the State Dept. and Henry Kissinger, was told of the West Pakistani soldiers setting fire to a women’s dormitory at the University of Dacca and then machine gunning the students as they ran out.   The Soviet Union then had a part as well as Yahya Khan, who gave orders to arrest Sheik Mujibur Rahman, the leader of the Awami League,  though many were slaughtered.  Those against the Yahya Khan were pro-India and pro-Soviet Union.  Indira Gandhi, then Prime Minister after her husband’s death, was drawn into this tragedy, as millions of refugees poured across the border.   But, in his memoirs, President Nixon, said nothing about Yahya Khan’s genocidal attack…only about the unbelievable cruelty that took place.

But, now after some thirty years, here we are again, dealing with India, who has nuclear power, and Afghanistan and Pakistan.    And the same players are also now consulted to this new President.   And Kissinger, made darned sure during and after the Watergate that his reputation would stay in tact as he carried tremendous power, and still does.  Add to that,  Iraq, Libya, the current turmoil and genocide in Syria, as well as demonstrations in Cairo, Egypt…the whole mid east, with Iran now running Iraq, giving arms, and all the US did positive, has gone down the tubes.

Back then in the 70’s, with Watergate coming to a head, Vietnam a disaster, the Mai Ling Massacre, in headlines, the Middle East policy remained stagnant.   Egypt too, and Anwar Sadat was sending messages  in late 1972 and 1973 – that he would be forced to invade Israel unless there were serious negotiations on Israeli disengagement from the Sinai.  Sadat had ordered Soviet troops and advisers out of Egypt in mid-1972 trying to convince the Nixon Adm. that his government was not pro-Communist.  The White House missed the signal.  And now THIS White House IS Pro-Communist.  Think what a disaster would have ensued if Obama had been President at an earlier time?  In October 1973, the Mid East War broke out, and Kissinger would see only a short term success, while Vietnam remained a quagmire. And during all this, John Mitchell’s wife, Martha, was making her drunken “tell-all” calls to journalists, at 1am.

The fact is Kissinger and Nixon would repeatedly  claim that the failures in South Vietnam and Cambodia were not their responsibility but the fault of Congress (sound familiar?), which had cut off funding for the war. Even the public release of the secret Nixon-Thieu commitments in the spring of 1975, as Saigon fell, failed to provoke a reexamination of the Nixon-Kissinger war strategy.  In the end as in the beginning, Nixon and Kissinger remained blind to the human costs of their actions –a further price of power.  The dead and maimed in Vietnam and Cambodia, as in Chile, Bangledesh, Biafra, and the Middle East– Seemed not to count as the President and his national security advisor battled the Soviet Union, their misconceptions, their political enemies, and each other.

Libya, too is independent of international control and remained a challenge for the New World order even then.  Muammar Al-Qaddafi was presented  in the media as a terrorist to justify aggression towards Libya.  Brainwashing again…However, now is “re-instated” as a “credible Allie?”  Back in the Nixon era, Qaddafi wanted to send armed forces to Amman…and to Iraq and Syria, in a meeting with King Feisal  in a summit meeting Sept. 22 -23, 1970 at the Nile Hilton Hotel, when Qaddafi argued with Nasser and Feisal. He said too, “What Hussein is doing is worse than the Jews. It’s only a difference in the names. If we are faced with a madman like Hussein who wants to kill his people we must send someone to seize him, handcuff him, stop him from doing what he’s doing,”  Yet, Feisal replied , an Arab King cannot be called a madman.  So, in theory, decades later, to bring stability to the region and seize the opportunity, because of  911, America, went into Iraq and took Saddam out.   It was needed…but, the politics of the Bush administration and the left wing media, didn’t want to publish that Hussein was a mass murderer, nor was his history told. Why? Qaddafi who we later called a terrorist was right.   Now this President has covered up Benghazi and the murder of our Ambassador and 3 other US citizens.  Where is the accountablitiy?

Then too, you have Nixon’s secret trip to China and Mau Tse-Tung, who this current President and some in Congress like Maxine Waters, held high to their Socialist ideologues.  Yet Mau, too was a mass murderer.  The whole invasion of Cambodia, was a setback for the pro-American moderates in Peking.   Lin Piao’s military faction again seemed to move into ascendance by midsummer, as China broke off the 3rd round of Warsaw talks in May….Chou En-Lai’s faction seemed by early fall to have finally won a clear victory, while in Peking, a renewed strident attack on the Soviet Union and Mao permitted the senior party officials to make broadcasts of improved relationships. ( Mao’s movement began in the 1930’s.)  But, the Nixon -Kissinger White House missed  many opportunities, including in Romania, and Pakistan, and most of all, Vietnam.

So, while Washington plays political politics, spends voters hard earned tax payer dollars like madmen, now, we are indebted to China…after all these decades.  But, many who report and give their take on all of the politics of the Washington elite, fail to take into consideration, one more power that keeps all these wheels in motion, with the eventual goal being, “The New World Order” – and that is the role of “secret societies”.   These societies, include; the Masons, (which are now becoming extinct), Skull and Bones Order, the Trilateral Commission, and most of all the Bilderbergers.

The Bilderbergers are one of the mightiest organizations of internationalists who work towards a One World Government, and the keep so secret that some members of the Bundestag still maintain they do not exist, but in essence are covering up.  In May 1973, at the meeting in Salsjobaden in Sweden (estate owned by the Swedish bankers family Wallenberg),  84 participants aimed at restoring the dwindling predominance of the Anglo-American financial interests and to return them the control of the world-wide financial transactions.  To this end they reverted to a well-tried oil weapon and decided to raise the price by 400% to support the U.S. currency and the petrol-dollars, which happened.  Interesting, the organizer of this meeting was Robert D. Murphy.  He was a consul general of the U.S. and had met Hitler the first time in 1922 and had sent a very favorable report to Washington about the meeting and Hitler’s capabilities.  The same Murphy workd in 1944 as political advisor sto the US government for Germany and in 1945 as politcal advisor at the US military government in Germany. (Before the war broke out, remember too, the huge Nazi meetings in America even at MadisonSquareGarden.)

In 1988 the meeting was held in Telfz near Innsbruck, Austria, and German Chancellor Helmut Kohl was attending.  From June 6-9, 1990 the Bilderbergers met in Baden-Baden, Germany.  One of the topics was the Marshall plan that proposed a 100 billion dollar assistance to the CIA and in return demanded that the CIS states adopt the free-market rules.  Here it was all decided for Saddam to invade Kuwait.   And the US and world bankers, gave money and still manipulate and speculate on which country to topple and war and which to hold up and back.  The last meeting known was in May 20, 1992 in Evian, France.  The main topic was the Agenda 2000, and the world government planned for that year.

Interestingly, Willy Brandt, the deceased Jewish ex-chancellor, a member of the Bilderbergers and of the Committee of 300, had written a book called Nord-Sud, ein Uberlebenspogramm (North-South, a Program for Survival) where he describes a world government by the UN in this century.  Remember too, that most of these members are from the Rothchildes (Jewish), but also the traditionally Anglo-Saxons from J.P. Morgan and Rockefeller International banking have played a huge role.   Now, too, Bill Clinton is a member of the Trilateral Commission, and so is from at least 2004,  Geitner, who now controls our Federal Reserve.  They are all referred to as the “Illuminati”….of which Kissinger is a main player, along with George H. W.Bush.  A reminder too, that the Federal Reserve is NOT a part of our Government, but, rich bankers who are pushing for the New World Order, and send lots of our missing millions to other countries!!

Wherefore, be assured, that manipulations and dominance for a New World Order, run by the powerful and elite of the world, are at play in every political move that is going on now in Washington.  Whereby, what does the Bible say about power?  And do you believe that God in the supernatural can turn events that are manipulated around, if we pray hard enough?  I do.  But, we need to know our history, as well as our present, for without a knowledge of the past, we cannot understand what is happening in the present.  For God said not to adore financial power, but, turn it into the blood of the covenant…for only Jesus has ALL power.

Jeremiah 9:23 “Do not let a man broadcast his riches.  When you worship wealth, Jeremiah said, don’t glory, for it will always escape  you.   But, pursue the Lord, that our of sorrow, when God gives you an abundance, HE gives it and the “world” can’t take it away.  But, when we get it ourselves, it becomes power and that power will lead to destruction.   So, too, I’m waiting on the Lord, this…  All the lefties with so many billions…yes, BILLIONS, not millions, like Michael Moore and Oprah, with their 5 mansions each, and planes, power, and George Soros.   Soros escaped the Nazi’s and is a Hungarian Jew, who came here in his 20’s to be attracted to Wall St as a speculator.   He is a genius at what he does.  But, his power, leads him to being a left wing Socialist, if not Communist, as Moore, etc, who uses it for selfish power and gain.  While Moore wants everyone else to give up and “distribute”, that doesn’t apply to him.  They are hypocrites.  They all helped this President along with lefty organizations such as Acorn, to get in this White House to push for a Communist Agenda.   This President did his homework too, as he filled the WH with Czarrs and immediately got Geitner into place with one of the most powerful positions in the world, head of the Federal Reserve, who was already attending the Bilderberger and Trilateral secret meetings.  So, are we going broke?  Is there something else going on we don’t know about?  We are being lied to after all.   But, God says “Pride comes before the fall.”  and power of “man” will end up in destruction.  So, peoples, I ask for God to supernaturally intervene, and as He promised, that incorruption overtake corruption and the monies of the “World” come into Christian hands to be sanctified.   But, before that can happen?   We as Christians have to know how to handle what God gives us.  We have to know the difference between sanctification and evil.   I am praying for the destruction of these power hungry control freaks that want to change our America, and  our history, and what did make America the greatest nation.

John 15:5 Jesus said, “I am the vine”  Genesis 1:11-12, 20,21  We must stay in contact with our source, (JESUS)  As long as we stay attached, we can do anything, but, if we cut ourselves off…(like those billionaires above)  we will be “rootless”…The vine cannot grow fruit, and cannot survive without good roots….and we cannot survive and take on more than we ever imagined, without knowledge…But, with wealth, you need wisdom, for then we can do anything.  Omnipotence means the presence of God, which is the only place we can go for true provision.   We are to actually be setting up our wealth and prosperity for Heaven, not here on earth as Christians.   God only respects hard work too, both in our own lives and in the Kingdom.   For when we leave this earth, we will be bare, and our Kingdom will be in Heaven, but, what we have in Heaven will be measured on what we do on this earth.   We need to get to a place from Heaven, not Washington…We need to know our history and what we are praying for, but, to put in perspective, and then get on our knees before God.    It is grace that heals and provides.  Eph 6:4.  Knowing God is more complex than a living person.  John Hagee said, “a horse doesn’t hide things, only people do”.  Jesus said Matt 6:19…Is it alright to store treasures on earth?  Yes, but, it won’t last.  Jesus said to store up but not on earth.  He said to invest in Heaven.  We are just a dot in time in this whole of eternity.   But what we do on earth determines our whole eternity.  The Great White Throne Judgment in Rev. 20:11, is the judgment of sin.  He will look up our name in the Lamb’s Book of Life, and we will be reviewed, and the fact that those not in the Lamb’s book chose not to accept Christ.  That judgment is hell.

In II Cor. 5:10 there is the other Judgment at the Seat of Christ.  We won’t as believers be at that Great White Throne Judgment, but we will be at this one.   That is the judgment for rewards. I Cor. 3:10-15.  The fire will test the quality of what we built in our lifetime since we were saved.  Did we choose sticks or bricks? For when we build with sticks that will be thrown, like selfishness, greed, our own interests, they are only temporary, and God will light a match to it.  Everything that is about “me”, will go up in flame, and only the brick (gold) will last.  Some who live in mansions on earth will have only a small little room in eternity for ever and ever.   It is a heart issue.  Some of us like many millionaire’s have “sticks” , houses , cars, selfish accumulations….but, don’t hold on too tightly.  Its just stuff as I said, after my son died and I had a lawsuit, wrongful death, negligent.  For it was blood money, and I promised God for 3 years, if He would let me win, I’d give above and beyond.   And off the top I gave 30% away to those in need, ministries here locally, and even to drill wells in Africa for water when children were dying.   It was just stuff…things..And those who had their handout then, and I gave to, haven’t called me since.  Money handled wrongly, brings out hangers-on.  It never lasts.  Look at Tiger Woods now.   He is wheeling and dealing for his mistakes and paying in the natural.  He will also pay one day in eternity.  What treasures we have on earth, won’t be in Heaven.

We need to pray for our leaders, and for World leaders and those with power …such enormous power, I cannot even fathom.  But, God can.  For Him?  All the Billions and Trillions are nothing.    We need to pray for a “righteous ” direction for America and the world.   We need to ask God to teach us how to be good stewards, and to entrust us on earth, and remain ethical, and free of blemish.  For He is the potter, we are the clay.  And read your history.  So much we can learn from.   Teach your children what the public schools and new politically driven textbooks won’t.  We can make a difference..But it all begins with Him in our hearts.

Excerpts: The Price of Power by Seymour M. Hersh

Secret Societies in the 20th Century on line


Now, tonight after Obama has promised new jobs, Al Gore’s climate warming, is under attack by emails that Pelosi wants under investigation…The EPA has announced that the human race is in great danger, just before the meeting in Copenhagen.   And what is effected?   The way we travel…air, car…transportion to supermarkets.   Not to mention it will effect coal that will drive electricity sky high.   And at what cost?  Well, all the jobs, he SAID (lied) he created, now the jobs promised will go down the proverbial tubes, and the very jobs he promised, will cost the loss of jobs to others, that will throw this economy in a tailspin.  Thank  you Cass Sunstein.  Thank you Obama.   The price of power….and we are living with a very powerful administration as never before, since Richard Nixon.   For he is going to run America in the ground to make us a third world country, and take away all our Constitutional rights. God help us..For HE is the only one who can.  Does anyone get it yet?


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