Israel & Biblical History

Again, some like Helen Thomas, and the Arab descendants who would like to obliterate the State of Israel, claiming they did not belong there, and relevant the previous blog on Palestine, let the history of 5,000 years set straight.

From my Smith’s Bible Dictionary, copyrighted 1966: “Israel. !. The name given (Genesis 32:28 to Jacob after the wrestling of the Angel. (not to the Philistines the other name for Palestine, but Jacob a JEW.)Hosea 12:4 at Peniel. Geenius Lexicon interprets Israel as “soldier of God.”

2. It became the national name of the twelve tribes collectively. They are so called in Exodus 3:16 and afterwards.

3. It is used in a narrower sense, excluding Judah, in 1Sam. 11:8, 2Samuel 20:1, 1Kings 12:1;6. Thenceforth it was assumed and accepted as the NAME (before Israel became a State in 1948..but 5,000 years ago!)as the name of the Northern Kingdom.

4. After the Captivity, the returned exiles resumed the name as the designation of their nation. The name ISRAEL is also said by some to denote laymen, as distinguished from priests, Levites, and other ministers (e.g., Ezra 6:16, 9:1, 10:25, Nehemiah 11:3).

Israel, kingdom of: 1. The prophet Ahijah of Shiloh, who was commissioned in the latter days of Solomon to announce the division of the Kingdom, left one tribe (Judah) to the House of David (see 1Kings 12:21), and assigned ten to Jeroboam (1Kings 11:31, 35). These were probably Joseph (=Ephraim and Manasseh), Issachar, Zebulun, Asher, Naphtali, Benjamin, Dan, Simeon, Gad, and Reuben – Levi being intentionally omitte4d. Eventually the greater part of Benjamin. and probably the whole of Simeon and DAn, were included as if by common consent in the Kingdom of Judah. With respect to the conquests of David, Moab appears to have been attached to the Kingdom of Israel (2Kings 3:4); so much of SYRIA, remained SUBJECT TO SOLOMON!!! (JEWS, NOT ARABS)…(1Kings 11:24f) would probably be claimed by his successor in the Northern Kingdom; and Ammon, though connected with Rehoboam whose mother was an Ammonitess (1Kings 14:21), and though afterwards tributary to Judah (2 Chronicles 27:5), was at one time allied (2Chron. 20:1) we know not how closely or how early with Moab. The seacoast between Accho and Japho remained in the possession of Israel.

2. The population of the kingdom is not expressly stated; and in drawing any inference from the numbers of fighting men, we must bear in mind that the numbers in the Hebrew text are strongly suspected to have been subjected to corruption.

3. Sechem was the first capital of the new kingdom (1Kings 12:25), venerable for its traditions, and beautiful in its situation. Subsequently Tirzah became the royal residence, if not the capital, of Jeroboam (1Kings 14:17) and of his successors (15:33, 16:8, 17:23). Samaria, uniting in itself the qualities of beauty and fertility, and a commanding position, was chosen by Omri (1Kings 16:24), and remained the capital of the kingdom until it had given the last proof of its strength by sustaining for three years the onset of the hosts of Assyria, Jezreel was probably only a royal residence of some of the Israelite Kings.

4. The disaffection of Ephraim and the northern tribes, having grown in secret under the prosperous but burdensome reign of Solomon, broke out at the critical moment of that monarch’s death. It was just then that Ephraim, the center of the movement, found in Jeroboam an instrument prepared to give expression to the rivalry of centuries (1Kings 12).

5. The Kingdom of ISRAEL developed no new power. It was gut a portion of David’s kingdom deprived of many elements of strength. Its frontier was open and as widely extended as before; but it wanted a capital for the seat of organized power. Its territory was as fertile and as tempting to the spoiler, but its people were less united and patriotic. A corrupt religion poisoned the source of national life. These causes tended to increase the misfortunes, and to accelerate the early end of the kingdom of Israel. It lasted about 254 years, from around 975 to 721 B.C. about two thirds of the duration of its more compact neighbor Judah. But it may be doubted that the division into two kingdoms greatly shortened the independent existence of the Hebrew race, or interfered with the purposes which, it is thought, may be traced in the establishment of David’s monarchy.

6. The detailed history of the kingdom of Israel will be found under the names of its nineteen kings.”

There are many historic accurate books out there…One, I have yet to really read and only skimmed, “The Bible as History,” by Werner Keller, tells so much..from Abraham leaving Ur (Iraq) with Sarai his wife, and Lot to the land of milk and honey, Canaan, to King Solomon’s empire 965-926BC…until he took the Queen of Sheba as a wife, and drifted away from God. Later Judah was under the yoke of Assyria in 2Kings 18. All the way to the Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, and Jezebel..(South of Iraq)who Elijah fought, when her body was eaten by dogs. Israel was invaded by the Egyptians, invaded by the Romans in Caesars time….invaded 4,000 years later by Egypt in 1966 in the 6 day war. They even fought Persia back then, which is modern day Iran. Iran remember, is not Arab, but Persian, and in Isaiah 45, Cyrus was King of Persia, who at the time the Lord anointed. The had been attached by the Greeks…then as early as the 50’s after WWII, Israel was occupied by the British. When Theodore Herzel’s dream of a State to finally unite and claim their promise land was coming true, it was the Brits and their “occupation” that stood in the way…Finally they left.

Then too, the dead sea scrolls were discovered…more historical truths came to fruition, from the first finds in 1947, to numerous Biblical manuscripts, the period up to AD 132-135…the most in depth, was Isaiah. Keller continued to write, ” It is a hard task that the state of Israel has set itself. But its people are fully convinced that they and their descendants will overcome all difficulties …not leas thanks to the Bible, and that the prophecy of Ezekiel to the children of Israel will be fulfilled. “And the desolate land shall be tilled, whereas it lay desolate in the sight of all that passed by. And they shall say, this land that was desolate is become like the garden of Eden.” (Ezekiel. 36:34-35)

For 5,000 years the Jew, since given that land with a covenant by God Almighty – the “land of milk and honey”…they have fought to keep their land and now State of Israel. You, liberal American Jews, do not realize the heritage and covenant that God has given you. You have turned your back on God Almighty….the covenant made with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob…Solomon, King David, whose lineage trace to Jesus. For the Messiah is coming soon….No peace will come in spite of the most learned until the Messiah comes …Meanwhile America and those of us, especially that are Christian must keep Israel in prayer, and back Netanyahu and our Jewish brothers and
sisters. God keep Israel, and America safe from our enemies.

Again, some like Helen Thomas, and the Arab descendants who would like to obliterate the State of Israel, claiming they did not belong there, and relevant the previous blog on Palestine, let the history of 5,000 years be set straight.


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