America’s Prayers

529223_413706858707282_701908242_n Consider what is happening now in this worrld.  I first wrote this in 2011.  Now? Well, many laughted at the Four Blood Moons. But when all is documented on NASA, listen. AND it concerns Israel…not necessarily us. What more proof do you need? The last Blood moon Passover in April in spite of Obama’s interference with his organizers in Israel, Bibi won the election again. Now our Tower in NYC which was built on defiance not repentance was hit twice so far with lightening. It “could” get worse. I still think lightening comes from God??? Now too Obama has addressed the UN Assembly, and is going along with a New World Order (666 in Revelations) not to mention, advocating along with the UN for a Palestinian State. He has shafted Israel, and God says, “I will bless those who bless my people (Israel & the Jews) and curse those who curse her. Add to that the Supreme Courts decision on Gay rights, abortion, and we are under the biggest judgment from God Almighty we have ever been under. Top it off now with Putin taking over as the worlds super power, going into Syria, 100,000 Syrian Islamic Refugees coming into America? Use your head….It is all Biblical. ALL! No one said the 4 Blood moons would be the end of the World. But THIS only happens rarely. This last was on the Feast of the Tabernacles 9/28. It is the Jewish day of judgment of sin. Deut 1-6. The last 4 Blood moons was 1967-68 When Israel had the 6 day war. Before that? 1949-50 When Israel became a State. The first time was 1492 when Queen Isabella was murdering Jews, and Columbus took them to America. LEARN…and look up! America is not in the Bible. AND Iraq is Mesopotamia, Iran Persia. Up in Iraq where the Euprhates and Tigress meet, is UR where Abraham was born. And we never should have left in 2011. Iraq (Mesopotamia) was the first civilization in the world.

From old post: “This has been a revealing week.  So much so, I fell on my knees, bad back and all, to cry out to the Lord for our nation.   For “God is my rock and my salvation and I shall not be moved. ” Psalm 62:6

Jefferson said, “In a matter of style, swim with the current; in a matter of principle, STAND like a rock!” author unknown. And STAND I will on Godly principles and what HE wants from me, not the leaders of our nation, that are dishonest and not after our best interests.  For God and God alone will take care of Social injustices! And soon!   Wherefore, pray for me too, as I am out in a political limb, now, intentionally, and and making my voice known on my Facebook, and to my leaders on their websites.  I am now under the label of “radical extremist”.  I feel like we are entering back to the  “McCarthy” era, only it is the radical fascist left playing at being McCarthy.

I watched the first part of an excellent program on PBS, “WWII, Behind Closed Doors” this week.  And will definitely watch repeats and next time take notes.  Here is the website for more information.

This is on Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin, and Hitler and secret meetings held with all the horrific murders and brutality that ensued thereafter, and the consequential slaughter and entry into Poland.
Now Bush’s work for the arms protection of Georgia and the Czech Republic is shot down by this President, and Russia will be free to take more land off of little Georgia, who is a democratic nation.  And what about Israel?   God’s chosen sits there all alone, and all they had to side with them was America.  God says I will bless them that bless Israel, and curse them that go against her.
And it is very clear who this President sides with.

And this week, the National Day of Prayer, just came and went unacknowledged.   The Christian God of this nation went under the carpet, and Jesus went out with the bathwater.   I heard Dr. James Dobson on Sean Hannity, in such despair of this President.  At the same time the Presidents left honcho for votes , Acorn is FINALLY under investigation.   As this election was by all stances, illegal.  They signed even illegal aliens up 2 or more times to vote, numerous times.  They are also in affiliations with a lot of “under cover” organizations, and have the money to twist  elections.  What has happened to my country?

And now all this war we are going into in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and meetings this week.  I’ll make a prophesy here, that he will send (have no choice) into both countries, and in a year or two there will be more body bags coming back than we had WINNING and freeing Iraq and we won’t be  able to get out!   And Bush kept us safe after 9/11. Now our borders and safety are being let down, and I’ll also predict along with others, and Pastor Dave Wilkerson, that we will be hit again.  He sees NYC once more going up in fire and flames.  God help us…

Now, the left fascists want us out of Guantanamo, but, no one wants these prisoners, and I for one do not want them in the U.S.   Legally they are under military law, captured as terrorists, which they
still are to me. (Even though Janet Napolitano eliminated the word “terrorist”…they are still terrorists).  They are still a danger, and wouldn’t think twice about hooking up to more groups and
killing us!  The ACLU and these left fools that are either STUPID or NAIVE as our President, would even give them aid and food stamps.  Please….You all need to smarten up and get in the real world.   As for me?  I STAND…like Psalms 62:6 above..  And I’ll stand with Jay Sekulov and the Christian counterpart, the American Center of Law and Justice!    I don’t want Obama’s Socialistic/fascist reform!   I want our borders in the south to Mexico protected!   Americans are being kidnapped and killed, even to this little 3 year old boy in CA.   I don’t want Socialized medicine!  It doesn’t work.  Doctors have been on tv all week, in the UK Sweden,  Canada, speaking out on what a failure it is.  Even Stewart Varney now a US citizen from the UK,
says, the hospital and medical care in England is terrible…and dirty!   We don’t need it.. Anymore than we need to abolish Capitalism.   Oh, and part of the 17 billion the President cut yesterday?  Well part of the so called “pork” he cut from spending, was our Medicare!  Better watch this slippery President….his mouth says one thing and his deeds show another!

And speaking of Capitalism, what about China?  Does anyone have a clue?  Here we are going to China of all people to bail us out and borrow all these billions and billions for bail outs to make  Move and George Soros( who ought to go back to Hungary) happy.  The laugh is that Obama slammed Wall St., and all the “speculators?”…What does he think George Soros is?  That is just how he made his billions and billions, on our American Stock market.

So, back to china..  Here we are with this Free Trade Agreement, making all these products, that like the wheat whey in pet foods,  and toxic chemicals that got recalled in baby foods, and chemicals on clothes, that need to be washed before using or wearing.  Now , their people in their sweat factories, (their human rights conditions are deplorable), are dying from making America’s little curly light bulbs for energy (Obama pushing) with all that mercury inside, that you better not throw in the trash!   And people like me, that are old, and have had eye surgeries, (mine was a detached retina and cataract) and can’t see  to even read with these darned lights.  And God  forbid if I ever dropped one and broke it.  I don’t have masks in my home, nor can I bend to fool  around cleaning up with cardboard, not touching….put in a jar…I mean, give me a break!   I need
back surgery.  ( Maybe if I choose).

Then add to all this, our military ships on the other hand are sitting in Chinese waters getting attacked by small Chinese fleets, while we pray they don’t attack Japan.    (Of course we also have North Korea to worry about with their nukes too?!)  YET WE BORROW MONEY FOR BAIL OUTS FROM THEM?  Doesn’t anyone know their Bible?  It’s for darned sure sitting in Rev Jeremiah  Wright’s church, that Obama doesn’t know a thing, nor is he a Christian.  All he was taught was HATE.  Now too, don’t you think it ironic. That Janet Napolitano puts us that are right wing evangelical Christians on her new hate list…Why not Wright?  And with the Fairness doctrine, when /if it comes to pass, may put a stop to even my free speech, and First Amendment rights on this blog.  Here I am Holder….Here I am Napolitano…Put this old woman in jail and take away my freedom…But, like in the days of Hitler…You would NEVER kill my soul for Christ!    And if I had to die like many Christians are doing and getting persecuted in so many
countries…Then die I will in Christ!   I WILL stand like a ROCK!  I shall not be moved!..  And I don’t see it as being a martyr, like Islam.  I see it as believing in what my country once stood for..and our  Founding Fathers.  If Washington, Adams, and Jefferson could ever see the mockery these idiots are making of all they believed in.

China, is the lion in Revelation..who will join the bear Russia  (on my Christian group site blogs) and join the Arabs to attack Israel in the final war of Armageddon.  Wow, just like before WWII, when Roosevelt and the idiot Joe Kennedy all were thinking Hitler and Stalin  was so great.  They didn’t see the writing on the wall…BUT neither did all the churches in Europe either.  No one stood for anything.  NO ONE..  Not the Catholic Church, the protestants…even Germany’s own Lutheran Church.  While Hitler went and stole their sons for the perfect Arian race…and they all died in the war.    Ego mania, and Narcissism and manic rulers and dictators, communism doesn’t work.  Every time I see this President speak out his lies, and see his behavior, his is Narcissistic Personality Disorder with grandiose ideas, and ideologues.   History repeats itself.   The young he shanghaied with Acorn to vote, were a lot of illegal aliens as well as youth that have no idea of history and what made this country.  It is all being taken away from us.  Yet, like Germany , before the war, everyone just goes about their own business…and tries not to get into anything too heavy.   America wake up!

I actually hope Israel sends her missile’s into Iran to stop that maniac.  Obama will never get his way with Netanyahu.  And that man knows his Bible and gets it.   And even the liberal Jews in CA, ie dear Barbra , Michael Douglas,  Spielburg, Tom Hanks…none of you get it!  Us, that are evangelical Christians, are your friends.  We, that call ourselves Zionists and love God, and love Israel, it is us that are your true friends.  Just like Pastor John Hagee, and Christians United for Israel.   Do you actually think this President gives one iota about any of you and the Jews?  Did you know that even Jews, and rich Jewish bankers helped us win the Revolutionary War?  Read Read Ray Rapheal’s book ” A People’s History of the American Revolution.”  (I’m in the DAR).

Read Ezekiel 37-39, I Thes, Revelations, Matthew 24.  And no one is going to tell me we are safe now.    God’s wrath is coming.  And Israel is not to give up one more parcel of land in Israel.  Even that West Bank of Palestine belonged to Abraham, Isaak , Jacob, David….and the lineage of Jesus!  A Jew  and Rabbi!  There is a warning to Secretary of State Clinton….Beware dear, of  God’s wrath and don’t be a duplicate of Madeline Albright!   For there will never be any mid-east peace, until my Jesus touches His feet on Mt. Olivette and that East Gate opens after GOD shut it,
2,000 years ago.

I will look up..He’s coming and I believe soon.  Bush in spite of his spending and his 2nd term, he did a lot right.  Especially after 9/11.  He was a praying man.   But, this President is too narcissistic and an egomaniac to do anything except on his own grandiose juice.  God help us America.  God help  NH now too and the impending Gay marriage bill.  We are like Sodom and Gomorrah. What is happening now?  Is all prophesied.   Isaiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Hosea, Joel….

Thank you Jesus.  I have your righteous anger.  I am so fed up Lord I pray for your intercession on America and our evil ways.  Take away from this foolish Government all the crooks , the evil ones,  those that bask in their own lustful desires, and greed.  Eliminate them Lord, but let the PAY for their sins and what they have done to the American People..and that Lord includes Sandy Berger,  who was never prosecuted or even investigated for stealing all those secret documents..  Let us have vindication in YOU Lord.  YOU are our advocate if we cry out to you.  I am crying out to you  Lord God, to come and send your Holy Spirit upon your people and this nation once again…
Show them the error of  their ways,  and rid us of all the crooks and dishonesty.  For you are LORD, and bigger than this government.  YOU ARE my Almighty Lord God Jehovah…I pray that you come and supernaturally like you did with Elijah in his fight with Jezebel, SHOW AMERICA,  YOU ARE THE ONLY GOD…THERE IS ONLY ONE!   Not the cults, not the extremists, not Islam, but, the SAME God of the Old and New Testament …We need a sign here in this country Lord that YOU will not stand for the way we are going.   In you Lord do I trust.  Send your FIRE God… Wake America up Lord.    I pray for leaders to be sworn into office, that have ethics, character,
morals, honesty, integrity, and humility, and that more than anything are GODLY men and women,  that trust in you and not in their own understanding.  Thank you Jesus..

For you will come quickly like a thief in the night..I pray soon..For this is not my America anymore that I knew.  She is a harlot..and evil.   God we need you.  I cry out for your intervention, Lord on my face.  Help us to heal and turn from our sins and wicked ways…Take away all the immorality, greed, and murderous (abortion) deeds.  Help us Oh Lord…This is my prayer , my heart after you  Lord, on this week of our UNOBSERVED NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER.  Amen…

From Jonathan Falwell May 8th 2009
Still Praying for America

On May 6, 1982, President Ronald Reagan stated: “Today , prayer is still a powerful force in America, and our faith in God is a mighty source of strength.  Our Pledge of Allegiance states that we are ‘ONE NATION UNDER GOD’, and our currency bears the motto, “In God we Trust”. The morality and values such faith implies are deeply embedded in our national character. Our country embraces those principles by design, and we abandon them at our peril.  Yet in recent years, well-meaning Americans in the name of freedom have taken freedom away.  For the sake of religious tolerance, they’ve forbidden religious practice in the classrooms.  the law of this land has effectively removed prayer from our classrooms.  How can we hope to retain our freedom through the generations if we fail to teach our young that our liberty springs from an abiding faith in our Creator?”

Twenty -seven years later on this National Day of Prayer our religious freedoms continue to diminish beyond anything President Reagan could have imagined.  I believe that prayer for our nation has never been more important as we witness an accelerating anti-Christian fervor” (as well as anti-Semitism) ” in the so-called mainstream of our culture.  The result of this campaign is that many of our fellow Americans having absolutely no idea of the rich Judeo-Christian heritage of our nation.  Subsequently, few raise an eyebrow when a valedictorian is barred from mentioning Jesus at a graduation service or a Ten Commandments display is taken down in a public arena or a cross necklace is banned in a workplace.”  ( And this writer younger was fired from more than one job for being a Christian…an institute of art was one and an insurance company another..)

“Our Founders wanted a prayerful citizenry that understood the need for God’s involvement in our nation.  As I write this column , my mind hearkens back to the First Continental Congress in May 1775, when our wise delegates called for a National Day of Prayer, which included these words: “that we may…by sincere repentance and amendment of life, appease God’s righteous displeasure, and, through the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ, obtain this pardon and forgiveness.”   Two years later the Continental Congress authorized the distribution of 20,000 BIBLES for the troops, noting the ” importance” of scripture.  And in October 1780, the Continental Congress again issued a Proclamation for a Day of PUBLIC Thanksgiving and Prayer. The fact is that our nation WAS and IS CLEARLY founded in prayer and the study of God’s word. Today’s civil libertarians ignore our unmistakable history when they attempt to stifle religious expression in our nation.

In 1952 Congress and President Harry Trumen established the National Day of Prayer as an annual event, while in 1988 the first Thursday in May became the official observance for the event, with President Reagan signing into law.

Today while our President has given symbolic support to the National Day of Prayer, I believe that our Nation needs an impassioned call to our collective knees.  President John Adams declared May 9, 1798 as “a day of solemn humiliation, fasting, and prayer, ” with our citizens beseeching God “that our country may be protected from all the dangers which threaten it.”

What a pertinent prayer for this day and age………….”

We need to be on our knees and repent….This country was not founded on the “politically correct”.”

(Written in 2011)