Our New Godless Morality

repentancePraying today for our country, youth…after visiting Facebook early, and seeing my own children, grandchildren, absolutely in another “pop culture” world.   Young in my 20’s I used to watch debates with conservative William F. Buckley, Jr and Gore Vidal (which was in the 60’s).  The intellectual plain that these two men discussed the world and politics, this pop culture generation wouldn’t understand one iota.  Ok.  I’m old.  But thank you Jesus, I still have my brain, and Jesus in my heart.  I’ve said before, we are the most uneducated, illiterate generation, from world history, American history, and Biblical history than in any other time in our lifetime. By comparison, my generation were grounded.  It was just after WWII, and America was flourishing.  We were taught manners, politeness, to be patriotic and to SERVE.  Not take, but, serve. As well as get a good education, and WORK.  My grandparents had no Social Security, and there was no Medicaid-Welfare.  Your relatives or Church did back then in the 40’s and 50’s what the government does now.  My German grandfather lived with us when I was around 10. My mother took care of him.  That is just the way it was done.  My parents never complained, they just did what was right.

Some friends I went to school with took elocution lessons, and debate classes.  When I was in high school, artist that I was, I was in the Art Club, Thesaurus school magazine, Drama Club, Glee Club, voted on the Student Counsel 3 years in a row, modeled, took 7 years of classical piano, was in Rainbow Girls (part of Masons I hate to say.)  Classmates went on to college, Annapolis, one became a nuclear physicist (was voted less likely to succeed), another went on to the Defense Dept., other career Army and Special forces.  We were overachievers back then.  And look at this slang ridden violent, hip hop pop culture selfie generation now.  Do you know Thomas Jefferson, Madison, Washington, and many of our Founding Father’s as well as Christian author, C.S. Lewis, were reading Wordsworth, Plato, and all the classics by the age of 12?  They were genius’s. Madison, who wrote all the Federalist papers…my idol.  No one reads now.  They text, they email, and the slang they use now, and all this fast world, is going to eat them up alive, and destroy them.  Not to mention,  in my day, we were a Godly generation.  I understood Shakespeare and read at 13. Hollywood, then had not only the “Duke” John Wayne, and patriotism, but the Jewish moguls out there produced some of the finest Biblical films back then, still shown now on Trinity Broadcasting, a lot starring Charlton Hesston.  I sang in the church choir, and taught Sunday School, and the church of my parents and paternal grandparents…most buried in the back.   Now what comes out of Hollywood, is so much killing and violence, and occult, and how it must grieve Jesus.   We are an unrepentant rebellious Society of violent takers without morals, without accountability for paying the consequence for evil acts.  It has become the most out of control Society I have seen in all my lifetime. But they say, they are “happy”??  How can you have such vain, empty values and think it is of God? And let me tell any who read this?  Something HAS to give.

I doubt whether anyone receives the political and Christian emails and calls of prayer, that I receive, or knows one iota of the prophesies, that are being fulfilled….never mind what is coming.  Everyone is “happy”….with all their “selfies” and their own jargon of pop culture, that is way beyond my expertise to understand.  I am old.  Still sharp, but, I’m missing something.  Do I worry? (I know we are not supposed to) but, yes, not for myself, for I have lived this life; but for them?  YES!  This is such an illiterate, selfish, uncaring, uneducated generation out there now. And “they” are going to lead churches and lead America?  So much taken for granted.  I’ve preached, blogged, and posted, tweeted, Facebook’d….til I’m blue in the face…Today I ask, for what?  No one READS. They arrow down and click like, with a smiley face, but no one clicks to read the whole article, a lot researched and historic/Biblical.

Last night I watched one of the best episodes of 60 Minutes I’ve seen.  Iraq: Laura was in Iraq way up past Mosul.  There was a monastery up there and interviews with monks, as I watched with tears in my eyes.  They have been there for 2,000 years.  All these hand-scribed books, and Christian documents.  The Nineveh plains since 263 AD, this monastery stood.  Books since early Christianity burned by Isis! Jonah is buried up there.  Jonah of the Bible Jonah?!  Everything EVERYTHING that is happening in this careless, cruel, world, now with Isis, destroying ANYTHING of God, and Christianity, EVERYTHING…is GOD…and it ties to prophesies to come…and my heart breaks, for this youth and selfie generation, having such a good time, just doesn’t get it…and God is not even called upon.  The link is below, and I really hope you click and watch these monks interview.  It is heartbreaking.

In college I took Ancient Civ, and was enamored, not knowing that one day when I got saved and God put me at a huge charismatic church in 1984, with such a move of God; I’d tie to end time prophesies. And little did I ever know we would be where we are now.  Iraq is Mesopotamia, the first civilization.  Up north where the Tigress and Euphrates meet is UR where Abraham was born.  We never should have left Iraq in 2011…never. These are good people. Just like my Coptic Christian friend, Alfie in Cairo Egypt…a beautiful man in Christ.   I look forward to this new series at my church and Salt class covering how God is involved with what is going on in this world.  God willing, I can get up that early, at 76, and have good back/hip days to make all the classes.  Am I the only one still hungry for Jesus and the word?   It seems there are only a handful of us Christians, and those who “get” this and read, I love you, and pray God’s blessings on you.

This past Sunday, we had a teaching at church which ties in perfectly with this “Selfie” generation.  I mean, this can go on unendingly.  All you have to do, if your a Christian, is open up your Bible. THERE is accountability staring you in the face!  I don’t think anyone feels guilts today…as anything goes.  WRONG.  God is going to judge each and every one of us.

When I was newly saved in the 80’s the first books I was told to read was Proverbs and Psalms. While I was a “Christian” as a child, taught Sunday school, though I was never taught the salvation message.  In a Congregational church back then, it just wasn’t preached.   But, I learned.  The very first book of Proverbs 1:7 God issues a warning.  Take heed.  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.   Where is the boundary line that constitutes a lie, or gossip, or slander and libel?  What do you in this selfie generation concentrate on?  Cruelty? Cutting down? Self, selfishness, greed?  And if your a Christian, or say you are, who do you follow?  Where are YOUR morals in this Godless society?  Well, this is what GOD says!  Beware!
Proverbs 1:20-33 “Wisdom cries without; she utters her voice in the streets…She cries in the chief place of concourse in the opening of the gates: in the city she utters her words, saying ..How long, you simple ones, will you love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge?” (Like the pharisees did are you who call yourselves Christians and saved, mocking God? For it was them who later turned on their own to crucify Him.)  23 “Turn you at MY reproof: behold, I will pour out MY spirit unto you, I will make known MY words unto you. Because I have called and you refused, I have stretched out MY hand, and NO man regarded, But, you have set at nought ALL MY counsel, and would have none of my reproof.  I will also laugh at your calamity; I will mock when YOUR fear comes..When YOUR fear comes as desolation, and destruction comes like a WHIRLWIND: when distress and anguish comes upon you.  THEN shall they call upon ME (GOD ALMIGHTY), but I will NOT answer; they shall seek ME early , but they shall not find ME.  For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD, they would have none of MY counsel: they despised all MY reproof.  Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices.  For the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of FOOLS SHALL DESTROY THEM.”  

You see what this says is wisdom speaks and pleads with the frivolous, the mockers, and the hostile, promising them that if they would “turn” she would abundantly enrich them with her own spirit and with understanding.  But such is conditional upon conversion,  even to those who “think” they are saved and play at church, only to go home back to their selfish ways.  Because the “old man” has never died….it just got redirected so to speak.  But conversion and repentance at the Cross demands the old man in us die!  The “simple” turns away from God, to be led in the “now”, and will be destroyed by God one way or another.  Does not the Lord’s Prayer, say “thine ” will be done?  It is HIS way vs OUR way.  We have become so DESENSITIZED in this society, with all the killings and vile language on tv, now, that there not only are no boundaries, but, no distinction of right or wrong.   The young man who preached at my church Sunday ended with, ” If someone gives you their trust, it is the most important thing you can do and HAS to be protected.”  There is no trust in today’s culture, one iota.

Other scriptures, Proverbs 12:18, 21:23, 10:19, 10:18, Eph 5:4, 5:29-31, Matt 12:36, James 3:10, Ez12:2, Matt 6:22, Heb 4:13, Ps101:3, Heb 12:2, Psalm 119:18, Job 31:1, & 2 Tim 2:16.
There is only one God who can save us from ourselves….For one day He may say to you,”I never knew you.