Compromise, Again?

11825031_10153756871633322_4404488389877693170_nBishop T.D. Jakes on Daystar Television Network and TBN Trinity Broadcasting Network is wrong again in his “Gay” Conclusion. It once was called a “mental illness”, which I believe has to do with the wiring of the brain, just as mental illnesses, ie bi-polar. But here Jakes, once again goes off away from GOD and HIS word, to form his own word. It is hypocrisy….Just as his voting for Obama was, and is…a Muslim Communist? That is NOT God’s word.   Again, some of these preachers in high media have chosen to RE-write the Bible, and change GOD’s original intent.  It is morally, and incomprehensibly, wrong.

From above link:

“The “We the People” worldview inherently, inevitably and quite proudly leads to everything from the “freedom” to murder tens of millions of our own babies for convenience to the “liberty” to “marry” whomever we please. (See: Note to ‘Merica: There is no “God-given right” to murder children. Repent accordingly.) It’s all about us. It’s all about “We the People”…a people who will not have Christ to rule over us.

The derivative horrors of mass child sacrifice and sodomite “marriage” are born of our cherished “right” to freely and openly worship any god that we like. That’s what we (blasphemously) call a “God-given right” here in ‘Merica, and by treating God’s Nature and Word as optional we have set ourselves up for the cultural implosion that is now upon us and the much worse that is to come. (See: Note to ‘Merica: There is no “God-given right” to worship false gods. Repent accordingly.)

A Quoted T.D.Jakes:

“Megachurch leader and author T.D. Jakes says that homosexuals should attend congregations that affirm their lifestyle and that politics do not need to reflect biblical ethics, adding that his position on homosexuality is both “evolved and evolving.”

(MY word:  Since when does the Holy Bible, Word of God, “evolve”? Did not God say not to add or take away from the Bible?  He is the SAME, yesterday, today, and forever!! And so is what God deems as sin!)

During an interview with the Huffington Post on Monday, Jakes was asked by a viewer if he believes that homosexuals and the black church can co-exist.

“Absolutely… I think it is going to be diverse from church to church. Every church has a different opinion on the issue and every gay person is different,” he replied. “And I think that to speak that the church—the black church, the white church or any kind of church you wanna call it—are all the same, is totally not true.”

Jakes said that he thinks homosexuals should find congregations that affirm their lifestyle.

“LGBT’s of different types and sorts have to find a place of worship that reflects what your views are and what you believe like anyone else,” he outlined.

“The church should have the right to have its own convictions and values; if you don’t like those convictions and values [and] you totally disagree with it, don’t try to change my house, move into your own … and find somebody who gets what you get about faith,” Jakes added.

He said that the issue of homosexuality is “complex.”

Then we got this clarifying – and quite damning (in a proud, All-American kinda way) – little gem:

Once you begin to understand that democracy—that a republic actually—is designed to be an overarching system to protect our unique nuances, then we no longer look for public policy to reflect biblical ethics,” Jakes explained. (Emphasis added.)

We no longer look for public policy to reflect biblical values.” WHAT?? 

What happened to the 10 Commandments?  What happened to “Thou shalt have no other God’s before me?”  What happened to the Bible being the “INFALLIBLE WORD OF GOD” without any compromise?  Does Jakes use his pulpit now for following Obama? For HE voted for him, and in doing so, was not voting the Bible, but Action.  Unlike Black pastors like Bill Winston, and Frederick C. Price, Creflo Dollar, etc.  Jakes has his own agenda, that of Obama’s it would seem.  “By ye fruits we shall know them.”  No different than Pastor Rick Warren, starting up “Crislam” some time ago?  FALSE PROPHETS!  The trouble is I like this preacher, and often watch him.  He is powerful, and has a profound impact on his fellow Black men in the audience.   The problem is, I agree with Rev. Franklin Graham, and others, that the word of God is NOT to be compromised.  We cannot cave into what is “politically correct” jargon in the Government and the Media, and adapt in our churches.   Did not Jesus say, “Render to that which is Caesar’s, and unto God what is HIS?”   If God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, then we cannot change and alter HIS HOLY Word.  So I leave you a couple of links, to other posts.  How can we STAND in CHRIST and not adhere to HIS word?   I don’t believe “liberalism ” has any place in the House of God!    Any Amen’s out there?

Here is Rev. Franklin Grahams statement on Gay marriage: