Race in America

handshake1-340x230This a sad day in America…and unfortunately there have been far too many. This young man just by looking at him is so mentally ill..Yet it was his father who gave him that 45 on his birthday? Hate is learned. As we have seen with Isis and photos of a child carrying the chopped of head of a Christian. Yes, Obama’s only solution to all things, is to strip America of their 2nd Amendment rights, instead of addressing mental health, but ALSO HIS FAILURE for his past 7 years of BUILDING race relations, in DEED , not Race-baiting with his cronies, Sharpton and Jackson. It is Blacks killing Whites , and BLACKS KILLING BLACKS especially in Chicago..Does he address that? No! He is a failure as our first Black  President, his socialist ideologies getting in the way. He could have done so much. With Christ, all are equal when we come to the Cross. There are many huge mega churches as John Hagee’s in Austin Tx, that has been shot at, attacked and threatened. They have security guards now. Sad. But, has Obama ever spoken out once about all the Christians in America, (held hostage in Iran), or killed in Egypt, around the world? No. He saw this as a photo op to once more expand his sick ideologies. When HE in essence has brought America to this head! God help us..We need a Christian President that can through God heal America! remember hate is learned behavior…ie Isis.

It HAS to change. I watch intently conversations by Dr. Ben Carson, and Lt Col. Allen West, (West Republic). Whoever runs for GOP…MUST address race/guns and HAVE a plan to heal this country. It is a HEART problem..and there is only one that can fix our hearts..Jesus Christ. I know preacher T. D. Jakes is doing something with his ministry on this. (Guess I’ll be busy on here.) But when deciding who to vote for? The next President has to undo what Obama messed up…and it may take us 20 years. Pray..My God hears you..HE though has allowed what has happened..Just remember that. Because we have murdered unborn babies, shoved Jesus and our Founding fathers and our Constitution out the window. It is time for prayer and repentance. God bless you all.  We have work to do. This next election is going to “make” or “destroy” us. We can have a 2nd chance if America repents. Watch September. On the Jewish Feast of the Tabernacles and the 4th last Blood Moon. Something is going to happen. On the last one in April, on Passover, Bibi got elected again, in spite of Obama’s organizers over in Israel. Folks this is war. Good against evil. It is war with Isis and hates, and our own Black people here in America.  This President had such a magnificent chance in the last 7 years and failed; instead instigating,  race baiting, pouring kerosene on a  smolder, that has now erupted. It is the 60’s all over.

Excerpts from “Open Democracy”

“Take for instance the American Dream. It’s founded in the belief that America is a land of freedom in which hard work will yield opportunity. But America is a nation founded in slavery. The slave trade capitalized the original colonies and eventually the project of creating the United States of America.

Because of slavery, the U.S. was founded as a land of opportunity, but only for European immigrants. This reality persisted all the way up to the end of the Civil War, a conflict that ended less than 150 years ago. That’s real.

White immigrants were drawn to America in order to escape the rigid European class system and achieve the dream of becoming gentry in the New World. The economy they entered relied on a racial caste system that favored whites. White people’s dream of social mobility had nothing to do with black slaves and would continue to have very little to do with their descendents, even through the mid-twentieth century rise of the American middle class.

With slavery as its economic engine, the U.S. expanded across the continent. Americans won territory by engaging in genocidal campaigns against the original people of North America.

In spite of this history, we call ourselves a “nation of immigrants.” The very notion is rooted in our history of excluding African Americans and Native people from citizenship, making the U.S. historically, indeed, a nation made up only of immigrants. That’s also real. Yet we conflate the idea of the “nation of immigrants” with liberty and justice for all.

We continue to organize our understanding of America according to race today. Consider the Asian American stereotype. The stereotype is rooted in the 1960s when it was deployed to undercut support for the Civil Rights Movement.

Asians in America like me were described during this period as compliant, uncomplaining strivers, as compared with black people, who were cast as a “problem minority.” Asians were said to have channeled our concerns about racial injustice into hard work, winning success and supposedly putting the lie to the claim on the part of black leaders that government action was required to resolve persistent black poverty.

But race is so powerful a force in shaping our understanding of one another that the “model minority” stereotype has become accepted as fact. Some have even gone so far as to suggest that genetics play a factor in Asian American achievement.

As a racial justice advocate and community organizer, I’ve had to learn to live with this reality. In the 1970s, the angry young man I was believed that race is a political system requiring political solutions. We would win racial equity only by appealing to political and economic self-interest. Anything else was just feel-good politics; they might feel nice but they’re ultimately a waste of time.

But over the years my cynicism eroded, replaced by the recognition that in spite of all of the organizing I was doing, work magnified many times over by the efforts of thousands of campaigns for racial justice waged by people far cleverer than me, racism adapts to changing circumstances and persists in ever more insidious forms.

Racism is not just a political problem. It lives in our hearts and we live it every day through our shared culture. All of us do, even if we may experience race differently, and many of us to our disadvantage.

We are, indeed, a broken mirror. To truly understand human need and find our way to a just peace, we must commit to the slow and painstaking work of pulling the jagged shards of that mirror together so that with each touch we become a truer reflection of what it means to be human. 

This will require honest dialogue, and a willingness to invest as much in cross-racial community building as we do in campaigns and public policy. Through expanding our relationship networks we expand our perspectives, ideally in ways that redefine our sense of community need.” https://www.opendemocracy.net/transformation/scot-nakagawa/for-racial-healing-we-need-to-get-real-about-racism

Afterthought at this Church shooting. I watched “The Butler” yesterday on Netflix, and my thoughts went back to high school, the 50’s, then the 60’s and Martin Luther King. I bawled my head off from the beginning to the end of this movie. This man saw his mother raped repeatedly by a white cotton plantation owner, then his father shot to death right next to him when he began to speak out. He went into service..then the White House through so many of our historical Presidents. He saw them all. And Obama? YOU ARE A FAILURE! ALL YOU HAVE DONE THE PAST 7 YEARS IS PUT KEROSENE ON A FIRE..INSTIGATE WITH YOUR RACE BAITER CRONIES. Address hate, including ISIS, Blacks on Blacks in Chicago, Blacks too killing whites and going after cops ..(any color). Address the murder of Christians all over the world. Instead what do you do? Why go after our 2nd Amendment Rights again. HOW DARE YOU, insult our intelligence? I read James Baldwins “Tell Me How Long The Trains Been Gone, ” in my 20’s with 3 babies.. I remember Billie Holiday, singing “Strange Fruit” “Black man hang’n in a poplar tree…strange fruit..And I knew at 13 years old what she was singing..the pain..Are we not human beings? MORE THAN ANYTHING, MR PRESIDENT, THIS IS A HEART PROBLEM….and there is only ONE who can heal, who can soothe, who can CHANGE thinking, It is JESUS CHRIST AND THE BLOOD HE SHED AT THE CROSS FOR OUR SINS. (Not Allah, and more killing and hate! ) BUT THE GOD OF ALL..THE I AM…NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES…JESUS! Postscript..This movie IS worth seeing.


I leave you all with this, written to this shooter Dylan after this horrific shooting in this wonderful Black historic church:

His name is Marcus Stanley. He is a 30-year-old, award winning Black gospel musician from Virginia. Marcus has also been shot, eight times. According to his website:

Marcus was shot 8 times at point blank range with a .45 caliber automatic weapon while touring as an initiation act by gang members. Due to the shooting, Marcus became temporarily paralyzed on his right side, lost the ability to walk, and leaving one bullet permanent lodged near his spine. With God’s grace and mercy, Marcus was successfully able to regain the strength to walk and recover most of the feeling in his right arm.

Here is the message he left for Dylann:

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 11.06.06 AM

There is nothing left to say…It IS a heart problem.  Thank you Marcus for your witness to a killer.  God help us.   God help America. And let us all choose the next Presidential candidate who has a PLAN, a GOAL, and a HEART after GOD, to heal RACE and AMERICA!  Amen…Bless you all who read.

Marcus, you tugged at my heart! God Bless you !https://www.youtube.com/user/ThePianist247



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