Egypt, Israel, America And Mideast

35_Christian-Churches-300x231Please pray for Egypt. I have had one Coptic Christian Egyptian friend, who I have known now for 11 years from another site. He loves Jesus and has been such a wonderful light for our Lord. His site now here down and cleared. Please pray for my friend in Cairo and ALL of Egypt. the latest video at

We all need to understand what is going on in Egypt and around the Arab world, DOES affect us here in the US. Obama now is pulling all stops to encourage Muslims here, and take down our US Constitution and our freedoms by Executive order before he leaves office. It is my belief as a Christian believing in Bible prophesy, that we are now in Ezekiel 38 and 39. I do believe that by September something cataclysmic is going to happen, which is the last Blood Moon on the Sukkot, the Jewish holiday. This current new tower in NYC went up in defiance, but NOT repentance! God’s judgement is on the WH, and on America now. Obama will push for Sharia law, and all that he can in the time he has left. Be sober, be vigilant, and know your enemy. And Stand. The Muslim Brotherhood was defeated in Egypt and Morsi is serving 20 years in jail. The MB in America is NOT on any terrorist list and should be, and advises Obama. We need to wake up..Get in your Bible, pray, and understand where we are for the first time in history we are seeing the end times play out. All you have to do is read Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, (38-39) , Joel 2, I Thes., Matt 24, Revelations. And pray.

Add this to above on Egypt….And I hope and pray you all click and go in and play this video, see the photo of his Communist advisor back then Frank Marshall, and now add to it all his Muslim Brotherhood advisors..and understand WHAT America and Christians are up against …PLEASE…Add to that this Pope doing the devils work, calling Palestinian  leader Abbas, an “angel”, working with Hamas, their terrorist group bombing Israel, and it doesn’t take a genius, to not know we are for the first time in history seeing all of the end time prophesies happen all around us.  Please be vigilant.

God’s wrath and judgment is on us..and something is going to happen in the supernatural.  God bless you all….look up!

A fast history lesson for the secular media:
What you in the media don’t get.  I studied Ancient Civilization in college in my younger days.  When I got saved  and came to the Lord, Jesus, in repentance, the first thing I gravitated to was end time prophesies.  Who are the prophets?  They are in the Old Testament, Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Nehemiah, especially now Joel 2…then I Thessalonian, and Revelations.  All things put together for those who seek.  The European Union, 13 nations, Greece now trying to bow out, the 10 horns…out of which in one of these mid east countries now will come the Antichrist.  He is alive today..I believe it.  The Pope now too, figures into this..because they don’t want to have ISIS take down the Vatican, which is a part of the Caliphate, and the object too, in taking ALL of Western Civilization as they tried to do in the Ottoman period.  And who stopped both the Ottoman period AND later Hitler? Winston Churchill.  No wonder his bust in the White House as an insult went back to the UK…(all his Muslim friends.)  Iran (Persia in ancient civ, and Ezekiel 38 &39) all wanting to control Israel.  Israel does NOT occupy Israel.  THEY OWN it..given by GOD in Genesis 13!  They lived there, also Genesis, since God moved Abram (Abraham) from UR,  in Iraq,(Mesopotamia the first civilization)  by the top of where the Tigress and Euphrates meet, to Cannan (Israel) to the land of milk and honey.  God says, “I will bless those who bless my people and curse those who curse them” the Jews…ISRAEL!  Period. I am a Zionist…I am a member of CUFI , and I back Israel.  Even the Shah of Jordan, said the Jews owned Palestine and was there first.  In essence there is no Palestine!   This economy is going to collapse, because of the EU and 10 horns and them wanting to eliminate CASH…A cashless society? THAT dear media, is the 666 and a micro chip going in your head or hand.  And anyone who takes this chip, will NOT enter the Kingdom of God..(Revelations).  What other proofs in this disgusting world of hate and beheadings, lies, and greed, and even all this Gay rights, which is like Sodom and Gomorrah…do you need.  God is going to destroy. The tribulations are coming soon..Whether we Christians are going in the Rapture pre or post? I don’t know.  60 Minutes? Leslie Stahl, no more water way underneath in this whole world…Satelite Grace..CA, Turkey, Iran, Africa.. the whole world. The new fight will not be oil but water.  All that China is doing killing Elephants, leaving babies to die next to their dead mother..Arab’s and China buying up in America.  What China has done in New Guinna.. The poor people.. Now ravaging and putting chemicals into all the water there including not only rivers, but the ocean.  Whatever they touch they destroy…and they will join Russia, in the final war..Russia..Gog and Magog…Magog, Moscow.   Everything  for us believers is clear as can be..We know what is coming.  Do you?  Oh, I forgot, your all secularists, and don’t believe in God.  Good luck…My word