Warning for Repentence Before Judgment

Warning from Ann Graham Lotz

AAGAAR01-09The Bible says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”  Just like Noah, 40 years building the ark; all the people laughed and laughed, while God gave them every chance. Then came the flood and God had Noah close the door of the ark and they all perished. So, I’m sorry,but God ALWAYS sends a “Watchman” and a prophet to warn. ALWAYS; and it is no different today. The 3rd Blood Moon was April on Passover, and in spite of all Obama’s parade of organizers he sent to Israel, Bibi got re-elected…Praise God.  And I’m so glad my daughter saw Israel before all this hits. The next and last is coming in September on Sukkot and the Shemitah.  (From Jonathan Cahn who has been on Perry Stone and Gary Keesee others, his book now called “The Harbenger” which is a foreshadow of what is to come. ) You know there is a story in history and the Bible on the Sycamore tree (Harbenbger) before God allowed judgment and destruction.  God poured out His judgment because there was no repentance. Well, 9/11? There was a sycamore tree on that ground of the twin towers that came down.  (I never knew this…media never showed. ) The roots were on display before this new tower was built…But this tower too, just like in the Bible of old, was built on “defiance” but, there was no repentance either. 3 years after 911 Tom Daschel spoke and quoted Isaiah, “We are serving Baal right now.”  And we are! This new tower is like the tower of Babal. The Harbengers is a fore shadow of what is to come Isaiah 33:36.   From all over America, no repentance.  We are under judgment. Hagee has 3 degrees, and one of them is in history. He is a brilliant extremely intelligent man. He knows Biblical and political  history.  There was something else he said,  concerning the Balfour Declaration .  When England signed this proclamation, in 1917 with Israel.   It will be 100 years in 2017 since that signing.


Theodore Herzl’s dream of a state to happen in 1948. Israel had been ruled by Rome, by Turkey, by Persia (Iran)…But that land God gave to the Jews in Gen. 13.  Something cataclysmic is on the horizon for America and Israel September on Sukkot.  God is going to cause earthquakes Tsunami’s of huge magnitude and volcanos to erupt.  And ours at Yellowstone and Oregon are getting ready and due….I DREAD this winter.  When we are to be looking for Gods signs; and they are there NOW!  There is such an URGENCY. Dear God what is coming is going to be devastating, yet God will protect his Christians. And the  economy is going totally collapse, even Greenspan has warned. The Rapture is coming soon. I feel this urgency like butterflies in my heart pounding, shaking in the Holy Spirit. God ALWAYS sends someone to warn. For he that hath an ear let him hear. I AM HEARING. I pray all of you are too.   God help us!

Interview with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn
Hagee..Anti Christ is here now.
termination of  church age
(80,000 hours studying his Bible)
The following books (and there are a lot more) on Amazon, let you read and open the introduction and 1st chapter…eye opening! Cataclysmic!  I’ve saved to get  on my Kindle…I didn’t realize that Jonathan Cahn also spoke to Congress and warned them..Now THEY are defiant just  as those in NYC were building this new high tower.  Even Boehner, McConnell ? They are all heading towards a new world order, banking system, and defying God Almighty!  In one of these books in the front, I think it was the 9/11 Prophesy, he spoke of what Lincoln went through seeking God, after the horrific carnage of the Civil War..It was eye opening and to read what Lincoln wrote applies to  today.  It would not surprise me  if this tower too, came down.  They planted a fresh new Sycamore tree and that too died. NYC is the whore…Babylon sleeping with Kings in high places….The UN!  Making deals with the devil, and Baal….ignoring God’s warnings.  No Repentance! Built only on “defiance”  While Obama has let all these infidals and ISIS in America.  LOOK at the carnage of the murder of that Greek CEO…by these Blacks..His poor little 10 year old son, abused, tortured and eventually murdered…A friend posted a photo in Syria…this little 8 or 9 year old boy, laughing…carrying by the hair, a human head that had been chopped off….with all his little friends an followers laughing with adults, praising Allah. I couldn’t sleep for 2 nights seeing that image.  What barbaric vulgarity.  .God help us.  Something cataclysmic is going to happen..to America!  Pray…