Forgiveness – The Lord’s Prayer

LordsPrayerEveryone has had at one time or another someone that has rubbed them the wrong way, or inflicted pain upon them.  The question is, have you forgiven them?  The following is a teaching recently by Pastor John Hagee, whom I follow intently, for he is rarely if ever is wrong in his teachings.

“Hallowed be thy name, means God’s name is to be honored.  The Air Force Academy now prohibits God’s holy scriptures and the Bible. But it allows Wicken, (witchcraft) and everything else including Islam.  We have chosen to dishonor HIS Holy name!  You cannot be in a right relationship with God and not HIS children.

In the act of confession (repentance) when a family member does something that is outright wrong, don’t rub it in, rub it out, with the power of forgiveness and the BLOOD of Jesus Christ!  We are not here to see who we can put down, we are here to edify and seeing who we can lift up!  We’re not here trying to turn someone out of the Kingdom, we’re trying to bring someone in.  Jesus said “whomsoever will let them come.”   It makes no difference.  Forgive us as we forgive those who trespass against us.

But, if you do not forgive those who trespass neither will the Father forgive you.  What is forgiveness?  Forgiveness is a full pardon from the pain and penalty of sin.  Forgiveness is a fresh start, another chance, a new beginning!  It’s the canceling of a debt.  Forgiveness is the key that locks the door to RESENTMENT!  And the handcuffs of HATRED!   Forgiveness is the supernatural power that breaks the chains of bitterness and brings joy that is unspeakable!   Forgiveness is not soft-hearted foolishness.  It is the first step to your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Ephesians 4:23  “Be renewed in the spirit of your mind!”  Doctors say it leaves hole in the brain that can cause dementia and Alzheimer’s.  When you chose good though your brain fires electrons through your whole body and heals it.  But if you think angry thoughts, vindictive thoughts, and are filled with hate, your brain sends out a signal that destroys your body.  In Philippians 4:8  Paul said the same.  Forgiveness is crucial and not optional with God.  If you DO NOT forgive another person, God promises in Heaven He will not forgive you.  Your anger, hate, and wrath is not getting even with the other person.  You are being eaten up alive and killing yourself!  Period!   Your destroying your mind and your body. God says, STOP IT!”

When my ex-husband committed  adultery in 1968-9, it devastated me and my three children then, 10, 7 &6.  Someone recently said of my son then, that “he was trapped inside his childhood”.  I believe, now after all these years, all 3 were and are.  He would not give her up.  In one swoop, my family with all the Greek traditions I obediently observed, and a husband I still was in love with (toxic love) threw us all in turmoil and tears.   What does anyone do in such pain and misery thrust upon them in an instant?  An affair a year old I knew nothing about, even though our mortgage kept sliding, he bought her a T-Bird too.  I was not saved then, and only 29 when she appeared on my doorstep while he went in panic lugging his bottle of Canadian Club.   For years thereafter, nothing satisfied, and love and a husband was not to be God’s will for me, even another marriage that only lasted 2 years and he was Bi-polar.

By the time I did get saved and had all my Bible studies, so hungry for the Word, I knew for my own well being, I had to forgive him, and that I did in the early 80’s.  But, when he died in 2011 unsaved and I know went to hell, there were still things left unsaid, and I  never had the opportunity to at least pray with him and tell him he was forgiven.  I knew though, those 14 years later, I could not live with unforgiveness.  My son of that marriage who was only 7 when I divorced, was in denial of the truths and had his own problems with his father working for him, and hates me as well.  He blames me for that which I did not initiate, eaten up at 54 by hates and guilts over his own relationship with both sisters as well as his father.  It will kill  him.  (And I pray to God he one day reads this).   Stuck in childhood reliving over and over the pain and rejection, and a father who spent more time during that year, with the adulterous’ son than his own!   I was brought up in a Congregational Protestant Church with all my relatives, and even taught Sunday School, though unsaved.  I knew about forgiveness only vaguely.

Hagee:  “You can laugh at work or with strangers, but inside is a river of tears!  You search for relief like a magic formula, of spending, drugs, alcohol, whatever.  There is no peace and the pain is not going to stop until you do it GOD’s way!!!  And God’s way is forgiveness.  The Lord’s Prayer….THINE WILL be DONE!  Forgive us as WE forgive our debtors.  It is not weakness, Jesus was being murdered on a CROSS, and said “Father forgive them, they know not what they do! ”  It is not for the benefit of the enemy, but YOU!  it’s how you react to what’s happening to you!  You can forgive or go through life without purpose.  When bitterness and hate, and revenge get inside of you, your life is over until you get that out! ”  (And I might add with this opportunity, that is why ISIS and Islam is a false religion of Satan, because of hates and revenge and unforgiveness! And they will be destroyed because of it.)

Hagee: “God will not forgive you if you don’t forgive.”  You can’t be a better old person.  It is a lie for you can forgive, you just don’t WANT to.  You know what the Bible calls that?  WITCHCRAFT!  You can forgive when its a weapon of CONTROL (which is also abuse and witchcraft.)  It is NOT right.  DO YOU HAVE SOMEONE IN AN EMOTIONAL PENITENTIARY BECAUSE OF SOME PSALTERY MISERABLE SOMETHING THEY DID IN THE 1960’s?   “Oh what a Christian you are!!!”  “Well it was what you did and you wronged me! ”  HOGWASH…It doesn’t wash with God…and HE will not forgive you!”You can either CHOOSE to reconcile or be “right”. (In your own eyes.)

The church in America is crippled because they will NOT forgive one another. If your broken we’ll help you.  If you don’t God will turn you over to the TORMENTORS.  Even Christians can’t forgive!  DO it!  It doesn’t mean you have to let someone walk over you. As soon as you forgive YOUR OUT OF JAIL!   You forgive and forget!!

However, it’s never going to really leave your memory.  This has been PREACHED WRONG most of the time. It won’t be erased from your memory, but, it won’t hurt you again.  You may think about it, but it won’t control you and eat you up anymore.  When you forgive GOD WILL CLEANSE YOUR HEART AND MIND.

**FORGIVENESS DEMANDS CHANGE!!!  Forgiveness is not soft hearted foolishness.  It is full of compassion but it DEMANDS A CHANGE IN CONDUCT!  THAT is what repentance is.  TO FORGIVE WITHOUT DEMANDING A CHANGE OF CONDUCT IS TO MAKE THE GRACE OF GOD AN ACCOMPLICE TO EVIL!     You cannot say I forgive him or her without ACTING on it in the compassion of Jesus Christ.

Jesus said to the woman in adultery “Go and sin no more.”  The husband that wants his marriage and says to his wife, “will you forgive me?” “YES if you will CHANGE!  But if you think this is going to be a pattern of conduct; and if you do one more time it is over!” ” (And God had me about 4 years ago, old as I am, I had to write a letter to the Adulteress from 1968 and tell her I forgave her, then peaching salvation and forgiveness.  It was left undone, and God won’t let me get away with anything.)

Hagee: “This Bible, our songs, our way and conduct should be HOLY….and all on forgiveness, by faith.  AND WE HAVE TO FORGIVE OURSELVES!   If God forgot our sins, why can’t you?  Forgiveness is the only thing to heal a broken family.”  

CS Lewis said in The Problem of Pain, “We are bidden to ‘put on Christ’, to become like God.  That is, whether we like it or not, God intends to give us what we need, not what we now think we want.  Once more, we are embarrassed by the intolerable compliment, by too much love, not too little.” 


God bless Pastor John Hagee for this message!    Thank you Jesus!  May this be a breakthrough for all who have an ear to hear ….Blessings..

Matthew 6th chapter verses 5-15  is Jesus teachings on how to pray.

John Hagee –  Forgiveness &The Lord’s Prayer