CS Lewis..Jacob’s Dream, was the story of the making of a man.  His life symbolizes to us the Sanctification process.  In the life of Abraham, Jacob’s grandfather, we are given the Doctrine of Justification by Faith.  This great Truth is covered in twelve chapters of Genesis; however, the Doctrine of Sanctification through Jacob’s life covers Twenty-five chapters.  This tells us that it is one thing to gain entrance into the Kingdom; it’s something else to live in the Kingdom.

“And Jacob went out from Beer-sheba, and went toward Haran.  And he stopped at a certain place, and  tarried there all night, because the sun was set; and he took of the stones of that place and put them for his pillows, and lay down in that place o sleep.  And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the Earth, and the top of it reached Heaven; and behold the Angels of God ascending and descending on it.  And behold, the LORD stood above i, and said, I AM the Lord of God of Abraham your father, and the God of Isaac; the land whereon you lie, to you will I give it, and to your seed;  And your seed shall be as the dust of the Earth, and you shall spread abroad to the west, and to the east and to the north, and to the south; and in you and in your seed shall all families of the Earth be blessed.   And, behold, I am with you, and will keep you in all places where you go, and will bring you again into this land; for I will not leave you, until I have done that which I have spoken to you of.” Genesis 28:10-15

Sanctification is the act of GOD making the believing sinner clean and set apart.  Sanctification in the eyes of God is instant, yet in practice, is a process.  It is stated the following way:  “We are sanctified, we are being sanctified, we SHALL be sanctified.” This is Progressive Sanctification.  Sanctification works in our lives in two distinct ways.

1.  There is the “standing” of Sanctification, which comes to every sinner at the moment of Conversion.  This position never changes and is looked at by God as perfect, because Christ is Perfect.

2.  Then there is our “state” of Sanctification, which is something else entirely.  As one’s standing never changes, and  can’t change, as long as one is continually trusting in Christ and His Finished Work; however, one’s state can be up or down.  It is the Work of the Holy Spirit to bring our state up to our standing.  This is the process of going from Jacob to Israel.  Roman’s 8:2 is the fulfillment.  “For the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the Law of sin and death.”

Jacob’s very name means “heel catcher” , supplanter, deceiver.  Enoch had hold of his heel in the womb, and Jacob too, always had a limp. His name gives us a picture of who we really are. However, while we may start out like this, it is the plan of God for us to end the journey, not as Jacob, but as “Israel”, Prince with God.

It was God’s will for Jacob and not Esau to have the birthright. Isaac, though knowing God’s will, set out to give the birthright to Esau.  Hear we see Rebekah and Jacob trying to help out God’s Plan through self will and the flesh.       Self-will is the Believer’s biggest problem.  How often do we try to bring about the Plan of God through our own self-efforts, which God cannot bless?

All sin has it’s consequences.  Jacob’s sin of deception cost him his family, as he was forced to flee so Esau (name meaning the hairy one) would not kill him.  God cannot, and will not, tolerate sin, even in the life of those whom He has called.  Sin separates one from God for all sin, no matter how it’s carried out, is against the Lord.

Now the journey for him began.  In Jacob’s mind, he is alone an destitute, all hope and resources cut off.  We all have to make this journey.  We all have to come to the end of self.  Though Jacob had sinned, he was not cast aside and rejected.  What he didn’t know was this was the first lesson to be learned in the making of a man (woman too).

Jacob sleeping paints a beautiful picture that we must all learn.  The sleep represents Jacob ceasing from his own personal efforts to bring about the Plan of God.  His sleep represents dependence upon the Lord and not self.  Willingly, we seldom come to this place.  For most of us, something drastic has to happen for us to allow the Holy Spirit to bring us to this place of rest.  He laid his head upon a rock.  The “Rock” is a type of Christ. Only when we are resting in HIM with our head resting on His Bosom, can we truly be used of God.   (Elijah later goes through almost the same after his battle with Jezebel,  sitting so depressed and tired against that Juniper tree, as if leaning on God when he wanted to die.)

As Jacob sleeps, he has a dream.  He sees a ladder from Earth to Heaven with Angels ascending and descending.  In essence, one could say that Jesus Christ was and is that “ladder”.  Through HIM and HIM alone, can one find Eternal Peace and Salvation.  The path to Heaven is the “ladder,” Jesus Christ.  Jacob saw angels ascending and descending.  This proclaims all the resources of Heaven that are available to all believers.

It’s one thing to know that the Lord will send angels to watch over us, but the Bible tells us that God Himself paid Jacob a visit, and take him a Promise.  The Lord told Jacob, “I AM WITH YOU.”  Even though he failed, God doesn’t throw us away, but says, I am with you.”  Then the Lord stated, “I will keep you, I will bring you again into this land.  I won’t leave you, until I have done all that of which I have spoken to you.”  *The Evangelist 2007 Donnie Swaggart

Re-reading this teaching from many years back, I see Jacob in me, trying to be God’s little helper, disappointed and hurt with my children that remain, and even a few of my grandchildren, who do not “get it”….After all, everything now has been accepted in today’s church.  It too has gravitated towards this “Pop Culture”.    i-Phones, text messaging, all the “fun” and technology video’s over  the air waves as well as all the threats we receive as a nation.  But are we “in” the word?  Do we trust HIM and only HIM?  When something drastic as Jacob went through happens, do we take a step back and pray first? Before announcing all over the media what our problem is?   I need to step back….I need to get UN-involved for a time, and go back to the Cross.  For it is only the CROSS that is going to heal this nation, change Muslims, and give us peace.  There is no compromise I wrote on here before.  None at all.  I feel old and tired this day…Young people so illiterate do not get it, nor believe in our one true God…the I AM of Jacob.  And I fear for them.  My prayers for my nation, my family, this world, has to be left at the CROSS. For you Lord, are our only answer.  Thank you Jesus, sanctify us God and give us strength and insight for what is to come.

And my answer to the Pope in his new stance with allowing Gays in the Catholic church? (I’m not nor ever have been Catholic.)However, sin is sin…They should be allowed in any church, Catholic or Protestant, however, the WORD of God is meant to “convict” and leave your sin, repenting, coming to the Cross. When you come to the Cross you are a new body in Christ Jesus, who loves the sinner but hates the sin. For out of what we all came out of is a ministry of sorts….Else it makes all Jesus died for on the CROSS and the blood HE shed for the sins of mankind, a lie. If it twists the word, the gospel, it is not of God. PERIOD! It is how God deals with the corruption of mankind and has since Adam. When Saul walked on that road to Tarsus, he was a slave trader, an abusive wicked man, but when he fell under the spirit of God on that road, he was made new, and became Apostle Paul, a new creature in Christ, the Lord’s disciple until he went home. If there is no change in the human flesh and frailties, then He cannot mold you like clay in HIS image, and it is fraught for nothing. God calls sin sin for a reason.. So we can witness His love and the changes in our lives. Else it makes the Cross a lie and defiles it.  Thank you Lord and bless those who come to this site.