History Repeating Itself AGAIN!


I feel so much compassion for BiBi….Netanyahu looks so tired…So much weight on his shoulders. Obama should be ashamed of himself.

This blog from Holland reposting my post:  http://jitskesez.wordpress.com/2014/10/03/islam-by-lehmann/

I Watched Sid Roth on TBN yesterday..Jonathan Cahn…The mystery of the Shimitah…and ties in with the 4 Blood Moons….eclipses ..all on Jewish Holidays..  He went into talking about how disasters happen on these days, going back to the Tower of Babel all the way to 9/11…by this time 2015…A disaster with SOMETHING horrendous that is going to happen…and on Obama’s watch.   God is in charge!!!  For what we have done aborting (murdering) babies since 1973, to Islam..letting them infiltrate hate and all the antisemitism against the Jews…  BEWARE….and  with all this…the market will CRUMBLE! Christians and Jews MUST plan…save …and know what is coming!  We ARE in the end times!


For those who deal in financial planning…This is a warning of what is to come…There is too a download of the whole transcript on Sid’s site….The Rapture is coming soon.   No doubt …We just had a Jewish holiday, Sudat in Sept.  Next is the eclipse of the sun…on another holiday in January 2015, then the Passover in April 2015, and the last the Sudat  again Sept 2015…(4 Blood Moons) Add to this what Jonathan Cahn says about the Shimitah…GOD is moving…and HE is angry.  It would not surprise me one iota if that new 9/11 tower came down again…..But all this is going to be on Obama’s watch….God is moving. He will show the WORLD HE IS THE “I AM…NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES”….In Jesus name!  There is no other !  “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me!”

From Decision Magazine:  http://billygraham.org/decision-magazine/october-2014/turning-the-tide-of-history/

As it once was…when America had God’s protection…Now the Government sends the IRS on Christians, and Billie and Franklin Graham.  Such arrogance!  In the face of God Almighty!!

John F. Kennedy, Billy Graham, Frank Carlson, Boyd Leedom