Christians and Politics

Scene_at_the_Signing_of_the_ConstitI’ve just ran across a little booklet I’ve had for a long time, from Focus On The Family, by Chuck Colson, “Do Christians Belong in Politics?”  Everyone in my era knows who Chuck Colson is, but, you younger readers may not.  Charles served under President Richard Nixon from 1969-73, as counsel (lawyer) to the President.  He pleaded guilty to Watergate related offenses in 1974 and spent seven months in prison.  Colson was thereafter Chairman of Prison Fellowship, in Washington, D.C., an international prison outreach he founded in 1976.  What excerpts I will write here came from his book, Kingdoms in Conflict, a PDF version at the end. Wherefore, as I begin this, let me reiterate again, how terribly important it is for Christians especially, but ALL youth to learn and understand our history in America.  We were blessed beyond compare, with all the work our Founding Fathers did on our behalf.  We have a country, a Republic, with the US Constitution, the First Amendment and it’s Establishment Clause, that is the most amazing experiment known to mankind.  Embrace it and what you have been given.

For all those who came here from other countries, I beg you to learn what this great country is all about; and read, learn, and absorb, giving allegiance to OUR American Flag, and our laws, which produced the best democratic society in all of the world.  Therefore, too, let me add, that our Founding Fathers, based it all on a living God, Jesus Christ.  Who too, at one time, held “church” in the Rotunda of  the US Capital.  From George Washington, Adams, Franklin, Jefferson, and my idol, James Madison, author of the huge volumes of Federalist Papers, these men, gave us their heart and very soul in reverence and toil, to give us the greatest foundation of laws known to mankind.  For it has “worked”, where all else failed in other countries.  When you come here “act” like an American and become a citizen.  I am too, bothered by small “communities” throughout America who still adhere to the countries and ways which they came from, whether Hispanic, Chinese, or Arab; when you come here, learn English, learn American laws, and history or go back where you came from.  BE an AMERICAN! WAVE an AMERICAN FLAG!  My grandparents did, coming from Germany in the early 1900’s. But then they came through Ellis Island and became citizens immediately.

Therefore, I am of the firm belief that all who call themselves Christians need to be involved in politics, else, it has the repercussions of electing those that could be a threat to our U.S. Constitution, laws/courts/church/state structures, with a horrific outcome. It is imperative that we take our God given rights to vote, and express our views VERY seriously.   America cannot afford to have our conservative Christians to take a backseat in apathy with the very fabric of our Republic at stake.   That is why I feel it is so imperative that you understand fully too, WHO and WHAT they stand for in EVERY candidate you vote for, and all that are over our airwaves promoting causes.  If it is not Biblical?  Don’t for it.  If someone that is on a  conservative ticket, is pro choice? You in all conscience under our scriptures, should not vote for him or her.  Use as Patrick Henry wrote, “Commonn Sense.”

From Colson:  “Both church and state assert standards and values in society; both seek authority; both compete for allegiance.  As members of both the religious and the political spheres, the Christian is bound to face conflict.

The conflict is particularly apparent in the Judeo Christian tradition because of the assertion that the God of both the Old and New Testament Scriptures is King.  That has been an offense to the proud and powerful since the beginning – and the reason Jews and Christians alike have been systematically persecuted.

The tension between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdoms of man runs like an unbroken thread through the history of the past 2,000 years.  It began not long after Christ’s birth.  Herod, the Roman appointed King over the Jews and as vicious a tyrant as ever lived arrived from the East seeking the ‘King of the Jews’.  Though not a believer, Herod knew the ancient Jewish prophecies that a child would be born to reign over them, ushering in the Kingdom of peace and might.

The distinction Christ made is clear; both church and state have a clear and distinct roles ordained by God.  The issue is how to apply these teachings to each institution in today’s volatile world.  ‘Christ did not give the keys of the Kingdom to Caesar nor the sword to Peter,’ wrote a contemporary scholar.  In God’s provision the state is not to seize authority over ecclesiastical or spiritual matters, nor is the church to seek authority over political matters.  Yet the constant temptation of each is to encroach upon the other.

The passing-through mindset is represented by those who believe they are simply sojourners with loyalties only in the Kingdom beyond.  Patriotism has become a dirty word to them, particularly in the wake of Vietnam, ” (now Iraq and Afghanistan) “and they believe it their real duty to oppose the United States in just about every endeavor on just about every front.  These two extremes miss the kind of patriotism Augustine had in mind.  He believed that while as Christians we are commanded to love the whole world, practically speaking we cannot do so.” We cannot love an enemy either that wants to annihilate us and kill and destroy in the name of Allah!  “It is God’s calling that we ‘pay special regard’ to those around us in that state.  We love the world by loving the specific community in which we live.

C.S. Lewis likened the love of country to our love for the home and community in which we were raised.  It is a natural love of the place where we grew up, he said, ‘love of old acquaintances, of familiar sights, sounds, smells.’  He also pointed out however, that in love of country, as in love of family, we don’t love our spouses/children only when they are good.  Similarly, a patriot sees the flaws of his country, acknowledges them, weeps for them,  but remains faithful in love.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of his love for his country even as he attempted to change laws. ‘Whom you would change, you must first love,’ he said. ”

Colson went on to say, “There are at least three compelling reasons Christians must be involved in politics and government.  First, as citizens of the nation-state, Christians have the same civic duties all citizens have; to serve on juries, to pay taxes, to vote, to support candidates they think Godly and best qualified.  They are commanded to pray for and respect governing authorities.  (For years Christian fundamentalists shunned the ‘sinful’ political process, even to the extent of not voting.  Whatever else may be said about it, the Moral Majority as well as the Christian Coalition, performed a valuable service bringing these citizens back to the mainstream.”  Now, though, these organizations have taken a backseat to the “Tea Party”.

“Third, Christians have an obligation to bring transcendent moral values into public debate.  All law implicitly involves morality; the popular idea that you ‘ can’t legislate morality’; is a myth. Morality is legislated every day from the vantage point of one value system or another.  The question is not whether we will legislate morality, but, whose morality we will legislate. ”  And abortion is front and foremost with this issue.

“I would like to end on a triumphant note, announcing that ultimate peace and harmony can be achieved through human efforts.  But, that utopian illusion is shattered by the splintered history of the human race.  Governments rise; even the most powerful fall.  Where then is hope?  It is in the fact that the Kingdom of God has come to earth – the Kingdom announced by Jesus Christ in that obscure Nazareth synagogue 2,000 years ago. It is a Kingdom that comes not in a temporary takeover of political structures, hut in the lasting takeover of the human heart by the rule of a holy God.  Thus in the midst of the darkness all around us, and habitual chaos of earth, a light penetrates the darkness.  It cannot be extinguished; it is the light of the Kingdom of God.”

And now, too, with all the conflicts in the Mid-east, as well as Israel, who we must pray for and back,  they too have the hand of the living God upon their lives, their country, and we need to pray for our Jewish brothers and sisters as never before.  We are a Judeo Christian Sovereign Society, and they too were part of America’s inception.  We could not have won our own Revolutionary War without the Jewish bankers God had in place.  Thank you Lord for what you do in each and every one of us.  Open our eyes, take off the blinders, and search your hearts for what God would have you do in these end times.  America needs salvation badly.  “If my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves , then will I save your land…”  Thank you God for using me this day…

Should Christians Be Involved in Politics

God-Government by Charles W Colson

So Much For Our Great Awakening

God and Government -Colson, PDF


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