Bringing Up The Past

548043_10150652788392344_693757343_9485242_1401445366_nThis is for all of you, especially older parents that are saved, and yet constantly have to face persecution from children, family, old acquaintances, who constantly bring up the past.  It is also for those who have been wronged unjustly and have no way to prove otherwise.

You are saved.  Bought by the blood Jesus shed at Calvary, many of you may have grown children, or relatives, friends in your “old” life, that may remember you before you were saved. Perhaps you drank, perhaps you did drugs, or lived as the “world”.  But, now you are saved, and the things of the past are no more!  Yet, every once in awhile, whether it be family gatherings, or Christmas, or in passing, these particular people constantly bring up the past, and the “old you”.

I have gone through this…I know many women especially that are divorced, that go through this constantly.   I know of one from another church I attended awhile back, who is so hurt, too, with grown children that blame her for the divorce as mine have.  And they do not know this Donna as a woman of God.  I knew others then too…It hurts.   You smart under the condemnation and you know in your heart of hearts the truths, and the why’s and wherefore’s, yet you cannot prove a darn thing.   My children when I divorced my 2nd husband, were 10, 7, and 6.   They knew nothing!  So, I know exactly what these women are experiencing.

Then perhaps, you are a male…maybe the same things have happened to you as well.  Maybe you were doing drugs, and did things young, but now you belong to Jesus.   Yet, others you knew, still judge you wrongly.  Or perhaps as someone who is in the workplace and someone has lied about you and tried to get you fired because are a Christian.   And you can’t prove your innocence.   You feel wronged, hurt, angry, and persecuted.  After all, didn’t you pay enough of a price?

The one thing I’ve learned in my years as a Christian, is that God is the vindicator.  God and God alone ALWAYS, ALWAYS, has cleared the way,  for retribution and been my advocate.  And the TRUTHS ALWAYS, have  come out.   God always, vindicates, yet, sometimes, not in the time-table we would like, but, when He is ready, based upon our walk with Him, and our faith.  Meanwhile you hurt, and feel frustrated, want restoration and a relationship, and in spite of prayer after prayer, sometimes for years, you see no end in sight.

When we get saved, all things are under the blood at Calvary.   You cannot change the past one iota, and God says to let it go and give it to Him.  For me?  God took the “old man” (self) away from me, when I fell on my face before the Cross.  All sins passed away.  Now, chaste as the newly fallen snow…as a virgin all over again….under the blood Jesus shed on the CROSS.  Without the Cross, we are still in the world as those who sometimes judge us wrongly.   But, you have to let go and give it to God.  Without Christ in our lives, we are no better than the “world”.   But, we have to change our thinking….(a pastor used to say, stinkin’ thinkin).  So, this blog is a pep talk….to bolster you all up….

First, go in Genesis 37:18- 27  This is the story of Joseph, one of Jacob’s sons, whose brother’s wanted to kill him for his inheritance.   But, instead of killing him, they threw him into a pit, and stripped him of his coat “of many colors”, which his father gave him.  Then, they saw a company of Ishmeelites that came and decided to sell Joseph, and he was captive and led into Egypt.  His brothers lied to Jacob, (whose other name was Israel), but, had no idea of what was to come.  Think of how persecuted and betrayed Joseph must have felt.  For his father thought he was dead.   Many years passed, and Joseph was brought by Potiphar and officer of the Pharaoh, who took him away from the Ishmeelites.  Then it says in verse 39:2 But the LORD was with Joseph!!  and he was a prosperous man; and was in the house of his master, the Egyptian (found grace).  You see, GOD WAS WITH HIM…as He is with you. When you continue reading you see that then Zuleikah, the Pharaoh’s wife, tried to tempt him, and seduce him.   But, Joseph refused (vs 8),as he had respect because she was Pharaoh’s wife, but, also feared God.   So she became angry to try to trick him…but, he fled, leaving a garment in her hand.  So she lied to her husband, who then placed Joseph in prison….At that point he exchanged a palace for a prison.  But the LORD was with Joseph (vs 21),
who was wrongly accused.

Then it came to pass the Pharaoh had a series of dreams, and wanted an interpretation, but, none was found, and he became angry with his servants, so he called on Joseph.   Yet, when asked, Joseph gave ALL the glory to the Lord.   And he interpreted the dream.  The Pharaoh rewarded Joseph, knowing he had the Spirit of God in him…Whereby, he was made into a rich man, gathering all the food while there was plenty….Then came the famine.  The story being, that his brother’s, including, Benjamin came before him, who Jacob had sent, but, did not recognize Joseph.   But the story ends, with the brother’s still not knowing Joseph, bringing their father to Joseph as well.   Did Joseph retaliate and show anger upon them as they had left him to die, sold him for his inheritance, and finally sold him?  No, instead he had his men slaughter a lamb and they dined with him…And finally after all the tests and they reunited and knew Joseph and brought his father to him, and in Chapter 47, presented his whole family and their flocks, and herds to Pharaoh, whom Jacob also met.

I love that story.  For like Cain, who could not run from God hiding in the fields, after he killed his brother Able….Neither can our enemies and foes run from God and His retribution either.   Those that attack you and judge you who are not saved?  Remember, that they are doing the work of Satan and God not only sees your pain and heart, but, HE and HE alone will also vindicate you one day.    For when you say to someone, “It’s under the blood, as I’m forgiven, and it is no more”…And they answer with a “BUT”.  “I know , BUT…”  Well, there is no but..There is no Biblical Godly right if they are also saved, to throw  one thing of the past in your face..period! For Jesus paid the price, with all the blood He shed at the Cross.  Else it makes the whole gospel of Christ a lie, and He died for nothing.  Jesus abolished death when He came.

Isaiah 53:4-10 the Atonement chapter.  He paid the price for our sins.  In Lev. 16:9, and Is, it wasn’t the priest that slaughtered those poor innocent lambs at the Temple, but the people that brought them as sinners as an offering.  Can you imagine how deep the blood ran then?   Can you imagine how that Temple looked?   That’s why we need to constantly remember and repent of even the smallest sin.  For Jesus paid the price and God VINDICATED Him of ALL atonement.

That atonement for our sins, is also ours once we have repented and come to the cross to be saved.   It is free….our gift of grace.  Wherefore, accept no more condemnation from your enemies.   Philippians 4:5 “Be careful for nothing, in everything give prayer and supplication.”  If God be for me, then man cannot be against me.  He is my  vindicator and yours!   And with that vindication and standing on the word, comes faith.   You may not have restoration with your unsaved children right off, or even not in your lifetime, or see wrongs righted in your lifetime.  But, God knows.  And rest assured, HE will vindicate you.   Just remember that all accusations come from the devil.  God never accuses.

For you cannot move forward in your walk with God as a saved born again Christian, if you get yanked like a yo yo back and forth with your saved or unsaved loved ones or old friends, who keep accusing and bringing up the past.  No way..  You have to take a stand.  The devil is already defeated.  So stomp on him and take authority.   Matt. 7:4-5 How will you say to your brother let me pull out the mote in your eye, when the rock is in your own.”  Ye hypocrite…Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast your pearls before the swine….I have blog after blog on my 2 sites here on hates…taking authority.  Let God purge all the hurt and anger out of you, and then you will have total peace.   It took me years and years to discover how this works.   Jesus took it all.   You can do nothing to change your past, and those you offended, except apologize, and move on to what God wants.

For you are royalty..You are a King’s Kid…If God loves you and is for you then accept no more condemnation.   And while we are not supposed to judge ourselves…”Judge not lest ye be judged”…we are to test the spirits, and any spirit of accusation you receive about the past?  It is not of God, but of Satan.  Forgive, and move on.

Charles Stanley preached on 1/17/10 on the dark moments of our life.  They will only last as long as God accomplishes His purpose.  HE will work out His will in our life.  Ask yourself, how does God view us? How did God view Joseph when his brothers sold him?  Did God dessert him?  Will He you?  NEVER!   Be faithful, diligent, obedient…and all your fragility’s and weaknesses, despondency, hurts, pain, of not receiving the love and understanding and restoration you want, will be answered.  He sees and understands.

Joel Olsteen also said once that God is our vindicator.  All those that cut us down and wrong us?  God sees it and one day we will see the victory and those people will pay the price, and God himself will call them accountable, as long too as we give HIM all the glory in our lives.  So, Joel said, lift your head up, get out of the hurts, depression, and put your shoulders back, and trust in God…and He will open all the doors and lift you far above all those that had trodden on your soul and maligned you or wronged you.   Romans 8:1-   “Therefore now no condemnation” (guilt) “to them which are in Christ Jesus” who walk not after the flesh, but after the spirit.”   Romans 5:16 “And not as it was by one who sinned, so is the Gift for the judgment was by one to condemnation “(by Adam)”but the Free Gift is not many offences unto Justification” (Cleanses us from all sin).  If God be for us man cannot be against us!

For unfortunately, what your unsaved children or friends do not understand is that when you fail to honor your parents, you are in fact putting a curse on them.  But, we as Christians, have Holy Ghost power to break that curse, and walk free in obedience with the only one that paid the price at Calvary………Jesus….the name above all names……my prayers with you friend.


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