Putting Our Needs Before the Lord

JesusWe need to put our needs in prayer before the Lord, when we pray. Not approach God with vain words, but, come to the throne seeking communion with Him. Ask God with wisdom what to do with you and your family. Then we need to seek scripture to back up what God tells us through the Holy Spirit. Romans 8:30, If God be for me, then man cannot be against me. We need to know when the Holy Spirit tells us to let go of a situation. For when we continue to persist, we get in God’s way, and He cannot move in this other persons life.

Romans 2:13-16 “For not the hearers of the Law are just before God, but the doers of the law shall be justified. For when the Gentiles, which have not the Law do by nature the things contained in the Law, these having not the Law, are a law unto themselves. Which show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another; In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my Gospel.” Whereby, while the Lord will not hold the Gentiles accountable to the Law of Moses regarding the Old Testament times, this is in no way means that He will not hold them accountable for their sin; the fact of sin is not abrogated in any case respecting ignorance in effect, places the Jew in a more responsible and even fearful situation. The mere having of the Law or even hearing the Law saves no one. At the Great White Throne Judgment, God will judge the Gentile world which existed before the Law according to that which they did know; once again, this has nothing to do with salvation; ignorance never brought salvation. Conscience, too, does not prove a reliable guide, as is proclaimed here. Jesus alone is the criteria. “according to My Gospel” Jesus and Him crucified. JS Expositor’s study Bible

We are therefore instructed to be doers of the Law, after which we have Heard. Therefore, when they judge, they also judge themselves. So, when we pray, we need to ask God, our needs, and those of others, our country, etc. For He says in Luke 18:41 “What will you that I shall do unto you? He is asking us, “What can I do for you?” It is by faith then that we come to His Throne to petition in communion with Him. The Lord is there, waiting for us to petition Him. We are not just to be hearers in His word but doers of the word.

Pour your Holy Spirit Lord over our loved ones, and families, those that need salvation, those without faith, and across this great country we live in. Through your divine supernatural manifestations, upon our nation Lord, our friends, enemies, those saved and unsaved. Let this nation know without a doubt that YOU alone are the Lord God almighty. Go to Him as the woman with the issue of blood, who crawled to touch the hem of His garment, so she could feel Holy Ghost power in just touching it, and healing. Show Lord, the doubters, who never experienced Holy Ghost power and are in denial of Acts being for today, that yes, it is! Let your truths be shown, for all the world to see Lord God.

Ezekiel 13:3-10 “Vain prophets have seen nothing! Lying, divination, this President and the Arab Spring, who calls himself a Christian, is defiling the word of God. Those so called spiritual leaders he takes counsel with will one day feel the supernatural power of the Living God, who says, “I AM Against You!”, thus sayeth the Lord. All they see in vanity in Washington, and our leaders. Because they have seduced my people and there is no peace, nor will there be in the mid-east until Jesus comes in the Second Coming. All man does will backfire, while we are a nation in debt. God caused this earthquake in VA this week, week and in Washington, DC. Vanities of Vanities all while Obama golfs! And God Almighty is angry, and His wrath is becoming unleashed. “There will be an over flowing show3r, stormy wind, (this hurricane Irene?) with great gale overflowing in MY FURY, thus sayeth the Lord. Ezekiel 13:11-12.

God is in charge of our promotions, and He says He is removing barriers to the Holy. Keep your eyes on me, He says, for I am turning everything upside down! I am pleased when my men and women are in their prayer closet…alone with me. Proverbs 2 says, “if you receive my words, treasure your commands, we bring life not destruction. Incline our ears to wisdom! Seek wisdom as gold and silver…Cry out for our leaders our sons and daughters. Wisdom needs to reign in all our decisions that we make. For when we cry out to God, (Psalm 10) He is our refuge and our strength. Then He wants me, anyways, to wait on Him. That word was given me yesterday. Out of it all, we will be a stone wall for someone that will need us, in jeopardy.

Because we are at the table of the Lord, we know how to STAND in times of chaos, and disaster, it is then that we will know how to help others. Psalm 112:7 We shall not be afraid of the evil and adversity that is all around us. For through faith it won’t touch us, that are Holy and believe. For we set our feet upon a rock! Psalm 119:33 We shall let no iniquity come over us. Wisdom…Faith..His mercy upon all of us that call out His name. The 23rd Psalm, says “thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me, I will fear no evil.” Praise God. James 1:5-7 “If any of you lack wisdom “(pertains to proper knowledge of the Word of God,) “let him ask of God, who gives to all men liberally and upbraideth not, and it shall be given him.” (This means when we ask wisdom of Him, He will not reproach or chide us for our past conduct. He permits us to come in the freest manner, and meets us with the Holy Spirit of entire kindness, and promptness in granting our requests.) JS Expositor’s Study Bible

Ahh…BUT, then it says, “But let him ask in FAITH, NOTHING WAVERING. FOR HE WHO WAVERS IS LIKE A WAVE OF THE SEA DRIVEN WITH THE WIND AND TOSSED. ” (He who continuously veers from one course to another only reveals his own instability and lack of a sense of being under Divine control. AND THAT applies to churches too!) “For let no man think that he shall receive any thing from the Lord. A double minded man is unstable…in all his ways.” (Again, also applies to churches without Holy Spirit filled direction.)

We are to be Victorious, be living in Faith, have Humility, and most of all avoid Temptation, but live with Endurance…..Then and only then, shall we escape the judgments that are already coming. And His wrath. Wherefore, I pray this helps you all who are in need and read. All we need to do is ask, in our prayer closet, they Holy Spirit as our guide, our comforter, whom He left with us when he rose to Heaven. We are in crucial times ahead of us. Are you ready? Are you washed in the Blood of the Lamb? God Bless……


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