When We Fail

2dbef8a2-e09d-4ca0-a2d3-e5d42d12ca87_8.jpg“Revelations 3:10 For He that overcometh, shall wear many crowns!  For the world can sometimes be grave and dark, all too negative.  For us Christians, it should be good in spite of that which will come, although we will have tests and trials.  We need to pray continuously and not just when we are in trouble. There is no holding back in God’s blessings for us, if we seek in earnest and don’t lose that first love, Jesus. When we go through the fire, it teaches us lessons. Look at Daniel in the lions den. Did God let him escape?  No, he had to go through it. The fire chastens us and gets rid of the chafe.

Everyone fails sooner or later.  It’s something everyone experiences, and normally learn how to handle.  When we learn from our failures we become better people.  The first key (my son had all this through counseling and it’s Biblical) to growing through failure is accepting responsibility for our actions and their outcome.  When people fail they either confess and repent and get it right with God, or they make excuses.  When we refuse to face our failure we never solve the problem.  To fail is to be human.  God knows our limitations (Psalm 103:14 and Romans 3:23).  Failure is refusing to get up one more time!  (Think of yourself as Rocky, and how we all cheered for him to keep getting up one more time.)

Success is not avoiding failure but learning what to do with it. I wish that would sink in with people.  Black author James Baldwin said, “The reason people don’t want to face their hates, is to do so, they would have to face their pain.”  Some now especially, are never going to know the true grace of God, and have inner healing until they face their pain and repent.  We need to go to the cross broken, and then He picks us up.  Too many churches deny the cross now!

To fail is not to be a failure.  We all strike out like great baseball hitters, once in awhile.  No one is truly a failure until he stops trying.  Edison tried over 5,000 light bulbs before he found one that worked.  Albert Einstein, who was Attention Deficit Disorder also, flunked math (distract-ability) yet achieving relativity and being a genius in other areas.  Failure is refusing to get up one more time. Also, something I learned with all the inside sales and rejection over a long period of time, business to business; Failure is success turned inside out. Sometimes a failed job or even getting fired is for a reason and God has something better already lined up and we are too hurt, stubborn, or depressed to let God be GOD.

Giving up and into failure is one of the most demoralizing decisions a man can face and yet facing it and overcoming it can lead to a man’s greatest successes.  I Kings 17:19-21. Malachi 4:5, Mathew 11:14 See the fivefold temptations if we are in Christ and He is in us, then He cannot deny us in a time of trouble for to do so would be to disown Himself.  That He cannot do.  He will never leave us nor forsake us.  Regardless of our emotions, feelings or disposition.  God is always the same.

Even Elijah under that juniper tree was depressed after Jezebel, and wanted to die.  He was one of the greatest man of God to walk the earth. But, Elijah was a “man of like passions” as we are, the Bible says, and he faced conflicts and temptations like we do.  His greatest battle was after Mt. Carmel, worn from the intensity of living as he sat under that juniper tree. I am sure he contemplated death.  But, when we are born of the spirit, becomes one, God will not deny us.  God gave him rest but, would not leave him nor forsake him. (As he did with me after my son’s suicide.  He never left me, even when I had had a mini stroke He stayed with me as I never went to the hospital. But, I in sobs and mourning pleaded with Him to help me to stop all the crying, for I know it exacerbated the pounding headache and pain down my arm.)  Elijah traded his juniper tree for a chariot of fire!  God traded HIS strength for Elijah’s weaknesses. That’s what I feel God did also for me after I lost my BJ. I know in my heart, that victory is in the cross of Christ, my Savior and He will lead my walk in HIM.” From my book, Restoration Road pages 41-43, copyright 2004

From Pursuing Christlikeness Through “Failure”, by Kay Arthur 5/11/09
Crosswalk excerpts:   “You are not alone in your failure.  Those whom you may look at and even envy or wish you could change places with have failed at one time or another.  In fact, if the truth were known, they probably are dealing with the feeling of failure to one degree or another in one or more areas of their lives.  As you read this you may feel alone.  You may feel like the biggest failure.  You may think there is no recovery, but I have good news for you!  If you will take God at His Word, your failure will become a stepping stone to greater Christlikeness and intimacy with God.  Failure will become a means to an end, rather than the end!

I say this because to fail is to be humbled.  Failure makes us aware of our own impotence, our imperfections, our shortcomings.  Failure brings us low.  And if we respond properly by humbling ourselves before our heavenly Father, then according to James 4:10, we find Him exalting us.  And when God exalts us, after w experience the humiliation and defeat of failing, then His exaltation is a safe exaltation rather than a source of pride which only and eventually leads to greater defeat and failure.

Do not give in to despair.  God is your redeemer.  He buys back, buys out, rescues, sets free, protects.  He is the God of another chance to all who genuinely have a change of mind and throw themselves into His outstretched arms and bury themselves in His all-sufficient breast.

So run to God.  Confess your failure-name it for what it is.  Call it nothing less, don’t sugarcoat it or gloss over it. Call it my name.  Be honest, be blunt.  Say it aloud.  Tell God you want to succeed, not fail, and that you know only He can do that.  Tell Him you are willing to do whatever is necessary if He will simply show you what to do by laying it upon your heart, putting it in your mind. Then check it out.  Make sure what you are ‘hearing in your mind, feeling in your heart,’ is in accord with the whole teaching of the Bible.  Observe to do according to all He tells you.  Don’t turn to the right or to the left.  Then you will have success, for it is God’s intent that you succeed rather than fail (Joshua 1:7-9).

Failure can either be a stumbling block that flattens you or it can be a stepping-stone to a life of success built upon the unmovable Cornerstone. It is all a matter of faith. Remember, you only fail if you refuse to believe God and refuse to allow your failure to be a stepping-stone to greater Christlikeness.”  Kay Arthur, Precept Ministries Int’l

I recently heard of a young woman in church ministry, who was forced out by the church, slandered, by a sin she was not partaking in.  When I accidentally found her, on Facebook, and emailed her; she said I was the only one who had talked to her.  Turns out there were a lot of lies involved in this firing as well.  Her music was beautiful praise and worship and I know that the Holy Spirit was present.  For whatever reason, she was slandered and maligned.  I had been praying and praying for nearly a year now, as to whether or not I leave this church I loved, for other reasons.   But, God would not release me.  When I found out the truths, and defended her, since this job was her reputation, and her livelihood, turning it back to the church, with also the laws on slander in my state, I
felt a release.   I believe God used me, and I believe He was just waiting for me to come to this young woman’s defense.  I am free. And my prayers now are that God clean that church up of all that is of man, and not the Holy Spirit, and purify it.  I pray too, that God puts me in a church that HE chooses, where I can flourish, in rivers of flowing waters….free to let the Holy Spirit teach me, use this old vessel, and to be a blessing to others, in Jesus name.  I also pray for my new friend.  My prayers are that she receive a letter of reference, and an apology, and that God puts her in a wonderful church of His choice where her talents will flourish.  This is one failure, that I know was a stumbling block not deserved.  And I come against legalism without a defense in any church. Don’t quit!  Your blessings are around the corner.


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