What Would Jesus Do?

Jesus is all thingsSome of you may be Republican, and others may be a Democrat.  Some, like me just recently, now an Independent.  I, like many others, are very disgruntled about the direction this nation is going.   I have heard from a few pastors that politics should not be preached in the pulpit.  I wrote before, that I disagreed, I reiterate again, I disagree.   Yesterday, it came out that ACORN may again get funding from this Administration.  I’ve heard other preachers such as Dr. Charles Stanley, John Hagee, the late Dr. James Kennedy, Pastor Jim Toll, Joyce Myers, Pat Robertson, Rod Parsely, on and on..ALL preaching/teaching God’s role in politics in this nation as well as our history and the intent of our Founding Father’s.  Unfortunately, it is not taught in schools anymore.

It is only Christians now, that get maligned in this society.  America now has denigrated Christianity and has now started on America itself.  I see Cuban flags, other flags being waved, but, not the American flag!  Instead now the American flag is being desecrated.  Teddy Roosevelt said, “If you come to America, then you become a legal citizen, and your alliance then is as an American, waving only the American flag!”  ONE flag..of this nation!  He was right!  What has happened to our patriotism?  What has happened to our values?  What has happened to our love of God?  Are we true Christians?  Or apathetic ones, without interest.  Are we followers of the 10 Commandments and scriptures when we are out of church?  And when we vote, do we carry through at the voting booth our “GODLY HERITAGE?”  WHAT ABOUT WHAT JESUS WANTS?  I’m in the DAR, and pretty soon, we won’t be able to pray in a meeting, if the Fairness Doctrine gets passed, nor will we be able to say grace publicly in a restaurant, if the ACLU has their way.   If Jesus stood next to us in a voting booth, would we feel His hand on us, saying “Good choice my daughter or son”, or would tears well up in His eyes and would we grieve Him?

I just left a Facebook group site, “taking back the GOP”…right! He is just as liberal as most Democrats and hates us, that are Christian as most of the media.  THAT is what is wrong now.  Glenn Beck played a video clip from Obama, promoting abortion, recorded some years back.  I’m sure its on Youtube.  He said, “If my 2 daughters who I will bring up morally, etc. (right..without God?), BUT if they make a ‘mistake’ they will have the option to abort “(to save face).  But what about that babies option? It is murder!

George Washington said Christians must be involved in politics.  Those of you who have read C.S. Lewis, especially all his pondering in “Mere Christianity”, we learn that we are very much accountable to God.  You do not be “Holy” only in church.  For, God will judge us one day on everything we do, once we are saved.  That means on our Christian merits, and what we stand for as Christians.  And I believe especially at the voting booth.  If we sit in a church, proponent of pro-life, with all that give testimony against abortion, then go and vote for a candidate based on race, a smile, a personality, that is pro-choice, do you really believe that God condones?  If we vote for a “party” even when that party is corrupt, and those persons are against Godly values and the 10 Commandments, will God approve?  I believe with all my being, that we will all be called accountable.  Seems George Washington and others agree with me.  As God won’t let me.  He
won’t let me get away with anything.

The liberal loyalists wanting to take back (what they never had) the Republican party are no better than the so-called Democrats, that are now so involved with this progressive (Communist) movement, which is nothing new, and corruption.  They all hate us that are Evangelical Christians.  I told this man on that site, before I left it, that he was not going to win this argument.

Our Founding Father’s were Christians.  During the Revolution, you also had “The Great Awakening” preacher, John Whitefield, who even led Indians to Christ.  I encourage you, who read extensively, to read “A People’s History of the American Revolution”, How Common People Shaped the Fight for Independence,” by Ray Raphael.  It was a wonderful enlightening book.   I also encourage you to rad David Barton’s “Original Intent”.  On page 348, David wrote: “Christians must again become active in the civic arena and move beyond their self-imposed boundaries of church and home.  It is time to remember the warning given by Charles Finney a minister and leader in America’s Second Great Awakening, who
reminded Christians:

“The Church must take right ground in regard to politics…The time has come that Christians must vote for honest men and take consistent ground in politics.  God cannot sustain this free and blessed country which we love and pray for unless the CHURCH will take RIGHT ground.  Politics are a PART of a religion in such a country as this, and Christians must do their duty to the country as a part of their duty to God…HE (GOD) will bless or curse this nation according to the course they (Christians) take in politics.”

He also said, thereafter, “As the Church reenters the political arena, however, it will be important to observe George Washington’s warning against excessive allegiance to any political party:  ‘Let me now..warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of the party.  The common and continual mischiefs of the spirit of the party are sufficient to make it the interest and duty of a wise people to discourage and restrain it.  It serves always to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration.”

Washington is not saying to abolish parties, for they are necessary, the mechanisms by which candidates are offered to the public.  But, God fearing people should be actively involved to influence their party’s platform.

Glenn Beck lately too, was so right on!  I am fed up with the Republican GOP up here in NH, just as liberal and the Democratic fools are so left-wing Communist.  I cannot just vote for a party any longer. I think Newt Gingrich is very very wrong on this.  You don’t stay loyal to a party that is full of crooks, or has agenda’s that are immoral, and not good for this country.  You vote for the man/woman…the person.  I can’t believe how the
Democrats sabotaged their party for Socialism (Communisim and like Maxine Waters and Obama the teachings of Mau, who murdered over 600 million Chinese).   The Republican party now is the old Democratic party.of Johnson, Humprey, JFK…who was by today’s standards, a conservative.  So where is conservatism?  Where is fiscal responsibility? Where are moral God-fearing candidates?  Who is there to clean up the corruption? Where are the Christians?  They hated Sarah Palin, but, George Washington would have loved her!  And I wish now, in hindsight, I had put my votes and backing with Mitt Romney.  He is above reproach, honest, has integrity, character, intelligent, loves God and country.  I was wrong as many of us were.  Plus he knows business, and we wouldn’t be in this mess now either.  He is squeaky clean and moral.  There is no way he would have affairs, and shame the White House as Clinton did.  He would have cleaned up corruption on both sides.  But, we are not a 3rd world country, nor do we need a dictatorship.  Hitler started out this way, with his Socialism, so did Stalin, then look at Chavez, Castro…all who took away the freedom of the media.  Now, look at this Administrations war on Foxnews.  Guess Fox is doing something right in my eyes.  Do we want this for America?

God help our troops.  This President is now seeing the caskets coming home, and they are going to increase, unless he gets more troops in Afghanistan, and STANDS UP for a change.   Kerry was wrong with the Bush /McCain surge, and they are wrong now.  You don’t play politics when our troops are at risk.  He is a fool, and will go out of office like Johnson did after he messed up Vietnam.

My soul is mourning for my America I love.  Christians, are you going to
pray and ask God what HE would have you do?    The rising cost now
of all this health care.  America will be bankrupt.  Those of you that just
love all the handouts and freebies…Get out and get a job.  Have some faith in Jesus, and reach your own potential.  Do something..Having faith is taking a step.  This is a gimmee gimmee, society.  Where is the giving back, even if just your talents.  America is falling apart.  And God is grieving and I can see His tears in my spirit.


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