If You Can Keep It (Our Republic)

198420_533371356705091_1206388086_n“This was written awhile ago and worth repeating. As I had been reflecting on the ongoing attacks on our personal freedom, my mind drifted back to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, where some of the great minds of human history gathered to formulate the united States of America.

Following many passionate pleas and plans were offered, a series of compromises were reached and on August 6, the Convention recognized the initial draft of the Constitution.  A few weeks later, members gathered for the final time in order to formally sign the great document.

On the day the Convention closed, September 18, a woman named Mrs. Powell had been restlessly waiting to learn of the proceedings.  As the wise Benjamin Franklin came outside, she asked, “Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?

And his reply troubles me today.  He said, ‘A republic, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT.’

Those are pointed words, ‘If you can keep it.’

Today, many modern lawmakers, described as ‘Statists’ by author Mark Levin, have little interest in the values of our founding.  Mr Levin, in his ‘Liberty and Tyranny,  writes, The Statist is not interested in what the Framers said or intended.  He is interested only in what he says and HE intends.’  It is little wonder that we are witnessing our republic slipping away.

With Mr. Franklins warning in mind, I am pleased to report on the gathering of one of the largest faith-based coalitions in the nation which gathered last week in Washington, D.C., to strategize and work together on common interests within the Judeo-Christian tradition.  The purpose, according to Mathew Staver, founder of Liberty counsel and dean of the Liberty University School of Law, was to begin a mobilization effort among grassroots constituencies and to formulate ways to enhance the spiritual,  moral, cultural, and economic condition of our nation.

Known as the Freedom Federation, this federation of individual, national, multi-ethnic and transgenerational organizations and leaders, is not  really a separate organization, but, a collection of organizations with large and unique constituencies that share core values.

A partial listing of some of the organizations includes, but is not limited to:  the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Teen Mania, American Association of Christian Counselors, Liberty University, Catholic Online, American Family Association, Research Counsel, Liberty Counsel, Liberty Alliance  Action, Vision America, Morning Star Ministries, The Call to Action,  Concerned Women for America, High impact Leadership Coalition, Campaign for Working Families, Conservative Action Project, Traditional Values Coalition, Faith and Action, Renewing American Leadership, National Clergy Council, Eagle Forum, Americans for Prosperity, Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), Life Education and Resource network, (LEARN), and Strang Communications.

Mr. Staver says these organizations represent some of America’s largest constituents of youth, Hispanics, African-Americans, women, clergy, and churches and notes that the common shared interests of the organizations and their members include faith, moral values, and freedom.   I am pleased to see these organizations working together for the common good.  Hopefully, this formation is just the beginning of a revolution in our nation.

I don’t use that phrase lightly.  We seriously need people who will take a stand for their freedoms.  I think we need to embody the spirit of Pace High School graduating seniors in Santa Rosa County, FL, who last week stood up in protest against the ACLU to recite the Lord’s Prayer during their graduation ceremony.  The spirit of our Forefathers lives on in these young people.

It’s time for this type of action nationally if we do indeed want to keep our Republic.  IT IS TIME THAT CONSERVATIVE PEOPLE OF FAITH JOINTLY COMMIT TO PRAYING FOR OUR NATION  (DAILY FERVENTLY!) and also rise up hand in hand in an effort to raise up a new generation of Franklin’s and Washington’s and Lincoln’s and Reagan’s!  Our Republic—we must keep it!

I wish all my readers a wonderful Independence Day celebration.  Please take time to pray for and thank God for our nation and to communicate with your children/grandchildren the importance of America and our freedoms.” by Rev. Jonathan Falwell.

Does anyone get the reality of what is happening in America now?  It is not the same America as it was during WWII when I was growing up.  Now an ATF agent can knock on doors in Houston TX, because men bought a gun.  Yet, if a police officer pulled over some Mexicans that have guns in the car, no American ID, and he says to himself, “they must be illegal”, yet, there is nothing he can do?  We are slowly losing to this “progressive movement” which is nothing new.  The American Jews too, are backing all this Presidents leftest agenda, when he goes against their very heritage, America and Israel, and God and the Bible….Frankly , I don’t get it.

Churches an Christians get caught up in FEAR…I can’t remember who said this quote,  but it’s true, “There is nothing to fear except fear itself.”  Even when it’s something small.  Well, small to me anyways, when I see a bigger picture.  I have a 91 year old friend in a nursing home.  She is being besieged by negative behaviors bordering on abuse, by those working in this nursing home, yet her “Christian” children (in 50’s) do nothing on her behalf.  She is told, “You can’t mention the Bible here?”  REALLY?  This particular nursing home won’t let her pastor and his wife come in and read the word, talk to patients and bring any ministry of Christ in.  Other nursing homes around me, including Hillsboro Cty, allow for ministries to come in.  We have those that can minister in prisons for goodness sake.  Many of these people have never heard a salvation message.  They are there ready to die.  Plus, it is against the Federal Laws on Discrimination.  It is against Discrimination laws on the hooks in the State of NH, and our First Amendment Right to Free Speech!  Her children won’t fight for her.  What kind of wimpy Christians sit back and let a 91 year old woman that is saved, and loves God, go through  all this emotional and psychological abuse, because some higher up in the nursing home hates God and Christianity?  THAT IS ILLEGAL!  God help any nursing home that ever does that to me.  For I’ll STAND for my beliefs, and STAND for my country and my rights til God takes me home!

We are losing our rights, now with this Cap and Trade, Fairness Doctrine, Health Care bills….God help us.  I heard one woman call in this morning on a talk show.  She was 78 years old, and I feel sorry for her.  For she is like the apathetic people above.  “Oh , God we have to be silent, we can’t stir the pot…oh what if we EVER had to go to court?…SILENCE?  Psalm 62:6 “God is my rock and my salvation; He is in my defence: I SHALL NOT BE MOVED! NOR SHALL I  BE SILENT!”  And if AG Holder has the audacity to “Try” to strip me of my First Amendment Rights, I will fight.  I Will as it says in Ephesians, put on the whole Armour of God.  In HIM do I trust! Not man…And not this Marxist, progressive President.

Let me reiterate, and go back to a prior blog on America.  THIS is exactly what was done in Germany before the 3rd Reich.  If you cannot be as a CHRISTIAN, or even as a citizen of this country, STAND on little things, like defending your elderly mother, and day to day battles? How on earth are you going to stand up and fight politically for our country?   How are you going to stand when we may have to face part of the tribulation?  What are you made of ?  Fluff?  Where is the WORD in your life…in your soul, your heart, your being?  Don’t you get what Jesus and Paul were talking about?  Paul served in jail…He didn’t wallow.  He looked to the mark as he said.  Do you want us to go into Socialism? Do you want to loose America?  Churches, Christians, and Jews, never opened their mouth to object to what Hitler was doing…Are you that naive to think it couldn’t happen h4re in America?  We are loosing our democracy.  WAKE UP, speak up, STAND for God’s sake and America’s sake, or we will loose all our rights, from the small to the very core of what made America once great.  Stop taking things for granted.  Email your Senators in Washington and your Representatives.  Speak out in the local papers and on news blogs.  We are to put on the whole armor of God, the breastplate of righteousness.  Did not Jesus fight the Pharisees and money changers?  I am so adamant about this, I could just shake some of the “silent’ wimpy Christians I know.  We cannot afford to be silent. Get involved!  Do something!  But, don’t sit silent!  Stand, STAND, STAND!!!


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