Confronting Sin And Repentance

hellWith tears in his eyes a man said to a preacher, “I told my wife I was sorry, but she says she won’t continue to live with me.  First John 1:9 says that God forgives us when we confess our sins.  Won’t you please talk to her and tell her that if God forgives, she should too?”    

This man had “repented” several times before, only to revert back to his abusive behavior.  So, the preacher said, “No, I’m not going to tell her that, in your case saying “I’m sorry ” isn’t enough.  “His wife insisted he receive counseling and give evidence of a genuine change before returning home.  She was right, as I’ve been right in ministering to a young woman who is sinning and a single mom of 3 teens.   It is sin, and this woman refuses to repent.  “God wants her happy and the spirit she has prohibits her from repentance, or finding sin distasteful.  Whereby, I cannot forgive her as all my scriptural confrontations have been on deaf ears.  A rebellious, deceitful heart, is not one after Christ, but, is being led by Satan himself.  

The leaders of Israel in Hosea 6:4 did the same thing.  They thought a burnt sacrifice solved the problem, but God rejected that kind of “repentance.”  This woman will not even say she is sorry. To her, she is always right.  But, God says, I desire mercy and not sacrifice, and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.   In other words, the repentance must result in a change of heart and a change in behavior, and sinful acts.  That’s “Godly sorrow” (2Corinthians 7-10)

            Repentance is to leave the sin
                That we had loved before,
           And showing we are grieved by it
                By doing it no more.   (Anonymous.)

     Repentance means hating sin enough to turn from it forever!

True forgiveness begins by dealing with sin honestly.  The Lord’s initial words are simple.  “if your brother (or sister) sins, “REBUKE” them! (Luke 17:3,4) Forgive him only if he repents.  Mark 11:25-26 States again that you forgive the sinner only if he truly repents!  Look at Luke 7:37-50 Jesus forgave this woman all her sins, (probably adulterous ) because she was weeping excessively, and she washed his feet in a servitude act of true repentance with her hair and her tears.  Without true repentance there is NO forgiveness.  I can’t forgive this woman who does the same thing over and over and wallows, in self pity when she is caught in her secret life.  I can’t, because Jesus can’t.  I rebuked her and I rebuked her with  Biblical principals, for 25 years we have been going back and forth, and there is no change.  She claims to be saved, is a backslider, and fornicator, and sin is sin.    There is no repentance. 

From RBC booklet;  ” If I come across a man raping a woman, I cannot love them both the same way…Love is inherently MORAL IN CHARACTER and demands a moral force that is as much opposing as it is defending.  I can’t go up to the struggling, terrorized woman and the overpowering assailant  and say, “I love you both just the same, and so does God.  He doesn’t want you to harm this girl, but please don’t think He is angry at you right now.  Because God is love, He doesn’t get mad.  Isn’t such love amazing?  The woman would denounce my love as sick and worthless, even cowardly.  Remember the human heart is deceptive.  If we don’t want to do what is right, we will fool ourselves!!! ” Which is what this young sinning woman is doing, she is fooling herself, for God will NEVER approve of a sinning lifestyle.  God always demands morality! 

RBC”Knowledge is not an end in itself, like faith, diligence, and VIRTUE, knowledge is a critical and strategic means to an end.  It is one more step in the ladder of faith.  What is more pathetic than a Christian” (like this young rebellious woman) ” who knows all the answers, but whose life is all messed up!  People who know their doctrine and Bible history thoroughly are often overcome by pride, rebellion, anger, lust, bitterness, unfaithfulness, deception, gluttony, alcoholism, greed,
drugs, fornication.  Why?  Because SELF-CONTROL IS NOT MERELY A MATTER OF PERSONAL EFFORT, IT’S A PRODUCT OF THE SPIRIT”.  And remember we are dealing with 2 spirits here, either Satan and all his wiles, or the Holy Spirit and Godly desires.  (Gal 5:23)  “And only when a person is building on faith, goodness, and right (Godly) knowledge can she/he expect
to have their body and soul under control.

Thank God that genuine repentance and God’s forgiveness DO bring the restoration of joy!   I thank God every day of my life (now 70) that my deceased young son was saved at 11years old before his bi-polar depressive act of suicide 10 years ago.  Thank you Jesus.  Thank you Jesus for your compassion and restoration of me now, and the complete total forgiveness I had to come to grip with to my son.  He broke my heart, but, I’ve been able to forgive.  It wasn’t the real BJ, it was the illness.  And I know where he is now in God’s grace with all the tears he shed, beforehand,  that he is with my Jesus.   I thank God for giving me my joy back, so that I can finally sing “Amazing Grace” (sung at his funeral) without crying.  And the joy to make an attempt to sing in the church choir Easter Sunday.   HE has restored me.  

RBC “The second implication of the Lord’s words is that we must CONFRONT THE SIN, courageously.  When the commands , ‘If your brother sins, REBUKE HIM,’ Luke 17:3.  He is clearly telling us that we must hold people accountable for their behavior.  This obviously requires that we have carefully and prayerfully determined that the other person’s behavior is truly sinful.  In such a case we are not called to ignore the behavior, of simply  ENDURE it.  The WORD the LORD,  uses calls us ‘to speak seriously to warn , to challenge, ‘ ” Which I did to this young woman,  only to have someone else pat her on the head and say she’s ok in essence.  This person was so wrong, and if saved, is a carnal Christian.

Sex without marriage is a sin. It is wrong!   Colossians 3:5 “Mortify therefore your members” (of your physical body, and guarding against sexual feelings) “which are upon the earth” (can be done only by the Believer understanding that everything he receives from the Lord comes strictly through the Cross, which must ever be the object of our Faith, thus giving the Holy Spirit latitude to work in our lives); “fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence and covetousness, which is idolatry” ( works of the FLESH [Satan] , which will in one way or the other show themselves, unless the Believer follows the pattern laid down by the Holy Spirit regarding Victory over the flesh, which is the Cross.)

Romans 6:11 “Likewise reckon “(account)” you also yourselves to be dead indeed unto” (the) “sin” (while the sin nature is not dead , we are dead unto the sin nature by virtue of the Cross and our Faith in that Sacrifice, but only as long as our Faith continues in the Cross)”but alive unto God”(living the Resurrection life) “through Jesus Christ our Lord”.    Romans 8:3 “For what the Law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh., God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh”.. 8:7-8 “Because the CARNAL mind is enmity against God”  (refers to attempting to live for God  by means other than the cross, which places one “against God” ).  “So then tehy that are in the flesh cannot please God.” (refers to the Believer attempting to live his Christian life in a carnal way of the flesh, other than Faith in Christ and the Cross.”

Flesh cannot be trusted.   I heard 5 teachings on this yesterday on Daystar.   Five!  And for those out there that are committing adultery, fornicating, it is sin!   If you are saved, you are a carnal Christian in danger of losing your salvation.   I heard Angela, Pastor Fred Price’s daughter, who ministers to teens, say this;  “you are a ho”..I nearly fell off my chair.  Right in the church she told it like it is.  She is right!  Its about time, especially in the Black churches they hear this, and all abortion stops, and they stop funding Planned Parenthood!  

She said, from Ex. 20:4, “The spirit man has to rise up on the inside.  Romans 7:18-25.  Romans 13:8-10.  It involves SELF CONTROL!!  Men too, you have a secretary and you buy her lunch, and one thing leads to another, and you have a wife and kids home, and go to church?  WHERE is your brain?  Its not in your head!  END IT.. Go home to your wife, where sex is sanctified under God.   Use self control and stay away from temptation.   Romans 13:9-10 “For this, YOU shall not commit adultery” (sex in any form outside MARRIAGE ),”You shall not kill,”(murder/abortion too)”you shall not steal, bear false witness, you shall not covet ” (you don’t take what doesn’t belong to you, including your neighbors wife, or women? They’re husband!) …Proverbs 3:3-6 “For the lips of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil. But her end is better as wormwoods, sharp as a two-edged sword.  Her feet go down to death; her steps take hold on Hell.  Lest you should ponder the path of life her ways are moveable, that you can not know them.  Proverbs 6: 24-26 “To keep you from the evil woman (man), from the flattery of the tongue of a strange woman (man).  Lust not after her beauty in your heart; neither let her take you with her eyelids. For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread; and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life.”  (As immorality leads to destruction, so does a false way of salvation; hence, the term used is ‘precious life’.)    Sex without marriage is an abomination to God. 

“The goal of such confrontation is not to express our anger or to get something off our chests, but to bring about  repentance, restoration, and reconciliation.  It is also for the benefit of others  who will be victimized if their behavior /sin is not challenged. ”  ie Her children!  “Genuine repentance goes deeper than an apology or the expression of regret.  The Biblical words describe a change of mind, that produces a change of direction in their life. ” ( ie Virtue, character, accountability ) “Repentance involves more than a feeling of wrongdoing or regret, and produces more than an apology!! Remember that without repentance the process is broken.  The Lord Jesus said, ‘If he repents, forgive him.’ True forgiveness flows towards repentance.  The ideal is clear, I am sinned against, I confront the offender, he sincerely declares repentance; I declare my forgiveness.  The fact is sin contaminates everything.  Too many times there is no repentance.”  (as this woman I confronted who rejected everything).   “Do we forgive anyway,” (and accept them in their sins just the way they are?)” anyways, even when the offense sits there, like a huge elephant?” That is when you stop in your tracks and just let go and let God, and stay away from this person, lest they pull you into their worldly sins, and take you away from the Holy Spirit and what God is doing in your own life. Luke 17:33-  

“Remember too, that forgiveness is given, reconciliation is EARNED which cancels all debts, but it does not eliminate all consequences.   C. S. Lewis said, ‘ To forgive for the moment is not difficult, but to go on forgiving, to forgive the same offense every time it recurs to the memory, that’s the real tussle.’ “

*Quotations from RBC ministries booklet, Forgiveness, by Gary Inrig, copyright, Discovery House Publishers.  

As for the young rebellious woman I confronted?  I let go now and let God.  I  understand the enablers  plight, as she doesn’t want to cause dissent, and I pray that since she has not been near this young woman for  years and doesn’t know what is going on, needs to  let go too, and let God.  For no good will come out of a purposeful sinful rebellious lifestyle.  Her children will imitate her and do exactly what she is doing.  We need to be virtuous women in Christ and men that have integrity and character, and all of needs to be trustworthy in Christ Jesus. 



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