America and Islam – What Does God Say?

d232fbc2386b728f410f18d5dc2c47 Where Are You in Your Walk With God?

We all know what is happening in this world today, all we have to do is turn on the tv.  But where are we with God?   Are you hungry for the WORD, or are you still in the world, leading a busy life, with husband, children,  sports, schools, etc.    Do you hunger for a closer walk with Jesus, or just presume that, ok, I’m saved, I’m going to Heaven, and I don’t really need to do much else?

I was able to do a couple of creative projects this week, but, I had that nudge…that poke from God to get closer.    When I was saved God put me in a Charismatic Church that I loved with all my heart, now with a highway running through the land.  I was there for 16 years, and I was so hungry for Jesus; that church was my home, my hospital, my sanctuary, my refuge.  Oh, saints, and was I ministered too with those that taught me truth, the evangelists that came and preached, prophesied and ministered to us so many times.   This week,  I longed for that closeness to my Jesus as never before.  I’ve outlived three husbands I married and divorced in my youth.  My Jesus has been my husband, my father, my redeemer, my peace since I was saved in 1982, and GOD and God alone placed me at my FCC Church  so many years ago.   I love my family of God.  I  love all of you that will read this.   I pray with all my heart in tears and prayer, that you read this and pray, and that God puts this burden on you too.

Wherefore for the past three days, I have been on my knees, taking notes, watching every preacher I know of, on Christian tv; TBN, Inspirational, Daystar.   What is following is notes of what God was telling me to pass on to all of you.   This also started in my spirit from an email letter received from a former member of my church to us all.   She was right.  For some of our smaller churches are suffering badly.   Most Christians do not understand that we have authority over Satan as believers.   Some really do not care. They are too busy.   I beg you to really pray about this direction, for it is my belief and all the pastors on Christian radio and tv, internet, from Dr. Charles Stanley, Pastor John Hagee, Pastor Rod Parsley, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Jack Hayford,  Dr. David Jeremiah, Ed Young, Pastor Jim Toll, Reinhard Bonnke, on and on.

The Holy Spirit is moving across the World, through these preachers, and most are missing it.  The Gospel NOW through Satellite tv, even in Arab Countries,  has NOW been preached in ALL the world.  It s not enough in these end times, to only go to church on Sunday, but to “test” the spirits, Jesus said , and listen to what huge ministries are saying through tv, books, CD’s,  DVD’s, Christian TV and Radio while in the car even.   We need a move of God and Revival, and that is not going to happen while our churches up here in the east especially, are still on pablum, and haven’t a clue to the signs around them.

Revelations 3:15-16, to John, “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor nor hot,” (the present time ) “I would rather you were cold or hot,”  (half measures won’t do).  “So then because you are lukewarm, and NEITHER cold nor hot,  I will SPUE you out of my mouth.”  (if a person is lukewarm towards something, it means he hasn’t rejected it, but, at the same time he has by no means accepted  it; in the Mind of God, a tepid response is equal to a NEGATIVE response.   I will spue you out of my mouth means that there is no prospect of repentance here on the part o this Church, or Restoration. In fact there is DIVINE REJECTION BY GOD HIMSELF!)  Paranthesis: Espositor’s Study Bible.  From Pastor Adriane Rogers, “If you are cold or hot?  Sin if lukewarm in the modern Church today means ‘INSIPID’..Lukewarmness means that He is not speaking to those on fire that have a passion for the Holy Spirit to move, and are hungry for the word.  No, He is talking about those in between the cold dishwater Christian, and most fall into this category!   They are indifferent to personal holiness!   They lack concern for others that are unsaved.  Mark 7:6  There is no fire, tears, conviction….they are lukewarm.  To be spirit filled Ephesians 5:18-19, there’s a lack of real hunger for God.

It’s not a gimmick, its Holy Ghost fire.”  God I beg you to send the fire.  For before there is revival there has to be FIRE.   Then will come the “latter rain”…. These signs (now) God says we are to recognize.   All that is happening so rampant  from Egypt,  to all the rest of the Arab countries.   Look up!  The time is near.

The latter rain was prophesized by Joel in Joel 2:23.  In verse 21 God says Fear Not..  Then in 23, “Be glad then, you children of Zion, and rejoice in the LORD your God:  For He has given you the former rain moderately, and He will cause to come down for  You the rain, the former rain, and the latter rain in the first month.”  (The phrase, “Be Glad then, you children of Zion.” refers to Israel now restored as the premier nation of the world, which is her rightful place.

In other words, the world cannot e properly blessed until Israel is in her rightful place , which she will be not long after the Second Coming….The “former rain” and the “latter rain” refer to the two rainy seasons in Israel.  The first, or “former” coming in October, promoted the germination and growth of the seed previously sown; the “latter” coming in April, matured the crops and got them ready for harvest.   Spiritually speaking, the “former rain” speaks of the outpouring  of the Holy Spirit on the Early Church.  The “latter rain” speaks of the outpouring of the spirit which began at approximately the turn of the  Twentieth Century and which will continue on through the Millennial Reign. [James 5:7].)

“The devil looks at the modern church today and laughs!  We’re lukewarm in our everyday lives even.  We pray without fasting, give without a sacrifice.  How many watch what tv preachers even say about end-times and these Arab nations?  Jesus is so near and nobody even realizes it!”  Love Worth Finding Ministries.   Charles Stanley  said “God wants us to have an intimate relationship with HIM..Just being saved is not  enough, just reading the Bible is not enough.  In Psalm 63:1-8 David too was a sinner  “my  soul thirsts for you…I need your power….and your glory…my soul is satisfied… my soul clings to you, your right hand holds me…”  How many of us hunger like that?

The year (written in  2011 )– Eleven means an overflow.  Over certain gentile Christians is called An abundance and we can’t let this  pass us by in the Church.  We are going to have  a “bumper crop” if we see it to sustain us in future years.   Before the revival and the  Latter Rain…it is time for a seed harvest.  Mark 10:46. That healing power would have passed Jesus by, if it hadn’t been for Barnabas.  There are to be “chosen vessels” that God uses, that God calls, for miracles of God means light…If the vessel is too small  with a belief and faith, the light can’t reach in…and God cannot use you.  For we are  His vessels.   Are you hungry enough to be one of these vessels for God to use?

Isaiah 46:9-10  Declaring the end from the beginning.   He isn’t going to destroy the earth,  but He will turn it upside down.   Ezekiel 38:4  “Hooks into your jaw”! The  Word hooks here mean oil!  Russia will he a guardian into them..(Arab nations the sold weapons to, as well as Iran the Persian nation.   But God says from Heaven HE  has the last word!   God promised after the 2nd exile of the Jews the war with Egypt  before they were made a State,  that the Jews will NEVER be driven from that land  again!  They’re defender is GOD ALMIGHTY!  When the last enemy is defeated  that Israeli flag will fly over Jerusalem instead of any Arab nation!  The Messiah is  coming!  Joel 3:2  God will destroy its’ enemies!! Hear that Ahmadinijad?  .You  are defeated!   What will happen?  God is going to change everything upsidedown  after the Rapture, and the lion will lay with the lamb.  If you don’t believe this? You  will burn in the lake of fire forever and ever.  Egypt now?  The king of the south  has armed itself with tanks and weapons we, the US sold them!  Ezekiel prophesizes  this in the battle thousands of years ago.   Look up! The Rapture is not far away.

9/11 Changed the world, but what will happen will turn the world upside down.  The  king of the north, Russia, king of the east, is China.  China is a giant with millions to capture oil.  The EU (European Union…the same nations as the Old Roman  Empire  and out of those 10 horns will come the Anti-Christ). King of the south is Islam, and  like lightning speed, has moved nation after nation…coming together as a Calaphate,  not democracy.  But, to defeat Western Civilization.   Now that Mubarek has fell,  these weapons we sold them are in rebel hands.  Ezekiel 39!  Jesus said when we see  these signs, LIFT UP YOUR HEAD!  The King is coming! Are you ready? I mean  even though your saved…Are you ready?  Are you HOT or COLD? Or are you  lukewarm?   Will He spue you out of his mouth?   Revelations, 4th chapter, John  hears a voice that says “come”  the 24 elders, is the 12 New Testament Saints and  the 12 in the Old Testament.   Rev. 2:10, Isa 61:10.  Revelations chapter 6, the  Anti-Christ comes BEFORE chapter 4!   The Church will be raptured soon and believers,  He will come forth soon.  Look at what is happening! The signs are here?  Do you know?

When Jesus comes for His Church He will come as a thief in the night.  While we are in  Heaven for the 7 year reign, all HELL will break loose on this earth!   Are you ready?  Are your children ready?  Is your family ready?  Will you be split up and some taken  in the Rapture and the rest remain here on earth for sheer chaos and hell?  Jesus will come on that White horse like a sword!  He will smite ALL evil on earth!  When this  gospel is preached in all the earth then shall Jesus come.  Pastor John Hagee and other  huge ministries,  by TV satellite is now reaching ALL of the earth!  King Jesus is about  to make His entrance.  Iran’s President said Israel was to be wiped off the face of the  earth and America will be destroyed.  Flash news!  Pharaoh went against Israel God  intervened.   Netanyahu sat with Pastor John Hagee a few years ago in his office, talking  about Russia.  Russia and Iran have been together now for past 20 years.  But the Bible  is clear, if you listen closely, you can hear the hoof beats of the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse approaching.  I can, can you?

Remembering this, our Easter Season, the first time Jesus came he was in a manger.  But the 2nd   time he will come (after the Rapture) He will come with his angels, and all his Saints, with eyes of fire and feet of brass.  The two witnesses will be sent first; Revelation 11:3, “And I will give POWER unto my two witnesses “ (Enoch and Elijah, two men who never died, but were ‘translated’ to Heaven before they saw death. Gen 5:21-24, Mal. 4:5-6) “And they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth.” (This refers to three and one half years, the last half of the Great Tribulation. The clothing and sackcloth suggests that the witnessing includes the Preaching of Repentance.) Is. 34:102, Dan. 9:3-5.  There will be victory for the House of  Israel.   He will ge as a lion of the House of Judah. He will smite the ACLU and the taking down the 10 Commandments!  The next time He comes Herod will be dragged  before Him!  All the Arab Islamic Persian hates of the Jews and Israel and haters of   Christianity from George Soros, Cass Sunstein,  and all Jews that forsook their roots  will rot in hell!  We will be back to rule and reign with King Jesus!   T.D. Jakes said  that “Christian today are more scripturally illiterate than at any other time in history.

Gog and Magog (Russia) in Ezekiel 38-39.  All those armies  together from Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Iran etc. are militarized to go against Israel.   “Walls” means military and God Says  the “unwalled” will sign the peace treaty the Anti-Christ will lead.  They will be at a false peace, til they see they were cheated.  Then they will see all the armies coming against them from Russia, China, Islam.  The US has enough oil for 50 years!  But Obama won’t let us drill.  The oil nations coming out of  Ishmael and Haggar,  Abrahams hand maiden.

Where were you this Easter Season? Are you as hungry as I?   When we see what is  Happening in the world news, do we understand?  Jesus is coming…And I’m  only the messenger.  Are you sure you are going to Heaven?  Are you lukewarm?

I’m old, and nearing the end …I want more.  I want Jesus.   I want to be one of  those Saints coming with Him on the White Horse, with all the angels..  Thank  you Holy Spirit for directing me; thank you for putting this all my heart, and  I thank my Christian tv, for all I watched was of the SAME Holy Spirit, in that  I know God, you are moving all across America and through Satelite tv , the  whole world.    I want to see such a move of God, in my church, in my local  towns, across America and like Reinhard Bonnke, Christ For all Nations, all  across Africa, including those that are Islamic, with millions getting saved.

Thank you Lord, keep me right before you, Lord as I come to your throne and  obey.   I’m only the messenger.


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