My Beloved Enemy

layout-711121.imgThe following I had written in my book, “Restoration Road”, from a little pamphlet I had gotten somewhere from Bill Britton Ministries, whom I’d never heard of, way back in the early 80’s.  From Bill Britton Ministries:

“You are not really my enemies at reality you are some of the best friends I have.  You who have lied about me, and about this ministry, who have tried to destroy people’s faith and confidence in me, who have spread false and damaging rumors about my life and teachings..through the efforts there has been a work of grace.

My friends have been many and loyal, and faithful to stand with me in many hours of trial and need.  They have been strength in my weaknesses, added joy to my heart in time of sorrow, and have girded up my faith amidst raging doubts.  They have brought me before the throne of GRACE..innumerable times in their seasons of prayer.  I could not have continued long in this spiritual conflict without these wonderful friends.

But, believe me, I speak in sincerity and truth there can be NO PERFECTION, in the lives of Gods elect without the chastising work of a real enemy.  For when a bitter vicious person begins to do all they can to destroy me and my work for God, then there is a work done that brings out all the wrong and evil attitudes and spirits that lie hidden and deeply rooted in my heart.  When a friend extols all my good virtue and praises me from their heart of true friendship, I can feel nothing but love for them.  But, when I hear of an enemy who has unjustly brought shame upon me, there rises up a spirit of defending myself, and a spirit of righteous indignation to refute the enemy.  It is then that the precious Holy Spirit does His office work and reveals to me the wrongness of my own spirit.  I see in me then, the things I did not know were there before.  With repenting and sorrow of heart I cry to God, and He delivers from that which I have seen in my life.  It was hidden, lying dormant, until you, my beloved enemy brought it to light with your crucifying process.  The prophets of old would never have had the glory of being stoned for the Word of God…and no martyrs crowns could ever have been won by the early Christians without real enemies.

You see, I cannot crucify myself, and friends will not do it.  So it takes you my enemy, to bring me to the cross.  And to the cross I must come..if ever I am to come to the glory of perfection.  But, I have much progress yet to make before coming to the image of my lovely Jesus. There is so much I must yet learn..And, my enemy, you are teaching me..I have learned that the road to glory is by way of the cross.  Without you I would not have found the way.  Someone had to crucify my Jesus..Not his friends, not his disciples, and He could not do it Himself.  So, Satan and the princes of this world stirred up hatred in the hearts of His enemies, and the work was done.   Had they known that they were bringing Him into His glory, and bringing about the salvation of lost mankind, they would not have done it. And I’m sure that if you knew the good your efforts are working out in my life, you would not want to help me so much. But, the work is being done and I have learned to love you because of it.  ‘Love thy enemies,’ He said, and I wondered how I could do it, but, you have taught me.. For because of you I have grown in God, increased in His grace, and partaken of His divine nature.

Also because of you many have been turned away and refused to hear the truths imparted unto this vessel.  Their ears have been filled with lies, and no doubt have thought that no good thing could possibly come from such a one.  But, even here I have seen the hand of God.  For those who have had ears to hear the voice of the Spirit have not believed the lies you have told them, and they have opened their hearts to the message for these last days.  Thus, God has weeded the chaff from the wheat, and is in the process of separating His own unto Himself.  All things working together.  So, my friends in reality I have no enemies in the flesh and blood,  your work has been sharp and cutting, and many times I was hurt and wounded deeply.  But, out of these trying experiences, I have come forth a better Christian and an overcomer.”

Perhaps this is something that has happened to you.  A slanderous remark of untruths, or false judgment.  We need to be more sensitive in the spirit when the haughtiness of the devils lies come in like a flood to attack our brother or sister, for it can have wide spreading ramifications.  If it doesn’t edify in love, grace and mercy…..then it is not of God.  For the “Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger “(which I’m not) “and plenteous in mercy.”  Psalm 103:8  How can we share in the vision Christ wants for His church if we are a stumblingblock?  Father,God I just pray that this enlightens and these scriptures help take off blinders so that none of us carry offenses to hurt each other or a ministry.  Thank you Lord, for giving me all this through your Holy Spirit.  For those hurt in a church, take heed, and come to the Cross…for they know not what they do.




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